Saturday, July 19, 2014

JUDAISM IS HATE.... Judaism is MURDER and the enslavement of non-jews to people who are born and raised to regard non-Jews as ENEMIES to be ENSLAVED and SLAUGHTERED....

George Soros proudly SPEARHEADS 
the  Jew WAR PIGS ( = the"Money Power" + war lobby) 
 and  metastasizing global cancer  
 "turn _millions_  of humans in to bloody, blasted, burnt, butchered corpses 
so we can turn a profit and EXTERMINATE the goyim" 
jewish wars worldwide...

EVERY lie that Barack Obama brazenly spouts, in his every speech and public, media appearance
(and in his every campaign appearance from the 2008 and 2012 elections)  was coldly, carefully, and diabolically 'crafted'  and prepared by HIS JEW WAR LOBBY puppet-masters & their gentile, "goyim" 
collaborators & partners in CRIMES & HIGH TREASON: 

    Judaism is about the MURDER and enslavement of non-jews
   to people who are born and raised to regard non-Jews

 It's all right there in the pages of the sordid  jewish ('old testament') bible,
as these 3 screen-shots from "the Brick Testament"  so accurately distill -

 Jews first SEND OUT SPIES 
 to investigate the fertile & productive lands held by their neighbors...  
(today's FINANCIAL RAPISTS, ECONOMIC HIT MEN, and today, NSA surveillance) 

 the jews  then send in the troops 
to promptly MASSACRE and MURDER  their neighbors
to the last man, woman, and child: 

(by the diabolical, bloodthirsty jew war pigs and their demonic "g-o-d"  bible JUDGES Ch. 18)  

  that (above bible quotes) was then...  (below)  today's  "modern" equivalent of  ancient judeo bronze-age theocracy drive to perpetrate GENOCIDE and  EXTERMINATE EVERYONE:
   jewish ARCHITECTS of  GAZA INVASION, as the treacherous serial CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY genocidal jewish-Nazi Prime Minister,  
"king bibi" NETANYAHU  (lower right)  


 Under Netanyahu & the jew war lobby's evil sway,  


 "COEXIST" = peace & cooperation among the religions of the world...
    good luck with that!  JUDAISM, with it's theology & ideology of  
"enslave & EXTERMINATE THE 'goyim'!"
  (WHO DON'T EVEN COUNT AS HUMAN!)  is  diametrically opposed to the concept of peaceful cooperation... or peace on earth... 
"Coexist"?  Judaism (the jewish bible) SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTS jews
 to CONQUER  and MAKE SLAVES of the non-Jews among them! 
 JUDAISM, strip away all the niceties & embellishments, distills to,   is about one people  divinely commanded by g-o-d... to ENSLAVE and EXTERMINATE their neighbors:

However, you may purchase  make male or female   _SLAVES_  FROM AMONG the FOREIGNERS WHO LIVE AMONG YOU.   You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land [and including those NOT born in your land, i.e. foreigners captured... for slavery].  You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance.  You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way.**    (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

** slavery, and the judeo elites,  were so important - so central to the theme of     human life on earth as envisioned by the judeo rulers, priests, scribes, and scholars who wrote the bible... 
 ...that they promply made EXCEPTIONS to the "you must never treat your relatives, the people of israel [= jews]  this way [= as slaves]"  by allowing for the ENSLAVEMENT OF JEWS in certain circumstances;   in particular FOR DEBTS owed.

    Furthermore, the entire bible narrative of BROTHER versus BROTHER - 
(which is actually  _the_ theme of the entire bible,  the biological theme of "selfish gene"  codified in terms of human social behavior, i.e.  bronze-age rules for conducting  human society in an era when all social groups tend to FRAGMENT, split apart, and CONFLICT with each other when they exceeded the local food supply) 

        Cain vs Abel, Isaac vs Ishmael, Jacob vs Essau, Joseph vs his brothers, David's sons against their half-brothers, (etc. etc. etc. ad naseum)    the jewish bible  spells out an easy end-run around the prohibition against owning Jewish slaves:

Merely DECLARE your brother (or his offspring) to be a TRAITOR, an IDOLATOR, an ENEMY, and  PRESTO!  you can kill and enslave him and his sons and daughters - exactly as the bible specifically instructs with the foul,  horrible story of  Noah's son HAM... his  descendants, his children and their children,
CONDEMNED TO SERVE AS SLAVES, unto perpetuity,   

for 'a  CRIME' that the BIBLE NEVER even SPELLS OUT !!    

   Judaism is  AS WARMONGERING, brutal, and SADISTIC as the ROMAN empire at the height of their conquests.  Like Romans, the  jews  will INTERMARRY WITH the ELITE of the SUBJECT POPULATIONS
(both Nancy Pelosi and Bill & Hillary Clinton have Jewish Grandchildren) 

 but the upper echelons of  the 'conservative' jews and priesthood are FAR MORE INSANE and INTOLERANT than the Romans were...
The Roman emperor, after all, may have been a g-o-d on earth,  but he  liked to have fun, take sexual partners, throw parties and triumphal marches, win victories in battle,  and other mortal pleasures...  

by contrast,   the  G-O-D of the jews, according to the bible,  ACTUALLY LIKES to WATCH as entire tribes are  BUTCHERED, MURDERED, and SLAUGHTERED,  their corpses LEFT TO ROT,

  if not,  during peaceful times   'god' enjoying the smell of animal AND HUMAN SACRIFICE... 
performed by 'his' high priests!

  Under ISANE, treacherous, TREASONOUS and disgustingly vile JUDEO DOMINATION,  humanity and the nations of the Western world are now chained and harnessed to the bronze-age judeo "g-o-d" of  HUMAN SACRIFICE, serial depravity, and 

  Jew TRAITOR  hypocrite senators FEINSTEIN, SCHUMER, LEVIN support...
 while, back in the (late) U.S.A, these HYPOCRITE, TRAITOR  judeo SUPREMACIST scum
want to CRIMINALIZE and OUTLAW guns for self-defense against home-invasion in America...
because "SLAVES HAVE  _NO_  RIGHTS!"  
and "goyim" don't even count as humans!
jew TRAITOR HYPOCRITES Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Carl Levin, and jew financial CRIMES WHITEWASHING media billionaire Michael  Bloomberg all want to CRIMINALIZE GUN OWNERSHIP in America for the "goyim" cannon-fodder slaves...  who (American taxpayers) are expected to PROVIDE FREE MACHINE-GUNS to  GENOCIDAL  jews,  judeo supremacist "settlers" !!  


below - judeo "MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE" saboteur  & anti-American TRAITOR  RAHM EMNAUEL,  supports 
JEWS PERPETRATING GENOCIDE in the Mideast... as  he also supports the SABOTAGE of AMERICAN BORDERS as an end-run around American public resistance to ENDING the United States of America  as an independent nation,  by integrating the U.S.A.   into Soros' & co.'s NAFTA....
RAHM EMANUEL - former Con-gressman  and Obama WH CHIEF of STAFF  responsible for 'THE MASSACRE of Democrats" in the 2010 election
(ramming DESPICABLE, UNPOPULAR POLICIES down the American public throats resulted in Democrat's loss of House Majority in Nov. 2010 elections),
present day judeo crime-cartel extortion overlord  of Chicago -
supports OUTLAWING GUNS for Americans for defense, while he supports AMERICAN TAXPAYERS  being FORCED to provide billions of dollars of guns, bullets, ammunition, shells,
and machine-guns to JEWS,  including these genocidal JUDEO SUPREMACIST 'settlers' given LICENSE TO KILL in Occupied Palestine.  

Will the evil jews BE HAPPY once they EXTERMINATE Palestinians in GAZA and the rest of OCCUPIED PALESTINE?

 HELL NO !!      THAT'S what the SYRIA WAR is all about...

as soon as the Jews get their AL QAEDA proxy HIRED MERCENARY KILLERS and  genocidal mass-murderers  to "CLEANSE" Syria of  Shia, Allawite, Druze, Kurds, Maronites, CHRISTIANS, and all other religious and ethnic minorities...

    the demonic jews will  then TURN THEIR HEAVY GUNS ON to their  former AL QAEDA / ISIS ALLIES, and wipe them off the map as they ANNEX SYRIA to GREATER ISRAEL....

demonic, mass-murderous jews BOMBARD hapless
(these photos from Jan 2009 - the jews' "present" to the American people for that sweeping, dramatic "CHANGE" election mandate, which 5 years later is as dead and rotting as the corpses of jewish victims)  
 with  U.S. supplied bombs, heavy guns, and shells, including these American made
WHITE PHOSPHOROUS flesh burning shells  (light blue) and their fiery impact...
shells whose smoke acts as poison gas for those trapped in shelters... 

MAKING CORPSES out of  _millions_ of living humans...
...according to millions of  jews in temples all across America, and according to  judeo politicians, jewish billionaires, jewish military 'experts', jewish 'national security experts' (sic) in & out of the U.S. government,
and of course  according to the evil cabal of Judeo Supremacists rabbis, high priests, and other insane officials in the jew state (israel) government's ruling junta & theocracy...

note the JEWISH 'TIME' magazine's fawning, pro-war-crimes coverage
of Israel Prime Minister & serial mass-murderer  Benjamin Netanyahu...
who the evil jews at TIME affectionately dub "KING BIBI."

   JEWISH PROPAGANDISTS and their 'goyim' partners in lies  - senior writers, editors, and publisher of TIME and other corporate media whores -  who PROMOTE GENOCIDE, MASS-MURDER, and TREASON
 (the intentional sabotage destruction of  the United States)    
deserve a LIFETIME VISIT to GUANTANAMO, for their GENOCIDAL,  humanity despising, AMERICA TRASHING  lying, MASS-MURDEROUS,  war-lies pimping  propaganda...

Cover Story: Why Bibi Netanyahu Is King of Israel

 below - jews at TIME  don't give a rat's ass for international law, international goodwill...
or the right   of AMERICAN CITIZENS  

_not_ to have to pay for the RELIGIOUS INSANITY