Tuesday, June 18, 2013


  The ROT of  America decomposing under judeo occupation - the "Neo-Con" HIJACKING of America -  is now creating such a stench that even (formerly)  rabid  'Democrat'  Obama supporters can barely avoid noticing (and here, here, here and abysmally again, here).

  Under the insane warmongering influence of his jewish war lobby handlers, President Obama  AND HIS ENTIRE CABINET -  Vice President Joe Biden,  Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of War Chuck Hagel, CIA Director  John Brennan, and of course orthodox jew Treasury Secretary jacob lew  -  are ALL 
SUPPORTING the SUPPLYING OF AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in SYRIA with  advanced, portable, SURFACE-to-AIR MISSILES of the type that will be used to SHOOT DOWN SYRIAN AIRLINERS...  of the type that could shoot down AMERICAN or European AIRLINERS at any time as well...
...remember how the  BOSTON Marathon BOMBING patsies are accused by our own government of  being "Chechan AL QAEDA TERRORISTS" ???  

The above is a REUTERS,  ROTHSCHILDS   jewish 'MONEY POWER'  owned anti-humanity,  war-pimping  headline... clearly promoting the KILLING OF MORE  SYRIANS, than the 90,000 who have already died during the evil judeo war state's + USA + Britain + France + NATO + Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari, & other Gulf Arab states supported  AL QAEDA TERRORIST PROXY INVASION of  Syria these past mass-murderous 24 months.

 The evil Reuters judeo war-pigs even admit that the war is now - and has been for months! -
  a FOREIGN supplied & ARMED INVASION of  Syria - 

Saudis SUPPLYING MISSILES  to Syria 'Rebels
By Amena Bakr
DUBAI | Mon Jun 17, 2013
(Reuters) - Saudi Arabia, a staunch opponent of President Bashar al-Assad since early in Syria's conflict, began supplying anti-aircraft missiles to rebels "on a small scale" about two months ago, a Gulf source said on Monday.
The shoulder-fired weapons were obtained mostly from suppliers in France and Belgium, the source told Reuters. France had paid for the transport of the weapons to the region.
The supplies were intended for General Salim Idriss, leader of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), who was still the kingdom's main "point man" in the opposition, the source said.
The Gulf source said without elaborating that the kingdom had begun taking a more active role in the Syrian conflict in recent weeks due to the intensification of the conflict... (cont'd) 
 A  "more active role" than what -  'merely'  supplying millions of dollars to  Al Qaeda Sunni jihadi terrorists/warriors to KILL SYRIAN CIVILIANS and DESTROY Syrian cities over the past dozen months???


           America's  "national security elites" are caught here in the process of turning on a dime:  After RAMMING  A DECADE's WORTH of  TSA, "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act",  NSA spying,   and similar "War on Terror"  police state dictatorship (terroristic!)  rules,  and the entire Iraq war invasion & occupation  down America's throats using the "9-11 Al QAEDA TERRORISTS!"  as a  bogeyman;

     the same "national security elites" are now - in their frenzy to launch a WAR AGAINST IRAN -  painting Al Qaeda as our new ALLIES  in the 'new' war on terror - the CHECHAN Boston bombing patsies and the Libya Benghazi Consulate attack by Al Qaeda aligned Sunni fundamentalist terror cells notwithstanding!!!
    Don't believe us?       Just look at this headline -  according to Fox 'news',  AL QAEDA (the Taliban)  is NOW OUR BEST FRIENDS!  
US and Taliban to Hold Afghanistan PEACE TALKS in Qatar Office this week, Officials Say
Published June 18, 2013 by FoxNews.com
The United States and the Taliban will engage in Afghanistan peace talks in an office that has opened in Qatar, senior U.S. administration officials say...

Got that?   Our - America's - INSANE  'national security' elite and leaders - going right up to the President, the vice president, the secretary of state, the secretary of War, the CIA Director, the Speaker of Con-gress,
the "Democrat" Minority Leader of Con-gress ("AIPAC GIRL" and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi)
and the entire  U.S.A. military and all government "national security" agencies - are all ARMING AL QAEDA TERRORIST cells with  ADVANCED WEAPONS !!!   

    even as  they - the judeo owned media and U.S. government - paint two  CHECHAN   Boston Marathon bombing suspects  as "AL QAEDA TERRORISTS" who bombed American civilians in broad daylight on American streets!  

  The above 'our' U.S. government officials,   are ALL COMPLICIT IN TREASON,  ARMING AL QAEDA to furnish a PRETEXT - "civil war" - to justify a NEW, egregious, unprovoked, mass-murderous, and genocidal  U.S. WAR in the Mideast,  AGAINST the wishes of the American people, and against  COMMON SENSE and international law - handing out millions of dollars of weapons to Sunni Islamic fundamentalist 'warriors' - jihadis  (aka "terrorists") - who have been INDOCTRINATED, by SAUDI, KUWAITI, and other Gulf Arab oil state funded theocratic traing - to HATE AMERICA !!!

EVERYWHERE THEY GO, the U.S., israel (judeo permanent war state), NATO, Britain, France, and Gulf Arab states'  funded proxy "rebel"  'warriors' IMMEDIATELY PURGE and MASSACRE victims by the thousands  - all BLACK AFRICANS (in Libya) or  CHRISTIANS, Druze, Shiite, and other non-Sunni victims in Syria -  the CHRISTIANS in IRAQ, in Afghanistan, in PALESTINE, and now in Syria are BEING ERADICATED by  the funding of the nominal "Christian" states of Britain, France, Europe, and the US  State Department, War Department, Congress, White House, and AMERICAN CHURCHES that have been bribed & co-opted by the israeli war-lobby jews !!!

 (wow!  Here blatantly genocidal jewish supremacist Pam Geller, of the hate-mongering and judeo war-lobby pimping "Atlas Shrugged" blog, tries to have her cake and eat it to:  as a Jewish War Lobby fanatic she approves of the ISRAEL,  Mossad orchestrated  U.S., NATO, and Gulf Arab funded JEWISH WARS... as a ("liberal democrat" despising) Obama hater,  she is trying to pretend that Obama's  JEWISH PUPPET MASTERS are NOT behind Obama's craven, mass-murderous,  genocidal, treasonous "ARM AL QAEDA TERRORIST ARMIES"   proxy invasion of Syria !!)

For close to a year I have been warning about the genocide of Christians and Alawites if the jihadists ("rebels") came to power. Massive. Monstrous. There are two million Christians in Syria. Yet another Islamic genocide that will be ignored, scrubbed, sanctioned.
This is not proprietary information. Obama knows.
Obama-backed Syrian jihadists massacre Christian village population Jihadwatch

 We have only scratched the surface of this
  ABJECT TREASON  CONSUMING the ENTIRE  'leadership'  of these United States - how the Neo-Con   answers-to-israel   JUDEO WAR LOBBY is  PERPETRATING savage GENOCIDE across the Mideast and Central Asia, and pushing America into new wars, because the NY (Wall St.)  Washington,  and European political, military, industrial, media, and financial  'elites' are now 100%  ADDICTED to the CRACK COCAINE of "FREE MONEY" printing by 'the Fed,' BoE, BoJ, ECB, (et al)  bailed-out Central Banking cabals...

 ... to the 'donations' (legalized "campaign donation" BRIBES!)   from the military industrial complex, the Fed bankers extortion cartel, and the evil  Rothschilds (et al)  judeo  WAR-MONGERING  DEBT SLAVERY   PUPPET-MASTERS,   who can't help themselves but relentlessly push for the ENSLAVEMENT and  ultimate EXTERMINATION of humanity...

  Indeed,  if the Iranians don't oblige the  mass-murderous"BLACK OPS" elites with "blow-back" terror attacks after these NEW WARS are unleashed on innocent Iranian civilians,   then you know damn well that the same people who perpetrated the BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING    have  FAR MORE DEADLY BOMBS -  including  "dirty bombs" -  at their fingertips.  
 Under the Barack Obama "Democrat" and Bush/Cheney Republican administrations,  there are  now American traitors  deeply infested  within our government agencies,  being funded by American taxpayer dollars,
  who  are working on AND LUSTING FOR     the NEXT MASS-TERRORISM  ATTACKS  _IN AMERICA_  - so to unleash their insane  DHS/Fema  COMMISSAR GULAGS / Gestapo concentration camp DEATH CAMPS and MASS execution PURGES...