Wednesday, June 21, 2017

YES: the ZiO-NAZI billionaires Believe THEY are "g-o-d on earth" and - like the god of the Hebrew, Jewish bible - IT IS THEIR JOB to KILL YOU, your family, your community, your nation, and your world. HIJACKING GOVERNMENTS & CORPORATIONS to SLOWLY MURDER YOU is how they go about it...

Microwave, or EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) radiation CAN BE DEADLY in high doses 
- simply imagine putting a small animal in a microwave oven! - 
- and even lower doses over prolonged periods can injure, harm or otherwise destroy your internal organs - up to and including your heart and brain.   The fact that "YOUR" GOVERNMENT and corporate WHORE media are NOT addressing this issue of MASSIVE HUMAN EXPOSURE
(to HARMFUL levels of  EMF radiation)  24/7, 365
.... is simply more proof, if any was needed, that YOUR GOVERNMENT, YOUR society, and YOUR WORLD are RULED by SATANIC  PIGS whose FIRST and ONLY  MOTIVATION (having already amassed "more money than god")  in all things is to accumulate or aggregate unto themselves THE POWER to KILL YOU and everyone around you  -  both swiftly and in slow motion....

Several decades ago, we  learned from a military ordinance  /  radar technician who worked on military jet fighters
 that when they put a repaired fighter jet's powerful tracking & fire-control radar under testing... rabbits and other small animals in the field in front of where the fighter-jet's nose was pointed WOULD BE KILLED, as the fighter aircraft's radar of course emits or produces  as much focused "radar" or microwave energy into the airspace in front of the aircraft,  as military designers can pack into the system -
 ...PLENTY of focused energy, it turns out,  to "fry" or "cook" or otherwise destroy  the internal organs of any  rabbit or other small animal in the path of the powerful radar beam from the inside out.  

Today with MASSIVE cell phone towers emitting GOBS of radiation 24/7 in all directions.... 
we humans are getting a SLO-BURN dose of the same, 
ORGANS COOKING radiation, microwave, or EMF exposure... at lower doses, but constantly,  over much, much longer time spans...  with similar ORGAN DAMAGE and life threatening results...