Friday, October 12, 2012

Last Night's V.P. debate reveals... CONFIRMS.. that America is a ONE-PARTY, JUDEO run Neo-Con DICTATORSHIP...

While watching the past 2 decades of insidious Neo-Con treachery devour the (late) "United" States has been a slow-motion nightmare,  the good news is that now that the nightmare is here,  we are no longer quite so "insane" in analyzing or commenting on it,  and we no longer donate a "dime" to the so-called "liberal" or "Change" party.

   Because thanks to the insidious "Manchurian Candidate" treason and treachery of the Joe Lieberman, Dianne Feinstein, Rahm Emanuel, Jacob Lew, Carl Levin(e),  Chuck Schumer, Cass Sunstein, Bob Rubin, Larry Summers, Pete Orszag (et al, ad naseum) crowdthey don't even make a pretense of offering "change" from the DESPISED policies of the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Bernanke administration:

   ...the "Democrats" SUPPORT UNLIMITED, NO OVERSIGHT "bailouts,"

   ...the Democrats WHITEWASH financial FRAUD (especially when ('former') Goddamn-Sachs personnel such as Jon Corzine or Bob Rubin are involved) just as fervently as the Bush-Cheney Republicans...

  ...the Democrats support the NETANYAHU, Likud blatantly jewish supremacist policy of  HIRING al QAEDA TERRORISTS to TERRORIZE Libya, Syria, Iran, and anywhere else the evil jewish supremacists feel they are ENTITLED to MURDER people... 

  ...and WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME you heard a jewish, er 'Democratic" Senator COMPLAINING ABOUT TORTURE, GESTAPO POLICE STATE arrest powers, the Obama/Emanuel/Jacob Lew  Amerikan government kgb/GESTAPO  ASSASSINATIONS list,  

    or any of the other ANTI-AMERICAN ATROCITIES coming out of the obama/rahm emanuel/jacob lew White House - including judeo-aligned (if not dominated) financial power J.P. Morgan/Chase bank getting  ONE DOLLAR for  EVERY dollar they "administer" of America's  food stamp program??!!  

 Well, don't take our word for any of the above - here's a short rundown this Friday night, as election nightmare 2012 roars down on us Americans with NO real choice on the ballot this year:
Ryan criticized the Obama administration on issue after issue, including sanctions against Iran, withdrawal from Iraq, and spending. Yet he failed to provide any specifics about how the Romney-Ryan team would offer a significant change from the Obama administration.

Perhaps the best two-liner of the night was Biden’s “What would my friend do differently? If you notice, he never answers the question.” 

Mr. Biden can't possibly be all that satisfied with the awful record of ECONOMIC CONTRACTION in the 4 years since he and president obama took office,  but Vice President Biden, and Republican V.P. nominee Paul Ryan,  can NOT articulate anything that that either one of them would CHANGE... because they BOTH TAKE THEIR MARCHING ORDERS from their NEO-CON  judeo war-lobby PUPPET-MASTERS!!!   

  Biden can NOT say he would INVESTIGATE and PROSECUTE FINANCIAL FRAUD - because he is IN BED with the Goddamn-Sachs judeo financial fraudsters who run his boss's (obama's) presidency!  (including Biden's own CHIEF OF STAFF!

   Paul Ryan can NOT demand INVESTIGATIONS INTO FINANCIAL FRAUD  and "bailouts" that are ruining America  - because the Rethuglican Party is funded by the Jewish War lobby and Goddamn-Sachs/jpm/Fed (= rothschilds & associates)  "the wealth of rothschilds is the ruin of nations" judeo financiers who have INSTITUTIONALIZED  free money for themselves, 
 at everyone else's expense (the Bush-Paulson-Obama-Geithner "BAILOUTS" and the  Bernanke UNLIMITED MONEY PRINTING back-door bailouts "QE-3"). 


The other day, former (under President Reagan) Assistant Secretary of Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts spoke of  America’s Moral Degeneracy,  he specifically mentioned the relentlessly lying press/media and the blood-lust to kill Muslims of "the Christian/Zionist forces of the Western bloc."    (full quote below)

  Outspoken "exiled" Financial activist  Max Keiser agrees completely with Dr. Roberts' assessment of the MORAL DEGENERACY of the west under what we call  "the NEO-CON agenda," 
    the "Christian/Zionist forces" mentioned explicitly in our quote above.

 In an excellent rant,  Mr. Keiser shouts out the obvious, that the NOBEL 'peace' PRIZE HAS BEEN REPEATEDLY AWARDED to WARMONGERS, economy-wreckers, and this year in particular, to the "European Union" that is marked by  SPREADING POVERTY, political repression (police beating protesters)  and ECONOMIC CHAOS... as BANKERS KEEP GETTING RICHER from E.C.B. "BAILOUTS" for their own LOSSES, bankruptcies, debts, and failures... which by bureaucratic dictates they have SHAFTED ON TO THE TAXPAYERS of the countries  that now regret being part of the European Union, metastasizing rothschilds/judeo genocidal debt extortion cabal - see the rothschilds building mansions by the dozens  in and around London, as the IRISH HOLOCAUST RAGED, consuming 2 million+ souls in the 1848-1852 'great famine' alone!

  Make no mistake: as we wrote in our previous post,  CRACKING HEADS of the slaves, to keep them working until they are expended on the master's estate/plantation,  IS  judeo finance,  no matter how many thousands of  Neo-Con hired writers, government apparatchiks, bought-off academics, and soulless media whores tell you otherwise... it's right there in the damned "holy' bible!


scenes we've seen before: the Euro bankers get richer.... entire sectors of the European population are starved to death to serve the "private property" interests of the DEBT SLAVERY & EXTORTION RULING CLASS,  backed up by gov't.  bayonets & rifles of the conscripted armies who will be happy to shoot their own kin:


  What's old is new:   Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains how the anglo/america/judeo elites operating out of  NY, Tel Aviv,  and Washington, D.C. today,  have LICENSE to HIRE hired ("paramilitary) mercenary thugs and send them to create mass-murder and havoc in Libya, Syria, Iran, and every other country the  evil judeo elite wish to extort and dominate today....

 ...just as, in the 1840s, the British elites,  with the Rothschilds as the indisputable apex of British finance, sent the British army, and deputized local forces, to SEIZE  Ireland's food production and ship it to England, both to keep the English from starving due to bad harvests, and for the private profit of the elites - with the bankers at the apex - who had become "LANDOWNERS" of  Irish property only through centuries of British military bayonets backed bullying.
   (Anglo elite 'abseentee landlord' "ownership" of Irish properties hrought about by the force of several centuries of English army guns, bayonets, clubs, whips, and hanging trees during those centuries of British conquest, repression, and genocidal occupation of Ireland.)

America’s Moral Degeneracy

 Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Foreign Policy Journal
 Oct 10, 2012,

On May 31, 2010, the Israeli  [jewish] right-wing government sent armed military troops to illegally board in international waters Gaza aid ships of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla organized by the Free Gaza Movement and the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief. The Israelis murdered 8 Turkish citizens and one US citizen in cold blood. Many others were wounded by the forces of “the only democracy in the Middle East.”
Despite the murder of its citizen, Washington immediately took the side of the crazed Israeli government. The Turks had a different response. The prime minister of Turkey, Erdogan, said that the next aid ships would be protected by the Turkish navy. But Washington got hold of its puppet and paid him to shut up. Once upon a time, the Turks were a fierce people. Today they are Washington’s puppets.
We have witnessed this during the past week. The Turkish government is permitting the Islamists from outside Syria  [ = HIRED al QAEDA TERRORISTS]  organized by the CIA and Israel, to attack Syria from Turkish territory. On several occasions a mortar shell has, according to news reports if you believe them, fallen just inside the Turkey border. The Turkish military has used the excuse to launch artillery barrages into Syria. 

People who with good cause no longer believe the US and western media or the US and western governments think that the mortar shells were fired by US or Israeli operatives, or by the “rebels” they support, in order to give Turkey the excuse to start a NATO war with Syria. A UN sanctioned NATO invasion or air strikes, as in Libya, has been blocked by the Russians and Chinese.  
  But  if Syria and Turkey get into a war, NATO must come to the aid of its NATO member, Turkey.
Once again we see that Muslims are easily dominated and slaughtered by Western countries, because Muslim countries are incapable of supporting one another. Instead of supporting one another, Muslim governments accept payoffs to support instead the Christian/Zionist forces of the Western bloc.
Washington knows this, which is one reason why Washington began its assertion of world hegemony in the Muslim Middle East.
In the West, the [JEWISH DOMINATED 'Amerikan' ]  Ministry of Propaganda continues to talk about the “Syrian revolt.” There is no revolt. What has happened is that the US and Israel have equipped with weapons and sent into Syria Islamists who wish to overthrow the secular Syrian government. Washington knows that if the Syrian government can be destroyed, the country will dissolve into waring factions like Iraq and Libya.

  The JUDEO WAR PIGS are UNMISTAKABLY AT THE APEX of  EVERY ONE OF THE ATROCITIES  that today comprise the "NEO-CON AGENDA" -  expanding U.S. wars, genocidal massacres, BANK FAILURES,  financial FRAUD,  Irish famine-esque  "BAILOUTS" and genocidal DEBT EXTORTION, and  an "American" GESTAPO/kgb  POLICE STATE REPRESSION   that mimics the ferocity of  Southern slave hunters tracking down and arresting  escaped slaves in the northern states on the eve of the American civil war -  slave-chasing "bounty hunters' who would BRIBE LOCAL JUDGES to send even FREED BLACKS INTO BRUTAL SLAVERY in the Deep South -

  -   the above  is the ruthless, evil,  jewish supremacist Neo-Con agenda,  giving life and substance to 2,000 years of "anti-semitic"  fear, loathing, paranoia, and disgust...