Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 We Give Thanks that Americans are STARTING to WAKE UP to the ENGINEERED ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of Nations by the Evil, Treasonous, Treacherous Financiers; "the Money Powers"....

In our previous post, we briefly explained that America's current  "ECONOMIC CRISIS" 
 - massive government "debt," high unemployment, and plummeting median incomes -
  is yet  ANOTHER  "ENGINEERED" economic crisis... _as_ the GREAT DEPRESSION WAS from 1929 to the onset of America's active participation in World War II  after the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7 1941.
 Today, we give thanks that thousands of Americans are waking up to the grim reality 

     -  that a TREASONOUS, DESTRUCTIVE cabal of  traitor financiers RULE OUR NATION with EVIL, sabotage intent, owning politicians, academics, media whores, and entire sectors of government bureaucracy & American society like so many pet dogs  

 -  this  Thanksgiving 2013,  and present these two short segments of the exceptional  3+ hours  "MONEY MASTERS" video, we cut to the heart of the chase with their discussion that
what we here at TJW have been calling  "A TYPICAL 19th century ROTSCHIELDS' style  PUMP & DUMP  financial attack" - the targets not merely being a competitor company or bank,  not merely a "hostile" nation's currency... but the CURRENCY and _ENTIRE ECONOMY_  (and social fabric) OF THEIR OWN HOST NATION(s) !!!


  above quotation from pt 15 in the (below) "Money Masters"  video:  For OVER an ENTIRE DECADE, MILLIONS of Americans felt the pangs of hunger if not outright starvation in a land that had the natural resources and bounty to potentially   feed MILLIONS MORE than were STARVING during the Depression...  

  ...the hunger and misery of the Great Depression were ARTIFICIALLY CREATED and in fact were  INTENTIONALLY CREATED  by "the money masters" who benefited from their SABOTAGE of the American economy & social contract,
    a MASSIVE CONSPIRACY to PERPETRATE FRAUD  in order to DEFRAUD and  IMPOVERISH MILLIONS of Americans, and thereby make those Robber Barons with massive fortunes all the more powerful in comparison to an impoverished, terrorized American populace.  

  below illustration by "Fed" opponent Congressman Louis T. McFadden, from part 16 of 'The Money Masters'  (video below)  confirms Milton Friedman's  above quote, that 'The Fed'  WAS RESPONSIBLE for the GREAT DEPRESSION;  and, further,
 that economic contraction  WAS INTENTIONAL.... then, AND NOWAmerica is RULED by  TREASONOUS, SABOTEUR CRIMINALS  who have the entire U.S. government  and entire American upper-middle-class "intelligentsia" in their pockets...

  Congressman McFadden was later killed - murdered, assassinated - by  food poisoning at a banquet dinner, while taking his anti-Fed bankers campaign to the public in a speech in New York city;   after the Fed bankers engineered his loss of  his Congressional seat by  funding and giving thousands of dollars of free,  positive media coverage to his opponent while vilifying McFadden with demonizing press/media coverage.. 
    the SAME MEANS the TREASONOUS FINANCIERS CONTROL the public discourse in America today....  a CHORUS OF mass-media propaganda  LIES and TERRORIZING  ASSASSINATIONS or financial threats...


bonus:  checking on the sources of the excellent Money Masters" video,  we found this audio -
 July 2008 - just weeks before the September 2008 Wall St. market crash -  Alex Jones interviews "The Money Masters" producers Patrick Carmack and (narrator) Bill Still -  towards the end of the one hour audio,  Alex Jones describes the Great Depression in our very words, as an ENGINEERED ECONOMIC CRASH, as well...  link

 double-bonus:  Another excellent article by Alex Jones'  InfoWars, also from 2008,  shines a light on a dark chapter of American history:  how  so-called "liberal Democrat"  President Franklin D. Roosevelt's  "economic stimulus" policies  INTENTIONALLY DESTROYED FOOD PRODUCTS that COULD NOT BE "SOLD" - for the simple reason that STARVING Americans were TOO POOR  to purchase them!
   YES,  so-called "liberal"  President Franklin D. Roosevelt was running a COMMISSSAR GULAG ECONOMY,  Americans  STARVING TO DEATH in the MIDST of  'surplus' food production -  as this grim article exposes....

        Researcher: FAMINE Killed 7 MILLION in U.S. During “Great Depression”
 (no doubt the author of the above research paper was a Russian writer reporting in Pravda... but IT IS WELL KNOWN that  BURNING APPLES and POURING MILK ON THE GROUND were standardized, oft repeated parts of  Roosevelt's so-called "economic stimulus";   
 while any look at Great Depression literature reveals that millions of people had a very, very hard time coming up with their next meal...  
   WAS the UNITED STATES (under so-called "liberal Democrat" president FDR at that)  AS EFFECTIVE at WHITEWASHING the  SYSTEMATIC DEATHS of its citizens, as the Nazis running the Death Camps, or the Commissars running the gulags were???) 

Friday, November 22, 2013


  jews train their CHILDREN with MACHINE GUNS...  bought and paid for with AMERICAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS! 
...while 'American' GOVERNMENT COMMISSARS and their DHS EINSATZGRUPPEN storm troopers raid AMERICAN neighborhoods with IRAQ WAR style ARMORED VEHICLES...

...all while evil jewish  supremacist WITCH  Dianne Feinstein wants to OUTLAW guns... for the Palestinian AMERICAN  people  'goyim'  criminal slave scum...

FEINSTEIN the WHORE B*TCH wants to OUTLAW GUNS FOR AMERICANS... while getting STUPIFIED Amerikan peon scum taxpayers, to foot the bill for BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars in weapons - from Uzi machine-guns for jewish children, to NUCLEAR MISSILE SUBMARINES for the jewish navy and missiles CAPABLE OF HITTING THE UNITED STATES!  -  for __FIVE MILLION__  LOUSY WARMONGERING, blood-lusting jews in the evil, reprehensible,  nations destroying genocidal jew state 

  "I would take them ALL if I could,  'TURN 'EM ALL IN..."  


Jewish children trained to use.. FULLY AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUNS... and to HATE  PALESTINIANS and all other "goyim" as  good for little more than being DISPOSABLE, CRIMINAL SLAVE SCUM... cannon-fodder to be EXTERMINATED with extreme prejudice when no longer useful (profitable) for their evil  'chosen' jew slave masters.... 

"Freedom of religion" in America means... you AMERICAN peons MUST  SUPPORT the five million lousy jews in israel and ALL their metastasizing WARS -  
"you are either with us or against us" 
(in the words of their infamous little sell-out  traitor of a twice 'AWOL' U.S president) 
 BECAUSE their  'holy'  blood-drenched bible SAYS SO...  praise be!  

ho hum.  Under the evil thrall of the "NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERTS" and "FINANCIAL EXPERTS"  of the evil judeo master-race... the United States  CONTINUES to DEGENERATE towards
an increasingly starvation, slow mass-murder, and police state repression  occupied wasteland...


for the price of a few DISPOSABLE "Black Ops" Special Forces mercenaries,  and a couple of backpacks of black powder,   you can TERRORIZE MILLIONS of Americans... attempt to OUTLAW ownership of  BLACK POWDER by Americans... and, oh,  get BILLIONS OF MORE DOLLARS  to be spent by terrorized, extorted government political 'leaders'   for your team's treacherous war profiteers,  BOMBS PLANTING "national security" 'experts',  POLICE STATE REPRESSION contractors, prison-gulag profiteers, and BLACK OPS hired terrorists mercenaries....

the Boston Marathon Bombing was a TEXTBOOK  "false flag"  HIRED ASSASSINS and PATSY suspects "black ops" terror operation...  


bonus -  Americans being CONDITIONED - innocent motorists have guns pointed in their faces - for the on-coming DHS / Chertoff  judeo commissar run RED TERROR PURGES and  FEMA prison gulag death camps...  coming here, to Amerika... just as Kagonovich and the other evil judeo Commissars MURDERED MILLIONS of Russians, Ukrainians, and other nationalities in the 'Soviet Union' Red Terror mass-murder purges...


extra bonus:  the idea of the GOVERNMENT (and secret agencies like the FBI, CIA, and covert military ops)  STAGING INTENTIONAL TERROR ATTACKS,  to BLAME on  "enemies" is hardly new - it is at least a half-century old,  and of course among true hard-core devotees to a given group's DOMINATION of power, politics, finance,  and War,  the idea of  "SACRIFICING" some of your own troops - much less loathed & despised  "innocent civilians" -  to start a WAR YOU DESIRE, is no more "unimaginable" a notion, than EXPENDING YOUR OWN TROOPS to ATTACK a heavily defended enemy position
 (which - being prepared to sacrifice your own men - is the core job or duty of every military officer and non-com in any army anywhere in the world)...
or, you know...   firing on Fort Sumter....

Senator Suggested False Flag Attack To SENATOR John F. Kennedy 2 Years PRIOR TO Operation Northwoods Proposal

 That was over 50 years ago...
  and in the half century since, Americans are only JUST NOW WAKING UP to the fact that the JUDEO FINANCIERS  _CONTROL_   _BOTH_ the   RADICAL RIGHT-WING  _and_ the  RADICAL  LEFT WING (eg David Horowitz and all the other neo-TROTSKYITE jews who became "Neo-Conservatives"  i.e. "NeoCons" once they were no longer impoverished immigrants ) and even the "moderate" 'mainstream' Progressive/democratic agenda
 through their proxies,  agitators, unsuspecting dupes, patsies, AGENT PROVOCATEURS, ordinary, 'legitimate' funding,  and of course through outright FALSE FLAG  TERROR ATTACKS that DEMONIZE the 'enemy'  and TERRIFY the public and controlled opposition to CONFORMITY
("United we stand" and "We Support the Troops" are the SOFT propaganda versions of  "YOU ARE either WITH US... OR FOR THE TERRORISTS")

  At all times the  main goal is  FURTHER CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH among the selected "chosen"  ELITES
 (and their "goy" partners in Crimes - Rockefellers, Harrimans, Vanderbilts, Bush's, etc.)

including the economic RAPE, STARVATION, and EXTERMINATION of "useless mouths"  whenever it suits the rapacious, genocidal elites - SEE the BRITISH "East India Tea Company" RAPE AND FAMINE of occupied Bengal;
     or the  East India 'Tea' (OPIUM!) Company and BRITISH + European RAPE and MASS MURDER CONQUEST of China, the OPIUM WARS and subsequent Taiping Rebellion... MILLIONS KILLED so the British could  PUSH OPIUM on China and extort wealth for NOTHING  (but an addictive drug) traded in return....   

  or the MILLIONS OF AMERICANS  DRIVEN to EARLY DEATHS, SUICIDES, and abject poverty and destitution by the  RIGGED, INTENTIONAL   "pump... and DUMP" CRASH  of  the AMERICAN STOCK MARKET  and GREAT DEPRESSION,   which 'officially' started on Black Tuesday', Oct.  29, 1929,  but was actually preceded by the  bankers war on American farmers all through the 1920s**... or just over a decade after the ECONOMIES DESTROYING  so-called  'Federal' Reserve  privately owned banking cartel was instituted by Congress through deceit, lies,  treachery, and a well-coordinated bankers owned corporate media  BAIT & SWITCH propaganda campaign... the  TREASONOUS BANKERS _promised_ Americans that the 'Fed' would  END  "panics" and economic contraction & unemployment....
  ....and instead, just over a decade after the Fed was authorized by Con-gress in 1913, America landed smack in the BIGGEST "panic", Economic Contraction, and massive, prolonged unemployment in world history,  THE GREAT DEPRESSION !! 

** (in the 1920s America was over 50% a rural, agriculturally based economy & nation.  After government contracts to farmers to feed hungry troops in WWI VASTLY  increased farm production and output,  that government consumption was abruptly CANCELLED after WWI ended... with now highly productive farmers competing to sell in to a much smaller market.) 


 double extra bonus:

  In this video, jewish Senator Dianne "hates Amerikan peons as much as Netanyahu and Emanuel hate Palestinian displaced civilians  terrarists"    Feinstein admits that... SHE has a concealed gun carry permit, and SHE HAS ARMED HERSELF WITH A HANDGUN to defend herself... but that was then, NOW   she wants to OUTLAW guns for  peon, slave Amerikans -
 "go ahead and DIE you criminal peon goy scum...  SLAVES have NO RIGHTS!" !!!

 Note how she mentions that TODAY,
 Indeed!  BOTH groups - from SOVIET COMMUNISM's nominally "leftists" TROTSKY/KAGONIVICH/YESHOV (et al)  mass-murdering  JUDEO  COMMISSARS,
to all the agents of the ROTSCHIELDS  anglo/american/JUDEO  controlled RADICAL RIGHT-WING  corporations & imperialist, nations conqueroring  anglo/germanic/judeo/(american)  financier overlord

OFTEN HAVE A  VERY  JUDEO "we are ENTITLED - 'chosen by g-o-d' to EXTERMINATE the ENEMY!" 
 flavor to them...   

 USA Today reports..! -  the very jewish  LEHMAN BROTHERS OWNED 7 SLAVES...  and supported the Confederacy in THE WAR AGAINST the UNITED STATES during the Civil War

     [in their Atlanta cotton-trading business before the Civil War] 

Lehman Bros.' founder Henry Lehman started as an itinerant peddler in Alabama in 1844. Shortly after he arrived in the USA from Germany, he was joined by his younger brothers, Mayer and Emanuel.
The Lehmans grew wealthy as middlemen in the cotton trade. They stored Alabama cotton, often paying planters for it in hard currency and bartered goods, then sold the bales to other brokers or banks in New York and Liverpool, England.
The U.S. Census of 1860 lists Mayer Lehman as the owner of seven slaves — three males and four females — ranging in age from 5 to 50. "Some of these were household slaves. Others may have been used in the firm," notes a family history, The Lehmans: From Rimpar to the New World.
In the collection of Lehman family and business memorabilia at Columbia University is a photograph of a receipt for the purchase in 1854 of a 14-year-old slave girl named Martha. The buyer is listed as H. Lehman & Brother, the name of the firm before Emanuel's arrival....


Thursday, November 21, 2013

How the Corporate Media LIES EVERY DAY, in little ways that dumb-down and stupify Americans...

  Contrary to what this hapless local news reporter reports,  the "ULTIMATE SECURITY" for American cities, and college campuses, is having a social system where MILITARIZED POLICE TANKS patrolling PUBLIC SPACES  are NOT necessary in the first place... 

 While searching for a picture we saw earlier of  one of the new military combat fighting vehicles now popping up, like so many poisonous toadstools, in cities and even small communities across America today
 (in the ever metastasizing war on crime drugs terror humanity), 
we stumbled across this video of your typical pasty-faced 'journalist' at a local TV station reporting on some little local story,  in this case a story about
 OHIO STATE _UNIVERSITY_  purchasing a MILITARY ARMORED FIGHTING VEHICLE** for a  university campus
  ** (more commonly called "a tank" although to be precise, the word "tank" usually connotes a tracked armored vehicle)

   Our hapless local reporter is just doing his job, trying to make a local story sound interesting so local TV viewers with nothing better to do with their time will keep their eyeballs glued to this local station purveying the standard media disinformation narrtive,   but the very premise he starts with is completely false: 
That is completely incorrect.  

The "ULTIMATE PROTECTION" for ANY town or community is to have a social and economy system that  DOES NOT REQUIRE a massive police or military presence....  much like America was before the despicable Neo-Con "national security experts" in the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz administration  DID NOTHING, NOT ONE GOD DAMNED THING, to prevent a WELL KNOWN AL QAEDA TERRORISTS HIJACKING THREAT in the long summer of 2001 -
  (all the more despicable, given that those Republican jewish "Neo-Con" national security 'experts' had  told the American people that with a Republican president back in the White House,  "the adults would be back in charge" and those taking far better care of our national security than those effete Clinton (gore) Democrats.)

 And just how much "ULTIMATE PROTECTION" can an armored vehicle provide against TOXIC NUCLEAR RADIATION and waste...   another metastasizing threat to American communities brought on by the corporate/finance hijacking of America, making all public policy in America subservient to the short term greed and "profits"  (= govt. welfare for billionaires!) of the connected, "chosen" elites? 
  An armored vehicle will not protect you from a toxic, unhealthy diet....

  nor from a lack of affordable health care....
 nor from an economy that is imploding around you,  fueling a POLICE PRISON STATE and hyper-warmongering hegemonic empire's military as the only growth industries in town...

  No, America was  FAR BETTER PROTECTED  _BEFORE_  our police started becoming hyper-militarized DHS Einsatzgruppen, and our nation started wars serving the genocidal blood-lust of that  evil little   judeo supremacist war state on the Eastern Mediterranean, than it is now. 

     Just another way that a steady drip of small drops of lies, can add up to a bucket full of lies... and eventually become  a TSUNAMI of  POLICE STATE REPRESSION and propaganda lies,  de facto prison gulag SLAVERY,  always MASQUERADING as "national security"  "protecting"   "freedom & democracy" here in these late 'United' States of Amerika, of course....


 bonus:  MACHINE-GUN ARMORED CAR used by mining company "security" gunmen  hired by the ROCKEFELLERS and other mega-finance mine owners to SHOOT UP STRIKING MINERS protesting abysmal, DAILY MINER FATALITIES in the hazardous Colorado mines in the infamous "LUDLOW MASSACRE"  that killed between 15 and 20 striking miners and their families on April 20, 1914....


 double, triple, quadruple bonus:

   It is now well known that when local police are TRAINED by former military instructors to use MILITARY WAR FIGHTING techniques, the young and adrenaline fueled "SWAT Team" cops LOOK FORWARD to USING  what they have learned in training in an actual crisis situation - even if it means hoping for a crisis situation in their own communities. 
 (Much as bomb-squad experts have been known to plant bombs,  simply to see themselves put in to action and regarded as heroes in the community.) 

    What is lesser known or understood, is how OUR MALEVOLENT  "ELITES"  ALSO LOOK FORWARD to   the proliferation of "CRISIS SITUATIONS" IN OUR COMMUNITIES -  how else will they justify their decisions to spend a quarter million dollars on an urban, "civilian" military tank for a local police force... much less those BILLIONS of  HOLLOW-POINT  AMMUNITION bullets purchased by our TREASONOUS "DHS"  - hollow-point bullets are expensive, and ONLY GOOD FOR KILLING UNARMORED CIVILIANS
   (The military does not use hollow-point bullets in war-fighting, as the  title to the 1987 Stanley Kubrick movie "FULL METAL JACKET" describes - military bullets have "full metal jackets" instead of hollow-points, so they can blast through whatever walls, foliage, dirt, or other materials may be protecting enemy soldiers who are being fired at.)   

 Well, for PAST AS PRELUDE the TREASONOUS  ELITES  spearheaded by the JEWISH BANKERS RUNNING "The Fed" privately owned, economies killing banking cartel    _INSTRUCTED_  their minions in Congress and the White House to CALL OUT THE ARMY to  RUN RIOT over and suppress the  WWI Veterans "BONUS ARMY" -  the Veterans seeking only a small portion of  what the  evil Fed bankers  garnered to themselves by INTENTIONALLY ENGINEERING the  GREAT DEPRESSION economic sabotage,
 i.e. a government enforced license to  PRINT THEMSELVES some MONEY.
 See  this excellent Veterans Today compilation of news photos and videos, for how our United States government DEPLOYED army TANKS,  CALVARY, and ARMED TROOPS, to clear the "Hooverville" shacks that the 15,000 UNEMPLOYED Veterans were living in in Washington DC before they were assaulted by hundreds of machine-gun and bayonet armed army troops under generals Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, and even Dwight D. Eisenhower....


When MacAurthur Burned Washington –
Joining the British [army of the 1812 war]
[AT THE ORDERS of the CRIMINAL, TREASONOUS "elite" FINANCIERS who ENGINEERED the Great Depression and who OWNED Con-gress,  Senators and presidents like pet dogs]
Using the tanks was just pitiful, something you would expect from a banana republic
Using the tanks was just pitiful, something you would expect from a banana republic army…or by the Bolsheviks!
You all know of the story, like me. I had seen some photos before, but never news film clips of the event. So here they are.
It was a great find, but then a sad one to watch MacArthur and Eisenhower working for their combat ribbons against some of the most shabbily treated of America’s veterans, the WWI Bonus Marchers.
I will be writing about this more, later on. The bad seed of the horrible treatment of future veterans was born in the horrible treatment of the WWI vets.
What the brass did in this event gave all future civilian leadership a free pass to do just about anything, like the VA has done to the Los Angeles Veterans home trust that has been looted by rich locals and political wheels.
Hoover had stated that ‘serving their country’ was payment enough for the WWI vets. Obviously this did not extend to the huge profits that the war contractors made during the war, which they would look forward to doing again in the one, and did.
MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Patton…to the public display of every monument that stands in their honor, there should be added a brass plaque attached describing how they had attacked the WWI veterans rather than going over to their side, which is what the bastards should have done.
If MacArthur had mutinied, surrounded the Congress and White house, cutting off all food and water until they passed the Bonus Marchers relief…it would have set a different tone of the shabby treatment of future postwar vets. But alas, they were not brave enough to do that. 


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Under the Thrall of the EVIL, INSANE, TREASONOUS JEWS, their HIRED PUPPET *Attorney General* ERIC HOLDER BRINGS BACK de facto SLAVERY to impoverished & now CRIMINALIZED (by govt. terror) Americans.... "Is Eric Holder THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN in America?"

 Under the thrall of the EVIL, INSANE, TREASONOUS JEWS who have seized control of America and are now just blatantly flexing their political muscle in preparation for a Leo TROTSKY (aka "Lev Bronstein") style reign of  MASS MURDER TERROR PURGES;
   their HIRED PUPPET Attorney General of these (late) United States   Eric Holder  BRINGS BACK  de facto SLAVERY to America....
"Is Eric Holder the most dangerous man in America?"

 In our previous post we lambasted  Nancy Pelosi for BEING A STUPID TOOL of RAHM EMANUEL and the evil Judeo 'financiers' (the Goddamn-Sachs/jpm/Fed/boe 'Rubinite' global extortionists)
and AIPAC insane, genocidal jewish war pigs behind him,  both of which

(financial fraudstera, blatantly judeo supremacist war-pigs,    Democrat Party 'fixer'  Wall St. bagman  & American freedoms, liberties, and economic vitality SABOTAGING political commissar appartchik) 

 Rahm Emanuel is a perfect distillation (or caricature, or  nexus) of.

 EVERYTHING that  Pelosi has done since she became SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE in 2006, with the sole exception of NOT _YET_  bringing the United States to BOMB IRAN,   has been the fulfillment of the  "WISH LIST" agenda of the  NEO-CON financiers, warmongers,  and  ruthless POLICE STATE AUTHORITARIAN judeo commissar appartchiks  who are the GoddamnSachs/AIPAC judeo 'money power'.

  Although Obama's presidential election win in the 2008 election VINDICATED the  Democratic   *ANTI*  BUSH-CHENEY-WOLFOWITZ-CHERTOFF-MUKASEY-BENRNANKE  RADICAL RIGHT-WING Neo-Con WARMONGERING  agenda,
the very first thing that Barack Obama did after he won election (literally, the very next day!)  was to select the despicable uber-Neo-Con, Bob Rubin minion  jewish war-pig (rahm) Emanuel to be his WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF, _SIGNALLING_  to anyone who had a clue that we Americans were in for at least four if not 8 years of pure, unadulterated Obama   NEO-CON TREACHERY, running a
while HIDING behind a "liberal Democrat" false front.
 (Indeed, see economist Dr. Michael Hudson's prescient radio commentary warning, 
 "Obama's CLASS WAR  REPUBLICAN [style] PRESIDENCY"  aired back in Feb. of 2010.)  

   While Emanuel's  NEO-CON  JUDEO SUPREMACIST  RADICAL RIGHT-WING AGENDA may have been HIDDEN to most Americans - even among bamboozled "informed"  DEMOCRAT observers & commentators -  this RADICAL RIGHT-WING TREACHERY  should have been OBVIOUS to even the most stupified  American "political expert"   when Obama treacherously.... SELECTED TWO  of  George W. Bush's  TOP  ECONOMY KILLING  THUGS to be his, Obama's,  own TOP ECONOMY KILLING THUGS.
     TIM GEITHNER and  BEN BERNANKE were nominated (in Bernanke's case, re-nominated)  BY OBAMA to be TREASURY SECRETARY and  FED CHAIRMAN respectively -  the very people who  WRECKED THE critical U.S. financial markets leading to the Sept. 2008 U.S. financial markets MELTDOWN (and plummeting housing markets)    OBAMA  PUT BACK IN OFFICE,  making a mockery of his "CHANGE you can believe in!"  campaign promises - and that was all back in 2009!!!

  The above SIMPLE POLITICAL FACTS - that (except for Bush's Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson)
OBAMA PUT  TWO of BUSH's  TOP  ECONOMY  killinh SABOTEURS  _BACK IN CHARGE_ of his, Obama's,  economic leadership,   are the simple facts that Americans are simply GROSSLY IGNORANT OF today, even as first Geithner, and now Bernanke are leaving the scene with their TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS  OF BLATANT CRIMINAL FINANCIAL LARCENY  INFLICTED on the American public, American taxpayers,  American workers, pensioners, and savers,  although by PRINTING  THEMSELVES  $85 BILLION PER MONTH in FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS  aka Bernanke's  "Quantitative Easing" the bankers have maintained a degree of faux economic calm, artificially pumping up the stock market (by DEVALUING the DOLLARS that everyone else holds).
    WITH RAMPANT CRIMINALITY  the  guiding force behind both Bush & Hank Paulson's gross economic larceny, and with OBAMA FOLLOWING that  PURE DECEIT, FRAUD, LARCENY, and ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  model of the Bush-Snow-Paulson-Bernanke financial wrecking crew,      

      ...Obama HAD TO PUT SOMEONE IN CHARGE of the "justice" Department who would  WHITEWASH  and NOT PROSECUTE  ALL THAT TITANIC,  ECONOMY WRECKING,  AMERICA ENSLAVING   in-your-face  JON CORZINE &  MF GLOBAL style  loot-the-shareholders AND DEPOSITORS  fraud & financial CRIMES...

      cue  ERIC HOLDER,  the insanely evil  TOP "law enforcement" official in the entire (late) U.S.A.,  who like his nominal 'boss' president Obama, ERIC holder  PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE that THEIR SUBSERVIENCE to the EVIL JUDEO "Neo-Con" agenda has led to the MASSACRES BY AL QAEDA TERRORISTS IN LIBYA of  50,000+  of  Qaddafi's BLACK African Libyans since the evil jews orchestrated the NATO BOMBARDMENT and AL QAEDA INVASION of Libya  -

and both as well are  COMPLICIT in the IMPOSITION of a SIMILAR racist Neo-Con JUDEO SUPREMACIST  REIGN OF TERROR  
(if not yet Chertoff/DHS  commissar gulags FEMA death-camps mass-murder)   
Yes, indeed,  ERIC HOLDER 
 (and his stick-figure puppet hired appartchik of a wannabe dictator boss, barack obama)
just as Janet Napolitano was no more than window dressing for the  CHERTOFF  JUDEO supremacist COMMISSAR terrorists operating behind her grim visage...  


Is Eric Holder the most dangerous man in America?
by John R. Smith     November 19, 2013    
   Attorney General Eric Holder is regarded by some as the most dangerous man in America, but you won’t find him on any most-wanted lists.
That’s because he is accused of doing his dirty work while wearing a lawman’s badge. He’s like Little Bill, the sheriff in “Unforgiven” — any nefarious act he commits is OK because he is the law.
The evidence is accumulating that Holder is more motivated by politics than the rule of law. Many Americans are deeply troubled that Obama’s chief legal officer seems to prefer overlooking America’s rule of law and favoring executive fiat. Holder chooses not to enforce laws that he and Obama don’t like.
Examples of Holder’s questionable decisions abound, including vendettas against financial institutions and actions and lawsuits brought by his Justice Department against journalists and financial rating services. The agency’s fraud lawsuit against Standard & Poor’s for publishing financial opinions smacked of political retribution against the company that downgraded U.S. credit following the 2011 debt-limit fight. Proof? Other rating firms offering the same bond opinions were excused from the federal investigation. Further, rating firms’ bond opinions have historically been protected under the First Amendment freedom of speech.  
 [note: Standard & Poor's, ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER _Credit Ratings agencies_ WAS CERTAINLY COMPLICIT with TITANIC FINANCIAL FRAUD perpetrated by bankers in the years leading up to the September 2008 financial markets crash... which is why those markets crashed.  See Bill Black on the Dylan Ratigan show for how those frauds were perpetrated by the banks, WITH THE COMPLICITY of ALL the major ratings agencies, at the instigation and direction of BEN BERNANKE and the Fed banksters themselves. ]
Then there was the investigation of journalists earlier this year by Holder’s Justice Department. In seeking a warrant — approved personally by Holder — to search the email of a Fox News reporter, the affidavit stated that the Justice Department believed the reporter had “committed or is committing a violation” of the Espionage Act. That is a criminal charge the agency had to back down from later. The 'Justice' Department not only violated its internal guidelines, but the warrant either contained false claims about the reporter or the agency never really intended to prosecute him. Either way, it’s prosecutorial dishonesty.  Holder also authorized seizing thousands of Associated Press phone records. This and the deadly “Fast and Furious” disaster prompted calls for him to resign, resulting in Holder being held in contempt of Congress with articles of impeachment filed against him for high crimes and misdemeanors.
[In the next omitted paragraphs, the author completely overlooks the CRIMINALITY among the biggest banks, and instead tries to make the case that Holder & Obama are some kind of "REDISTRIBUTIVE" as in "Socialist" "social planners."  They ARE, INDEED, "REDISTRIBUTIVE" - they ENABLE the INSANELY CORRUPT FINANCIERS, to STEAL 5+ TRILLION from the working American economy, and HAND IT TO the incestuous, kleptocratic,  connected financial elite... see TONY BLAIR and BILL CLINTON's  post PM/presidency glad-handing careers.]
When governments go bad or go wild, they create people who operate like Holder. He sees his job at least partially as treating big banks as a political ATM machine and as going after segments of American society and the political world that are adversaries to his boss’ political interests....
If bankers and business executives are now guilty just because Eric Holder says so, and if the Justice Department measures success by the prominent scalps he takes, there is no justice.   
  [THE BANKERS & FINANCIERS  ARE  GUILTY _DESPITE_  HOLDER and the ENTIRE  DoJ & U.S. government  NOT  PROSECUTING THEM - they are just STEALING $85 billion per month in broad daylight! -   PRINTING THEMSELVES  $85 BILLION... PER MONTH in FREE MONEY FOR THEM, that  DILUTES everyone else's shares (dollar value).  By comparison, the ENTIRE  FOOD STAMP program upon which MILLIONS of Americans are dependent, is only $115 billion... per year.  And  JP Morgan/Chase bank GETS HALF OF THAT - MORE BLATANT, IN-YOUR-FACE CORRUPTION from the IN BED WITH FINANCIAL CRIMINALS  Republican AND Democrat politicians]
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This article was posted: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 6:21 am


   Sadly, as with all their MASS-MURDEROUS  WAR CRIMES and financial atrocities,  WHAT THE EVIL jew NEO-CONS  and their hired political appartchiks GET AWAY WITH, TODAY...

...becomes the TEMPLATE for FURTHER MASS-MURDER GENOCIDE  next month....

   Well, here it is: Obama's latest  Clinton style "GIVE THE MULTI-NATIONAL BANKERS _NEW_ 'treaties'  to allow them to DESTROY ECONOMIES (see GREECE, or AMERICAN MANUFACTURING)  and to DESTROY  NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY and human rights"
(see our above discussed ERIC HOLDER / Leo Trotsky 'Cheka' mass-murderous Commissar style WAR on the Russian AMERICAN PEOPLE)


 (= license for corporations to KILL ANYONE  who gets in the way of their SEIZURE of ALL of any target nation's  real wealth & valuable assets,  aka  ECONOMIC HIT MAN on steroids, =  DISASTER CAPITALISM  overt SLAVERY &  GENOCIDE)


Monday, November 18, 2013

Nancy Pelosi FEELS THE HEAT from TURNING the "Democrat" Party into the CESSPIT of the BOB RUBIN, JACOB LEW, RAHM EMANUEL JOE LIEBERMAN, DIANNE FEINSTEIN (et al, ad naseum) Judeo Supremacist HATEMONGERS, Financial Rapist, & Economy killing, Warmongering global TERRORISTS...

Here in this "mainstream media" news video clip,
that come from  her career cozying up to the JUDEO SUPREMACIST GODDAMN-SACHS financiers & genocidal, blood-lusting AIPAC jewish war lobby warmongers;  Pelosi  tries to defend her MAX BAUCHUS, JOE LIEBERMAN, RAHM EMANUEL written "Obama-Care" fiasco & ATROCITY,   passed when SHE WAS THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE and THE DEMOCRATS  held the national political power tri-fecta of  _CONTROL_ of  the HOUSE, SENATE, and  White House from Jan. 2009 to those disastrous midterm elections ON HER WATCH in Nov. 2010... 

the grim essence of this below video of Nancy "SHE LOST THE HOUSE IN 2010   DESPITE  _all_ the advantages of  the SWEEPING  Democrat 'CHANGE!'  election wins of 2008"   Pelosi defending her Rahm Emanuel + Mac Bauchus + Elizabeth Fowler written  CORPORATE GIVEAWAY at AMERICAN CONSUMERS EXPENSE   Obama-Care atrocity :  
    "YOU PEON  Amerikans  WILL LIKE our  WellPoint insurance industry written 'OBAMA-CARE' atrocity of a health-care law, because  we  Democrat 'leaders'  KNOW BETTER THAN YOU what is good for you stupified, enslaved, peon Amerikans and your pathetic, extorted, subservient, chattel slave  families" !!

"Nancy Pelosi FEELS THE HEAT from TURNING the "Democrat" Party into the CESSPIT & WHORE  of the BOB RUBIN, JACOB LEW, RAHM EMANUEL JOE LIEBERMAN, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, Chuck Schumer, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, Larry Summers, Elena Kagan,  (et al, ad naseum)  Judeo Supremacist HATEMONGERS,  Financial Rapist, & Economy killing, Warmongering global TERRORISTS..."

Ho hum... anyone who doubts the validity or accuracy of our above headline  merely needs read this single headline and news article from  2010... written by the VERY JEWISH JANE HAMSHER,  founder of,  who "CREDITS"  Nancy Pelosi's  bagman**  RAHM EMANUEL
** (her 2008 money extorting campaign fundraising grandmaster & campaign dollars distributing DCCC Dem. Congressional Campaign Committee CHAIRMAN rahm emanuel) 

    with the "MASSACRE" of  Democratic candidates, AND LOSS of   Pelosi's Democratic CONTROL of Congress,  in the Nov. 2010 mid-term elections just 2 years after Obama's inspiring "CHANGE!" election campaign swept America and put Democrats in control of the "political super tri-fecta"...

  ...and put RAHM EMANUEL IN CHARGE of the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE as Obama's  White House CHIEF OF STAFF - where the evil, satanic Emanuel  IMMEDIATELY PROCEEDED to SABOTAGE Obama's entire presidency, by RAMMING the CORPORATE FINANCIER WRITTEN "Obama-care" atrocity through the Pelosi Congress & Harry Reid Senate...

Lessons Learned in VA, CA and NJ: Is RAHM EMANUEL _Orchestrating_ 2010 Democratic Massacre? 

By:  Wednesday November 4, 2009 7:32   

1993: Rahm is the architect of NAFTA
1994: Unions stay home after NAFTA. Democratic turnout poor, Democrats give up 54 seats in House.
2005: Rahm as head of DCCC recruits pro-war Dems, threatens to cut funds for any Dem who runs opposing the war
2006: Ned Lamont beats Joe Lieberman by opposing the war, opens the floodgates for candidates to buck Rahm & fuel Democratic takeover of House. Rahm’s pro-war candidates lose.
2007: Rahm blames failure of his pet pro-war candidates on immigration. Makes Freshmen co-sponsor anti-immigrant SAVE act.
2007: SAVE Act triggers Hispanic Caucus revolt on the floor of the House
2007: Rahm demands Democratic candidates inoculate themselves against expected GOP attacks by moving to the right on immigration.” Says Hispanics “don’t vote, ignore ‘em.”
2008: Hispanics provide Obama’s margin of victory in Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado.
2009: Rahm Emanuel pushing “triggers” to kill President’s campaign promise of a public option in January
2009: Creigh Deeds reinacts Little Bighorn in Virgina after saying he’ll “opt-out” of public option and Democrats stay home
2009: Bill Owens endorses public option, pulls off surprising upset in district with GOP advantage
2009: John Garamendi defies beltway conventional wisdom that Democrat in CA-10 had to be conservative like Ellen Tausher to hold the seat, says he’ll vote against any bill that doesn’t have a public option (or has triggers), scores decisive win
2009: On behalf of banks, Rahm helps Democrats water down post-Enron investor protections in Sarbanes-Oxley
2009: Jon Corzine loses in the wake of “growing anti-Goldman [Sachs]” sentiment.”
2009: The day after the election, Senate Dems still pushing triggers.
Rahm doesn’t think about Democratic turnout.   His reputation for “winning a Democratic majority” rests on his ability as a self-promoter to take credit for victories THAT HAPPENED IN SPITE OF HIM.  The truth is that his “act more like Republicans” strategy just hasn’t worked out, and we’re getting whiffs of the disaster it spells for Democrats who follow it.
note:  Rahm Emanuel's  "ACT MORE LIKE REPUBLICANS" strategy

    There was simply a ton of money to be made, and power to be gained by a certain portion of  JUDEO SUPREMACIST "neo-cons"  MASQERADING as "LIBERAL DEMOCRATS"  instead of blatantly bat-shit-crazy jewish Republicans...  if for no other reason than White, conservative REPUBLICAN VOTERS  WILL NOT  VOTE  for bat-shit-crazy jewish warmongering JUDEO SUPREMACIST candidates.

  The exceptions - jew Republican Senators ARLEN SPECTRE and Norm Coleman - both ran election campaigns in MODERATE states with strong histories of progressive, liberal voting (Pennsylvania and Minnesota, respectively),  essentially posing as "MODERATE" Republicans,  i.e. as  progressive DEMOCRATS LITE.
House Republican Leader ERIC CANTOR is the other exception,  but he comes from Northern Virginia, a district that is essentially an extension of  Washington DC... the ground zero  CASH COW PIGGY BANK  of the JEWISH WARS war PROFITEERS & appartchiks, and thus Cantor represents many conservative JEWISH, as opposed to American White (non-jewish) voters;
 i.e. his district is a judeo dominated clone of New York city south (south of the Mason Dixon line).

 Note 2: those  "Conservatives" such as found at  who accuse President Obama and the Pelosi "Democrats" of  being "LIBERALS" or  "SOCIALISTS"  ARE DELUSIONAL !!

  a back-door "BAILOUT"  for the  banksters & financiers who OWN THE INSURANCE COMPANIES behind  "health care" insurance -
 they are NOT "liberals" but are RADICAL RIGHT-WING FACIST ELITISTS,

   and those at the very top of the "Democrat" power structure - the RAHM EMANUEL, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, CHUCK SCHUMER,  BEN BERNANKE, JANET YELLEN,  JACOB LEW  'Democrat' appartchiks  ALL exhibit   a  _BLATANTLY_  JUDEO SUPREMACISTS   jewish-NAZI "ENSLAVE the PEONS who HAVE NO RIGHTS... the bible tells us so!"   flavor to them....


  below screen-shot:  SAVED FOR POSTERITY -    How RADICAL RIGHT-WING   "Manchurian Candidate"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST Congressman,  NANCY PELOSI's  HAND-PICKED  DCCC  Democrat CAMPAIGN COMMITEE CHAIRMAN  from 2006 to 2008 and then became
Democratic Party Candidates in the 2010 election
(and planted a "POISON PILL" TIME-BOMB in the Obama presidency)

by RAMMING the DESPISED "Obama-Care"  BAILOUT for INSURANCE COMPANIES  EXTORTION through a clueless and EXTORTED  DEMOCRAT  CONTROLLED CONGRESS, White House and Senate, immediately following Democratic candidate Barack Obama's impressive presidential election win and Democrat election sweep in Nov. 2008....


 retch-inducing horrors:  so-called "San Francisco liberal" Nancy Pelosi  SEDUCED by  the evil, radical RIGHT-WING "enslave the goyim" JUDEO SUPREMACIST
 JEWISH WAR LOBBY HATCHET MAN  and his millions of dollars of GODDAMN-SACHS + AIPAC jew WAR LOBBY legalized BRIBES from a FOREIGN POWER "campaign donations"  bagman RAHM EMANUEL....


 INDEPENDENT CONFIRMATION from a totally different source:  PAT BUCHANAN's landmark 2007 article,  "NANCY PELOSI, THE AIPAC GIRL"

NANCY PELOSI 'The AIPAC GIRL" -  SELLS MILLIONS of  WAR OPPOSING  DEMOCRATIC VOTERS  DOWN THE RIVER** TO the  EVIL JEWISH WAR LOBBY when she became the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE in Jan. 2007,   thanks only to THEIR votes in critical Nov. 2006 mid-term elections....

The AIPAC Girl

by Pat Buchanan, Creators Syndicate columnist, 2007
If George W. Bush launches a pre-emptive war on Iran, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bear full moral responsibility for that war.
For it was Pelosi who quietly agreed to strip out of the $100 billion funding bill for Iraq a provision that would have required President Bush to seek congressional approval before launching any new war on Iran.
Pelosi's capitulation came in the Appropriations Committee.
What went down, and why?
"Conservative Democrats as well as lawmakers concerned about the possible impact on Israel had argued for the change in strategy," wrote The Associated Press' David Espo and Matthew Lead.
"Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., said in an interview there is a widespread fear in Israel about Iran, which ... has expressed unremitting hostility to the Jewish state.
"'It would take away perhaps the most important tool the U.S. has when it comes to Iran,' she said of the now-abandoned provision.
"'I don't think it was a very wise idea to take things off the table if you're trying to get people to modify their behavior and normalize in a civilized way,' said Gary Ackerman of New York."
According to John Nichols of The Nation, Pelosi's decision to strip the provision barring Bush from attacking Iran without Congress' approval "sends the worst possible signal to the White House."
"The speaker has erred dangerously and dramatically," writes Nichols. Her "disastrous misstep could haunt her and the Congress for years to come..."

  ** note:  WE DO HAVE TO give SOME  CREDIT to  Speaker Pelosi for America NOT BOMBING IRAN in 2007,  which would have brought on the very TERRORIST "BLOWBACK" that the INSANE  JUDEO SUPREMACIST HATE-MONGERS  DESIRE as AN EXCUSE to BRING ON their CHERTOFF/napolitano  DHS  COMMISSAR GULAG  fema CONCENTRATION  DEATH CAMPS.....

  Had DEMOCRATIC & Independent voters NOT TURNED OUT IN DROVES to PUT SOME RESTRAINTS on the BUSH-CHENEY-WOLFOWITZ-libby-perle-feith-wurmser-zackheim-podhoretz-bolten-bolton-mukasey-CHERTOFF  (et al, ad naseum)  JUDEO WAR-PIGS HIJACKING of the REPUBLICAN Party in the mid-term elections of 2006,
    America would be embroiled in WWIII and MASS DOMESTIC REPRESSION on a Commissar RED TERROR PURGES /  NAZI  DEATH CAMPS scale, today, as we speak...

  We suggest the Ms. Pelosi  EMBRACE any remaining INDEPENDENCE FROM the EVIL, INSANE  JUDEO WAR LOBBY + GoddamnSachs Wall St. financial RAPISTS AGENDA, immediately,  as her guide to future political survival... or she will very soon go down in history as the woman who DESTROYED  the DEMOCRATIC PARTY,  as  DESPISED as  BUSH & CHENEY WERE in Jan. 2009  for being the TRAITORS who DID NOTHING TO PREVENT 9-11 and then led America in to METASTASIZING WARS that benefit ONLY the evil judeo master-class....

Monday, November 11, 2013

This Veterans Day 2013 we Salute America's Veterans and serving Military personnel...

This Veterans Day 2013, we salute America's veterans and serving military personnel, who deserve far better than to be treated as disposable pawns - as cannon fodder - in 21st century wars of genocidal,  nuclear inferno race supremacy... 
          Below, we post portions of Veterans Today editor Kevin Barrett salute to a famously outspoken U.S. combat veteran,  Dr. Robert M. Bowman

A farewell to one of our own: Remembering Dr. Robert M. Bowman

Dr. Bob Bowman, America’s greatest military patriot & whistleblower since Smedley Butler, will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery this Wednesday, November 13th. My radio tribute to Dr. Bob will be broadcast Wednesday 10 to 11 a.m. on and archived here. Meanwhile, here is a tribute to Dr. Bob from his home chapter of Veterans for Peace. -KB

Central Florida Veterans For Peace
On August 22, 2013 our friend and comrade Dr. Bob Bowman passed away at the age of 78 after a long courageous eight year battle with cancer.  Dr. Bob, as he was so lovingly known to so many, leaves behind his wife of 57 years Maggie Bowman, their seven children and 21 grandchildren.
Bob was well known as the Pentagon insider who courageously blew the whistle in the early 1980’s on the U.S. government’s plans to use as an offensive “first-strike” weapon the “Star Wars” missile defense system (aka SDI) which he directed in the 1970’s when the program was top secret.
Prior to his work with SDI, Bob Bowman served as a USAF fighter pilot with service in Korea and Vietnam.  It was Col. Bowman’s war experience in Vietnam that led him to dedicating the rest of his life to working for peace as a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and later as a celebrated member of Veterans For Peace, serving as its keynote speaker at 4 separate VFP national conventions.
Colonel Bowman was the National Commander of the non-partisan veterans’ organization The Patriots, whose motto is “Follow the Constitution. Honor the Truth. Serve the People.”  (See  That same motto served as a campaign slogan for Bob as he tried to make a difference by running for U.S. President in 2000 and for U.S. Representative in 2006 and 2008.
In 2009 when the new national veterans organization Oathkeepers was founded, Bob Bowman quickly joined as its tenets basically mirrored those of VFP’s own “Operation Support and Defend” national campaign launched two years earlier and as he recognized the opportunity to bring the politically conservative veteran members of the Oathkeepers and the politically liberal veteran members of Veterans For Peace together around the common goal of ending the illegal, unconstitutional wars.  Dr. Bob saw the political division amongst the American people as a major obstacle to achieving peace.

Year after year Bob and his wife Maggie travelled in their motor-home throughout the country on their annual “Patriot Tours” giving talks at events sponsored by groups from the political left as well as the political right.  Thankfully his message was captured in videos such as the July 2009 YouTube “Dr. Robert M. Bowman: America is Artificially Divided” and the July 2010  “Left and Right Together”.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

YouTube - Veterans Today -
Bob Bowman was quick to speak out against the U.S. government’s improbable, if not impossible, official theory explaining the conspiracy behind the attacks of 9/11/01.

YouTube - Veterans Today -
Dr. Bowman’s advanced degrees in Nuclear and Aeronautical Engineering made it difficult to counter his argument that fires fueled by office furnishings and kerosene based jet-fuel could not make 3 steel-framed concrete skyscrapers blow up into dust and fall in nearly free-fall speed in perfectly symmetrical collapses.  His experience as a USAF interceptor pilot made it equally as difficult to counter his argument that 4 known to be hijacked jumbo-jet airliners do not fly around in U.S. airspace for more than 90 minutes without being intercepted unless there was a stand-down order on the interceptor planes.  Dr. Bowman provides more in-depth interviews concerning both aspects of the 9/11 official theory as can be seen in the 2012 documentary from entitled “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out”.
Hopefully after more than 12 years now of the “War on Terror”, enough of us will finally see 9/11 Truth as the necessary ingredient to actually stopping the 9/11 Wars.  In the meantime, those of us who remain in Bob Bowman’s home chapter of Veterans For Peace in Central Florida will continue his work for peace by continuing to carry his message.
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Political Commentator Artist Anthony Freda with InfoWars' David Knight: "The media's job is to QUESTION [government] PROPAGANDA... NOT REGURGITATE it"

Artist-journalist Anthony Freda takes up where 'mainstream' 'news' 'reporters' fear to tread: CONTESTING and DEMANDING HONEST, RATIONAL answers of the government & corporate media narrative that passes for "the Washington Consensus"  aka "con-ventional wisdom" 
 note:  (InfoWars' David Knight is one of the best interviewers out there - he doesn't stomp all over (talk over) his guests as   Alex Jones, Max Keiser, or other prominent alternative media experts often do,  and thus has more time to draw out timely and insightful information from those guests in a calmer, more rational presentation...    ...but in this otherwise excellent interview,  he mistakenly conflates artist Anthony Freda writing a story for Village Voice, with an assignment for the New York Times.)

 red banner   across illustration reads
 "The OIL MAFIA [ = 'The MONEY POWER' financiers!] 
- with a coin-shaped portrait of Osama bin Laden under a headline  that reads "PATSY' 

below Anthony Freda illustration:
The MEDIA  and  Con-gress are stripper  WHORES for money - they propagate a titillating INFO-TAINMENT**   PROPAGANDA _NARRATIVE_

** [= wars,  concentration of wealth / economic sabotage, +  police state repression]

Anthony Freda:  "I felt like I'd been duped... I fell for this [mainstream media narrative].... You get CONDITIONED to listening to the 'mainstream news',  you just listen to it and DON'T QUESTION IT..."  
David Knight:  "That's one of the main things about  [corporate, mass-media] 'journalism', isn't it - you're told that  THEY'RE OBJECTIVE,  they DON'T HAVE  AN AGENDA.   I think that if people say they don't have an agenda, their either completely naive, or completely dishonest.
  Everyone has an agenda,  you're worldview, your perspective, what you understand or believe about the world, that's going to influence even the stories you cover;  it's certainly going the way you see these stories..."

Anthony Freda:  "Well they [corporate/mainstream media talking heads and writers] DO have an agenda...
 [with alternative media you get a byline, you can see what their point-of-view is, you can see what their perspective is but ...]
 When you see something on 'the news' THERE IS NO TRANSPARENCY,  you don't know who wrote that.  It doesn't say when they're reading that script who wrote it on the bottom of the screen...
it doesn't say 'This is a WHITE HOUSE TALKING POINT' or 'PENTAGON SCRIPT' -  which is what it is.   It is  unquestioningly REGURGITATING or reading off the teleprompter SCRIPTS THAT WERE HANDED TO THEM from the State Department, or from the Pentagon, or White House.
 And it's presented as 'NEWS' - and what does that word even mean 'news'?


David Knight:  So if someone goes to a press conference, and really questions the president, they are vilified, and ostracized by their fellow...   
Anthony Freda:  "They lose access..."  
 David Knight:  "Exactly,  it's all about keeping access.  So it's a SELF-CENSORING THING,  they don't want their colleagues to come after them, they don't want to be excluded from the press pool.
So what happened when you did this piece for the New York Times..."  
Anthony Freda:  "It was [an assignment for] VILLAGE VOICE..."
David Knight:  "OK.."

 screen-shot: Anthony Freda illustration portrays U.S.  government,  CONGRESS,  as a cities destroying, nations-wiping-out  H-BOMB...