Thursday, July 17, 2014


TRAITORS in the OBAMA White House & at the U.S. Treasury,   SUPPORT INSIDER TRADING and FINANCIAL TERRORISM that manipulates markets and destroys the wealth and savings of ordinary Americans,   by allowing connected "insider" hedge-funds and market manipulators to defraud markets.

      "Insider Trading" in this context means LICENSE to EXTORT markets with preplanned 'FLASH CRASHES' and other criminal, blatantly fraudulent means that DESTROY the wealth and savings of  ordinary Americans, as we explained in a previous post with a video by former GODDAMN SACHS hedge fund trader JIM CRAMER explaining several MARKET MANIPULATION, CONSPIRACY techniques.

   The problem with, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and otherwise expert researchers and commentators who diligently report on all these economy destroying issues, is that they fail to label, point out, and hold responsible the senior officials in the U.S. government who are responsible for these crimes (preferring instead to flog the lame-duck obama rented mule) 

We address that shortcoming here:
JACOB LEW - the jew CAPO, or COMMISSAR of EXTORTION, FRAUD, & WEALTH CONFISCATION in America as "U.S" TREASURY SECRETARY,  and his criminal thug understudy,
WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF Denis McDonough - together these larcenous creeps preside over America's RIGGED and SERIALLY DEFRAUDED critical financial markets.
When they CRASH the markets - as they INTEND to do - they will send out the DHS, FBI,  and militarized police (or army troops) to MACHINE-GUN  protesting Americans... just exactly as Herbert Hoover and his "Black Tuesday" Market crash presiding Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon sent the U.S. army to beat,  smash heads, and  crush the homeless WWI Veterans protesting in shanty-towns on Washington's mall during the Great Depression

  Obama administration TREASURY SECRETARY JACOB LEW part of a CRIMINAL RACKET to COVER UP and WHITEWASH   SERIAL FINANCIAL CRIMES, and markets-destroying INSIDER TRADING, on Wall St. and at other critical banks, hedge-funds, &  financial institutions across America and throughout the world...
Insider Trading and Financial Terrorism on Comex 
by  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts  7-17-2014
The banks use the selling from the hedge funds to cover the short positions they’ve amassed and book trading profits as they cover their short positions at price levels that are below the prices at which their short positions were established. This is insider trading and unrestrained financial terrorism at its finest.
 Actually, what Dr. Roberts is trying to explain with terms like "short positions" and "price levels" is that the bullion banks and gold traders  are selling "futures contracts" which... represent many multiples of  gold available for actual delivery.
This is pure price manipulation, and market manipulation, based on FRAUD that effectively COUNTERFEITS the amount of gold actually  available in the entire U.S. (and Europe) markets....
 (George Soros and his market-plunging cabal  used similar tactics to DEFRAUD the BRITISH PUBLIC (and anyone holding their savings in British pounds sterling) - by huge lots of "NAKED SHORTS" on the British pound, which effectively COUNTERFEITED, and thus DEBASED and DEVALUED the purchasing power of "real" pounds sterling held by the public or savers.)


The essence of  "QUANTITATIVE EASING"  

 It would be like playing the board game Monopoly with your friends, where one player could just WRITE HIMSELF his own money (dollars) - and all the other players would have to accept these paper scraps with denominations like "Ten BILLION dollars" written on them!  The game would obviously last only long enough for "the special player" to gain control of  3 adjacent properties so he could immediately, instantly build hotels (skip the houses!) - and wait, like a spider, for his helpless prey fellow players to land on his properties... and  instantly go bankrupt. 
In the real U.S. Treasury, White House, Con-gress, & press/media rigged game that is America's critical financial markets,  the IRS - the EXTORTION ARM of the so-called 'Federal Reserve' privately owned, predatory/parasitic banking cartel - is the means by which  'the big boys'  drive even thriving, productive sectors of the economy - small businesses and rival corporations that don't play ball - out of business.  You CAN NOT COMPETE with someone who has access to FREE money  (-ZERO PERCENT-  interest-rate loans that are the intended product of "Quantitative Easing") and who gets UNDESERVING TAX BREAKS that you don't, because they are connected to the criminal banking cartel.

   If the traders sold oil or wheat contracts of many multiples of  the actual supply available, they would eventually be  'CALLED OUT' on their counterfeit fraud - both wheat and oil are perishable commodities whose value is in their use.  But gold has "intrinsic value" even when sitting idle, in banks or private vaults, so the  CRIMINAL FINANCIERS running the U.S. government simply pile GOLD PRICE FRAUD and market manipulations on top of all their other serial FRAUDS and market manipulations they perpetrate - of which the Ponzi scheme, "GIVE BANKS LICENSE TO  just PRINT THEMSELVES $80 billion every month"  aka "Quantitative Easing" 
(a name chosen precisely because it is ambiguous and confusing)   


Long story short:  Americayour TREASURY SECRETARIES, going back to ROBERT RUBIN in 1995
(with the sole exception of  Bush/Cheney's first T-Secretary, Paul O'Neill who was FIRED for TELLING THE TRUTH),   

are ALL CRIMINAL THUGS and PART of   the GoddamnSachs/jpm/Fed markets looting, economy SABOTAGING, FRAUD, counterfeit, theft, &   CRIMINAL EXTORTION racket.  


 bonus:  We hate to make this post any longer - we've got other things to get to! - but to complete the FULL PICTURE  of  JACOB LEW's  TREASONOUS  FINANCIAL FRAUDS, and  Denis McDonough's  role as, essentially,  a non-Jewish "goyim"   hired-hand SELL OUT  TRAITOR   COVERING UP those FRAUDS,  we present these two videos where we got out pictures of the two obama co. TRAITOR FRAUDSTERS from:

    #1.  JACOB LEW, America's  BAILOUTS SUCKING, tax dodging  TRAITOR of an ECONOMY KILLING jew Treasury Secretary, addressing AIPAC, the treasonous JUDEO SUPREMACIST jew war lobby - talking about "MARKET REFORMS" in general,   and about "market reforms for UKRAINE" in particular... = bribing jewish Ukrainians, to SELL OUT their fellow countrymen... and ship all their gold to America, in exchange for the USA sponsoring the god-damned mass-murderous Obama State Department instigated COUP in the Ukraine!   
The Judeo elites at AIPAC  LOVE EXTORTION - especially when they can get the U.S. military to do the dirty work, and U.S. Treasury (extorted taxpayers) to pay for the bribes! 

   IF YOU WANT a PERFECT EXAMPLE of how these TREASONOUS, racist, genocidal  JUDEO SABOTEURS  & media WHORE PROPAGANDISTS use the word "REFORM" 
 to mean the diametrical opposite of "improvement"
  - to mean  EXERTING criminal,  MAFIA EXTORTION  CONTROL over other people and DESTROYING other nation's markets - well, here it is!

Regarding Denis McDonough as Obama's CHIEF OF STAFF - following in that position the treacherous DEMOCRATS SABOTAGING "Manchurian Candidate" RAHM EMANUEL and  Emanuel's fellow BOB RUBIN toady/understudy JACOB LEW -  the first question any competent writer would ask about Denis McDonough's  very high position in the U.S. government,  would be "WHERE DID Denis McDonough COME FROM?" 

    And this video gives us the answer:  HE WAS obama's  DEPUTY NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR! 
   That means he is COVERED in the BLOOD of the TENS OF THOUSANDS of LIBYANS, SYRIANS,  Iraqis, and other civilians MURDERED by the  US/Israel/Saudi strategy of  JUST OPENLY FUNDING  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to SABOTAGE  nations - every nation, anywhere on planet earth,  and certainly in the Mideast!  
 Oh, and guess what:  the very Jewish, and HIGHLY, HIGHLY respected investigative journalist
(a term we use to describe very, very few reporters today!  he broke the U.S. Army MAI LAI MASSACRE story during the Vietnam War 4 decades ago.. and stuck by his guns, despite ferocious army and "establishment" resistance and derision, until "Mai Lai" is now as synonymous with massacre, as "Abu Ghraib" is with "torture")
Seymor Hersch....   says the ENTIRE  OSAMA bin LADEN "RAID" was a STAGED, MADE-for-TV,   pure  Hollywood movie FANTASY  event...  
...pure Government PROPAGANDA, and the PRELUDE for the   SANDY HOOK  _alleged_ "school shooting"  where "our government" (sic)  has seen fit NOT TO RELEASE A SINGLE VIDEO of the _ALLEGED_ gunman in the school building!

that are swiftly approaching those of TONY BLAIR, George W. Bush, DICK CHENEY, Don Rumsfeld, and PAUL WOLFOWITZ...  (et al, ad infinit, ad naseum)  

  It would actually be an interesting report, to research the HIDDEN BODIES and QUID PRO QUO deals  of  McDonough's rise to the premier position of the senior  NON-JEWISH HATCHET-MAN in Obama's  "PUPPET TO JEW WAR LOBBY" presidency...

 Read the headlines and weep, America:  YOUR  _TREASONOUS_,  TRAITOROUS GOVERNMENT   officials  THINK THEY CAN JUST LIE in your faces!  

In fact, officials - much less senior officials - WILL NOT  BE PROMOTED in to the top ranks of the oligarchy, kleptocratic, treasonous 'elites' and power brokers,  unless they DO LIE, and TAKE BRIBES, and help the CRIMINAL ELITES loot, extort, plunder, and SABOTAGE America's critical financial markets... every drop of wealth they can find, anywhere on planet earth!

U.S. raid on Bin Laden compound ‘one big lie,’ journalist Seymour Hersh claims


triple bonus! -
     "WHY doesn't the WASHINGTON whore traitor POST, or  SULZBERGER New York Slimes REPORT on all  THESE FINANCIAL CRIMES??

ans. - because THEY  are "IN on the fix" - they are "in"  on the serial, blatant,  in-your-face DEFRAUDING of the stupid, enslaved,  EXTORTED "goyim" servile American peon/serf/slave  taxpayers!

 George W. Bush's infamous ZAPATA Oil Co. and Zapata Offshore - put the (then much younger) George Bush Sr. right at the nexus of Wall Street dirty money, Texas oil,  CIA black ops, and foreign cartel dictator thugs... a position he was good at,  witness his later promotion to CIA DIRECTOR.
 (Under President Gerald Ford... who had a decade earlier perjured himself, by  falsifying  autopsy reports as a member of the Warren Commission investigation in to the John F. Kennedy assassination.)

  This awesomely informative article - using information apparently available for the world to see right there in Bush Senior's autobiography -  explains that the young Yale/Wall St. elitist (no less than a Skull & Bones member) become Texas oil man George H.W. Bush (Sr.)   
WAS PARTNERS with EUGENE MEYERS, the JEWISH OWNER of the WASHINGTON whore traitor POST, who was hounded out of his job as CHAIRMAN of the 'Federal Reserve'  for PRESIDING OVER the GREAT DEPRESSION!
(by courageous Congressman Louis T. McFadden, who in turn was hounded out of his Congressional seat, and soon assassinated with poison, for having the temerity to shout out about 'the Fed's' role in CAUSING the "Great Depression" ARTIFICIAL, INSTIGATED  ECONOMIC CRASH in the first place.) 
George H.W. Bush was a PARTNER with.. EUGENE MEYER,
former 'Fed' Chairman and WASHINGTON POST OWNER!
NO WONDER the  _TRAITOR WHORE_ writers, editors, and publishers at the WHORE  Washington Post
 COVER UP serial Rethuglican CRIMES, TREASONS, and ATROCITIES against humanity!  
(note: today's "Democrats" are as corrupt, war-mongering, and Economy SABOTAGING  
as their Rethuglican partners in crimes, slush-fund bribe taking, and taxpayer extortion.)
"In 1954, Zapata Off-Shore Company was formed as a subsidiary of Zapata Oil, with George H. W. Bush as president of the new company. According to Bush's autobiography, Eugene Meyer, the publisher of the Washington Post, and his son-in-law, Philip Graham, were major investors in the new company."