Sunday, July 27, 2014

HUMANITY RUNNING OUT OF TIME: the JEWS who OWN America's politicians, government, & corp. Media ARE in FRENZY to Get AMERICA & NATO to ATTACK RUSSIA... to TRIGGER WWIII and Cover-UpVast Financial Crimes.... and to MAKE PLAUSIBLE their NEXT, NUCLEAR 9-11 FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACKS in America that will be BLAMED on Russians or Iranians,...

 "THE WORLD IS DOOMED"  by Western - U.S. & Europe - COMPLICITY (even 'merely' apathy)  with the insaneGENOCIDAL,  NUCLEAR ARMED, JUDEO SUPREMACIST agenda of  treachery, treason,  and serial demonic ghoul  blood-lust global annihilation warmongering  collective INSANITY...  

  notice the second headline link, on  the right in our above screen-capture,  
from  PrisonPlanet's home page this morning: 
because the insane warmongers running America's government, are shoving their hired, DISPOSABLE NATO, Ukraine, and U.S. proxy troops & armies, in to what will soon be  
an ever ESCALATING NUCLEAR WAR  that will make World War I (and WWII) 
 look like  a Civil War skirmish in comparison.

   THIS year,  2014,   is,  after all, the 100 year anniversary of  the European 'leaders' fratricidal descent into the WWI meat-grinder  war that  consumed millions of corpses &  human souls like so much firewood tossed into a furnace...

  and this time around (1914 > 2014)  any local commander of a nuclear missile battalion can issue a launch command ("push the button") the moment he believes his missile site is under attack, missile launches that will wipe out the populations of entire cities.

 Just as with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, when the short- and medium-range 'Soviet' nuclear armed ballistic missiles in Cuba were already operational and on wartime footing, regardless of the U.S. military high command telling President Kennedy that the missiles could not possibly be operational, "because the Russian/'Soviet' forces were not that competent"...
   in the tradition of Russian/Sov. military ruggedness & simplicity of operation,
those nuclear missiles in Cuba aimed at Miami, Washington, New York, and cities in between
were armed, ready, loaded, and under wartime conditions... ready to fire at the press of a button,  their missile battery commanders _ordered_  to fire their cities-annihilating missiles  if those batteries were attacked by U.S. bombers during the hair-trigger Cuban missile crisis in May 1962....

AMERICA IS RUNNING OUT OF TIME: the  TERRORISTS & TRAITORS  running the U.S. government, are in a FRENZY to ATTACK RUSSIA, to  COVER UP  (make plausible) 
their NEXT  9-11  "FALSE FLAG"  TREASON, massive TERROR ATTACK _in_ AMERICA.....

Running out of time: Will the "black ops" shadow rulers behind the US government STAGE another MASSIVE "FALSE FLAG" terror attack against the American people... AGAIN?  by Dennis Cimino, U.S. Navy electronics combat contractor

Above headline & story link = the price we all will pay for TOLERATING  2+ decades... an entire century! -  of serial judeo FINANCIAL CRIMES, terrorist acts, WAR CRIMES, TREASON 
(USS Liberty attack, OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE for USS Cole attack survivors;  9/11 treason;  anthrax attacks treason; , Boston Marathon bombing treason;  Sandy Hook massacre hoax;  Libya & Syria proxy terrorist wars;  GAZA mass-murder, and now the final straw: U.S. goading  fierce whipping of Ukraine fascist coup regime war against Russia, the trigger the Demonic Neo-Cons are already GLOATING OVER  on their way to instigating a massive US & Nato war against Russia 8& global holocaust) 


 The  writer of our first headline/link,   Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains:  the   CRIMINAL TRAITORS in the U.S. government,  Israel War Lobby, and corporate press/media INVERT REALITY,

 they BLAME the thousands of   ethnic RUSSIAN VICTIMS in the Ukraine,
for the AMERICAN INSTIGATED  "AGRESSION" against the ethnic Russians living in eastern Ukraine...

 a story CONFIRMED by 1980s Iran/Contra TREASON & WAR-CRIMES reporting independent news outlet
Ethnic Russians Are People, Too
by Robert Parry,, May 13, 2014
 There’s an odor of prejudice [= RACISM, mass-murderous HATE & VIOLENT DEHUMANIZATION]   in how the [evil]  mainstream U.S. news media treats the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, as if they are mindless beings, easily duped “minions” of Vladimir Putin. But this bias reflects more negatively on the U.S. press than on the people who are being insulted....

 they DEMONIZE the VICTIMSeven as  the U.S. government  RELENTLESSLY WHIPS their UKRAINE JUNTA  (and captive, cattle, cannon-fodder people of the Ukraine)  to ATTACK RUSSIANS, to give the traitors running America's government & military

 the EXCUSE they are looking for  to USE the U.S. & NATO troops that have long been stationed AROUND RUSSIA, to ATTACK RUSSIA:

Notice how quickly Washington escalated the orchestrated   [the U.S. INSTIGATED MASS-MURDER COUP]   Ukrainian “crisis”  WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE of  “Russian aggression.”  OVERNIGHT we have the NATO commander and US senators taking actions against “Russian aggression” of which no one has seen any evidence.
"NATO commander General Breedlove and [U.S.] Senate bill 2277 clearly indicate that Washington is organizing itself and Europe for war against Russia."   
"The US Senate’s Russian Aggression Prevention Act, about which I reported in my previous column, does even more mischief than I reported. If the bill passes, which it likely will, Washington becomes empowered to bypass NATO and to grant the status of “allied nation” to Ukraine independently of NATO membership. By so doing, Washington can send troops to Ukraine and thereby commit NATO to a war with Russia [without a U.S. declaration of war] "    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, July 2014 

  That is, the DEMONIC, TRAITOR  JEWS  will use the letter of the "laws,"  SENATE RESOLUTIONS, and  presidential decrees they pass or issue BY BLACKMAIL, BRIBERY, and COERCION of America's political 'leaders'

to  DO AN END RUN AROUND the Constitutionally demanded process of bringing a vote for a state of war to the 2 bodies of Congress,  _BEFORE_ launching a war.  

    AS ALWAYS, the judeo elites  THINK THEY ARE CLEVER,   whenever they use he latest political & media bullying tactics to GET AWAY WITH SERIAL CRIMES, whether serial economy-gutting financial crimes,  or  false-flag terror attacks,  or  creating a state of War against Libya & Syria by hiring proxy terrorist armies... all of which are a prelude to this instance,

 (and massive U.S. funding of US  & NATO military operations)
TO DO AN END-RUN around the Constitutionally mandated  Congressional authorization of war, to ATTACK & WAGE WAR AGAINST RUSSIA.

   ONCE AMERICAN TROOPS ARE UNDER ATTACK - as will happen the moment they are deployed to the HELL ON EARTH COMBAT ZONE the 'Neo-Con'  national security TRAITORS have made of   Eastern Ukraine -  
  the Congress, in a state of corporate media whipped hate and faux patriotism,

 will then authorize the state of war  that will already be on-going by then - giving the WAR CRIMINALS their  final fig-leaf for their massive WAR OF AGGRESSION  & EXTERMINATION against Russia - whom the JUDEO BOLSHEVIK COMMISSARS _ALREADY_ KILLED between 40 million & 60 million souls in the 4 bloody decades after the Lenin/TROTSKY/Sverdlove/Yezhov/Frenkel (et al)  Communist revolutionaries & mass-murder terror Commissars....


The  _next_ FALSE FLAG treason terror ATTACK in AMERICA will be MASSIVE, and will make 9-11 look like a childrens' cup-cake party in comparison.

 Both Senator  LINDSEY GRAHAM  and FORMER VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY -  SERIAL TRAITORS  in the employ of the JEW WAR LOBBY -  have indicated that the NEXT  "terror attack" IN AMERICA, WILL BE A NUCLEAR ATTACK...  they know this,  BECAUSE THEY ARE PART of the  MOSSAD/NSA/cia/DHS  "BLACK OPS"   or "OPERATION GLADIO"  style of CRIMINAL PERPETRATORS  _PLANNING_  this huge new "operation" -  WHICH IS ALREADY IN PLACE,  as the KENNEDY CONSPIRATORS  HAD THEIR COVER-UP  CONSPIRACY well in place, and finely honed, the night before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

The Ukraine/RUSSIA WAR  will give the traitors in the government who perpetrated the attacks the license they need to divide America into balkanized FEMA EMERGENCY REGIONS of  absolute dictatorship, martial law, complete with CONCENTRATION CAMPS and US MILITARY & NATO  INVASIONS of  American cities, towns, and communities in the name of "looking for terrorists."

    AS WITH the ANTHRAX ATTACKS  that PIGGY-BACKED on the hijacked airliners used as massive flying  bombs on 9-11,  the NEXT FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACKS  against America will see MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS  (almost certainly nuclear)


 Because, even as our economy craters around us due to serial financial rapes & economic sabotage, those Americans who still have money have been lulled in to thinking that the most important function of their lives is to go out and have a good time,  spending billions of dollars on America's well honed, massively profitable, but ultimately distracting and hate-whipping  mass-media  sports/ENTERTAINMENT complex.

As during the Great Depression, the nation's economy may be in tatters... but you can show support for America by going to a ball game, and cheering the home-town team in their run for the World Series.

Paul Craig Roberts: the TRAITORS and SERIAL LIARS and WAR CRIMINALS in America's government and corporate media are IN A FRENZY to  get the U.S. military and NATO to ATTACK RUSSIA,  inverting reality by claiming the victims are the perpetrators of  "AGRESSION",
  when in fact it has clearly been AMERICA'S GOVERNMENT which is DIRECTING  the UKRAINE JUNTA COUP to  MASSACRE ETHNIC RUSSIANS in the former Ukraine...

   General Breedlove:  another HIRED ASSASSIN  paid and promoted in the U.S. and NATO militaries to KILL PEOPLE.  
The Demonic War Pigs are bringing back the VIETNAM WAR era trick of  gauging the success of  America's war in that bomb-blasted nation by BODY COUNTS -  never admitting for a moment that the millions of  people in a far-away land had any rights,  and might have preferred NOT to have the American war machine turn their homeland into a machine-gunned, bombed, and poison gas ('Agent Orange' and other defoliants poured on a nation's rice fields and jungles certainly acted as POISON ATTACKS on that target nation's food and water supply... or as POISON GAS to hapless people caught in underground bunkers at the U.S. cargo aircraft spewed their deadly cargo, inhaling life-damaging if not lethal doses of the most powerful toxic cocktails of herbicides U.S. science and corporate America could concoct)

The evidence is compelling, and in fact piling-up everywhere.... and, indeed, is now blaring & screaming out loud that the TREASONOUS JEWS  who  OWN  AMERICA's politicians, government, &  corporate press/media   are IN A FRANTIC, demonic FRENZY,
  to  get AMERICA & NATO in to a huge new war against Russia -  a "real" war,  not just the huge U.S. military running search-and-destroy missions against outgunned 'insurgents' in Iraq, Afghanistan (or hiring proxy terrorist armies to take out Libya and Syria) -  because the entire world is waking up to the SHEER CRIMINALITY of  judeo run finance (the jewish bankers & financial rapists behind 'the Fed'  have cheated millions of people out of their wealth & life savings... by counterfeiting,  debasing, trashing the value of the U.S. dollar by fiat, digital money-printing alone - not including serial financial crimes like Jon Corzine's looting of  $1.6 billion from depositors at MF Global
(again, papered over by 'Fed' banker money-printing to cover insurance claims), or George Soros & co.'s  COUNTERFEIT ATTACKS on the wealth of people whose savings were held in British pounds sterling  (using huge quantities of "naked shorts" to drive the apparent value of a currency like the pound down - "naked shorts" that are not backed up by real stock or currency are illegal, but if a financial cartel can issue enough of them to drive the trading price of a stock or currency down at any given moment, then EXIT their trades,  the COUNTERFEIT nature of the financial attack will never be seen.   NAKED SHORTING  financial attacks, are the unofficial financial cartel means of COUNTERFEITING  the currency that represents other people's wealth....   bribing, extorting, & blackmailing Congress, parliaments, and governments to tolerate, or authorize, Central Banker money printing - usually as a response to an ECONOMIC CRISIS that they ENGINEERED, is the "official" way to COUNTERFEIT the claims on other people's wealth.)

    The "secret" to NEO-CON politics and the TREASONOUS  Judeo SUPREMACIST hijacking of the 'Democratic" (sic) Party and thus the entire U.S. government & American society...

  PUT A  SMILING,  "normal" human HAPPY FACE, on the serial economy gutting, war-crimes pimping,  terrorist proxy armies supporting  SERIAL ATROCITIES and crimes-against-humanity that are the Neo-Con, judeo supremacist  "ALL people on earth ARE NON-HUMANS to be ENSLAVED or DISPOSED OF at the whim of   "g-o-d's chosen"  master-race" insanity...

(left) The 'secret' to moving up in 'Democrat' party power & politics:
put a HAPPY FACE, a "normal," contented, competent American face,
 on the serial "NEO-CON"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST ATROCITIES, insanity, treachery, treasons, & wars..
(right) - from Vietnam War era "peaceniks" GENOCIDAL, PSYCHOPATHS, global extortionists,
and  nuclear- & high-tech industrialized wars pimping insane politicians and 'national leaders' (sic) grow...   

HILLARY - the REAL secret to her success:  PERPETRATE & WHITEWASH whatever _ATROCITIES_
her Jew war-lobby & 'Money Power'  PAYMASTERS tell her to...

Radio Islam cartoon captures the cold, cruel essence of  'AMERICAN' politics:
the  evil, demonic, treasonous, treacherous JUDEO SUPREMACIST WAR LOBBY's support...

The GENOCIDAL JEW WAR LOBBY caricatured above,
 are like pigs WALLOWING IN SLOP this July of 2014
 through demonic patience and a little evil luck,  they are now on the brink  of
but of getting the U.S. military & NATO to WAGE WAR ON RUSSIA, a nation that has been steadily ENCIRCLED by not only INSANE,  JUDEO RUN,
nations-destroying TERRORIST PROXY ARMIES
 but US & NATO  nuclear armed 'western' army groups preparing for 'the kill' of 100 million Russians...
 AEGIS anti-missile system ("ABM" or anti-ballistic missiles)  being DEPLOYED ON RUSSIA's BORDERS... an ACT of  NUCLEAR armed MILITARY AGGRESSION every bit as murderously hostile and as blatant as Hitler massing German army armored divisions on Poland's borders in September of 1939.    This photo represents just a small slice - one particular system - of MASSIVE, NUCLEAR ARMED MILITARY MIGHT being positioned by the jews (which is to say, their USA & NATO puppets)  AROUND  Russia.

  What is critical to understand in all this -  all this  STATIONING the MOST AGGRESSIVE, high-tech,   nuclear trigger-happy weapons systems ever devised by man - in close proximity to Russia, is that not only are these deployments INTENDED to be AGGRESSIVE - to make any knowledgeable Russian pee in his pants at the prospect of US, NATO, and israel nuclear missiles raining down on their heads -
 -  but not only do the Judeo 'elites' driving this blatant nuclear (& Ukraine hired proxy terrorist) aggression insanity NOT PAY A DIME for all this demonic saber rattling...

....BUT THEY GET PAID FOR IT!   in huge, titanic, multi-billion dollar GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS to America's premier (all)  "defense contractors" -

 The valient (hounded out of America by the murderous Jewish mob and their "American" police undercover thugs)  Christopher Bollyn deconstructs  billionaire JEWISH PROFITEERING from the AMERICAN PERMANENT WAR STATE,  aka "America's defense contractors & defense industry":

   "THE FRAUDULENT WAR ON TERROR" = a never-ending SLUSH FUND GRAVY TRAIN for those who run America's WAR PROFITEERING "defense contractors" - who just happen to own America's corporate media!  
(General Electric co., much makes JET ENGINES along with computerized weapons systems and nuclear warheads, OWNS  NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC.)  

Chicago's Elders of Zion and Obama's War for Profit

and  "Obama's CHICAGO JUDEO SUPREMACIST Mob - & DEFENSE CONTRACTING beneficiaries - benefactors"

  for a taste of what we mean by "OBAMA's WARS are DESIGNED to BENEFIT  Obama's  JEWISH PUPPETMASTERS,"  here is a very small sample:

 below -  OBAMA THE CANDIDATE was created by David Axelrod - Zionist Chicago jew mob commissar of  reality-inverting propaganda -  who wrote Obama's 2008 campaign speeches and managed his political career.
 above: Rahm Emanuel, first CHIEF OF STAFF  of the Obama White House, served in the Israeli army and is the son of a real Zionist terrorist. The late Sherman Skolnick of Chicago called  EMANUEL the "Acting Deputy Chief for North America of the Mossad -­ Israeli Intelligence."

Skolnick reported that Emanuel's father Benjamin had been "part of the Israeli assassin team that murdered Sweden's Count [Folke] Bernadotte" in 1948.
   Bernadotte was the United Nations envoy who was sent to Palestine to find a solution to the UN Partition Plan that gave Palestinian land to Jews from Poland and Russia.

OBAMA's BROKEN PROMISES... and LIES to the country on his every 2008 campaign stop....

   show that DAVID AXELROD is a demonic jewish genius at taking the issues, fears and government excesses  AMERICANS ARE MOST CONCERNED WITH... and then
RAMMING them down our American throats,

 to support BUSH  style EXPANDING WARS, METASTASIZING POLICE STATE, police brutality, &  STAZI/nsa/DHS surveillance,

and in particular "NO BID CONTRACTS" and "LOBBYISTS IN WASHINGTON" - that IN TANDEM with the so-called "Federal Reserve"  LICENSE TO EXTORT the ENTIRE American economy,

sees the massive preponderance of American wealthy delivered to perpetrators, allies, & collaborators of "THE MONEY POWER"  which for 2,500 years has been synonymous with The JEW WAR LOBBY....
words are cheap... especially when you GET PAID to LIE  on core issues and concerns of the American people!   as the below video highlights....  


RAHM EMANUEL, DAVID AXELROD, and the other CHICAGO JEW MOB   puppet-masters RUNNING the obama WHITE HOUSE FOR MOSSAD.... were LYING through their teeth!!  
Their CAMPAIGN SOUND-BITES of what they would OPPOSE and NOT do  from the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz administration.... were actually 
  the BLUEPRINT of  what the treacherous, treasonous, anti-American obama/EMANUEL/summers/KAGAN/ross/BERNSTEIN/sutphen/SUNSTEIN/   (et al)  administration WOULD DO _TO_  Americans...  

 -  economically RAPE, politically SUBJUGATE, and socially ENSLAVE Americans.....
  just see GAZA under  DHS/fema/nsa/cia/dea/fbi   MOSSAD & IDF mass-murder bombings...