Monday, October 22, 2012

Republican OCTOBER SURPRISE TREASON has ALREADY Taken Place?? Webster Tarpley: The Neo-Con judeo Warmongers + "MORMON MAFIA" foreign policy crew of Mitt ROMNEY campaign, ARRANGED TO INCITE ATTACK on U.S. Embassy in Libya... to make president Obama look weak....

Webster Tarpley:  MORE Republican "October Surprise" TREASON,  this time from the Romney "MORMON MAFIA" + Neo-Con/judeo Warmongers campaign -  

 CIA + Mormon Mafia Has Fingerprints All Over Benghazi Terrorist Attacks that Killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens !! 

October 27  2012

   We'll try to return to this post and dissect Mr. Tarpley's astonishing analysis...

  ...that the Neo-Cons + 'Mormon Mafia' national security/foreign policy crew of the Mitt Romney Republican campaign 
(centered, Mr. Tarpley suggests, around former Bush-Cheney Neo-Con U.N. ambassador nominee John Bolton, another one of the treasonous Bush-Cheney Neo-Cons who did nothing, Nothing,  NOTHING to prevent the 9-11 terrorists attacks in the long months in which the al Qaeda attack on the U.S.S. Cole in a Yemen harbor had gone unpunished  leading up to September 2001) 

in order to make President Obama look weak,  "the  Carterization" of Obama....

   Just as the original  Republican "October Surprise" in the 1980 election made President Jimmy Carter look weak, by Republican + jewish state traitors  ARRANGING with Iran's ayatollahs and revolutionaries, to HOLD AMERICAN EMBASSY HOSTAGES PAST the November 1980 election, to make Carter look weak and pathetic.

TREASON - the INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE of America's foreign policy by powerful players in the CIA, military, & financiers, in close league with the despicable, war-lusting jewish war state,  is  now the DEFINING ASPECT of American governance, especially regarding 9-11, the American police state, and ever expanding wars.


 We'll return to try to dissect this video later, but for now try to note Mr. Tarpley's own deconstruction of "the Mormon Mafia" and their CIA operatives INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGING  Ambassador Chris Steven's hired mercenary protection force...
  INVITING an ATTACK on the U.S. embassy that would make President Obama and his foreign policy look weak and pathetic.

    According to Mr. Tarpley,  election 2012 has already seen  one Republican 
"OCTOBER SURPRISE" venture into treason and sabotage,   just as the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Libby White House and War Department DID NOT DO ONE DAMN THING to prevent the 9-11-2001 terror attacks in New York and Washington D.C. shortly after the stolen election of November 2000.


     Note also Mr. Tarpley's  final comments - that just over 100 years ago, ALL MORMONS were REQUIRED to swear a BLOOD OATH against America,  to do all they could to DESTROY the United States of America and its government,  the Mormon leadership's response to what they saw as persecution by the U.S. government in what history has called "The Mormon Wars" .

  If Mr. Tarpley is correct, this would be a textbook example of the Jews throwing one set of allies to the wolves - the Egyptians, the Midianites, the Russians, the Poles, the Germans, the Spanish, the Turks (pick ANY host nation the jews have lived in over the past 40 centuries!)  as they make new alliances with a new set of allies... and proceed to attack, destroy (and eventually exterminate) their previous allies - in this case, Jews throwing  American "liberals," American Blacks, and even their 'conservative'  WASP
 (White Anglo Saxon Protestant + Scots-Irish/Celtic Protestants, the core ethnic group of the Deep South) 
American partners to the wind, as they make a new alliance with the "Mormon Mafia" - who are as blatantly Mormon supremacists, as the jews are judeo-supremacists....