Monday, January 30, 2012

DESPICABLE 'American' Jews FOMENTING RAGE & HATRED in America... Just like the NAZIS did in Germany in 1930s...

In November 2010 voters in the sprawling Florida 22nd Congressional District that includes a long coastal strip into both Broward and Palm Beach Counties had one hell of a "CHOICE" between their major-party  congressional candidates:  

   ...they could vote for a SHYSTER, WAR-LOBBY jewish Neo-Con appartchik PRETENDING to be a "Liberal" Democrat, sitting congressman Ron Klein, 

   or they could vote for a JEWISH WAR LOBBY FUNDED radical Right-Wing war supporter Allan West. 

Then sitting congressman Ron Klein was of the now TYPICAL Jewish Neo-Con pretend "liberal Democrat" who ran in 2006 on a "Change" platform -   but who was treachery distilled from day one;  Klein is actually a pro-war, pro- tax-cuts-for-rich (on steroids, with "bailouts for failed, bankrupt, insolvent, but con-gress bribing banksters)  jewish-supremacist war-lobby appartchik  ("Neo-Con") who stands quietly by as the Neo-Con elitist establishment ratchets up their NO CIVIL or HUMAN RIGHTS for Americans agenda...
 (much less for anyone caught up in America's expanding  police state GWOT terror/torture gulag overseas;  much less those unfortunates caught directly in the expanding Jewish wars in Mideast, Central Asia, and now Africa - and soon enough, on the borders of China and Russia?) 
Oh, you didn't get the memo that Allan West is another non-Jewish FRONT for the insane, treasonous, treacherous, anti-human, anti-American Jewish supremacist war lobby?  
 (just like John McInsane, Sarah Palin, Lindsey Graham, Dick Cheney, John Boehner, and most other Republicans are). 

WELL.... LOOK at his, Alan West's, Congressional Chief of Staff: ANOTHER jewish Republican, which is to say, "another blatant Jewish Neo-Con war-lobby appartchik" !!    

    Not to mention, the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel 'news' paper that covers much of the district IS JEWISH OWNED, which explains why West's "bat shit crazy" Gestapo police-state & expanding-wars  lust doesn't get more coverage in South Florida press & papers: The Jewish War Lobby LOVES this racist (anti-Muslim, "anti-terrorist"), warmongering, dehumanizing, anti-American police-state Gestapo garbage.  
As to proving that so-called "Liberal" RON KLEIN was actually another RADICAL RIGHT-WING Jewish war lobby appartchik, that is as easy as proving any of the other Jewish con-gress critters and Senators are "Manchurian Candidate" style JEWISH WAR LOBBY neo-con appartchiks: JUST CHECK TO SEE if ANY of these lying, anti-American imposters SPEAK OUT AGAINST TORTURE or Gestapo, summary arrest and indefinite detentention powers!

The Jewish-"American" REFUSAL to SPEAK OUT AGAINST TORTURE and Gestapo police-state SUMMARY ARREST & DETENTION  -  no Constitutional rights for you, peon! -   police-state Gestapo powers in America, IS NOW THE DEFINING ASPECT OF AMERICA's government and governance.

THE TREACHEROUS, DESPICABLE, anti-human, treasonous, economy-wrecking Jewish war lobby (and financial-class) jews, have HIJACKED the late "United States" of America, and are now well on the way to pushing America into the THIRD MAJOR WORLD WAR of the industrial age - this current war on Iran/China/Russia nightmare that is unfolding daily is THEIR jewish handiwork... in the NUCLEAR AGE.... moving forward just as inexorably on the path of nuclear confrontation over oil resources;  as the path to the imperialist/colonial/financier sponsored First World War ground on inexorably almost exactly 100 years ago...

   ...this new Neo-Con financier sponsored,  JEWISH LIKUD driven American march to WAR,
 a war with the potential to make WWI and WWII look like a walk in the park in comparison. 

  Alan West is absolutely correct that AMERICA is now a "BATTLEFIELD" - one in which corrupt, jewish dominated bankers (the Greenspan/Bernanke MONOPOLY MONEY-PRINTING so-called 'Federal' Reserve private banking cabal)  and financial hedge-funds gets TENS OF BILLIONS (upon trillions) of dollars in "BAILOUTS" 
AS THEY INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGE the real, productive American economy that millions of working American families depend on for their jobs, incomes, and retirments... 

    ...America is now a BATTLEFIELD where treacherous Con-gress critters like Alan West get paid big bucks (in "campaign donations") to talk and speechify about "FREEDOM" and "democracy" - even as our elections are rigged by "privatized" voting machines, and  by MANUFACTURED CONSENT

     ...where the major parties and 'news' papers and networks DON'T EVEN DISCUSS the real costs and trillions of dollars handed over to the banksters,  who KICK BACK some of their economy-gutting Bernanke Fed fiat/bailouts dollars to compliant, corrupt politicians like Alan West.  

  America is now a BATTLEFIELD where even though "Democratic" politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, John Kerry, and others are VILLIFIED by war-lusting Republicans for their "assault on American ideals"... they, too, are PART OF  that radical Right-Wing financial class, no civil rights war on Americans.
  America is now a BATTLEFIELD where DECEIT and TREACHERY are the HALLMARKS of our "leaders" - who, 'Democrat' or Republican, BOTH REPRESENT THE WAR LOBBY, the police/military/industrial/financial complex,  and the insane jewish war state:    American families, freedoms, Constitutional rights, and the late U.S. Constitution be damned.