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jewish HATE MONGERS are  STILL KILLING SYRIANS... by the thousands.

  The EVIL GOD-DAMNED JEWS have, through their AMERICAN  and  SAUDI  underlings & bedmates,  effectively  ISSUED A CALL TO "JIHAD"  ALL AROUND the Islamic (Sunni) world...   causing a rush  of  ARAB KILLERS FLOCKING TO SYRIA,  like  gold-rush "Forty-Niners" flocking to California during the 1849 gold rush....

Activists: 1,900 Killed in Syria During Talks

   FOR JEWS,  KILLLING OTHER PEOPLE (even if only by proxy)  is JUST AS REWARDING,  as  STEALING GOLD from the corpses of the dead, butchered victims...

    KILLING, RAPE, PLUNDER, EXTORTION, and  THEFT  is WHAT JUDAISM  IS ALL ABOUT.. SAYS the GOD-DAMNED JEWISH BIBLE, in chapter after chapter after blood-drenched chapter,  verse after verse after sordid, mass-murderous verse !!

  abe foxman - genocidal, TRAITOR jew war pig... LOVES IT when AL QAEDA jihadis MASSACRE and TERRORIZE Christians in Syria....
 Getting  STUPIFIED "goyim" VERMIN  AMERIKAN "Christians" to FUND the EXTERMINATION ETHNIC CLEANSING of  Christians from Syria....
is just the icing on the cake for this ghoulish, vampire,  burnt-corpses & dead babies eating ghoul... 

Dianne Feinstein - traitor  TERROR INCITING  JEW WAR PIG...  LOVES IT when AMERIKA supplied & SAUDI FUNDED  Al QAEDA TERRORISTS,  KILL CHRISTIANS  in Syria... because Dianne Feinstein is a TREASONOUS, "israel UBER amerika"  GENOCIDAL JEWISH SUPREMACIST WAR PIG... 
 pretend "Democrat" joe Lieberman - the banality of evil, the facile ease of  back-stabbing treachery & anti-humanity treason - LOVES IT when  the JEW COWARDS'  BACK-DOOR to  IRAN WAR  kills a few thousands SYRIAN CHRISTIANS and other minorities... because  the "G-O-D  of the Jews  LOVES  STINKING, DEAD, BURNT, MUTILATED bodies and defiled corpses" - if you believe the jewish BLOOD-DRENCHED 'holy bible"... 
 CHUCKIE SCHUMER - the demonic jew 'Amerikan' senator from Jew York.... like all the above JEW SUPREMACIST TRAITOR WAR-PIGS,  LOVES IT when  Israel's    SAUDI PARTNERS IN GENOCIDE & WAR-CRIMES  fund a few (tens) of thousands of  JIHADI AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to KILL CHRISTIANS in Syria... 

  Eric Cantor -  JUST ANOTHER  TRAITOR  JE$W WAR PIG, the REPUBLICAN (House) CONGRESS MAJORITY 'LEADER'  -   LOVES IT when  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS  kill CHRISTIANS - and any and all other ethnic & religious minorities - in Syria...
 well, at least this below picture is truth in advertising: TRAITOR "u.s."  con-gressman and JEW WAR PIG  eric cantor shows his TRUE, first (and only) allegiance.... to his fellow VAMPIRE, bloddy, burnt,  blood-drained corpse-profiteering JEW WAR PIGS...

Activists: 1,900 Killed in Syria During Talks 
BEIRUT January 30, 2014 (AP)     By DIAA HADID Associated Press 
Fighting in Syria killed nearly 1,900 people, including at least 430 civilians, during the week of U.N.-hosted peace talks in Switzerland, activists said Friday. The death toll indicates that violence barely paused as the warring parties met but struck uncompromising stances, failing to reach any agreements that could help resolve the conflict. 
The figures were reported by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Its director, Rami Abdurrahman, said the week's bloody toll was about average at this point in the three-year conflict. 
The number included at least 430 civilians, killed by bombs, snipers, missiles, and other causes. The rest were rebels and forces loyal to President Bashar Assad. The Observatory obtains its information from activists on the ground, and also keeps a running total... 
The conflict began as largely peaceful protests against Assad in March 2011, but the uprising since became an increasingly sectarian civil war that has killed more than 130,000 people. It has forcibly displaced one-third of the entire prewar population of 23 million, including over 2 million who have flooded into neighboring countries. Tens of thousands more are blockaded in rebel-held areas, where Assad loyalists prevent food and aid from entering to break their resistance. 
Among the most active of the rebel groups are hard-line Sunnis linked with al-Qaida, 'some of whom' are blamed for atrocities targeting minorities.  (cont'd)
 THE GOD-DAMNED  MEDIA WHORES  think they are CLEVER, when they insert WEASEL WORDS like "some of whom are blamed... for atrocities"   to OBFUSCATE the ENTIRE PURPOSE of the jew states' evil little war... to ETHNICALLY CLEANSE and MURDER EVERYONE there! 
(in preparation for the jews to ANNEX the AL QAEDA INFESTED  rump Syria in to "Greater Israel", the 'modern'  jewish  COPY of the ancient Assyrian empire). 

 THE GOD DAMNED  THEIVING, MASS-MURDEROUS JEWS THINK THEY ARE CLEVER:   they get SAUDIS, AMERICANS,  BRITS, FRENCH, other "Christian" NATO nations,  Turkey, and of course other Gulf Oil Arab SUNNI DESPOT DICTATOR  head-chopping regimes to KILL SYRIANS FOR THEM... as their
COWARDLY & GENOCIDAL "back door" to the IRAN WAR the insane, evil, nuclear armed jews so lust for...
 (the prerequisite for the Feinstein/Levin/schumer/CHERTOFF/cantor/netanhyahu/adelson/Koch/pritzker/Perlman dhs/nsa/fbi/fema + u.s. military COMMISSAR "RED TERROR" style  WAR ON AMERICANS that is their real  "JUDEO TERROR PURGE"  'end game' and demonic power-lust hard-on...)

     Once the jews have a PUPPET, AL QAEDA REGIME established in Syria (as they have in LIBYA.. and, for that matter, as the ROTHSCHILDS  used their ANGLO/british PUPPETS to INSTALL the SAUDI DICTATORS in 'Saudi' Arabia and similar DICTATORS in all the other Gulf oil Arab states)  they will UNLEASH  SERIAL AL QAEDA ATTACKS IN TO IRAN from there... provoking Iran to make "a response" which will be the CUE the  STUPID, CORRUPT  AMERICAN POLITICIANS  NEED to  GET THEIR  JEW INSTIGATED IRAN WAR ON....   bringing about the  CERTAIN "BLOWBACK" TERROR ATTACKS IN AMERICA, soaring, economy killing oil prices... and the  MASSIVE,  GESTAPO/ RED TERROR  DHS/fbi/cia/fema/ US GOVERNMENT  STATE OF WAR DICTATORSHIP that the evil jews are so lusting for  here in America.... 

 AS AMERICANS WATCH THE SUPERBOWL this coming weekend,  AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS will  still be PAYING  AL QAEDA KILLERS TO KILL _CHRISTIANS_ IN SYRIA... because  GETTING  PEOPLE TO KILL EACH OTHER, is what being a Judeo war-pig is all about.... 

Graphic video: Syrian family ‘slain by rebels’ in Hama massacre


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Time for _JEWS_ to _APOLOGIZE_ for... The HOLOCAUST.... BRAVO! Gilad Atzmon at Veterans Today....

(draft - work in progress!) 

Today we take time to quickly salute Gilad Atzmon's ground-breaking editorial at Veterans Today
 (one of the last bastions of American sanity we have been able to find anywhere - in American 'news' or on the web) 
Holocaust Day – The Time Is Ripe

   We're actually long overdue in addressing some of the important themes in Mr. Atzmon's excellent commentary -  points that have been made, for example, in the very jewish author  Kati Marton's  book on Hungarian JEWS  Fleeing Nazi persecution during World War II,
"The Great Escape: Nine Jews Who Fled Hitler and Changed the World"

Among other points the books discloses about Jewish culture:  John von Neuman, a brilliant jewish/Hungarian mathematician who was a vital scientist in the American "Manhattan Project" A-bomb research,   is every bit as ruthless & remorseless as the Nazis:   when learning that the Japanese haven't surrendered after the first A-bomb attack on Hiroshima,  von Neuman is not in the least phased by the prospect of building enough bombs to annihilate  every Japanese city.
        Speaking of von Neuman, whose parents were well off,  author Kati Marton remarks on how the Hungarians' stout Christian peasant stock won their independence from foreign overlords at great cost in many battles over many centuries (including against the ISLAMIC Ottoman Turks, with whom the Jews cooperated for centuries)... yet wealthy Jews such as von Neuman's parents seemed to own much of the property and estates in Hungary.
     And in another colorful telling,  Marton relates how one of the heroic JEWISH protagonists of her stories, upon going to Palestine and meeting other displaced European jews there, discovered that the jews in Palestine were even more arrogant, intolerant, humorless,  and insufferable than even the most clannish jews of European cities he had met... Jews escaping from the perceived second-class status or repression of Europe, it seems, almost instantly reverted to an even more repressive, arrogant, and overlord psychology,  looking down upon others even more chauvinistically than before,  upon becoming "the chosen ones" once they reached the so-called  (blood-drenched) "Holy Land."


  Mr. Atzmon - who was raised Jewish and is intimately aware of  the identities and undercurrents of Jewish culture - explains that a recent mass political protest in France against French President Fran├žois Hollande turned in to an ANTI-JEWISH ('anti-semitic')   demonstration that ended in clashes between police and protesters...!
  To which we point out that FRANCE has always been the most savvy of  European nations re their Jewish financial overlords,  the French are perfectly happy to have the Jews dominate French finance... as long as  the French have a reasonably healthy, profitable, and secure lifestyle.

     This (somewhat) symbiotic relationship is perfectly grounded in common sense:  as a Continental (Europe) nation & power, the French,  like all other Continental nations,  are vulnerable to their neighbors ganging up (in imperial power alliances) and attacking France - just as France (or any other rising, aspiring nation in Europe) in the past embarked on wars of conquest against its neighbors.

     In short, the history of Europe is the history of nations rising and falling in power;  forming alliances and consolidating power to where they could become strong enough to ATTACK  and CONQUER their neighbors.  In such a hostile and insecure environment, it is always important to cultivate powerful allies....  and as we have sought to explain dozens of times here at TJW,   ever since the Rotschields provided the funding for England, 'Britain' and the Allied armies to victory over Napoleon's armies during the Napoleonic wars,  The JUDEO 'MONEY POWER' has been THE power in Europe. 

    So it is perfectly within France's best interest to cultivate a strong relation with the "Money Power" because - as long as it is put to productive uses - it is always valuable to have access to large funds, to have access to "cheap money."

   But therein lies the rub:  we said 
"as long as it is put to productive use"  it is good to have access to large amounts of cheap money...  but that most certainly does _NOT_   mean
"enslave the peons and engorge the aristocrats autocrats"  finance!   

   As  the French are perhaps more aware of than anyone in the world,  what with the French Revolution so famously (or infamously)  chopping off so many royal, autocratic, and abusive nobles' heads! 
  (We'd love to comment on how the FRENCH REVOLUTION - despite all its gore and terror - was actually FAR LESS MURDEROUS than the ENGLISH Revolution - much less when you throw in the other fratricidal English civil wars - but English/British/anglo/american PROPAGANDA has WHITEWASHED the violence of the British elites and English  revolutions OUT of what most Americans know about their English-speaking cousins... a post we've long been meaning to write, but no time or space for here.)  

  So anyways, to survive as a nation in the hostile environment of Continental Europe, a people must be STRONG, UNIFIED...  and PRODUCTIVE,  which the French under the twin competing but complimentary forces of  Revolutionary style "liberte, egalite, fraternity" Enlightenment modern nationalism, combined with the more ancient, traditional French Catholicism,  have been.  

  And it pays to have good ties to the cheap money made available by  the
(also competing/complimentary  "modern/ancient")  'MONEY POWER' -  AS LONG AS  that money is put to good use.

  BUT!  when the "Money Power" is ascendant, when they have thrown off the (very!) loose bonds of self-restraint, common sense, productivity, & commitment to the common weal....  when BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, & (monopoly) EXTORTION become The PRIMARY BUSINESS 'MODEL'
 - then, as we have reported 10,000 times here,  money becomes CORROSIVE, DESTRUCTIVE, PARASITIC, and CANNABALISTIC, and DESTROYS  society from the inside out...
 just as all those nobles,  leading up to the French Revolution,  jealously courted their power and access to the royal court as their sole mode of doing business... no matter how many French men and women they stomped into the mud of Paris or to the dungeons of the Bastille to gain royal favor and a bigger share of the royal purse (or royal patronage for continued domain & title over vast estates).

   So not only are we not surprised to hear about FRENCH PROTESTS breaking out against the  HANGMAN'S NOOSE of  'the MONEY POWERS'  _FRAUDULENT _   _claims_  to  (Europe wide!) economies-gutting  FRAUDULENT "DEBT"...     but we welcome them! 

 But wait!  Our above exposition on the French as being the most savvy and empowered of all Europeans regarding their sometimes conflicting, sometimes productive relationship with 'The Money Power'
(which mirrors or parallels the nature of  France's dueling, sometimes complimentary, sometimes conflicting ardor for modernist Revolutionary, assertive humanitarian ideals, along  with their love for the ancient, submissive ideology of the Catholic church)

is only the preamble to our discussion of  Mr. Atzmon's   GROUND BREAKING DISCUSSION - 

"MAYBE JEWS HAVE  FAR MORE RESPONSIBILITY for 'the HOLOCAUST'  than they care to deal with" !!! 

   And there are several - quite a few - different angles to look at this:

1.  first and foremost, of, course,  THERE WOULD BE NO PROTESTS and demonstrations in France IF the "GENIUS FINANCIERS"  weren't PUSHING their god-damned FRAUDULENT DEBT EXTORTION on the nations and peoples of Europe...
 (and the world)

For every financial transaction there are two sides - one side paying out money, one side taking in money -  so we now see that the "TAKERS"  are TAKING IN MONEY... while giving us NOTHING of value in return,  they are TAKING billions of dollars in wealth & assets.... while  DESTROYING  economies!

That's not "GENIUS FINANCE" - that's  RAPE, EXTORTION,  ENSLAVEMENT,  insidious financial CONQUEST from within... and (on a grand enough scale) GENOCIDE !!

2.  "HITLER's REVENGE" -   for DECADES after World War II,  jews LECTURED us on the phenomena of  "THE GOOD GERMAN" - how even good, productive, hard-working people could become SEDUCED by the siren call of hyper-nationalism and blatant racism...  (see #3., below);  and how the HYPER-VIOLENCE  and mass-murder repression of  Nazi Germany and her armies were the very definition of "evil".

  For the first time we have seen anywhere, we here at TheJewishWars have actually put together, in  the same sentence or paragraph,  some of the most prominent  of the "Soviet Union's"  most infamous MASS-TERROR, MASS-MURDER executioners...  and almost every one WAS JEWISH,  with the exceptions of  Felix "Iron Felix" Dzersinski, Beria, Kruschev,  and Stalin himself -  MOST of the top GULAG,  TERROR, and MASS-EXECUTION perpetrators that we've uncovered - those at the very top of the PURGES and TERROR machine -  WERE INDEED  JEWISH !!    And CERTAINLY  LEO TROTSKY, aka LEV BRONSTEIN,  got the ball rolling with the MASS EXECUTIONS of  CAPTURED, hapless Czarist soldiers during the earliest days of the judeo 'BOLSHEVIK'  Revolution:

  Leo Trotsky,  Lazar KagonovichLev Kamenev, Nicklai YezhovNaftaly Frenkely,  Ginrikh Yagoda, and all the other JEWISH COMMISSARS  _EXTERMINATED_  Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Mongols and other nationals in the former Czarist Russia  BY THE MILLIONS...
TEN MILLION  UKRAINIANS _alone_  in the INTENTIONAL  FAMINE TERROR PURGE  "Holodomor" in the late 1920s...  once the  NY/euro/LONDON jewish financiers and media moguls had EMPLACED their  Lenin/Trotsky JUDEO COMMISSAR __APPARTCHIKS__  in control of the Communist 'Soviet'  POLICE STATE REPRESSION MACHINE in the former Czarist Russian empire 1918 to 1991, 
such that the  ENTIRE  POLICE STATE  TERROR, MASS-MURDER & REPRESSION regime, among victims and perpetrators alike,   TOOK IT's NAME from jewish commissar Yezhov,  i.e. "YEZHOVSHCHINA"  !! 
In our above brief discussion about Kati Marton writing about  the well-to-do Jews in Hungary (and the rise of Nazi led "anti-semitism" across much of Europe)  we don't recall Kati Marton giving more than a passing glance at the JEWISH  INFLUENCE (if not Jewish ROOTS!)  of  the HYPER VIOLENT, HYPER-MURDEROUS "Bolshevik Communism" in Russia, Hungary, or anywhere else...

Oh, and we forgot to mention the THEORETICAL "architect" of the above MASS-MURDEROUS  _JEWISH_  COMMISSARS  mass-murder of  terrorized  millions handiwork...
KARL MARX  himself.
     Was KARL MARK JEWISH????  
    Well, we don't presume to be experts on the subject... but the very arrogant, very  jewish supremacist warmongers at our oft-quoted THE JEWISH VIRTUAL LIBRARY  website  seem to think so - that COMMUNISM'S MASS-REPRESSION  "democide" (murder by government) ARCHITECT  KARL MARX  was Jewish... they've got an entire page up on their website, devoted to Marx's biography,   even though they allow that Karl Marx's father,  Heinrich Marx, dumped his Judaism, and converted (was baptized) as a  Protestant, so he would be allowed to become a lawyer in Germany, a field that had been prohibited to Jews to that time.   

JEWISH Virtual Library CLAIMS... that KARL MARX was... JEWISH !!

This fantastic website does claim to have some expertise - or at the least familiarity with - the ideologies and  rancid, secular, DEHUMANIZING  devotions of Karl Marx,
  they do a far better job of analyzing Marx's psychology than any team of psychiatrists we've come across;  merely by identifying, cataloging, and posting  MARX's OWN COMMENTS, in his own written and published words... and it's not a pretty picture! 

  It appears that Marx is a MURDEROUS HYPOCRITE, the WORST of all possible worlds! 

 The jewish born karl  MARX  _ADVOCATES__   GENOCIDAL "HOLOCAUST" EXTERMINATION and mass-killings of "RACIAL TRASH"  peoples... in January 1849.... nearly 100 years before the VERY GERMAN PEOPLE that HE ADVOCATES do the exterminating,  take up his, Marx's admonition to _exterminate_  other, "racial trash" people in Europe!! 
  •    the JEWISH BORN & RAISED Karl Marx is clearly a VIOLENT,  hyper RACIST - he advocates GERMANIC SUPERIORITY over Slavs, "Romans"  and... all other "non-civilized" people!
  •   the JEWISH BORN & RAISED Karl Marx is a WAR-PIG:  in 1849 he LOOKS FORWARD to the next war that will involve Germany;  which he correctly predicts will be a "Great War" that sees industrialized killing on a massive scale - which he approves of! 
  • Marx is a JEALOUS HATE-MONGERING HYPOCRITE:  he hides behind the flag of "improving the lot of the working man" - while relentlessly advocating the EXTERMINATION of anyone - even hard-working men of the "correct" race - should they step across any of his arbitrary lines,  Marx's whipped-up-out-of-thin-air lines that call for  "CAPITAL PUNISHMENT"... Marx's TERRORIST  DICTATES because he insists that he knows better than anyone else what is good for humanity... even though his vision calls for the NAZI style RACIAL EXTERMINATION and GENOCIDE of good portions of humanity!  
"Marx supported the EXTERMINATION of all RACIALLY INFERIOR and thus 'reactionary' nations and races in a "Revolutionary HOLOCAUST" during "the next world war". He called them "RACIAL TRASH" and he thought that THEIR EXTERMINATION is historically NECESSARY due to the inevitable historical march of human social 'PROGRESS'."
'Self-hating Jew' Karl Marx Advocates...  GENOCIDE against "trash" ("counter-revolutionary") RACES!
A typical, genocidal  JEWISH SUPREMACISThiding behind GERMAN "progress" and "Class struggle" banners
whose HATE and RACISM and mass-murder WAR-:LUST predated Hitler and Nazis by nearly 100 years !!
note:  just like future jewish  'Soviet' Commissar Lazar Kaganovich, Marx appears to have grown up as a very young boy with a LOATHING for what he perceived as the WEAKNESS and submission of  his jewish parents in the face of  racist and/or abusive host peoples - in Marx's case German Christian society that prevented his father from becoming a (jewish) lawyer;  in Kagonovich's case Ukrainian Cossack Orthodox Christian society which  the Tsar gave license to extort.. and frequently murder - jewish communities. 
    This deep-seated LOATHING and CONTEMPT for their own people... and HATRED for the oppressors - seems to be the common denominator in both Marx & Kagonovich's lives,  such that they could entertain fantasies of BECOMING FAR MORE RUTHLESSLY MASS-MURDEROUS, and EVEN MORE   socially INTOLERANT, than the people of the host nations that they grew up  fearing & despising  as vulnerable, impressionable young children.  
   It appears to be quintessentially jewish trait,  to MOAN and WAIL about  PERSECUTION at the hands of others -  ruthless individuals of other races - and then,  when they gain power, jews seem to fantasize (or execute)  EVEN MORE RUTHLESS, MASS-MURDEROUS massacres of helpless, hapless people under their control, than they previously  suffered as dependents and submissive minorities in other people's nations.   
below screen-capture:   confirmation  that MARX's "progress" and "class war" FANTASY of 1849  became the NIGHTMARE REALITY for TENS OF MILLIONS of hapless men, women and children.... often at the hands of  JEWISH mass-murder executioners, at that...
 says the very jewish writer Server Plocker, at  Israeli,
merely REMINDING other Jews (readers of Ynet 'news') of this fact, DOES NOT  constitute an APOLOGY  to the world for SPAWNING the MASS GENOCIDE across the former Tsarist Russian Empire that was JUDEO BOLSHEVIK Communism and the JUDEO "RED TERROR"  MASS-MURDER PURGES & SLAVE/death-camp GULAGS...
ten million Ukrainians killed by famine, death-squads, and Gulags in 2 years, alone!  1929-31 

3.  Right before our eyes, we the people of the world see the jews... asserting a RACIST, APARTHEID,  SEGREGATED,  BRUTAL nation as "their" homeland... in Palestine.. at the same time that they claim and demand that THEY have a "right" to INFILTRATE (and eventually DOMINATEOTHER NATIONS and peoples!     WTF ?!!!!

4.    EVEN as they WAIL about PERSECUTION and MASSACRES at the hands of other peoples.... the ENTIRE  notion of a  "jewish homeland" is  PREDICATED on...  the MASS-MURDERS & EXTERMINATIONS and GENOCIDE(s)  of the hapless souls living in the Canaan Valley before the GENOCIDAL,  war-lusting, mass-murderous jews arrived their to claim "their" BLOOD DRENCHED "holy land" - that THEY, the tribe of Jacob/'Israel', had FREELY DEPARTED a few generations earlier,  because  THEIR OWN GOD-DAMNED "g-o-d" had sent a mass-homicidal FAMINE to the region,  that drove the remorseless Jews to seek... greener pastures under the HOSPITALITY of Egyptians... which hospitality the jews promptly threw in their Egyptian hosts' faces! 

 Here  JEWISH "American" writer David Plotz expounds on this BRUTAL, SAVAGE,  MASS-MURDEROUS  LARCENY that is  THE FOUNDATION*  of  Judaism....
* (along with the above mentioned 'Passover' ATROCITY  of the serial  KILLINGS of _EYPTIAN_ babies & children)
 the bloody MASS MURDERS of  all the residents of the Canaan Valley who possessed something the RAPACIOUS, GENOCIDAL jews wanted: land! 

Numbers, Chapter 33

This chapter lists every place the Israelites have camped during their 40 years in the wilderness. It's dull as dishwater to read, but it serves a fascinating purpose. At the end of the list, God issues his orders to the Israelites: Cross into Canaan, smash the idols, dispossess all the inhabitants, and take, settle, and tame the land for themselves. Had the chapter skipped the travelogue and begun with God's fearsome instructions, it would seem brutal.  The 40-year-itinerary—the weary, heartbreaking journey—serves as a reminder to the Israelites of their suffering, and, more importantly, as a justification for conquest. Why is it all right to sack and destroy another civilization? Why is it fair to seize land and settle it? Because of what the Israelites endured, that's why. The 40-year accounting explains Israel. It says: You've earned it.

 "You've earned it"...  Got that, America?  SIMPLY  because Jews suffered and endured wandering around in the desert for 40 years (at the hand of their own 'g-o-d' at that).... they "DESERVE" to have "the right"  to  MURDER  ANYONE THEY WANT,  in unlimited numbers, anywhere they want (anywhere they believe that "g-o-d" tells them to)  to get what they want!   

[ Yes, Mr. Plotz... IT DOES SEEM "BRUTAL"....    If THE  GOD-DAMNED  "g-o-d" of the jews wants to GIVE HIS PRECIOUS "chosen ones" some FREE LAND... couldn't the BLOODTHIRSTY son-of-a-bitch either DO HIS OWN KILLINGS, you know, some kind of divine 24 century B.C. divine neutron bomb that would eliminate all those "SUBHUMAN IDOLATORS" from "his chosen
  Or, preferably, even,  couldn't  "he" CARVE SOME FRESH, NEW VIRGIN territory out of the GOD-DAMNED UNIVERSE for his infernal little jews to despoil?   Couldn't he just  create some fresh new territory  to  reward  'his'  infernal  "chosen ones'  jews with???]

and, finally for this post, but far from last and certainly not 'least'  in ATROCITIES and "HOLOCAUSTS"  that  JEWS SHOULD APOLOGIZE FOR, 

#5.     every single year, 
jews  CELEBRATE the KILLING of... their NEIGHBORS children,   the so-called "Passover" celebration! 
   THIS IS THE #1.  JEWISH ATROCITY against mankind, against the people of the world, against the entire human race:

   the JEWS CELEBRATE  not just the KILLING of CHILDREN... but of  THEIR NEIGHBOR's CHILDREN,  each and every god-damned year....

     it -  the satanic  CELEBRATION of the KILLING of  THEIR NEIGHBOR's  CHILDREN - is the defining event, celebration, element,  and identity of the ENTIRE  Jewish "faith" !!!! 

 And, as dismal as that notion is,  that's allowing for the notion that it was 'the hand of g-o-d' which perpetrated the killings of the Egyptian children, that the Jews were PASSIVE and huddled in their own homes  as their Neighbors were terrorized and those families' children were STRUCK DOWN by   the "ANGEL OF DEATH" as  the "modern," popular   judeo/American story has it... 

    But as we've already examined in our discussion of  the very JEWISH David Plotz written series of articles, "BLOGGING THE BIBLE,"     there is an even grimmer, MORE SINISTER angle to the dismal 'Passover' story... that it was NOT  some  "divine angel of death" that killed those Egyptian children... it was JEWISH MURDER SQUADS,  the  jewish phrase which has become Americanized as "the angel of death"  actually refers to  "g-o-d"  unleashing...  
"THE DESTROYERS" which designation perfectly describes a HUMAN  death squad... A  JEWISH death squad.... 
            a squad of  JEWISH MURDERS   TERRORIZING and KILLING their neighbors! **

  EVERY SINGLE  god-damned YEAR, the JEWS CELEBRATE the  KILLINGS of  THEIR (Egyptian) NEIGHBORS -    the "killings" that were, almost certainly,  
the MURDERS of their neighbors perpetrated by murderous   JEWISH DEATH SQUADS !!

You'd be a FOOL  to  WANT to live next door to someone.. who every single year RITUALLY RE-ENACTS the  KILLINGS of   THEIR NEIGHBORS' CHILDREN !! 

**   The Exodus story specifically tells us that  THE JEWS SPLASHED BLOOD on their doorways to SIGNAL  that jews were in those homes... for  "the HAND OF DEATH" to spare those families in those homes...
 (leave aside for a moment that grotesque enough notion that  the Jews COULD have WARNED their "friends" and neighbors to take similar action to prevent terror from visiting those un-designated homes...) 

..but the bible also specifically tells us that  THE FIRST BORN CATTLE and SHEEP were also killed by "the hand of death."   
  Well,  a DIVINE or angelic hand of death  DOES NOT NEED a SPLASH OF BLOOD to know who is and is not on the DEATH LIST...   but a HUMAN death squad operating in the dead of night would.
   Most likely, the jew DEATH SQUADS  MURDERED MOST or ALL of the residents of those TERRORIZED homes, and  killed ALL the cattle, sheep, and goats that couldn't be carried away...

but later, in the retelling of the night of terror around tribal campfires, dinner tables, in temples and in schools, the story of the  ruthless brutality of the JEW DEATH SQUADS  _KILLING THEIR NEIGHBORS_  in a treacherous,  nighttime sneak-attacks  was SOFTENED to make the dismal story more palatable,  by INSERTING the "commanded by g-o-d" and  "only the first-born" were killed aspects to shift the story from JEWISH DEATH SQUADS MURDERING THEIR NEIGHBORS, to  Yahweh...  KILLING INNOCENT CHILDREN...
  ...for the  HARD-HEADEDNESS of Pharaoh... whom the Exodus story tells us that  G-O-D  _HIMSELF_  made hard-of-head.... so to give himself ("g-o-d") the  PRETEXT to  SHOW 'his' GREATNESS... by KILLING CHILDREN  !!! 

Eitther way - "g-o-d kills children" or  "JEWISH MURDER SQUADS KILL THEIR NEIGHBORS in the dead of night" it is a dismal story, but the inescapable, more rational, more analytical,  more scientific way at looking at the horrible Exodus and "Passover" story,
 reveals that almost certainly,  JEWS  RITUALLY _CELEBRATE_  their own  JEWISH MURDER SQUADS __MURDERING_  their neighbors (the Egyptians)  - like vampires  in the dead of night - each and every year, as  THE DEFINING  'celebration'  of Judaism !!  

Monday, January 27, 2014


the  STUPIDIFIED, lied to, callow, and clueless  Amerikan public  is CONSIDERED   as  NO MORE THAN SLAVE FODDER by  'the chosen ones'

all part and parcel of  the judeo HIJACKING of Amerika.... the judeo IMPERATIVE to ENSLAVE the non-jews as an existential threat to the  "G-O-D" ordained  "COMMANDMENT" to jews to "BE A LIGHT UNTO THE WORLD"...

by first  INFILTRATING and then CONQUERING _every_ nation on earth  FROM WITHIN...

as first biblical jew Joseph, then biblical jew Mordacai,  ROSE TO THE TOP POSITIONS of power within their host nations.... and  (in Joseph's case)  imposed  EXTORTIONATE, DISPOSSESSION  TAXES to feed the EGYPTIAN people during famine years; and in Mordacai's case the Persian puppet king's jewish grand Vizier   just  unleashed a MASS-MURDER PURGE using the Persian army,  which "battles"  the  jewish bible proudly recounts  left  75,000 Persians as bloated, stinking rotting corpses left in the streets after Mordacai's purge had  reached its humans hacking climax...  

    POLICE in Amerika  are  "The NEW CENTURIONS" - they are  GIVEN LICENSE to MURDER and TERRORIZE the public, just as the original Centurions in ancient Rome, because  SLAVERY  - the ENSLAVEMENT of people - DEMANDS  a  CONSTANT APPLICATION of  TERROR, otherwise the uppity slaves will think about revolting against their  ('chosen')  masters: 

  "Amerikan"  POLICE  ROUTINELY  _LIE_ 
WHEN ARRESTING  AMERICAN  CITIZENS: the TREASONOUS   corporate/government  state  REWARDS the TERRORIZING  of  the American public, by PROMOTING  Police who PAD their  Arrests with SADISTIC VIOLENCE and  LYING, PERJURY  (under oath or affidavit)  CHARGES

Justin Bieber Arrests Demonstrates POLICE ADDICTION to FALSE  “Resisting Arrest Without Violence”  CHARGES... and PROSECUTORS & JUDGES  _COMPLICITY_  with  those VIOLENT, TERRORIZING, serially LYING  police   ASSAULTS on the American People...   

    [ =  TREASON  by  AMERICA's  LYING, traitorous 'ELITES" !!]

William Norman GriggLew
January 27, 2014

Though he is adored as a minor deity in the degenerate world of pop culture, when confronted by a member of the State’s punitive priesthood Justin Bieber is just another Mundane. This explains how the alleged singer has found himself charged with the supposed crime of “resisting arrest without violence.”
Bieber, who was reportedly drunk and uncooperative when stopped by a police officer,attempted to pull his arm away when the cop tried to take him into custody. Because of this reflex action (a healthy and predictable response to being grabbed by an armed and aggressive stranger) Bieber was hit with a charge that is remarkably commonplace in Florida.
Despite the fact that the charge is a logical anomaly, there is nothing unusual about people being arrested for resisting arrest (which is not a legitimate crime, but a long-recognized common law right). Many police officers treat filing a charge of resisting and obstructing as simply part of a well-established ritual – somewhat akin to kicking an extra point following a touchdown.
In 2006, Orlando ABC affiliate WTFV investigated more than 4,000 arrests in which the only charge was “resisting arrest.” That study documented that “prosecutors are rarely forced to prove the cases they pursue, [and] 94 percent of the time the suspects [in the cases studied] pled guilty or no contest right away.”
According to Orlando defense attorney David Bigney, it’s rare to see a case in which a resisting charge wasn’t filed.
“All these people want to know is why, what’s going on here, but the officer decides I’m just going to arrest you,” Bigney pointed out. Once they find themselves caught in the coils of the “justice” system, the victims just want “fast way out. They can’t afford a lawyer or they just want to get it over with, not realizing they potentially have a defense to the charges.”
Pressed to defend the practice of arresting people for resisting arrest Orlando Police Chief Mike McCoy regurgitated the familiar rationale that this is necessary to protect that most precious of all things – shall we say it together? — “officer safety.”  


“The street’s not the place to dispute it, the courts are,” McCoy continued, offering a dim but unmistakable echo of the HIDEOUS ADVICE once offered to RAPE VICTIMS  (“Don’t resist – it will just make things worse”). As noted above, it is all but impossible for a Mundane living in Florida to mount a successful defense against a spurious charge of resisting arrest.
For decades, courts and police departments have insisted that an unjustified arrest is a trivial imposition.
“The law … calls upon citizens to exercise patience, if illegally arrested, because he knows he will be brought before a magistrate, and will, if improperly arrested, suffer only a temporary deprivation of his liberty,” proclaimed a 1966 ruling by the New Mexico Supreme Court. Even a “temporary” abduction is a grievous crime, and a single unjustified arrest is sufficient to destroy the victim’s career prospects and social standing. Resisting arrest is dangerous, but submission can leave the victim vulnerable to sexual assault, torture, and death at the hands of people who are clothed in “qualified immunity.” 
   [AT THE HANDS of the MANY SADISTIC  police officers and court & 'justice' officials in Amerika today.]
Most judicial rulings dealing with the right to resist arrest piously instruct the victim of unlawful police violence to eschew “violent self-help.”   Florida’s statute is uncommonly perverse in that allows police to criminalize PASSIVE  NON-COOPERATION, or even desperate acts of non-violent “self-help” by terrified citizens on the receiving end of criminal violence by uniformed aggressors.
Miami resident Gilberto Matamoros was charged with “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest without violence” after two officers unaccountably picked him out of a crowd and began beating him without cause during a 2010 Halloween celebration. A video of the incident showed the officers repeatedly striking him in the head – a lethal force technique that qualifies as attempted murder – as the victim cowered and attempted to ward off the attack.

After being rendered unconscious, Matamoros had to be hospitalized.
The disorderly conduct charge was quickly dropped. However, prosecutors refused to dispose of the “resisting without violence” charge until several months later, thereby forcing the victim to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees. Matamoros’s attorney, Ricardo Martinez-Cid, pointed out that his client’s supposed crime was to cover his head, rather than passively allowing the assailants to kill him.
Significantly, the behavior for which Matamoros was prosecuted in Orange County, Florida wasn’t much different from that of the late Kelly Thomas, who was murdered on the street by police officers in Orange County, California.
The killers of Kelly Thomas successfully argued in court that the victim’s pathetic attempts at non-violent self-protection justified the use of lethal force to subdue him. This enrichment of the lethal impunity enjoyed by state-licensed aggressors in California will not be lost on their comrades on the other side of the continent – and everywhere in between.
  1. JUSTIN BIEBER Investigated for Assault …WITH A NERF GUN!
  2. Adam Kokesh violently dragged from public protest by police, arrested for ‘resisting arrest’
  3. Did CBS Use Justin Bieber to Paint Tea Party as Violent, Anti-Government Extremists?
  4. Syrian Electronic Army Hack Mixes Politics With Justin Bieber “Gay” Hoax
THE ABOVE STORIES of  POLICE VIOLENCE and CRIMINAL ASSAULTS  on American people... would  INCITE OUTRAGE  among the American people....  except that they are COVERED UP and WHITWASHED by the TREASONOUS  _"infiltration & occupation by foreign nationals"_  JEWISH OWNED CORPORATE WHORE MEDIA.....


Saturday, January 25, 2014

InfoWars correctly CAPTURES the VAPID _DISTRACTION_ of corporate MEDIA WHORE "mainstream news"... WITHOUT CONNECTING the very simple 'Neo-Con' JEWISH SUPREMACIST _WAR ON AMERICA_ links that are the UNDERCURRENT of that all-important story...

 InfoWars correctly catches CNN   multi-millionaire MEDIA WHORE   _ANDREA MITCHELL_  interrupting her own interview with Congresswoman JANE HARMAN to go to the "BREAKING NEWS"...  of  just another celebrity teenage entertainer (singer Justin Bieber) public "celebrity incident"...

 -  a PERFECT EXAMPLE of how the TREASONOUS  CORPORATE WHORE MEDIA _INTENTIONALLY_  substitutes VAPID, misleading, distracting  MISINFORMATION "INFOTAINMENT" for the hard discussion of real,  critical issues vital to  "the INFORMED CONSENT" of a productive citizenry & a functioning democracy - the "we, the people"  and "of the people, by the people, and for the people" of  (the late) 'United' States CONSTITUTION, and Lincoln's Gettysburg address,  respectively.  

  HOWEVER, InfoWars  FAILS  to note that   BOTH  JANE HARMAN _and_   ANDREA  MITCHELL are  MULTI-MILLIONAIRE  _JEWISH_  women... who are  WELL PAID in their careers   TO BE PART OF  that  INTENTIONAL   __INFOTAINMENT__    distraction, distortion, misinformation,  INTENTIONAL CORPORATE MEDIA LIES  and  REPRESSIVE GOVERNEMENT  _lies_  agenda. 

      In fact, JANE HARMAN is even more a part of
the NEO-CON  judeo supremacist WAR ON AMERICA 
than Andrea Mitchell is
(if   that is possible - Mitchell's  husband, ALAN GREENSPAN, was of course until a few years ago the GRAND VIZIER, the WIZARD BEHIND THE CURTAIN, the   FED CHAIRMAN on the throne  of the  very jewish ,  more-powerful-than-U.S.-government  so-called 'Federal Reserve'  PRIVATELY OWNED central bank cartel -
 the same 'FED'  judeo dominated Banking Cartel that   __INTENTIONALLY__     DROVE America   IN TO the GREAT DEPRESSION in the 1930s... and is LUSTING...   chomping at the bit to DO SO AGAIN in 2014).

   HARMAN, on the other hand, was closely linked to ISRAELI SPYING  on top secret U.S. GOVERNMENT  files  (44,000 links for "jane harman israel spy")     and there can be no doubt:

    JANE HARMAN is an ISRAEL FIRST   JUDEO SUPRMEACIST:  you will NEVER  hear her CONDEMN or SCOLD   any  of  the  ONGOING    Israeli/ JUDEO   ATROCITIES  that define  "greater israel" & the PERPETUAL JUDEO  WAR STATE -   the  Israel that is now armed to the teeth  with their own  nuclear arsenal sufficient to wipe out every major city - not just in Arabia or Iran or the Mideast, but IN EUROPE, CENTRAL ASIA (Pakistan) and at least some AMERICAN cities as well
 (not counting the underground bombs the god-damned  jews/Israelis have ALREADY planted in U.S. cities -  probably under their own damn embassies and consulates, if not elsewhere, and certainly in D.C, NY, and Chicago). 

 THE ISRAEL "NATIONAL SECURITY"   WAR ON EVERYONE NOT PART of the 'TRIBE'  model that has been exported (from israel)  and IMPORTED to  AMERICA - including TORTURE and  the jewish state (israel)

 that has  turned AMERICA's ENTIRE CON-GRESS & GOVERNMENT into a TREASONOUS REPRESSION APPARTUS that  defines  ERIC SNOWDEN as a "traitor" -

 -  when it is OUR own GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS  WHO ARE _all_ TRAITORS,  HIDING the CRIMES of the NSA and other JEWISH DOMINATED  so-called "American"  so-called "national security agencies"  SPYING ON AMERICANS;  staging SERIAL 'FALSE FLAG'  TERROR ATTACKS on the American people to legitimize the dictatorial Dianne Feinstein led gun-seizures disarming of Americans;    the IRS waging war on the  anti-tax "Tea Party" and all other American patriotic groups,   waging war on the ENTIRE   AMERICAN CULTURE of PRIDE in RESISTING the British armies in the American Revolution and War of 1812
(and whitewashing out of history the  BRITISH & FRENCH BANKERS roles in  FUNDING  Confederate armies against the United States during the American Civil War for that matter) 

  and not only does InfoWars  FAIL to CONNECT-the-dots that _both_
Con-gresswoman JANE HARMAN  and   NBC  multi-millionaire talking-head  TV  'reporter'  ANDREA MITCHELL are multi-millionaire  jewish women  who are PART OF THAT JEWISH DOMINATION of  American 'culture' and media...

      but, worse, by putting JANE HARMAN to the fore to "criticize" NSA spying - as  Harman's fellow JEWISH MULTI-MILLIONAIRE "Democrat"  politician DIANNE FEINSTEIN  recently was quoted as saying "Israel should NOT  dictate U.S. wars"
 (when Feinstein CERTAINLY DOES  APPROVE of EVERY atrocity perpetrated by the jews  in isreal's name)  

-  PUTTING JEWISH (women) POLITICIANS OUT THERE, to   advocate RESTRAINTS on the JEWISH/usa  WAR MACHINE (national security state)
to  inoculate them from charges that they are ANTI-AMERICAN TRAITORS...  

MERE THEATER,     just  show their faces on TV,  have them spout a few meaningless puff-ball words of wisdom... then, behind the scenes,
it's FULL SPEED AHEAD with the 'neo-con'  EXTORTION, ENSLAVEMENT, and EXTERMINATION of  Americans...

just exactly  as Leon Trotsky,  Lazar KagonovichLev Kamenev, Nicklai YezhovNaftaly Frenkely,  Ginrikh Yagoda, and all the other JEWISH COMMISSARS  _EXTERMINATED_  Russians, Ukrainians Kazakhs, and other nationals in the former Czarist Russia  BY THE MILLIONS..   
TEN MILLION  UKRAINIANS _alone_  in the INTENTIONAL  FAMINE TERROR PURGE  "Holodomor" in the late 1920s...  once the  NY/euro/LONDON jewish financiers and media moguls had EMPLACED their  JUDEO COMMISSAR __APPARTCHIKS__  in control of the Communist 'Soviet'  POLICE STATE REPRESSION MACHINE in the former Czarist Russian empire 1918 to 1991, 
such that the  ENTIRE  POLICE STATE  TERROR, MASS-MURDER & REPRESSION regime, among victims and perpetrators alike,   TOOK IT's NAME from jewish commissar Yezhov,  i.e. "YEZHOVSHCHINA"  !! 

 to sum up:
  1.     Infowars FAILS to point out that these TWO MULTI-MILLIONAIRE _JEWISH_  WOMEN are  near PERFECT expressions of the 'Neo-Con'  JUDEO SUPREMACIST agenda (concentration of wealth among 'the chosen' 'elites' & their partners in crimes; gross income inequality,  whitewash of financial crimes on Wall St. and at 'the Fed';  WHITEWASH of  ISRAEL's crimes, atrocities, and genocides;  WHITEWASH of  U.S. government  ASSISTANCE to AL QAEDA in Libya, Syria, and throughout  the Mideast;  as  ARAB DICTATOR 'petro-dollars' are the cornerstone of America's  military extortion hegemony etc. etc. etc. ad naseum)...      They have NO MORE CONCERN for the MILLIONS of  AMERICAN  UNEMPLOYED who are  _intentionally_  SCRUBBED  from corporate media WHORE  'news' reporting... than the TREASONOUS  9-11 supervising jew state Prime Minister NETANYAHU or  RAHM EMANUEL  have for  PALESTINIANS in Israel VIOLENTLY DISPOSSESSED, and/or MURDERED, by the infernal jewish state  war machine and 'security' appartus...
  2.   InfoWars FAILS to understand that  PUTTING JANE HARMAN on TV to  CRITICIZE the NSA is  MERE THEATER - she FULLY SUPPORTS EVERY  NSA  surveillance and POLICE STATE REPRESSION ATROCITY - which are all
  3.  BASED ON the  ISRAELI,  BLATANTLY JUDEO SUPREMACIST  MODEL,  the  U.S.  TRAITOR  GOVERNMENT  PROSECUTION of  ERIC SNOWDEN for TELLING THE TRUTH about  AMERICAN GOVERNMENT  _CRIMES_,  is  100%  based on the   JEW WAR STATE (israel) PROSECUTION of  israel  NUCLEAR CRIMES exposing  'WHISTLEBLOWER' MORDACAI VANUNU -  the jews  PRETEND  to support  "FREEDOMS"  including  freedom of Speech... when in fact they are AT ALL TIMES  ENGAGED in a NAZI  JIHAD to  DESTROY   _ALL_  FREEDOMS; because "biblical"  (much less Talmudic)   jews feel COMPELLED TO ENSLAVE & exterminate their neighbors...
  4. SLAVES HAVE _NO_ RIGHTS, and  "the chosen ones"  have NO OBLIGATIONS to COMPLY with INTERNATIONAL LAWS and TREATIES -  the very "international laws," mandates, and treaties that the mass-murderous jewish  bullies  USE to  get the (late) United States war machine  to WAGE WARS ON OTHER NATIONS - as the  JEWS THEMSELVES CLAIM  DIVINE RIGHT OF G-O-D to keep THEIR god-damned humanity-threatening nuclear arsenals  OFF LIMITS  to  "goyim"  inspection,  treaty enforcement... or even political/'news' discussion
  ALL THE ABOVE are   TREASON against the principles, genuine national security,  and national sovereignty of the (late)  United States of America


This is Why MSNBC Has Lost Half its Audience
Anchor interrupts Congresswoman during NSA spying segment to... talk about teenage entertainer Justin Bieber / Prison   January 24, 2014

A viral video clip which shows an MSNBC 'news' host interrupting a Congressman talking about shutting down NSA spying to switch to “breaking news” of Justin Bieber’s court appearance is a perfect illustration of why the mainstream media is dying.

The clip shows Congresswoman Jane Harman talking to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who was recently slammed for conducting a softball interview with a CIA torture-endorsing lawyer.
The pair were discussing the news that the government-appointed Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board had found that the NSA’s phone spying program was illegal, should be terminated, and had not led to the apprehension of a single terrorist.  
“Congresswoman Harman, let me interrupt you just for a moment we’ve got some breaking news out of Miami, stand by if you will,” host Andrea Mitchell states as she cuts off the Congresswoman mid-sentence. “Right now in Miami Justin Bieber has been arrested on a number of charges.”
The video feed then switches to cover the earth-shattering importance of the 19-year-old pop star’s appearance in court.
The corporate media’s power over the last few decades has rested on its ability to dictate reality by affording blanket coverage to complete non-issues while ignoring or downplaying actual stories that impact millions of people.
That power is now rapidly diminishing precisely because of stunts like this. From November 2012 to November 2013, MSNBC lost almost half its viewers over the course of just 12 months, shedding 45 per cent of its audience. CNN, which also afforded Bieber saturation coverage yesterday, lost 48 per cent of its viewers over the same time period.
The corporate media’s refusal to cover real issues has also led to record high levels of distrust in media. Last year, a Gallup poll found that just 23 per cent of Americans trust the institution of television news.
This is why mainstream media is collapsing and alternative media in all its different guises is filling the vacuum.
Just who does MSNBC think its audience is? 14-year-old schoolgirls? The fact that mainstream networks across the board had Bieber as their top story proves that such organizations are no longer in the business of covering real news  [THEY ARE ALL  TREASONOUS  PROPAGANDA _DISINFORMATION_ agencies] and are quickly beginning to resemble irrelevant imitations of vapid entertainment cable channels.

"Congresswoman Harman, let me interrupt you just for a moment we’ve got some breaking news out of Miami, stand by if you will,” host Andrea Mitchell states as she cuts off the Congresswoman mid-sentence.

“Right now in Miami Justin Bieber has been arrested on a number of charges...”
The video feed then switches to cover the earth-shattering importance of the 19-year-old pop star’s appearance in court.
The corporate media’s power over the last few decades has rested on its ability to dictate reality by affording blanket coverage to complete non-issues while ignoring or downplaying actual stories that impact millions of people...."
   note:   The "CORPORATE MEDIA"  is OWNED and DOMINATED by JEWISH financiers who are backed up by the BILLIONS upon trillions of dollars STOLEN by the   'Fed' / BoE / ECB   judeo financiers owned  CENTRAL BANK FIAT MONEY EXTORTION MACHINE -  wealthy  & fundamentalist jews  who in their insane, genocidal 'divine right of jews' arrogance   DESPISE  NON-JEWS, and feel that  non-jews are at all times an EXISTENTIAL THREAT _to_ jews... and therefore should be must be  extorted to poverty and weakness...

 -  This  IS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO AMERICA TODAY,   the extortion/enslavement/EXTERMINATION agenda of the judeo supremacist 'Neo-cons'   is the   CORE PHILOSOPHY  _DRIVING_  America's  SUICIDAL, GENOCIDAL  'corporate'  'American'  INTENTIONAL dumbing-down of  not just the American populace... but our 'leaders' and academic institutions as well, in order to promote the JUDEO BILLIONAIRE  FINANCIERS  _intentional_  INSTIGATION, via titanic financial larceny GREAT DEPRESSION II and WORLD WAR III    media-whore  agenda... 

  - update:  Epic Revolts And Police Brutality Around The World As US Media Talks About Celebrities

Friday, January 24, 2014

37% _REAL_ UNEMPLOYMENT = the Jewish Financier RAPE of the American Economy: Under Obama's JEWISH "genius" TRAITOR Financiers ONE out of THREE Americans UNEMPLOYED... AS the TREASONOUS U.S. government, Con-gress, and JEWISH OWNED corporate WHORE Media WHITEWASH this Horrible story OUT of the news, with their JUDEO TSUNAMI & TIRADE of LIES......

 Greetings, fellow enslaved and conquered-from-within Amerikans:
 today's headline here at TheJewishWars  captures how, not only have the jewish "GENIUS FINANCIERS" driven ONE THIRD of Americans to unemployment.... but, far more importantly, how "our" government   and press/media WHORES are ALL LIARS, who COVER UP this
ECONOMIC RAPE and FINANCIAL ENSLAVEMENT of Amerika under these TRAITOR  "financiers" - for whom, just like their "judeo financial 'GENIUS'" predecessors before & during the GREAT DEPRESSIONMASS UNEMPLOYMENT FOR AMERICANS... TITANIC STOLEN WEALTH FOR THEM... _IS_ their goal & ageneda, and treacherous, treasonous gain... 
Wall Street adviser: ACTUAL UNEMPLOYMENT  is 37.2%, ‘misery index’ worst in 40 years

so-called "liberal Democrat" puppet president barack Obama's  RADICAL RIGHT-WING  TREASURY LOOTING, ECONOMY KILLING, people enslaving  JUDEO SUPREMACIST FINACIERS.... ALL OF THEM,  treasury secretary Jacob lew,  Fed chairman ben Bernanke,  on-coming Fed chair janet yellen, and Obama's newly appointed Fed VICE CHAIRMAN, FORMER BANK OF ISRAEL CHAIRMAN Stanley fischer - ALL JEWS out to DESTROY THE AMERICAN ECONOMY while they GIVE THEMSELVES  printed-out-of-thin-air billions of dollars! 


the REAL CRIME is the ARMY of  PAID AMERICAN LYING  MEDIA WHORES and government officials who WHITEWASH their TITANIC financial WAR against, & RAPE OF the American economy! 

"America's"  TREASONOUS,  "foreign banker owned" CORPORATE MEDIA  are nothing but RELENTLESSLY  LYING TRAITOR WHORES,
   who WANT TO SEE US LOSE OUR WEALTH, our liberty, and our stake in the American economy....   which ECONOMIC SABOTAGE & DESTRUCTION they WHITEWASH, COVER-UP,  DENY,  paper-over, and LIE ABOUT  EVERY SINGLE DAMNED DAY. 

So, first of all,  JUST WHO is  RUNNING our Economy, and LYING about all these statistics?

 WHY,  its  puppet president Barack Obama's above pictured  RADICAL RIGHT-WING orthodox jew JUDEO SUPREMACIST  TREASURY SECRETARY,   JACOB LEW, and Obama's  so-called "Federal Reserve"  'bankers' (EXTORTION EXPERTS!)  BEN BERNANKE, JANET YELLEN, and STANLEY FISCHER - the last of whom was the head of the BANK OF ISRAEL before the GOD DAMNED TRAITOR DOLLAR-KILLING (money-printing) JEWS  FOISTED HIM ON AMERIKA as 'our'  'Fed' VICE CHAIRMAN!! 

Their entire goal is the TRANSFER of American wealth from American working stiffs TO THE TREASONOUS, LARCENOUS FINANCIERS;
    the "CONSOLIDATION" of American wealth  in the hands of the PREDATORY, PARASITIC,  TREASONOUS,  anti-American 'elites'   who dodge taxes by the simple expedient of BRIBING Con-gress, presidents, politicians, and by the buy-out  OWNERSHIP of the TREASONOUS, RELENTLESSLY LYING corporate media.... 

 a VERBATIM REPEAT of the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1930s,  where the Fed bankers and hyper-wealthy 'traders' (financiers) INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGED American markets and the American economy, to TRIGGER a Rotschields' style  "PANIC"  that saw millions of Americans lose their lifes' savings and family fortunes... AS the wealthy financers GREW RICHER while millions of Americans STARVED! 

  puppet president Roosevelt's "JEWISH GENIUS" financiers - while PAUL WARBURG, founder of the Fed (far left) and his fellow German/JUDEO banker JACOB SCHIFF (not pictured) had died by the time of the Market Crash & Great Depression in 1929,  it was the 'FEDERAL RESERVE' banking cartel that THEY CREATED which CAUSED the Great Depression....  and made BERNARD BARUCH even wealthier, made  HENRY MORGANTHAU Roosevelt's jewish TREASURY SECRETARY, and  EUGENE MEYERS was CHAIRMAN of the Fed  as the Depression INCREASED ITS STRANGLEHOLD on millions of unemployed Americans... 

The Jewish RAPE of the American economy, TODAY,   proceeds at 'locomotive breath' full speed ahead as it did in 1929,  as STUPIFIED, CLUELESS, intentionally dumbed-down American are propagandized to believe that   
Obama is a "left-wing liberal" and that it is Obama's  pimping "SOCIALISM" that is the cause of the America's descent in to GREAT DEPRESSION II  economic misery....

...when in fact,  IT DOESN'T MATTER whether we vote Republican or Democrat,  BOTH of America's political parties are OWNED, lock, stock, & barrel by the FINANCIER & WARMONGER JEWS,  who push their  RADICAL RIGHT-WING  JEWISH-NAZI    "ENSLAVE the peons"  and  "DISPOSE of the USELESS MOUTHS"  agenda on us; they are perfectly willing to hide behind either "CONSERVATIVE" or "LIBERAL"  banners,
as they foist their RADICAL RIGHT-WING  RAPE, ECONOMIC DISMEMBERMENT, and financial ENSLAVEMENT  down America's throats...

below:     how the FINANCIER CORRUPTED TRAITOR politicians and "leaders"   PAID PROFESSIONAL LIARS, whose job is to help their genocidal, TREASONOUS  jewish "financial genius"  overlords   _WIPE OUT OF the pages of history_  and "current news"  the VICTIMS of their  RAPE, PLUNDER,  and  "Fifth Column"   SUBVERSION CONQUEST of the American & European economies:  

   THESE GOD-DAMNED TREASONOUS PIGS are  WIPING MILLIONS of their ECONOMIC (not to mention war)  VICTIMS   OUT of the 'news' that their WHORE  CORPORATE OWNED 'news' shills cover and report on -  ONE OUT OF THREE Americans is now UNEMPLOYED,
as the WHORE, TRAITOR,  JEWISH owned corporate media LIES & PRETENDS that "the Economy is GROWING" !!! 

Wall Street adviser: ACTUAL UNEMPLOYMENT  is 37.2%, ‘misery index’ worst in 40 years
by PAUL BEDARD,  Washington Examiner
January 22, 2014

Don’t believe the happy talk coming out of the White House, Federal Reserve and Treasury Department when it comes to the realunemployment rate and the true “Misery Index.” Because, according to an influential Wall Street advisor, the figures are a fraud.
In a memo to clients provided to Secrets, David John Marotta calculates the actual unemployment rate of those not working at a sky-high 37.2 percent, not the 6.7 percent advertised by the Fed, and the Misery Index at over 14, not the 8 claimed by the government.
Marotta, who recently advised those worried about an imploding economy to get a gun, said that the government isn’t being honest in how it calculates those out of the workforce or inflation, the two numbers used to get the Misery Index figure.
Full article here

below illustration:  BUSH & CHENEY's JEW APPARTCHIKS "handlers" and puppet-masters: 
  IF you want to believe that the UNOPPOSED 9-11 hijacking terror attacks were 'MERELY' a result of these REPUBLICAN jewish 'NATIONAL SECURITY' 'EXPERTS' [retch!]  INCOMPETENCE, 
  instead of  INTENTIONAL TREASON, that is certainly your free choice.....

   but you can NOT deny that, whether you vote "REPUBLICAN" or  "Democrat" you will get a presidential administration  STUFFED  with  JEW  "national security" and "financial genius"  "EXPERTS"  who  NEVER GET A LICK OF BLAME,  not matter HOW MUCH THINGS FOUL UP when they are at the top tiers of America's  financial & 'national security'  govt. "leadership" [retch!]


  How Taxpayers Were Royally Screwed on the Citigroup Bailout
By Pam Martens: August 7, 2012 

  And, below, how the CITI-'bank'  RAPE of AMERICAN TAXPAYERS was just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG -   RAPING  American taxpayers by SERIAL FRAUDS,  THEFT, LARCENY, and  STICKING THEIR LOSSES ON TO American taxpayers as  "BAILOUTS" and other BLATANT GOVERNMENT EXTORTION, is the HOLY GRAIL of  JUDEO "finance" and ECONOMIC RAPE -    BILLIONS of dollars of  TAX CHEATING 'off-shore' tax dodges,

Swiss Bankers, BIS, The House Of Rockefeller AND OFF SHORE TAX DODGES

In 2009 corporate leviathans such as Bank of America, General Electric and Exxon Mobil paid no US federal taxes.  Exxon’s net profit for that year was over $45 billion.  It utilized subsidiaries in the British Crown-controlled Bahamas, Bermuda and Cayman Islands to dodge the IRS.

add to the above the  BERNANKE, YELLEN,  FISHCER, et al's  LICENSE TO PRINT THEMSELVES MONEY -  EIGHT FIVE BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH, that we know about !!!    and you can see that the JUDEO FINANCIERS have became a PARASITIC, VAMPIRE "elite" PREYING on the CORPSES of the RAPED, MURDERED, and DISCARDED American people....