Wednesday, January 25, 2012

American Jews (Hollywood - the propaganda arm of the Jewish war lobby) turning ENGLISH men & women into SLAVES - ABUSE of ANTI-TERRORISM LAWS, to use the Federal Govt as Hollywood COPYRIGHT ENFORCEMENT THUGS...

Russia goverrnment produced RT TV has no problems, finding examples of US & British government acting like Stalinist thugs or KGB (or Gestapo) goons....
     in this case, RT observes that Hollywood - one of the FINANCIAL POWERS  behind the pay-to-play US Congressional & presidential (and state and local) elections - is using a vague ANTI-TERRORISM treaty signed between the US & England, to  arrest, prosecute, and IMPRISON English citizens that American prosecutors deem guilty of COPYRIGHT infringement.


     While RT does not connect the dots,  WE WILL:    HOLLYWOOD is DOMINATED by JEWISH moguls, JEWISH agents (including Rahm Emanuel's "mega-agent" brother), and of course Jewish shyster lawyers... and it is THEY (along with their non-Jewish partners in crime) who are creating this tag-team regime where a British student is now on his way to an American prison, MERELY for "LINKING" copyright violating sites, to his web-site -  NOT posting or making copyright downloads available himself.

  THE JEWISH run MEDIA, is truly a JEWISH MAFIA,  turning the ENTIRE  U.S. & British governments into GESTAPO POLICE STATE GOONS.

     Here's what Hollywood's despicable California (New York, & D.C.) based Jewish apparatchiks really have to say to the working stiff people of England for being the "unsinkable aircraft carrier" that, singlehandedly among European nations, resisted the tide of Nazi conquest in Europe in 1940 and thus saved the Jews:

     "THANKS FOR NOTHING, chumps!  We'll OUTSOURCE your European jobs to Asia,  EXTRACT  the wealth out of your homes by Central-bank Rotchilds style serial "pump & dump" larceny,
hog-tie your investment in renewable energy, making you DEPENDENT on the imported oil WE control.... and EXTORT YOU out of every last dime for your entertainment when all you have left is the time you can spend in front of the boob-tube..." 

 (Oh..and as we pay Tony Blair tens of millions of pounds in "speaking" and "consulting fees" by our proxy agents - including the emir of Kuwait - for being our WASP-faced front man,  we will SHRED _your_  hard-earned social safety net.  You know, the Rotchilds (or their ideological if not lineal heirs in the jewish war state) NEED TO BUILD SOME MORE MANSIONS, so... FORK IT OVER, or GO TO PRISON, you s-limey, chump Brits!)