Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Jewish celebration of "Passover" IS AN ATROCITY and a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY - glorifying the MURDER of BABIES, god's dark hand of death "PASSING OVER" Jewish homes, to KILL BABIES in the night, like a cowardly sneak thief...

We regret having to write this, but SOME ONE HAS TO:  at least 3 times a year,  Jews CELEBRATE festivals or holidays that MARK THE WHOLESALE MURDER of their neighbors.      This sorry list includes Jews celebrating "the (dark) hand of god MURDERING BABIES in the middle of the night,"  includes Jews celebrating the defeat of  Alexander's Greco-Macdeonian heirs for 'Hanukah,'  and they celebrate  the MASSACRE of  PERSIANS with the story of Purim & Queen Esther. 

    Of these three, only the battle between the Macabees and Greek/Macedonian Seleucids was truly a battle - the other two 'holidays' represent the MASSACRE of DEFENSELESS civilians.   In the story of Queen Esther (who became queen by doing a belly-dance or strip-tease before the Persian king, who was DIVORCING HIS PREVIOUS QUEEN for NOT dancing before his nobles), the bible portrays the revenge of Esther's uncle Mordechai against the Persian king's previous chief minister Haaman as "a battle,"   but if Mordechai at the time of the "battle" COMMANDED the ENTIRE FORCES of the Persian empire (as the king's new prime minister) then how much of a "battle" could it have been?   
  IF JEWS  CELEBRATE the murder and/or massacre of their neighbors THREE TIMES A YEAR, for the past nearly 3,000 years,  then "holocausts,"  "pogroms," Inquisitions,  and "anti-semitism" are  INEVITABLE BLOW-BACKS !!

 Indeed, in the case of "Passover,"  the very WORD "Passover" IS SLY PROPAGANDA: it is the sly compilation of TWO words "Pass" and "over"  to mean  the deadly, murderous hand of god PASSING OVER  Jewish babies, to KILL Egyptian babies.     But most non-Jews don't understand or realize this word-play, and think  "passover" is merely a synonym for the Jews fleeing Egypt. 

  Closer inspection of the story reveals that  THE MURDER (or "homicide" if you want to DEFINE  "killing of humans by god" as not being "murder")  of Egyptian babies,  IS THE CENTRAL ELEMENT of the Exodus story - for the "almighty god of the universe" could certainly have used some DIFFERENT means to cajole the Egyptian king (pharoah)  to let the Jews escape... but  "god" instead choose the BLOODY, BLUNT, TRAUMATIC, and ham-fisted means of  PLAGUES culminating in the KILLING OF BABIES!  
    As if the above paragraph isn't quite horrible enough, the bible very specifically states that "GOD MADE Pharoah's HEART HARD" -   "god" INTENTIONALLY CLOUDED Pharoah's judgement, so 'he' - GOD! - could have an EXCUSE to KILL defenseless  BABIES !! 
    And the above dreadful, dismal story of Jewish TREACHERY - PRAYING for the MURDER of their neighbor's children (in a blood-drenched "splash blood on your home" cabal of death manner) (= "cabalistic")  - comes only a few generations after the Jews sought & beseeched MERCY  FROM the Egyptians,  FROM THE FAMINE that  GOD 'HIMSELF'  SENT AGAINST Israel !!!!

     And if the above isn't quite dreadful enough -  WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER people and tribes who REMAINED IN CANAAN,   as Jacob ("Israel") and his sons made the long trek to Egypt to BESEECH MERCY from the Egyptians??     Why,  the FAMINE  MUST NOT HAVE BEEN SO TERRIBLE, because, when Moses & Joshua and their bloodthirsty warriors return to "the promised land" a few generations later,  why,  ALL THEIR NEIGHBORS are doing WELL in Canaan... and have been the entire time "Israel" was off in Egypt!   It looks like Jacob and his sons were, historically, just LOOKING FOR GREENER PASTURES when they went to Egypt, and their descendents, having worn out their welcome,  returned with MASS MURDEROUS INTENT, spouting some wacky, BRAGS ABOUT KILLING BABIES  diety as justification for EXTERMINATING their neighbors in "the holy land" !!!! 

     The above MAY be "historical conjecture" but 3 things are certain: 
  #1.  At least 3 times a year, the Jews CELEBRATE the DEATHS of their neighbors;
#2.    For Jews,  "Freedom of Religion" means  FREEDOM to EXTERMINATE their neighbors;
 #3.  The celebration of "Passover"  is FOCUSED, NOT on the "Exodus", but on the MURDER OF CHILDREN  by a god who first starves his own people (the FAMINE that drove  Jacob & his sons to Egypt begging mercy), then has the Egyptians grant them mercy; then they wear out their welcome, then they plot and plan a night SPLASHED WITH BLOOD, where they PRAY for the DEATH of their neighbors' babies!! 

    NO "Holocaust" museum anywhere in the world should exist,   without an explanation somewhere close to the entrance that for 3,000 years the Jewish "faith" DEFINES ITSELF by not only the "Exodus," but by the MASSACRES they inflict on their neighbors, when they have the advantage, the  military & political ability to do so.