Saturday, October 12, 2013

Are the Al QAEDA FUNDING TRAITORS in Tel Aviv, in the Obama Administration, and in the Military High Command (CIA, NSA, Pentagon & Deep "Black Ops") PLANNING a NUCLEAR "FALSE FLAG" ATTACK on a major AMERICAN CITY?

 This is a long 46 minute video, but within 5 minutes of the video, we learn that NUCLEAR WARHEADS in the AMERICAN military nuclear arsenal,  have been ILLEGALLY TRANSFERRED   with improper paperwork and clearly insufficient security - existing security protocols not being followed - and  we know from "mainstream" sources that  TREASONOUS  puppet of jewish War Lobby "U.S." Senator  LINDSEY GRAHAM   specifically THREATENED that  IF  the United States DID NOT BOMB SYRIA as Bush Obama, Kerry, and the Neo-Cons demanded,  then  SOUTH CAROLINA would SUFFER A NUCLEAR ATTACK....

    We have the highest confidence in the reporting of  Anthony Gucciardi,  and completely agree with InfoWars producer  Alex Jones that this entire scandal/atrocity  is highlighting the PURGING of  old-school  U.S. generals who refuse to be part of  NUCLEAR TERROR and NUCLEAR EXTORTION PLOTS - BEING PERPETRATED BY the U.S. GOVERNMENT  under the OBAMA administration -  and that the older generals who refuse to run headlong in to a NUCLEAR WAR AGAINST IRAN, are being PURGED... and  replaced by an insane, younger generation of  warmongering NEO-CON  nuclear extortionists.... 

 Is the insane  "NEARLY STARTED World War III back in September  by BOMBING  SYRIA as a prelude to BOMBING IRAN"  Obama administration __PURGING_ senior U.S. military generals... and replacing them with   younger,  "NEO-CON" WARMONGERS WHO WILL GO ALONG with NUCLEAR EXTORTION,  World War III... and   FALSE FLAG   TREASON   NUCLEAR weapon  TERROR ATTACKS  _AGAINST  AMERICAN   cities  to set the wars & nuclear extortion off ???!!!

    screen-shot from video:    Major Gen. Jack WEINSTEIN  is being put in as part of a PURGE against older generals who refuse to RUSH IN to  NUCLEAR WAR against Iran....  and who refused to play ball with  NUCLEAR TERROR  AGAINST AMERICAN CITIES !!