Wednesday, October 10, 2012

America - the TREASONOUS Bernake/Goddamn-Sachs/JPM/Fed + Rubin/Summers/Snow/Paulson/Geithner Treasury - DECLARE WAR ON EUROPE, are DESTROYING Europe's Economy... ON PURPOSE.

In an earlier post, we mentioned that America's TREASONOUS "Neo-Con" elites are preparing to use brutal, police-state head-cracking and mass-arrest tactics on the public protesters, such as have not been seen in America since the height of the Vietnam War protests in the early 1970s, once the planned-for economic GREAT DEPRESSION style "Black Thursday" ENGINEERED FINANCIAL CRASH is unleashed, full-scale, on America - as is already happening in Europe:   

Let This Be A Warning America: When the Riots Start the Government’s Response Will Be Brutal  (video)

   The very jewish Rick Ackerman publishes a similar grim foretelling of the guaranteed economic meltdown and destruction path for America, and Europe,  if the  TREASONOUS ELITES  _continue_ with their "BAILOUTS = FREE MONEY for Bankers"   path -
(made possible only through ownership of the relentlessly lying media whores corporate press/media, and by BRIBING of politicians with a fraction of those PRINTED-OUT-of-THIN-AIR billions of dollars given to bankers by Bailouts, "Liquidity Injections," and "QE" - what in the old days, back when the press &  media loved a good muck-racking story, was called good ol'  "KICKBACKS" and "GRAFT.")

 We agree completely with Mr. Ackerman and his blog guest (writer) - this is an INTENTIONAL financial crash >  economic meltdown, with the TREASONOUS insane Neo-Con elites INTENDING to create a GREAT DEPRESSION II  state of national trauma and global wreckage, so they, the evil, fraudulent, parasitic financial lords, can preside once again over a  lords of the manor vs the serfs and slaves ruthless social system.... the kind of system where a serf could be HANGED for trying to leave the repressive local he was "BOUND" to  by the system, nothing short of a slightly less sinister word for SLAVERY for white people, such as Russian peasants endured right up to 1861.
 (In Prussia the  Edict of Emancipation [(Steinsches Oktoberedikt], issued at Memel on 9 October 1807,  did not abolish the institution of serfdom in Prussia until 8 October 1810 - that's a full quarter century after Hessian de facto slave soldiers had been sent to America to help King George III suppress the American Revolution.)  

 America WAGES  FINANCIAL WAR on Europe 
by Rick Ackerman
October 10, 2012
[In the guest commentary below, Rick's Picks forum regular John Skerencak (aka John Jay) says that although the U.S. economy is but a pale shadow of its former self, its powerful military and corrupt financial system are a dominant and provocative force throughout the world. Allied with Britain, America is reconquering the old Axis powers (plus France) so that the U.S. and U.K. can emerge from the rubble unchallenged for economic supremacy. RA]

 Although we have published the below video before, long ago, it is time to re-publish it again:
  Little Economic Hit Man Timmy Giethner, who won his stripes in the Bob Rubin and Larry Summers Treasury Department for  PRESIDING OVER the ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION, DEMOLITION TAKEDOWN of several of America's "allies'" economies as one of Rubin's  high-ranking Goddamn-Sachs minion in the Treasury Department;
was STUPIDLY put in charge of the entire U.S. Treasury by a deluded and delusional incoming President Barack Obama in 2009 - who probably thought he was making a "better" choice for his Treasury Secretary than Geithner's former boss,  (former Clinton 3rd Treasury Secretary) Larry Summers.

    Unfortunately, Geithner is far smarter and smoother than the clownish Larry Summers is..... Summers would have been run out of Treasury long ago... FORCING a re-think of the "'Deregulation' = LICENSE to LOOT & PLUNDER by bankers + 'BAILOUTS' = TAX CUTS FOR RICH ON STEROIDS" 
  ( "bailouts" = FREE 'money' for bankers!) 
while Geithner has been clever enough to maintain a low profile...  
as HE WRECKS the ENTIRE  U.S.A. economy, and  WRECKS the  EUROPEAN economies to make the U.S. economy look stronger in comparison... 

  Don't forget to watch segments 1 and 3 as well,  but it is in segment 2 of this 20 minute video where David DeGraw  
PREDICTS, PREDICTS, PREDICTS that 3 years later (today!)  
 Geithner will have presided over ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE !!!! 

 "AN ENGINEERED FINANCIAL ATTACK on the U.S. financial system and the Economy" - by little economic hatchet man Timmy Geithner, "THE PREEMINENT ECONOMIC DEATH SQUAD LEADER... Tim Geithner was ALL OVER the DESTRUCTION of ARGENTINA" !!!! 

 Video clip #1. - 
video clip #2.
video clip #3.


 bonus:  Economist Dr. Michael Hudson  ALSO  PREDICTS, in 2009 and 2010, that Obama's idiotic appointment of  'Federal' Reserve HATCHET MAN Timmy Giethner,  and  Obama's INSANE  RE-APPOINTMENT of Bush-W.  ECONOMY KILLING  Fed Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke, WOULD DEVASTATE the American economy... WORSE than the September 2008 market meltdown already had !!!!

Deepening Debt Crisis: The Bernanke Reappointment: Be Afraid, Very Afraid by Prof Michael Hudson  

  and audio (mp3 or streaming) -

Dr. Michael Hudson: Obama’s Republican Class War Presidency (must-listen   (Feb. 2010)