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AMERICAN (and English) _NATIVE_ GENIUS: The stories of George Westinghouse & John Harrison harnessing the forces of nature for the betterment of humanity...

AMERICA's little known home-made GENIUS
                      who CHANGED THE WORLD for the better:
the Story of GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE, his ALTRUISTIC, LABOR-FRIENDLY manufacturing empire, and his alliance with  electricity & engineering genius NIKOLA TESLA
(only to be crushed by the greedy forces of  J.P. Morgan's MONOPOLY 'capitalism' under the Rotschilds' evil, competition crushing, wars inciting, workers disposing,  ECONOMIES RAPING, nations killing JUDEO FINANCE) 

We have a treat for our readers this weekend,  as our poor, overworked brain-cells have reached absolute saturation from total immersion, in  the weeks leading up to 9-11-2015, of all the horror and atrocities of that day (9-11) and all the horrors and atrocities that have been unleashed since.

 As we have reached total saturation  from trying to grasp the magnitude, complexity, inter-connectedness, and myriad details and PERPETRATORS  of the 9-11 attacks,  and of all the previous & _subsequent_ "FALSE FLAG"  terror attacks   
PERPETRATED by treasonous AGENTS of "our own" "U.S." government
as directed by Mossad/Jew traitors,  

we present to our readers a "kinder, gentler" outlook of
what America MIGHT HAVE BEEN
if not for the brutal, racist, genocidal, workers-despising, democracy loathing, serially mass-murderous, and overtly sadistic intervention of  the heavy handed foreign "international financiers"

This  (above) video instead portrays the life of  an unsung American industrial genius... who ushered America in to the 20th century, only to have his empire and wealth stolen from him by the now
 "usual suspects" of global economic sabotage, wealth destruction, and legal & corporate media propaganda lies.


ANOTHER story of native, creative genius:
  ENGLAND's home-grown, rural, creative  GENIUS 

who created the world's most precision timepieces, and thus saved countless thousands of  sailors from shipwreck & scurvy...
without ever attending college... and indeed, fighting against the British establishment almost every step of the way.

  These two stories, of  2  self-made men may come from different centuries,
but share a common storyline:  the INVENTIVE GENIUS of  hardworking men

    - even those who invent world-changing machines and world-changing ideas -
can have their accomplishments STOLEN, or be muted by powerful, jealous, selfish, entrenched "elites" infested in the social, political, and financial powers above them. 

    John Harrison was by age 20 a master carpenter and joiner who, despite working in a rural English village, developed a fascination with time and the making of clocks to record the passage of time.   

He designed and built (no doubt after examining similar clocks elsewhere) a clock to be put in the steeple of a horse stable for his patron,  a clock Harrison uniquely made entirely of wood.  

   Realizing that friction was the enemy of all timekeeping mechanisms, Harrison designed  his "grasshopper escarpment"  movement to have as little friction as possible, and used the wood of an extremely dense tropical hardwood tree, Lignum Vitae to fashion bearings at all critical movement points.
  His clock design was so exceptional... that the original is  still running today in its stable steeple.. with almost no, zero maintenance (besides daily rewinding of the weights) over the past 200+ years!

At around this time (mid-1700s) the  British parliament offered an immense reward of 20,000 pounds sterling to be awarded to anyone who could fashion a clock sufficiently accurate to help British sailors and navigators navigate the world's oceans. A ships longitude could be determined if one knew the precise time of high-noon at its location, compared to the same high-noon time back at home port.   
    Local time could be determined very precisely by observing the sun at the high-point in its arc across the sky during the day (a specific angle above the horizon), but clocks and watches then in use were fare to inaccurate to be used in determine with accuracy the exact time back at the home port.
     Hoping to win the prize,  Harrison worked relentlessly and tirelessly for over 20 years... and his very first clock designed to meet the challenge actually helped saved the ship that was carrying it during trials from running aground on returning from a storm crossed journey to Spain.

 But the ability of  Harrison's timekeepers to keep British navy and merchant ships from running aground didn't impress the members of the committee formed by Parliament to judge the winning navigational aids - they were mostly astronomers, or bureaucrats and high officials swayed by the astronomers.. who simply couldn't believe that  a lowly carpenter, from a rural region a hundred miles north of London, could have designed and built a device that had eluded the greatest minds of Europe for centuries.   Harrison was ultimately vindicated - his clocks and watches became the standard navigation tools that enabled the British empire to "conquer the waves" and rule the largest, most far-flung empire in world history - but his success was recognized only with the personal intervention of King George III... and not until he was 80 years old, just 2 years before he died. 


    American engineer and inventor GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE  faced a similar uphill battle to have
his WORLD CHANGING devices accepted by the public and industry... but while John Harrison faced only  the wrath of  the envious  Royal Astronomer,  

George Westinghouse faced the wrath of more famous and far more jealous American electrical genius THOMAS EDISON...
 _and_ Edison's deep-pocketed backers,  J.P. Morgan...
and thus of  the ROTHSCHILDS,  who all but the most obtuse of financial historians know
were  the power  behind J.P. Morgan's financial empire. 

  Westinghouse teamed up with electrical engineering genius NIKOL TESLA when he realized that Edison's designs for  D.C. electrical systems would be severely limited by the short, maximum range that D.C.  "direct current" electricity could travel from power-plant to user.   

   Tesla was proposing a more powerful but much more complex system,  "poly-PHASE"
(or "multi-phase electrical current") - what we know of today as "A.C."  or alternating current,  that would require TRANSFORMERS to step-up and step-down a current's voltage...

   ...but would, at its stepped-up, high voltage levels, be able to travel dozens or hundreds of miles along a well designed power distribution system.    The genius Tesla not only designed the power distribution system... but the alternating current,  AC motors that would use that current... as well as dozens of other genius designs, including not only radio transmission & reception,
    and even a wireless power distribution that they have  not yet perfected even today! 

  And while Tesla had a genius for envisioning cosmic, world-changing insights into the forces of electricity, magnetism, and power transmision, GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE had a genius for taking ideas and making them work... and putting them in to mass-production. 
   Westinghouse had already built up a fortune, and a (not so) small industrial empire, designing and producing air-actuated brakes that made America's (then hazardous) trains far more safe for daily public use,  and the Tesla-Westinghouse partners defeated the  EDISON-J.P. MORGAN company to win first the contract to light the Chicago World's Exposition, and then to produce the massive generators for the not yet built Niagara Falls hydro-electric plant. 

  These  TESLA-WESTINGHOUSE designs were THE MOST VALUABLE PATENTS in all of human history!

     We humans may have emerged from "the stone age" to the Bronze Age to the iron age to the age of sails and then the age of steel...  but without AC electricity,
   civilization as we know it today would grind to an immediate halt! 

  And "The Powers that Be"  just could not stand to have a humanitarian, worker-friendly industrialist, George Westinghouse, and his humanitarian genius of a "free energy for all the world!" designer, Nikola Tesla, owning  those patents.

   HOW  J.P. Morgan (and his evil overlords the Rotschilds) accomplished the THEFT of  Westinghouse &  Tesla's world-changing patents will be the subject of a future post we've been meaning to write for the past few years, but here's a preview:

The final episode of  exceptionally informative (if at times tedious)
 "The MEN who BUILT AMERICA" video series

provides a heart-rending portrayal of how J.P. Morgan (far right)
used Westinghouse's "over-extended credit"

(Westinghouse was in the process of ELECTRIFYING _all_ of AMERICA... and the entire world!)
to  CRUSH his rival.. and to STEAL his patents.
Not mentioned in the video series is that "the men who built America" were...
all playing in a sandbox of Rotschilds, judeo controlled global finance.
J.P. Morgan could not possibly have put together the $500 million
to buy out Andrew Carnegie's steel empire without Rotschilds' funding...
(i.e., Morgan was a front-man, an agent  acting _at_  Rotshilds' secretive direction).

upcoming, long-delayed post:

   How they ENGINEERED the banking crisis, the 'FINANCIAL PANIC' of  1907 to:

    #1.) crush local banks and scoop them up at pennies-on-the-dollar;  
#2.) DESTROY GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE corporations finances - which were 'overextended' because, you know, Westinghouse was TRYING TO ELECTRIFY _all_ of AMERICA and the world at the time!!!   and,

 #3.)  most  (non-obtuse) financial historians understand that  J.P. Morgan and the Rotschilds  ENGINEERED the FINANCIAL PANIC of 1907
 to create in the American public mind-set "A NEED" for  a (privately owned)  CENTRAL BANK... 
which would directly lead to the so-called 'Federal Reserve'  MONOPOLY EXTORTION BANKING CARTEL being established in late Dec. 1913 / early  Jan. 1914...

    with of course the mass-murderous,
millions killed "GREAT DEPRESSION" to arrive exactly 15 short years later, Morgan & Rotschilds  true agenda of  hate, evil and mass-destruction unleashed on an unsuspecting world (that would drive starving and traumatized  Germany to  cast-off  the Versailles Treaty legalized, genocidal extortion 'reparations'  payments from WWI,  lead to the re-arming of Germany, and thence to the inevitable start of  WWII).   

  In contrast to the horrors of the Great Depression and WWII, GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE treated all his workers as family... he pioneered providing workers and families and especially injured & disabled workers with health-care and pensions... his  "workers as humans" policies were seen as a direct threat to the Carnegie, Frick, Morgan (=Rotschilds!) et al  system of worker exploitation, financial predation, and economic sabotage that didn't end until finally, in the late 1950s and early 1950s,  America passed worker protection, environmental protection, Civil Rights, and family-friendly legislation that led to the 2 day weekend, secure pensions, college tuition for the future graduates of young families, etc. etc. etc.
  That each of these positive, humanist,  progressive, populist policies and agendas have been HIJACKED by the financial predators and genocidal warmongers in the decades since the end of the Vietnam War should not obscure

  our American  appreciation that TREATING WORKERS as AMERICAN CITIZENS  is how AMERICA SHOULD function!  

  and - if the law, media, government, and leaders functioned as they are supposed to - would once again be possible and attainable. 


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The INSANE JEWS (and their insane, treasonous appartchik COLLABORATORS) - PLANS to turn the ENTIRE WORLD in to a GODDAMN-SACHS owned SLAVE PLANTATION (/Commissar Death-Camp)

 Webster Tarpley: The Elite's Plans for Global Extermination  

We're a little too tired to compile a multi-citation post tonight...
so here is a single-video confirmation and continuation of our previous post
("The Roots of the 'Neo-Con' Globalist, Judeo-Supremacist Zio-Nazi War Against Humanity IS SIMPLE: the eternal desire of ELITES to ENSLAVE, own, and control the people around them")

 sane political commentator and historian Webster Tarpley expertly decoding
 Dr. JOHN HOLDREN's insane agenda...  

- whose INSANE RANTING  actually makes  HITLER'S Nazi
racist  "eugenics"  crack-pots sound sensible! -

   WRITING that  HUMANS worldwide, today,
than Palestinians in Gaza
 (or those unfortunate local, native peoples who found themselves in the way of the SLAVE TRADERS - to repeat,  on average TWO PEOPLE were  KILLED for every slave that reached market.. and of course in case of a slave ship sinking in a bad storm,  the slaves'  mortality would have been 100%)

Holdren actually advocates "BIRTH PERMITS,"   STERILIZATION.... MANDATORY ABORTIONS... and of course
the use of force to compel global human compliance with his creepy, racist, genocidal (judeo supremacist) dictates...
 all the way to MURDER, MASS-MURDER and the wholesale destruction of nations and the  killings of  tens-of millions  billions of people! 


 (we'll mention 2 comments to back up our above rant: 
#1.  Holdren's desire to  "PUSH human race back to PRE-INDUSTRIAL civilization" - i.e. lifespans of 25-35 years, when life was "nasty, brutish, & short" in Dr. Tarpley's expert deciphering...

#2.   HOLDREN - (puppet) president Obama's "science czar!!' = an INQUISTION TORTURE-MASTER sadistic CREEP!     He wants to create a "SUPRANATIONAL MONSTRONSITY"  a  "planetary regime"...
what we call
 the evil  JEWS' 20th 21st century

 for  AMERICA, EUROPE, & the ENTIRE  F*@#ingHUMAN RACE !!!
 (you know:  just like the GAZA DEATH CAMP and  the APARTHEID, SEGREGATIONIST,  slave-owning-wannabe jewish "WALL" for
not just Palestinians
because  G-O-D  LOVES his DEMONIC, TREACHEROUS, TREASONOUS, INSANELY MASS-MURDEROUS back-stabbing  little zio-nazi  jews BEST!)

after whining, wailing, moaning, crying, and preaching for the past five decades that
"racist Christian Europeans confined Jews to SEGREGATED ghettoes"...

we now find that the HYPER-RACIST,  GENOCIDALLY blood-thirsty Jews
not only WANT to
rom ALL their neighbors...
 but that they have a demonic blood-lust to perpetrate INDUSTRIALIZED MASS-MURDER
by BOMBINGS, assassinations, and OTHER ACTS OF TERROR
on their
segregated-by-jew-force hapless neighbors & victims...

you vile, thieving, murdering, treasonous HYPOCRITES !!

no artist's illustration: a massive, U.S. supplied 5,000 lb.+ bomb blasts, 
pulverizes, incinerates
& demolishes an entire apartment complex -
killing untold civilian victims
in the DEATH CAMP ghetto

 the evil, racist, hyper-hypocrite (and serially treasonous)
 jews have made of Gaza... 
Jews PRAY before BOMBING hapless CIVILIANS in Gaza...
with U.S.A. supplied bombs & weapons

of INDUSTRIALIZED mass-murder 'warfare'...  
the evil jew bible expresses commands glee, joy, & gloating over the killings of non-jews!

1 Samuel 18:7                                                           
So the [jewish] women sang as they danced, and said:
“Saul has slain his thousands, [but] David his KILLED his  ten of thousands!
WOULD JEWS  collude with  INSTIGATE  hired-mercenary
"terrorists"   to MURDER to JUSTIFY 
they had been planning & preparing for weeks and months all along?
  If  _all_ you have to do to whip up 'American' JEWISH SUPPORT in the U.S. Con-gress and Senate & 'news' papers  for another tranche of  BILLIONS
upon BILLIONS of dollars
of  "aid" from America
 is  to hire terrorists to kill a few of  your own people..
to justify  MASSIVE "reprisal" ATTACKS  on hapless civilians
or "enemies' that you have been planning all along...

if you are a genocidal jew  Zio-Nazi.
  (From their demonic perspective, this is no different than a military commander
sending troops in to harm's way...
knowing that some of them will be killed, but an unavoidable cost of the battle plan.)

usa supplied 'wp'  WHITE PHOSPHORUS shells for  blood-thirsty jew military..

.to BOMB and INCINERATE hapless civilians
the evil jews have made of Gaza..


Gaza:  the evil jews' handiwork: 'wp' WHITE PHOSPHORUS shells
fired by artillery blast and INCINERATE hapless civilians...

because blood-thirsty demon jews LOVE THE SMELL  
of dead, BURNT BABIES in the morning

(or INCINERATED AMERICANS in the NY WTC towers during the 9-11 treason/terror attacks)

as our above bible quote illustrates, this is what Judaism is all about... KILLING non-jews
(and  the killing &  _purging_ of  jews not sufficiently enamored with that demonic agenda)


corpse of a dead baby pulled from  jew BOMBED Gaza rubble..
If Americans don't wake up to the GENOCIDAL TREACHERY
and insane BLOOD-LUST SADISM within their midst... 
then this is what is coming to  _their_ families...
The "Lavon Affair"... the zio-nazi IDF jets bombing attacks on the USS Liberty..
the Kennedy and Huey Long assassinations...
the Waco holocaust and Oklahoma City (OKC) bombings...
9-11 carefully choreographed jetliners as missiles &  massive explosions
 ...and the subsequent ANTHRAX ATTACKS,
the Boston Marathon bombing, Conn.  "school massacre"
and all the psychotropic drug-induced "lone nut gunmen" massacres in-between...
 ZIO-NAZI  TERROR has long ago reached American shores,

and the demon is no longer satisfied with appetizers and hors d'ouvres...
 the sadistic, blood-thirsty, cannibalistic demon

is now lusting for the full-on 

that tens of millions of   Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Poles, Kazakhs, Mongols,
and tens of millions of  assorted nationalities victims discovered to their horror all
through the 1920s and 1930s in the judeo commissar ruled 'soviet'  former Russian empire.. 

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The ROOTS of the 'Neo-Con' usg "GLOBALISTS" international financiers & JUDEO NAZIS' WAR on HUMANITY are actually quite simple: the ancient impulse of 'elites' to ENSLAVE everyone around them... and to ENFORCE their 'chosen', 'elite' status BY USE of SPYING, VIOLENCE... & TERROR

 This is a preview of our next upcoming post, which we  have split in two to make it simpler.
Joseph Atwill:
 by  ROMAN EMPERORS  in the 5th decade C.E.  
to PACIFY  fervent, rebellious, militantly violent and Messianic "END TIME" _Jews_?

 Joseph Atwill:  "I think that unless there is a change in the political structure,
citizens will be exterminated."
   (at 1:06:02)
The insightful and well researched historian Mr. Atwill is addressing _current_  politics and "world affairs' 
 (aka "international relations" or "the global strategic balance of power" aka "the global war on humanity by the anglo/euro/amero/judeo war machine) in his comment.
  We look forward to outlining the "Caesar's Messiah: The ROMAN CONSPIRACY to INVENT JESUS" documentary video &  theory in future posts:  that the Flavian emperors used Jewish-Roman 'turncoat' historian Josephus and other (Roman controlled) Jewish scribes & scholars to fashion a messianic religion, or cult, that paralleled the (Flavian) Roman conquest of Jerusalem  (and portrayed Christ in a PRO-CAESAR manner)  as a means of attracting support to Roman rule, and as a means of drawing off virulent Jewish support from other fervent, suicidally militant jewish messianic cults that were costing the Romans thousands of soldiers lives putting down every rebellion.

Those of us who are paying attention are amazed - are captured in  (near) motionless stone,  like Ulysses'  sailors,  from the "SHOCK & AWE"
and from  the sheer depth, breadth, ferocity, and malignant treachery of the "elites"
 who are not only pushing humanity to the brink of global extinction...

  ...but who are  putting themselves and their own families at risk even if they were to accomplish and get away with the nightmare of global destruction catastrophe they are so demonically pushing on the rest of us.
     Even a billion dollar yacht becomes a prison if you can never get off of it... and just about the only way you or anyone else is going to avoid the fate of  (hundreds of) millions in the upcoming
"Help Kick-Start WW III" global nuclear zio-wars
        is if you have a private nuclear submarine...
   or well stocked salt mine 7 miles underground. 
  (And even then, what happens if you have a privately stocked nuclear submarine?
 Well, you need competent experts to run the damn thing... people who've lost their families back home, people who now have to tend to the onerous if not toxic and radioactive chores aboard ship.
And what if - knowing they have nothing to lose - they decide to "take the ship down with them" in the event they know they are going to be punished... or expelled to certain death for some infraction?
Who wants to serve a megalomaniac "private submarine" master/owner  "chosen race" for eternity?)

So even then.... even if you are a demented billionaire who actively and consciously wants to push the world to a global nuclear wars that will annihilate all but a handful of you & your fellow trillionaires... you are still putting yourself  in to an environment where the food, water, or air you need could at any moment expose you to the same toxic stew of nuclear radiation, chemical toxins, or bio-weapons that obliterated hundreds of  millions billions of people.


    ...But actually, all this "MODERN COMPLEXITY" - this  seemingly infinite "information overload" of  "I.S,"  ISIS, "ISIL",  al Qaeda, NGOs, 'PNAC',  proxy wars, "good rebels" and "bad terrorists," CIA,  NSA, DIA, DEA, DHS, TIA, 9-11,  "color revolutions,"  "quantitative easing"
(= bankers just giving themselves EIGHT  EIGHTY-FIVE BILLION DOLLARS in freshly printed 'money'... each & every month!  with the approval of the  BRIBED, blackmailed, extorted, degenerate, corrupt, & COMPLICIT   _TRAITORS_ in con-gress),

   ...electronic finance and "front-running," "bailouts," "bail-ins,"  LBOs, Derivatives, deregulation, outsourcing,   surveillance, nano-tech, bio-war, binary weapons, & 'gwot' global war on terror" 
(etc. etc. etc. ad naseum)
  all this "modern" complexity and usg (U.S. gov't.) multi-billions trillions of dollars  intricacy
THE "ENEMY" is  NOT "al QAEDA" or  ISIS "extremists" -  the "U.S' GOVERNMENT TRAITORS from DIANNE FEINSTEIN's  SENATE INTEL committee to Rahm Emanuel & Jacob Lews underlings at the CIA, NSA, DoD, State Department, and TREASURY are ALL FUNDING, SUPPORTING, SUPPLYING, INCITING, and DIRECTING  "Islamic State" terrorists - via their SAUDI, KUWAIT, QATARI, UAE (& etc.)  HEAD-CHOPPING oil-despot "allies" - 

 THE clearly intended "ENEMY" is  the
It's all nothing  more than a 'modern,' high-tech REVERSION to the ancient,
 primitive, and very nearly universal human institution of  SLAVERY.

   For all the high-tech complexity of  9-11 traitor general  MICHAEL HAYDEN's NSA,
or Google's relentless "data compiling" of every breath you take;
or Harvard jew-nazi Cass Sunstein's 'TIA'  "TOTAL IFORMATION AWARENESS" demonic fantasies
(which are  really just  harvard/ usg "U.S."  government  officials lusting after Google's database spy power),

   -  they are all quite simply  rooted in the very ancient practice of whip-armed overseers,
or gangs of Roman centurions; or  cannons, swords, guns, and steel armed European  Conquistador slavers descending on African or New World villages to violently  subdue, kidnap, and round up slave labor - usually at a ratio of  TWO men, women (and children) KILLED, for every slave delivered to plantation or auction. 

   And just as importantly as the CONQUEST to capture & ENSLAVE slaves,
   is the requirement for slave-owners to SUPPRESS
_any_ tendency for the SLAVES TO REVOLT...
    especially on those far flung plantations where the labor (slaves) vastly outnumbered the managers (overseers) and  'owners' -  as on sugar, cotton, and most other agricultural plantations -

  -  which means  CONSTANT SPYING on the slaves to ELIMINATE rabble-rousers and agitators who realize that, with Caribbean and Brazilian sugar plantations running a 30%+ mortality ratio, even the fittest, strongest, and healthiest slaves would  "need replacing" - WOULD DIE! - within three years of constant work, poor rations, tropical diseases, and sadistic overseers who would constantly punish slaves JUST to KEEP THEM TERRORIZED..
and to   PREVENT THEM from EVEN thinking about rebellion, or even  TALKING amongst themselves.

So  while the history of  Judaism,  Christianity and the evolution of today's 'modern'
  (judeo ruled!) Anglo/American empire(s)  may seem intricate, secretive, and highly complex..

  strip away the complexity,
 strip away the  competing, overlapping, & generally INCOMPETENT
(if not TREASONOUS - engaged in SABOTAGE & EXTORTION, and MASS-MURDER TERRORISM  as the IRS, FEMA, TREASURY, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, CIA, FBI, and other usg agencies have been since before and especially during & after 9-11)
    government agencies billions-of-dollars of incompetence & lies;  and strip away
the corporate media's relentless tirade of PROPAGANDA LIES  DOUBLE-SPEAK.. 

  ... then our 'modern' complex  history actually breaks down to some fairly simple building-blocks,

the core of  which, quite simply, is that ancient and nearly universal human practice

the emperors, nobles, feudal lords,  plantation owners, slave masters, 
 slave-traders, robber-barons, predatory financiers, GULAG COMMISSARS,
'RED TERROR' judges and appartchiks,  and ruthless industrialists

 relentlessly sniffing out  ANY HINT of REBELLION 
 among the chattel slaves...
and VIOLENTLY MURDERING any slaves perceived as a
(rebel) threat,

in the most grisly, terrifying, and public  methods possible,
to DETER FUTURE revolts... 

       (you know, _exactly_ the same way the mighty Roman empire, in an alliance of brutal despots with the highly literate but ruthless and intolerant priests & Pharisees of the ancient judeo death-cult, _executed_ by Crucifixion an itinerant preacher from Galilee around 30 A.D....  or the more modern public execution
by gov't/military/criminal cartel gunmen of U.S. President  John F. Kennedy.) )




  - the theory of a Roman FABRICATION of A MYTH -  of an IMPERIAL son-of-god figure
 as was so typical in Roman and almost all other imperial, Mediterranean,
and Ancient Near East cultures in _all _ the centuries leading up to that era.
(As the bible itself records in the "Daniel" story of the  mandatory worship of the Babylonian god-king.)

     "Christ" an imperial "son-of-god"  cult figure
   who ENCOURAGES PASSIVE SUBMISSION to CAESAR and to ROMAN LAW, and whose 'New Testament' bible depicted journey from Galilee to death on the cross
 almost perfectly parallels the Roman Conquest of Judah and Jerusalem by Titus Flavian... 
  ....who later would become ROMAN EMPEROR upon the death of his father Vespasian; 

Vespasian had handed his campaign to conquer Jerusalem over to his son (Titus) when he (Vespasian) returned to Rome to BECOME EMPEROR in the wake of  the Roman military COUP that drove NERO TO SUICIDE and installed Vespasian as emperor - the FLAVIANS HAD TO LEGITIMIZE THEIR new, military COUP installed DYNASTY

by claiming Roman emperor DIVINITY  (god-like) status... 

   and the story of Jesus closely parallels Titus' development from a Roman general in remote Galilee to Roman imperial divinity-emperor...

 ...ANYTHING to DRAW JEWISH SUPPORT _AWAY_  from violent, militant, and suicidally fervent Jewish messianic cults, prophet figures,  and cult leaders of the day. 
 Upon "the Roman CONSPIRACY to INVENT JESUS" (i.e. Christianity)  spreading beyond Palestine to Greece, Rome, and throughout the Mediterranean world,
THE ROMAN EMPERORS could NOW GET THE "CHRIST-ian CHURCH" to  DO THEIR DIRTY WORK - killing rebels and maintaining strict rule - by simply _LABELING_ rebels as "HERETICS" and having the church EXECUTE them (as "heretics" i.e. "sinnners against g-o-d" )  instead of  having "the blood of innocents"  being attributed to cruel Roman emperors.
    (DOMITIAN being the most glaring exception:  the one Roman emperor infamous for PERSECUTING Christians, in a forlorn effort to restore the Roman empire to more traditional pagan worship, is the one  emperor everyone remembers today, (or at least his deeds are remembered), other than Constantine who succeeded Domitian and who officially made Christianity the state religion of the Roman empire.)


Thursday, September 17, 2015


As  the below video from which this screen-shot was taken explains,
existed long before Zionism was invented... 
so fundamentalist , orthodox,  or pro-Israel Judaism in America should be regarded as 

over and above "Zionism,"  "Neo-Conservativism,"  "Neo-liberalism," 
"INTERNATIONALISM,"   "TROTSKYITES" or any of the other
 intentionally confusing names, labels, designations, or 'fronts'  Judeo supremacists use to....

_hide_  their racist, genocidal, ruthless slave-owning (wannabe) Judeo Supremacists
  back-stabbing, treacherous, treasonous shriveled little black reptilian hearts

 from their non-jew neighbors, business customers, partners, voters, constituents, "fellow countrymen" & co-nationals...

 Every one of the above image  organizations or movements -
from "liberal Democrats" and even radical 'Communists" on the far left,

to  radical, reactionary RIGHT-WING slave owning 'private' plantation
'free market capitalist' SLAVE IMPERIALIST  economies on the right...
eventually,  ALL those "systems" and "-isms"
in whatever doomed nation or country... 

_all_ become  DOMINATED by JEWS!

(only because of  DECEIT & DECEPTION:  those powerful jew 'elites'
HIDING their racist, tribal, exclusionary  JUDEO SUPREMACIST tendencies
from all non-jew constituents, voters, citizens, co-nationals,

 911 Missing Links: Israel
Mossad Involvement
 (in the 2 dozen+ centuries old)
[and their premeditated MASS-MURDER, TREASON,  TREACHERY,
  demonic greed &  "destroy all others" racist, genocidal  blood-lust agenda
to perpetrate serial "FALSE FLAG" TERROR ATTACKS on 'friends' and allies.]

Whether the ROTHSCHILDS on the extreme 'right'
    or the TROTKSYITES on the extreme  radical left

Rubin, Lew, Sunstein, Wasserman-Schultz, Haim Saban  'liberal Democrats' (sic) 'left'
(or even the  BLOOMBERG, Bernie Sanders "independents") -

 because so long as they don't publicly criticize the infernal JEWISH STATE or their patron JEWISH FINANCIAL RAPISTS
donors,  they are ALL on the SAME PAGE:

 ...and they thus all become  BENEFICIARIES
of  TRILLIONS of dollars of  "JUDENFETZEN" 
jewish central banker created-out-of-thin-air 

and  FAVORABLE JEWISH owned PRESS/media coverage

When you have MILLIONS of people who CELEBRATE
as their
CORE national, tribal, ethnic,  
& religious identity 

every year - the blood-drenched "Passover" ritual re-enactment   of the events
leading up to the (alleged, mythical) KILLINGS of their Egyptian neighbors' children - 

then OF COURSE you are going to get

As the above video from which our top screen-shot was taken explains,

existed long before Zionism... it should be regarded as
first  and  foremost,

over and before "Zionism,"  "Neo-Conservatives," 
"Neo-liberalism,"  "TROTSKYITES" or any
of the other intentionally confusing names and labels  Judeo supremacists use to
pretend they are not Judeo supremacists!

To which we will add:
  "It really is quite simple:  the Judeo elites claim to trace their lineage directly back to the late bronze-age...
when SLAVERY was the universal form of maintaining labor sufficient to grow and harvest the agricultural commodities necessary to run a city or state (much less empire). 

 No one wants to work  clearing flooded ditches (irrigation canals) or backbreaking planting & harvesting of crops if they could instead spend their entire day in the palace or temple,
    so SLAVERY and BRUTE FORCE were the centuries old means by which
"the elites" maintained a productive labor force... and "social stability."

 Make no mistake... fundamentalist or  Zio-Nazi judeo elites  see themselves in exactly the same way that the ISLAMIC SLAVE RAIDERS "Corsairs" who attacked, devastated, terrorized, and ENSLAVED much  of the population of the  Christian Mediterranean saw themselves in the centuries leading up to the late 1500s:  as   (should-be) successful SLAVE OWNERS , empire builders, and ruthless SLAVE TRADERS!
 Leviticus 25:44-4644 As for your male and female slaves whom you may have ["own"]: you may buy [make, kidnap, enslave] male and female slaves from [the people of]  the nations that are around you. 45 You may also buy [or kidnap, brutalize, TERRORIZE, & enslave them] from among the strangers... and their clans that are [reside among] you, who have been born in your land...  they may BECOME YOUR PROPERTY. 46 You may bequeath them to your sons after you to inherit as a possession [property] FOREVER. You may make slaves of them, but over your brothers the people of Israel you shall not rule, one over another ruthlessly.
  This last sentence highlights THE PURE EVIL  of the Hebrew, jewish bible:

are necessary to keep slaves in line... so specifically prohibits jews from enslaving jews...
but declares commands  OPEN SEASON on all other
humans 'goyim' non-jews!


 This ancient social equation... this ancient equilibrium... this ancient cold, cruel reality that SLAVERY was a necessary evil of daily life....

is  STILL, TODAY, the Jews' PREFERED social system!

 "CHOSEN," as the Hebrew bible clearly spells out, to (infiltrate, usurp) CONQUER and ENSLAVE  _all_  non-Jews around them... to the far corners of earth! 

For the past 100 years since United States President Abraham Lincoln and the Union Army
 _ended_ chattel slavery in America after the very bloody American CIVIL WAR,
JEWS  in America  (and across most of the world) have PRETENDED
 to support "FREEDOM" and "DEMOCRACY" and "HUMAN RIGHTS"... 

  but a close inspection of the "PNAC" planners
of  the IRAQ WAR and their 
U.S. occupation horrors in Iraq in 2003 reveals

(under 9-11 perp L. PAUL BREMER, who in turn worked under "PNAC"  judeo Supremacist UNDERSECRETARY of WAR PAUL WOLFOWITZ  at the DoD, and also under Vice President DICK CHENEY and  his Wolfowitz/Netanyahu career protégé  V.P. jewish  WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF  "Washington super lawyer"   I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby) 

....these  "NEO-CON"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST murderous,   reptilian nation-destroyers are CONTEMPTUOUS of "democracy," freedoms, human-rights... and even of  AMERICANS...

    much less of Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians Egyptian, Yemenis, or heavens forbid  BLACK AFRICANS or Iranians or all the myriad other declared "enemies" of the infernal jew state....




 especially since even the "MOST LIBERAL" of  American jews  have 
 and their foul, vile, demonic, treasonous, blood-drenched, BACK-STABBING,
"FALSE FLAG" terrorism  vampire, reptilian 

        JUDEO SUPREMACIST agenda...


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9-11 was a deadly JEW ORCHESTRATED _"HOLOCAUST"_ that BURNED, BLASTED, CRUSHED, PULVERIZED, MURDERED (and poisoned) nearly 3,000 unsuspecting American citizens... on that day of TREACHERY, "INFAMY" and mass-murder TREASON....

               9-11 "Smoking gun"? 
We've  found pictures of the metaphorical 'gun' being fired - _during_ the crime!
 (ht to all those who worked tirelessly to compile, edit, research, & present and distribute
these videos against 
fierce government and corporate "mainstream media"  traitors'  denigration)

    -  IMAGE CAPTURES of A MASSIVE EXPLOSION blasting OUT of World Trade Tower at the moment of its premeditated, pre-planted, MASSIVE  demolition explosive charges  detonation -

If you think our above un-retouched screen-capture image from a YouTube documentary
on the 9-11 terror attacks and of the WTC towers collapsing in a heap of smoldering
(carcinoginic) rubble & twisted, burning-from-incidiaries  melted steel
 is anything other than a

                huge, massive EXPLOSION
blasting out from the side of the doomed building...


 that could  _ONLY_ come from a huge amount of explosives
being placed in the building _prior_ to 9-11-2001...  
          =  a massive BOMB going off !
then compare the above single screen-capture with the images of those around it
that give it context...  
   and then watch the video for yourself:

    of the doomed, LARRY SILVERSTEIN
                 owned World Trade Center towers,
   dozens of minutes before the buildings collapsed...   

 = more AMERICANS wounded, INJURED, traumatized, poisoned
(by toxic smoke &  poison gases)  and
KILLED in the JEWS  ORCHESTRATED 9/11 towers'  inferno / "holocaust"...

Just one of thousands of Americans injured, horrified, terrorized & traumatized
by the treacherous Zio-Nazi orchestrated  9/11  FALSE FLAG terror attacks
The huge explosive charges going off  IN THE BASEMENTS of the doomed towers...
and, high up in the towers far above, long after the jet-fuel burned off
indicate  that this 'event' had been planned years in advance, and was  months in preparation...
(and their 'usg' "United" State government collaborators)
orchestrated 9-11 terrorism  'HOLOCAUST'  
desperately cling to sides of  the building  inferno..

top left a woman (?) can clearly be seen waving her arm in the video...
How the above 'holocaust' inferno and massive explosive blasts on 9-11 were accomplished:
  simply by packing the unused floors of the World Trade Center towers with high explosives
or incendiary devices
(or both, in case of 'nano'-thermite - the term "nano" simply means "microscopically small," 
meaning there is a huge surface area to volume (or surface area to mass or weight) of explosives
... meaning a much more rapid flame spread than even 'normal' thousands-of-degrees burning thermite)

 and then setting those  huge explosive packages off by remote, radio-controlled,
computer timed firing devices...
schematic diagram of how large explosive charges placed in center of  doomed towers,
could be set off by sequentially timed, computer synchronized firing signals...



From an entirely different video, we get  the "NECESSARY CONTROL POINTS"
to pull off a   "FALSE FLAG"  treason  
      "black ops" TERROR ATTACK against American victims...

   ....blaming scapegoated patsies or entirely innocent parties...
   ALL   CONTROLLED  by  ZIO-NAZI "israel UBER amerika" 
judeo supremacist  ANTI-AMERICAN TRAITORS...
"Necessary CONTROL POINTS for 9-11 FALSE FLAG Operation"
_all_ held by "israel uber amerika" judeo-supremacist traitor  jews... 

  Why Saddam had to be killed,  why Gadaffi had to be 'taken out' -

if you don't enforce it?"

    Before you gloat that Saddam & Qadaffi  "got what they had coming to them"  just realize...

   ...that before the  foreign controlled 'Fed' bankers could  direct their vassals  U.S. army, government,  & military to "take out Saddam," 

they first had to get U.S. public support behind a massive invasion of Iraq...

...they first needed "a new Pearl Harbor" as "a catalyzing event"
 to get the American public to support a war that would kill thousands of Americans
 and cost billions trillions of taxpayer dollars
(the nearly 3,000 Americans killed on 9-11 were merely the 'lubricant'  to "prime the pump" for invasions & destruction of nations in the Mideast... and for obscene  war profits... dictatorship "wartime" powers... and the temporary shoring-up,  by violence and mass-murder, 
 of the Fed's  "Federal Reserve notes" racket;
 aka the damned-by-foreign-bankers defrauded, debased, degenerated,
and increasingly worthless   "judenfetzen!" 
 "U.S." dollar...)

 (note: "Brother Nathan" is far better informed on the inner workings of
the Judeo Supremacist global death cult 
(and their "LBO" leveraged-buy-out, bribery, corruption, PERVERSION, DEGENERATION,
blackmail, & extortion  HIJACKING of America)

    than we are...  and a much better videos & internet producer!

but while he may have renounced Judaism - the faith he was born and grew up under -   for Christianity...

 he still presumably subscribes to & worships the SAME "g-o-d" of the jewish 'holy' (sic) bible

who condemned countless thousands upon millions of pregnant mothers and infant children to die
(from the complications of childbirth)

(much less from diseases, wars, violence, famines, and other post-birth causes)

 as proudly proclaimed in the bible's awful, horrible,  "SUICIDE for WESTERN civilization"
 "Adam & Eve" story,  i.e. "original sin" -    

theological, theocratic,  'religious'  insanity...