Friday, July 18, 2014

HILLARY Clinton & John McCAIN - both sellout puppet whores to the Jew War Lobby - reprise their 2008 presidential candidate roles: PIMPING WAR against Iran, NOW Against RUSSIA

  War-pig Hillary Clinton and war-whore John McInsane reprise their 2008 presidential campaigns: PIMPING WHICHEVER industrialized mass-murder WAR the jew lobby pays tells them to...
Hillary & McCain are both sell-out whores to the insane, treasonous jew war lobby..who told us
in 2003, but now tell us Americans  "WE MUST FUND, supply, and SUPPORT ISIS
and other Al Qaeda affiliates.... to ATTACK and TERRORIZE"  
whatever nation, people & country they tell us to!  
 the real  story behind Hillary's enthusiasm for WAR: dead, burnt, blasted babies = new "campaign donations" blood money!
Hillary wages wars, kills babies for jew war lobby
"campaign donations" blood money

 (and against the AMERICAN PEOPLE as well... that's what a
billion HOLLOW POINT bullets for the DHS Commissars -
forbidden by the Geneva Conventions for use in war! - are for

Hillary Clinton & John McCain - both  bribed & bought-off  senators running for president in the 2008 presidential campaigns  who  then advocated IMMEDIATE WAR AGAINST IRAN for whatever reason their judeo war lobby handlers instructed them to -
today  Hillary & McCain  both PIMP WAR against RUSSIA for their Demonic jew overlords....
demonstrating that on issue after issue, ranging from
  • the SABOTAGE of America's borders (and DESTRUCTION of middle-class incomes)
  • to first "Deregulation" of critical financial markets, and then the inevitable BAILOUTS for criminal bankers; 
  • to just allowing the bankers to PRINT THEMSELVES $80 billion per month in "free money for them" QE $10 trillion...
  • to turning a blind eye to POLICE STATE BRUTALITY  against citizens in America;   
  • to DEMOLISHING America's manufacturing and productive economy;  
  • to SUPPORTING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to DESTROY whatever nation in the Mideast (world!) the demonic judeo financiers want to loot, destroy, and pulverize; 
  •  to  SUPPORTING  Neo-NAZI, FASCIST GENOCIDE against Russian speaking nationals in Eastern Ukraine 
 ...THERE IS NOT A FLY-SPECK of difference between so-called "liberal Democrat" HILLARY CLINTON, and
   AL QAEDA SUPPORTING serial traitor and Right-Wing Republican John McCain!

   The well known facts are  that the Jewish war lobby orchestrated, instigated, and directed  the U.S. State Department to spend FIVE BILLION DOLLARS of  American taxpayer funds to WHIP UP a violent, MURDEROUS COUP against the elected Ukrainian regime,
a coup  that started while  Russia was hosting the Winter Olympics
(the jews LOVE to turn peace & cooperation on earth in to.... WAR and bloody, butchered, murdered corpses.  They previously instigated their puppet GEORGIA, former Soviet Repulic,  puppet president Michail Saakashvili to send the Georgia army to ATTACK civilians and Russian troops in South Ossetia on 8-8-2008... the day the rest of  the world was celebrating PEACE & WORLD COOPERATION at the start of the 2008 Beijing Olympics)

and, now that the Coup has been legitimized by a 'fast & furious' election 
that overwhelmed the millions of Russian speaking nationals in eastern Ukraine,

    the  AMERICAN INSTALLED  new Ukraine regime 'leaders' packed up and  
SHIPPED  UKRAINES GOLD RESERVES  to America as PAYOFFS  for the murderous coup that put them in power.

     Got that,  America?  The War lobby  spends FIVE BILLION American government dollars INCITING a MURDEROUS  COUP and  GENOCIDAL, MASS-MURDEROUS  "regime change" in the Ukraine...

 ...then IMMEDIATELY  suck all of  Ukraine's gold reserves out of the country
(thereby IMPOVERISHING even the Ukrainians who supported the coup)...

....and all the above is merely a PRELUDE to  making the REAL MONEY...

   getting AMERICA & NATO to ATTACK RUSSIA, with potentially trillions of dollars of war profits and the carving up of Russia on the line

   exactly  as  America & Britain attacked  IRAQ after the  9-11 terror attacks in New York & Washington, D.C.,

 that even the U.S. government and demonic jew war state (israel)  CLAIMED were perpetrated BY SAUDI and Yemeni al Qaeda terrorists !!

    The very AL QAEDA TERRORIST  who,  today 
(in a "back door" effort to get America to wage war against IRAN over the objections of the American people)  

the ISRAEL REGIME and their subjugated, U.S. colonial puppet politicians  SUPPORT ALL THROUGHOUT  the entire Mideast!

   THE JEWS are INSANE  for WAR AGAINST RUSSIA & IRAN... and they will DRAG AMERICA and Americans DOWN TO HELL until they get their demon fury, blood-thirsty  wish!

    ALL THIS GLOBAL WAR breaking out, to serve FIVE MILLION lousy jews in israel, and another 10 or 15 million "American" (sic) jews in America ???!  

   HILLARY CLINTON, JOHN McCAIN, LINDSEY GRAHAM, NEWT GINGRICH,  MITT ROMNEY,   JOHN KERRY (et al),   and all their jewish paymasters & puppet-master provocateurs,
are all  A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to America... and the entire human race!

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  Work of “Russian insurgents” the WARMONGERING  TRAITOR who CAMPAIGNED on a theme of  "BOMB IRAN" back in 2008 !!  

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 Bush & Obama only 2 of the homosexual U.S. politicians BRIBED and EXTORTED by the demonic  jewish war lobby... 




 America, in case you haven't noticed: the ONLY way to move up in to power and influence positions in American politics (and big finance as well) is to toe the establishment, Bilderberg, GoddamnSachs/Wall St. & AIPAC line:  ruthlessly help the corporate kleptocrats & oligarchs SHRED the American economy, and TRANSFER ALL WEALTH upwards to the parasitic, sabotage few... and to wage whatever demonic wars or support  insidious "BLACK OPS'   & 'FALSE FLAG' terror attacks the Jew War Lobby tells you to...

   below video shows that, like George W. Bush,  INCOMPETENCE and corruption - if not OUTRIGHT STUPIDITY - will win you favor with the jewish owned corporate press/media whores, and their AIPAC, jew war lobby partners in wars, crimes & treason  Big Donors...