Thursday, October 11, 2012


Scanning our heavy loading of  (real!) news articles already loaded from previous days, we've come across a trio or so of articles that reveal the hideous, insidious "neo-conservative"  which is to say JEWISH SUPREMACIST agenda in all its stark, raving mad, insidiously treasonous, savage, cannibalistic, genocidal fury -

  Make no mistake, at the top of  the "Neo-Con" policy-making heap are THE FINANCIERS.
 The Neo-Con war-lobby appartchiks might want to make their paychecks shouting "CHINA IS THE NEXT BIG THREAT!" but if Bob Rubin, Hank Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein, and Jon Corzine (et al, ad naseum) want to make a few (hundreds of) billions of dollars shipping U.S. jobs - entire factories, entire industries! - to China,  the war-lobby Neo-Cons will shut-up and take their marching orders from their paymasters. 

  IF the  Neo-Con FINANCIERS were PUNISHED for their bad bets (much less economy killing actions!) they would immediately stop continuing those bad bets and economy killing policies...

    But with Ben Bernanke, Mario Draghi, Tim Geithner, and all the  other bankster appartchiks in place
 (in Europe they use the benign word "technocrat" to indicate a vampire, unelected, installed bankster regime DICTATOR
 who have been GIVEN LICENSE by politicians, the press/media and the  public to PRINT MONEY out of thin air -  for themselves to  "rescue the economy"  (NOT!), 
 then  the banksters effectively have license to ENRICH THEMSELVES while DESTROYING their host economies, and driving everyone else into the poor-house...  which is to say, the evil banksters casino GULAG   DEBT SLAVERY  "go ahead and die already"

     We've pointed out in previous posts the ARCHITECTS of  Wall Streets road to ruin,  to Wall Street's current TOTAL DEPENDENCE on "BAILOUTS"  and back-door bailouts,  Bernanke's "Quantitative Easing" license to print money (which goes only to otherwise failed banksters) -  Bob Rubin, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, who were conning Americans to believe that what was good for Wall St.,  and Goddamn-Sachs in particular, was good for America:

The Warning (PBS): Brooksley Born vs. Alan Greenspan, Lawrence Summers, Robert Rubin on OTC Derivative Regulation

"The Warning, a PBS documentary that aired in 2009, is about how Brooksley Born, former chairperson of the CFTC, fought against the financial lobby and financial regulators Alan Greenspan (former Fed Chairman), Lawrence Summers (former Treasury Secretary), and Robert Rubin (former Treasury Secretary [& former Goddamn-Sachs Chairman]) to try to regulate OTC derivatives between 1996-1999. They eventually shut her down and got congress to pass the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, which excluded all OTC derivatives from regulation..." (cont'd)

This above is "old news" - what is "new news" is that by now Americans should understand that "WHAT IS GOOD for GODDAMN-SACHS, is most assuredly NOT  good for America" -  a  very simple lesson that
(Goddamn-Sachs hiding behind everyone's pensions and need for continued consumer goods production and continuing economic activity, i.e. jobs & industry and full supermarket shelves)
  is still NOT at all understood across America.

   Indeed,  the Republican Party has nominated Mitt Romney, a LBO "Leveraged Buy Out" scam artist playing from the Goddamn-Sachs playbook as its presidential candidate, and with the Goddamn-Sachs judeo vampires having SABOTAGED Barack Obama's presidency from the inside out, Romney may well be the next president.

      But Romney voters should know that Romney's  Bain Capital is practically a junior model of Citi-bank,  which Bob Rubin, Sandy Weil,  and other jewish financiers effectively tried to make into a spin-off or  clone of the original Goddamn-Sachs vampire squid.   Bain Capital is just one of those non-jewish LBO  financial sharks that the judeo financial elites allow to thrive, to give the appearance that they are not running the show.

  So, while this article is from 2009,  it is far more accurate "news" today than anything coming out of the financial pages of the (mostly jewish owned!) "Financial News" -

 "How Goldman Sachs Made Tens Of Billions Of Dollars From The Economic Collapse Of America In Four Easy Steps" 

 -which is to say,   


As we posted yesterday,  some (otherwise "conservative")  financial bloggers are finally starting to take notice, that for the big enough hedge-funds on Wall St.  SABOTAGING your rivals is a way to make sure you profit from SHORTING their stock... and, if you are a really, really big hedge fund like the Goddamn-Sachs vampire squid,  or like JP Morgan, or a team of economic vultures quickly assembled together to profit from the latest sabotage destruction,  you can profit from "SHORTING" entire currencies... entire nations like Greece and Iceland...  even (as we just explained above) "SHORTING" the ENTIRE American economy or WAGING economic sabotage war against all of Europe!

    "America Wages Financial War on Europe"

But WAGING SABOTAGE financial war on their host economies is only one of  three prongs or pillars of the evil judeo Neo-Con  3 pronged assault to enslave humanity:

 #2. of course is waging EVER MORE WARS on the AMERICAN taxpayers' expense. 
The jewish TRAITOR Neo-Cons who were running the Bush presidency behind their hired (and disposable) Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Colin Powell, Condi Rice and other non-jewish front-men (and women) - the Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, Doug Feith, David Wurmser, Dov Zackheim,  Michael Chertoff, Michael Mukasey, Michael "Heckuva job, Brownie" Brown, Josh Bolten, Ari Fleischer, Ken Mehlman, Stuart Levey crowd,  either  perpetrating the 9-11 DERELICTION of DUTY and/or TREASON before the attacks;   or whitewashing the 9-11 DERELICTION of DUTY/TREASON after the fact
(Libby and Bolten were CHIEFS OF STAFF to either Cheney or Bush, which is to say  they were running the  entire White House;  the Wolfowitz crowd was running the Pentagon, which is to say the entire  U.S. military before 9-11; and running the Iraq invasions after pulling off  their little 9-11 "whups! we missed it!" stunt; and  Stuart Levey was right behind hired Goy (and former GODDAMN-SACH CEO) Hank Paulson  at Bush's ECONOMY WRECKING Treasury department...

   The very judeo-philia (jewish friendly) wikipedia proudly writes up David Wurmser as co-author of  the infamous "SECURING THE REALM" paper written for then ISRAEL PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU in 1996 - what has become
"THE BLUEPRINT for 'AMERICA's' WARS" ever since!
 (Actually the Wurmser, Perle, Feith, Lowenberg "Securing the Realm" paper written for the JEWISH STATE prime minister was based on Wolfowitz's 1992 "Defense Policy Guidance" paper written for then Undersecretary of War Paul Wolfowitz's boss, then Secretary of War Dick Cheney.... but we're quibbling.)
"Wurmser has been credited as being one of the main authors of the 1996 report A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, a paper prepared for incoming Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. This advocated pre-emptive strikes against Iran and Syria, the removal of Saddam Hussein from Iraq and the abandonment of traditional "land for peace" negotiations with Palestinians.[3]

  Well, right there you have it -  according to the very pro-jewish wikipedia, , so-called "American" immigrant jew David Wurmser is ARCHITECT, not only of israel's blatant JEWISH SUPREMACY  "ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Palestine"  abandonment of  "land for peace" negotiations, but also of the  PRE-EMPTIVE WARS against IRAQ,  SYRIA, AND IRAN - with America obviously providing the funding and muscle for the first, if not, soon, all three!

 SO, BEYOND A SHADOW of a doubt, the ECONOMIC CRISIS has a GREENSPAN, BERNANKE, RUBIN, SUMMERS, GEITHNER, Paulson,  Goddamn-Sachs very jewish flavor to it and
    AMERICA's EVER EXPANDING WARS  _also_ have a very jewish  Wurmser, Wolfowitz, Libby, Perle, FeithRAHM EMANUEL,  JACOB LEW, Dennis Ross, Ron Klain, James Steinberg  NETANYAHU,  Ehud Barak,  Likud jewish war state flavor to them...

    Which only leaves the 3rd leg of the hideous,  core Neo-Con agenda - INCREASING POLICE STATE REPRESSION at home in America (and Europe)  to MAKE the peons  SUBSERVIENT to the ENGINEERED ECONOMIC SABOTAGE that, undemocratically, puts the elites OVER the public, makes the entire American economy the private domain of the elites,  just as slaves in the Deep South (or slaves in ancient Rome... or judea) lived on vast  estates that were the sole property of the slave-owners - what today the greedy-pig Neo-Cons call "privatization."

 And it's not like  incompetent, unqualified jewish lawyer MICHAEL "Heckuva job, Brownie" - PUT IN CHARGE OF America's multi-billion dollar disaster relief agency, FEMA by idiot President George W. Bush - had nothing to do with  BLACKWATER  "PRIVATE" security MACHINE-GUN ARMED  SS Stormtroopers walking in Black neighborhoods after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans...   
  Hate-whipped "white" Americans were stupid enough to buy into the "we must used hired gunmen to 'protect' innocent people in disaster ravaged New Orleans" Neo-Con logic of Bush & Brownie's despicable Katrina disaster response in 2005...  now the hired gun-men, and militarized police & sheriff's deputies,  have license to kill all Americans in 2012

Hiring Blackwater gunmen is about THE ONLY  step Brownie's SUBVERTED, SABOTAGED, debauched  FEMA did in advance of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans!
    The despicable jewish saboteur "Brownie" EVEN FORCED  100 WalMart trucks with donated water to go elsewhere than to New Orleans after the Hurricane passed, and floods from U.S. government, Army Corps of Engineers levees failed - as almost all competent experts predicted they might - jewish appartchik saboteur lawyer Brown ORDERING WalMart NOT to send those trucks where they were needed most,  claiming the Superdome that had become New Orleans disaster relief site  was unreachable... even though heavy, vulnerable camera-laden network news trucks were able to drive right up to the Superdome to film the disaster unfolding there by Brownie's rank negligence, incompetence, and sabotage - supported by every wretched, foul, neo-con,  jewish owned 'major media'  'news' paper in Amerika! 

     And look who was the FOUNDING HEAD of  the DHS, the Naziesque sounding "Department of HOMELAND Security."    "Homeland" sounds awfully similar to "the REALM"  of  Swiss born jew David Wurmser's  theocratic, DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS "Securing the REALM" paper  for israel -
 a very judeo "Old World" notion that was not familiar to Americans before 9-11 gave the jews cover to institute their jewish run DHS dictatorship appartchik apparatus over, above, and all but beyond oversight of America's more traditional military and police and (Dept. of 'Justice') FBI enforcement.

  Upper-mid-level jewish 'Justice' Department appartchiks Michael Mukasey and Michael Chertoff were both promoted to the very top tiers of American government apparatus, Chertoff as head of the DHS and Mukasey as head of the 'Justice' Department (Attorney General) -  specifically for whitewashing the 9-11  treason/incompetence,  which (9-11 attacks)  brought about those  Wurmser, Wolfowitz, Feith, Libby's (et al)  precious 'American' wars doing the despicable jewish war state's dirty work of killing Muslims by the thousands in Afghanistan, Iraq, now Pakistan, Libya, Syria, and soon enough Iran.

  (And make no mistake:  just as the evil jewish Neo-Con traitor saboteurs were IN BED WITH AL QAEDA TERRORISTS  leading UP TO 9-11; so too today are the evil jewish warmongering appartchiks IN BED with AL QAEDA TERRORISTS - in Libya, in Syria, in Iran, and soon IN RUSSIA AND CHINA.)    

 Mukasey would become Attorney General - where he continued to TRASH the U.S. Constitution (and in particular, Mukasey would continue or whitewash the political purge prosecutions of DEMOCRAT ONLY congressional candidates on the eve of elections, "Purge-gate"), with, as usual,  the judeo factor in Purgegate (specifically Michael Mukasey's whitewashing of it)  swept OUT of the 'news' by the evil jewish owned media,  the Meyer/Graham Washington Post, the Sulznberger NY Times, and the cnn/TIME/Warner empire (all of which spilled plenty of ink pretending to investigate and report on "Purgegate" - whose most prominent victim, btw,  was genuine "liberal"  good-guy (popular with voters) Arkansas Governor Don Siegelman - convicted in a rigged Republican court for doing one one-thousandth of what Bush, Cheney, Emanuel, and dozens of other right-wing Neo-Con pols get away with every day.
  The sinister Rahm Emanuel let his fellow jew, convicted by Republican lynhch-mob Arkansas Gov. Siegelman, twist in the wind when Emanuel became Obama's White House Chief of Staff, because the sinister Emanuel is actually a radical right-wing judeo supremacist Neo-Con,  masquerading,  "MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE" fashion, as a liberal "Change!" Democrat.

     In this long post, we don't have time at the moment  to detail, or even outline, the JUDEO authored  POLICE STATE REPRESSION unfolding across America, although in true Rothschilds fashion
 (in the very anti-Semitic 19th century/1800s, the Rothschilds always made sure they operated behind non-jewish front-banks and corporations, so as not to incite or antagonize public hostility) 
the Jewish POLICE STATE DICTATORSHIP squad hides behind plenty of willing non-jew accomplices - except for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg,  who is at the forefront of turning the NYPD into a private, SS style head-crushing  Brown Shirt gang - but as we all know, since 9-11 ushered in the judeo run DHS dictatorship,  America's police now effectively have pre-printed "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE!" cards - even when they SHOOT unarmed Americans in routine traffic stops.