Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Jewish run US military is killing SCORES of Afghans and Pakistanis... and, Nazi-style, blaming the victims for their own deaths.

Dozens Slaughtered by US Forces in Afghanistan-Pakistan Air Attacks

In the worst of several US air strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent days, up to 51 civilians were killed last Thursday in Afghanistan’s north-eastern Kunar province. General David Petraeus, the commander of the US forces in Afghanistan, expressed the colonial-style hostility of the occupation force’s senior command toward the Afghan population, reportedly accusing local residents of burning their children to fake evidence of civilian casualties.
...Karzai met with his national security council and General Petraeus at the presidential palace in Kabul on Sunday. According to an account of the meeting published in the Washington Post, “Petraeus, the top US commander in Afghanistan, dismissed allegations by Karzai’s office and the provincial governor that civilians were killed and said residents had invented stories, or even injured their children, to pin the blame on US forces and force an end to the operation.”
One unnamed participant in the meeting said: “He claimed that in the midst of the [operation] some pro-Taliban parents in contact with a government official decided to create a civilian casualty claim to pressure international forces to cease the [operation]. They burned hands and legs of some of their children and sent them to the hospital.”
The discussion demonstrates the contempt with which the American military command regards Karzai, the figurehead first installed as Washington’s stooge shortly after the 2001 invasion.
The Washington Post reported that Karzai and his colleagues found Petraeus’s baseless allegations “deeply offensive” and “shocking”. One official declared: “Killing 60 people, and then blaming the killing on those same people, rather than apologising for any deaths? This is inhuman. This is a really terrible situation.”
Petraeus declined to respond to the published account of his meeting with the Afghan president. The day after his provocative remarks on the Kunar killings, more Afghan civilians were killed in a US air strike.  (cont'd)
  In short,  America's high command is behaving exactly like any Roman general commanding their legions.. in Gaul, in Britania, against the zeolots in 'the holy land"... or like KURT WALDHEIM's friends and fellow German officers in Yugoslavia and Greece during WWII?    

Jewish military attacks Peaceful Palestinian Protesters in Occupied Jerusalem, in long, on-going Jewish run "kristal-nacht" purge / ethnic cleansing...
Dozens of Palestinian citizens suffered tear gas suffocation and two were injured at noon Friday when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) attacked them using grenades and rubber bullets in the villages of Bil'in and Masara, and Silwan district of occupied Jerusalem.
The Israeli troops attacked the weekly peaceful anti-wall protesters in Bil'in, Ramallah district, as they were marching towards the segregation wall.
 Eyewitnesses said the troops used wastewater mixed with chemicals to disperse  protesters.

Friday, February 4, 2011

American DICTATORSHIP: With the Neo-Con (Jewish War Lobby) HIJACKING of America over past 20+ years, The Neo-Cons are SABOTAGING the American Economy, & now have powers to throw you out of your home, and confiscate your bank account and safe deposit boxes AT ANY TIME....

According to a comment recently posted at a Veteran's on-line site, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may, at any time, invoke the  un-patriotic, dictatorial "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" to not only put a "hold" on, but  SIEZE any bank accounts they want... of ANYONE they wish to  (whether there is a provable or even suspicious link between the targeted victim and 'terrorist' groups or not),    at any time they wish. 

  This is a draconian power of government equal, in every way, to the "Agents" and "Factors" (property managers) in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales BURNING DOWN the roofs of hapless "tenant" farmers right over their heads,  during the "Great Enclosures" era of British history, which dispossession led millions of peniless United Kingdom disenfranchised men and women to emigrate, often under brutal, murderous conditions,  to America and Canada - an era more familiar to most Americans as the "Dickensian era," when starving children were forced to steal food to stay alive as portrayed in Dickens "Oliver Twist,"   "A Christmas Tale," or similar grim stories. 

     The ferocity of the British "free enterprise capitalism" racial and kleptocratic assault on the people of Ireland, in particular, culminated in the GREAT IRISH FAMINE of 1845-1852, in which over a million Irish men, women, and children died of starvation and famine related diseases... as English landlords, merchants, and bankers exported grain from Ireland's fertile grain fields on "privatized" estates.   
   The Rothschilds were then (and are today) the wealthiest of all British bankers, and the many mansions they built in and around London at this time were in no small part built on the profits extorted out of the Irish, extorted from Irish grains fields  and estates by the (Rothschilds dominated) British ruling class, backed by the English army and hangman's nooses, as millions of disenfranchised by British law  Irish victims  starved or were forced to flee their country.   
Though the "P.A.T.R.I.O.T." Act was passed during the Bush-Cheney administration,  both Bush and Cheney were merely hired front men for the Jewish war lobby, so really the DICTATORIAL "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" was a product of DICTATORIAL Jewish commissar appartchiks,  including Jewish/Israel "American" dual citizen DHS Director MICHAEL CHERTOFF, and his fellow Department of Justice lawyer appartchik MICHAEL MUKASEY, who Bush nominated to Attorney General following Mukasey and Chertoff's successful obstruction of justice of a thorough and energetic 9-11 inquirey (= 9-11 commission whitewash).

   The proof of this is simplicity itself:  When Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, and Don Rumsfeld (and several other "WASP" White Anglo-Saxon Protestants or American Catholics) signed the "P.N.A.C." "Project for a New 'American' Century"  war lobby manifesto in June of 1997, they were really signing a JEWISH War Lobby declaration of war on the entire world,  a war-lobby formed by New York Jewish millionaire media heir Bill Kristol and partner Robert Kagan... with the backing of the Jewish war state (Israel) itself.

   OVER HALF of the co-signers of PNAC were Jewish, and there was nothing "new" about the  so-called "New AMERICAN Century" manifesto:
    It was merely a rehashing of the WOLFOWITZ DOCTRINE of 1991, which in turn became the Israel "SECURING THE REALM" doctrine, written by  "American" Jews Richard Perle,   Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser  for Jewish war state (israel) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996.

    In typical Rothschilds fashion, P.N.A.C. was and is a JEWISH financed and  dominated organization, answering directly to Netanyahu, the Jewish secret police (Mossad), and the racist Jewish Likud Part radical Orthodox "Greater Israel" theocrats, with "America" in the name, and American patsies like Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, Don Rumsfeld, Steve Forbes, Gary Baur, Bill Bennet and just enough other. 
WASP and Catholics names on it to give it an  AMERICAN face.  

co-signers for the so-called "New American Century"
 Jewish war lobby declaration of war on the entire world...
asserting the 'right' to use military force anywhere in the world, , at any time,
 for any reason, in name of "America's" "national security."
The unpatriotic "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" effectively extended this declaration of war to the AMERICAN people, who now have NO constitutional rights, whenever DHS and the Jewish dominated U.S. presidency decide to invoke Gestapo law.
  When the treasonous Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Mossad (and their hired boy president, George W. Bush)   DID NOTHING  to prevent the 9-11 hijackers from carrying out their well known plans,  the trauma of the spectacle of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers were enough to allow the Jewish War Lobby to prod Americans to GIVE UP their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS  under the so-called  (un-) P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act. 

  We Americans are essentially just like the starving Irish or dispossesed Scots, Welsh, and English during the Enclosures era;  mere cannon fodder waiting for the Jewish dominated U.S. government and  DHS  to round us up, and put us in the Wolfowitz-Lieberman "American" Gestapo 'war on terror' gulag or work-camp reservations.  
 With Ben Bernanke now acting as the modern "American" version of Commissar Lazar "The Red Wolf of the Kremlin" 
(who oversaw Stalin's kleptocratic, mass-murderous famine assault on the Ukraine, "The Holomodor" in the late 1920s, between 1 and 10 million died, depending on whose statistics you look at)
**(note: since Stalin and his Commissars were intentionally trying to break the spirit of Ukrainian "private property" independence, and starve them into submission or extermination,  the larger famine numbers are quite probable - this was the British run "Great Famine of Ireland" on steroids, and the British "cleansed" nearly 2 million Irish from the isles within a single decade),
.... as Bernanke coldly prints TRILLIONS of  made-up-out-of-thin-air "Federal" Reserve very private banking cartel  "Quantitative Easing" dollars for his Jewish banking cartel sponsors, which land solely in their (GS + JPM + Lehman + Bear Stearns = rothschilds + rockefellers, etc.)  bank vaults...

  ... as Americans face not only evictions, foreclosures, and skyrocketing food costs, but the CONTINUED  relentless  Neo-Con jihad to DESTROY America's industry, and OUTSOURCE American jobs  overseas,  (and loot, plunder, and gut America's pensions, savings, health care, and Social Security safety net)...
  ....the powers of the Chertoff established D.H.S., Mary Schapiro's kleptocratic S.E.C., Gary Gensler's "we turn a blind eye to fraud" C.F.T.C.,    and other bureaucratic forms of the HANGMAN's NOOSE will continue to become more powerful, and more evident, in American life.


 Bonus video -   The Neo-Con (Jewish War Lobby + Goddamn-Sachs/Fed financial swindlers & Treasury looters)  SABOTAGE of the American economy accelerates:
   The Neo-Cons, led by RAHM EMANUEL, Joe Lieberman, Larry Summers, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Jane Harman (et al)  and Robert Rubin's hijacking of the late "Democratic" Party, have spent the past 20 years SABOTAGING alternative energy investment in America, in order that Goddamn-Sachs and the Jewish war lobby can continue to extort an ever greater portion of America's productivity for their monopolistic "profits"  in the form of every higher fossil fuel prices. 

  Goddamn-Sachs already triggered the 2008 markets meltdown with their attempt to corner the world's ENTIRE oil supply (this is not a "lefty liberal" "conspiracy theory" article, it is written by uber- finance & "free market capitalism" cheerleaders FORBES magazine!)
  GOLDMAN TRIED TO CORNER the world's  entire oil supply in the summer of 2008, forcing American consumers and companies to give up their "discretionary spending" dollars, in order to pay for higher gas prices; causing a drop in sales at non-essential businesses such as restaurants and tourism, and leading directly to the market meltdown in September of 2008....

 ....which gave Bush-II Treasury Secretary and former Goddamn-Sachs Chairman Hank Paulson the cover he needed to DIRECTLY EXTORT  $700 Billion taxpayer obligated "TARP"  'BAILOUTS' dollars from the clueless, vain, and corrupt Nancy Pelosi and her 110th Congress...  which, in turn, gave Ben Bernanke, Timmy Geithner, and Stephen Freidman at the NY  Fed the cover they needed, to just start printing TRILLION DOLLAR chunks of "back door" bailouts  ("Liquidity Injections," "toxic asset purchases," POMO "Permanent Open Market Operations," "Quantitative Easings," "asset purchases,"  etc. etc. ad infinitum)  - all forms of government funded SOCIALISM for WEALTHY Jewish bankers,  dregs, crumbs, pink-slips, layoffs, permanent unemployment,  slashed Social Security, unaffordable health care, soaring food prices, and the sheriff's eviction notices (and other indirect forms of the hangman's noose)  for millions of peon Americans.   

  For a TENTH of the TRILLIONS (somewhere north of $40 trillion) that the Bush and Obama administrations (and Pelosi and Boehner Congresses) have GIVEN to the Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan-Chase (et al) banksters,  we Americans COULD have put SOLAR PANELS on EVERY ROOF and home in the Sunbelt...

  but SABOTAGE is, and has been for at least 200 years, THE means and method of Jewish economic control.    Just ask the Chinese forced to import opium by the East India Tea Company... the same East India Tea Company which tried to sabotage American industry along with the "IMPRESSMENT" (= ENSLAVEMENT) of American sailors by the Royal Navy -  prime causes of the American Revolution in 1776.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jewish "Dr. Strangelove" John Bolton - insane would-be mass-murderer with a Nuclear Armageddon wish

John Bolton at it again: America's real-life nuclear extermination & argmageddon obsessesed "Dr. Strangelove"  Jewish warmonger finds yet another excuse to whip the U.S. government to bomb Iran... yesterday.

*note: Director Stanley Kubrick originally intended to film his "system beyond control" nuclear war nightmare as a (serious) movie drama, as the movie "Fail Safe" would later be; but after reading dozens of books on the subject,  Kubrick came to realize that the topic of runaway nuclear war was too vast and intimidating for movie viewers to relate to, or even understand, so he came up with the brilliant stroke of writing and shooting the film as a dark comedy, laced with sexual innuendo from the starting scene of a jet bomber "mating" with a refueling aircraft, to General Jack Ripper's obsession with "bodily fluids." George C Scott playing the nuclear war rationalizing  General Turgidson, and Peter Sellers playing both the sane Royal Air Force liason officer "Group Captain Lionel Mandrake," and the insane wheelchair bound former Nazi scientist "Dr. Strangelove," were brilliant in their roles.  // Modern events prove, that , yet again, fact is stranger than fiction, there is an entire host of Americans, 'Neo-Cons,' obsessesed with nuclear war, the starvation and ethnic cleansing of "other nations" (much less their own laid off and dispossesed fellow Americans), and with  the ultimate "ethnic cleansing" of the all, nuclear Armageddon.
   (note: The persistence, depth, and bloodthirsty ferocity of  Jewish war lobby propaganda  forces us to not only examine the insane, bloodthirsty calls for MORE WARS and MORE  Wolfowitz/Lieberman (U.S. run) GESTAPO TORTURE GULAGS in the Mideast (coming soon to America?),  but forces us to start to examine the bible itself, as the source, or font, of  Judiasm's 4,000 year (6,000 year according to chauvinistic Jewish dating)  BLOOD LUST to EXTERMINATE, MASSACRE and wipe out all neighbors and "enemies" - including the long, bloody list of FORMER ALLIES the Jews fell on and MASSACRED, as soon as they had gained the political and military power (or treacherous, back-stabbing opportunity) to do so.)

  Jewish "international affairs" and "national security expert"  John Bolton has long been  a complete parody of himself:   the BLOODTHIRSTY Jewish appartchik who enjoys support and "credentials" at the highest levels of American government (former President George W. Bush's nominee as Ambassador to the United Nations)  and among the outside-of-government  New York and Washington (Jewish dominated) political and media sphere
(dominated by such Jewish owned media outlets as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Time/Warner, Bill Kristol's 'The Weakley Standard,' the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, and dozens of Jewish war lobby influenced think-tanks, university research groups, etc., etc., etc.)   is well captured in a single paragraph, 

  John Bolton as insane bloodthirsty warmonger,  insisting that
"any Single event" on planet earth is ANOTHER event that justifies and demands the  BOMBING of  IRAN... IMMEDIATELY.
John Bolton comes up with another reason to bomb Iran

(original at Gawker: )
Gawker - Any single event that happens on Earth is, to former U.N. Ambassador and possible presidential candidate John Bolton, another reason to bomb Iran immediately. . .
The last high profile occasion (unless we missed several since!) in which John Bolton cooked up a reason to bomb Iran immediately was in August, when Iran was opening a nuclear energy reactor. Bolton declared that Israel had eight days to bomb Iran before it was too late. One day later, he told another radio station that Israel had three days to bomb Iran before it was too late.
Now with the Egyptian protests, he thinks that President Hosni Mubarak's possible successor, Mohamed El Baradei, is a secret Iranian agent. So should he come to power, Israel will have only so many days to bomb Iran before it's too late.
What the relentless, Nazi-esque Jewish owned "MIGHTY WURLITZER"  propaganda empire refuses to acknowledge, is that IRAN IS A DEMOCRACY, while Jewish war state supported regimes like those  EYGPT, SAUDI ARABIA, and Jordan are NOT.  (Yes, you read that correctly:  The Jewish War State politicians currently SUPPORT the Saudi monarchy, theocratic, & dictator regime in Saudi Arabia;  you hear little relentless criticism of the Saudis women & opponents executing regime  in the Jewish owned media in the United States.) 
   Another simple reality the Jewish owned propaganda media have INVERTED, is that  IRAN IS IN COMPLIANCE with INTERNATIONAL TREATIES on NUCLEAR RESEARCH, while the Jewish war state has a vast NUCLEAR ARSENEL that is BEYOND world governing survey, much less oversight. 

     Jewish politicians in America  (the so-called "Liberal" Obama administration is SATURATED with JEWISH politicians; indeed, to be a real policy maker in the Obama administration, you HAD TO BE JEWISH, until Rahm Emanuel went running back to Chicago after fouling up the so-called "Change" administation and  the Democratic Party's 2009-2010 majority,  and the American economy, in just 2 years flat! during his sordid reign as Obama's Chief of Staff, as Obama's Rasputin)   have even succeeded in instituting "American" led ECONOMIC SANCTIONS on Iran... despite the fact that it is ISRAEL which has a record of BOMBING ITS NEIGHBORS (and supporting the Saakashvili regime CRUSHING of democratic protests in Georgia, former Soviet Republic, which led to Georgia's premeditated and warmongering attacks on Russian troops and civilians in South Ossettia in August of 2008), and, undeniably, it is Israel which  a NUCLEAR ARMED PARIAH state that takes it as its 'right' to BRIBE, EXTORT, and INTIMIDATE American politicians and the United States government.   

    Make no mistake,  while Bolton is a perfect modern parody of the 1960s Peter Sellers nuclear war lusting madman "Dr. Strangelove,"  Bolton's   "DROP BOMBS on Iran NOW!"  jihad   represents the #1. ideological comittment (after wrecking the American and world economies and turning Americans into serfs, peons, and "indentured servant" slaves under the Goddamn-Sachs/Fed/Rothshchilds banking larceny cabal)  of the so-called "mainstream" Jewish owned press/media, including Time magazine, the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, much less the blatantly Right-Wing outlets such as Bill Kristol's Weakly Standard, Kristol and Kagan's misleadingly named "Project for a New American Century"
(which should really be called the "Project for an ISRAEL DOMINATED WORLD") 
 (note that the signers of the American "PNAC" Project for a New American Century" --war-lobby think tank... are in some cases THE SAME men who wrote up the ISRAEL "Securing the Realm" or "Clean Break" strategic plan for Netanyahu's radical, opposition assassinating Likud  war-party in the early 1990s)
 Bonus: Those who think our use of the word "BLOODTHIRSTY" to describe the Jewish war lobby is "over the top" HAVE NOT READ the BIBLE:
   The Jews have been FANTASIZING about KILLING   
Babylonian  (later persian, today Iranian) 
  BABIES, for OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS:  the Bible Psalm 137 concludes with a  Jewish author smirking (reputedly the "prophet" Jeremiah)  as he imagines taking Babylonian babies and SMASHING THEIR HEADS on stone walls - JUST as the savage Jews did to the hapless babies of Jericho, Ai, Moab, Amon, Midian,  and dozens of other defenseless or conquered cities, towns, and villages throughout the bible's grim unfolding. 

According to Wiki (a very pro-Jewish web organization with extensive coverage of Jewish affairs and bible history),  even today Jews  SPECIFICALLY  recite Psalm 137 at official and "religious" functions:  THE KILLING of  "enemy" BABIES (the extermination of rival's future generations) is INHERENT to Jewish ideology and "religion"!  
  (note: The above is NOT exaggeration:  the very term "Passover," for THE event which DEFINES the Jewish race & faith (Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt, and back to a blood drenched conquest and massacre of Canaan and Palestine), should really be called "The HAND OF 'our god' KILLING EGYPTIAN BABIES" (and "passing over" Jewish babies)!!!)  
Judaism: Some Jewish communities recite Psalm 137 before the Birkat Hamazon (Grace After Meals) on days in which Psalm 126 (Shir Hama'alot) is not recited
The psalm is customarily recited on Tisha B'Av and by some during the nine days preceding Tisha B'Av, commemorating the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem.
Verse 7 is found in the repetition of the Amidah on Rosh Hashanah[4].
Verses 5 and 6 are customarily said by the groom at the conclusion of the Jewish wedding ceremony.
For Jews, the religious injunction to "REMEMBER JERUSALEM" (upon pain of death: this is a, the central element of the Jewish faith)  is INHERENTLY LINKED to KILLING  the babies (future generations) of any and all "enemy" nations - including Moses' own in-laws, the Midianites, who Moses commanded the EXTERMINATION / slaughter of, despite having been given shelter by the Midianites when he fled Egypt, and despite marrying and having a child with Zipporah, the daughter of his Midianite host and benefactor, Jethro! 
7 Remember, LORD, what the Edomites did
on the day Jerusalem fell.
“Tear it down,” they cried,
“tear it down to its foundations!”
8 Daughter Babylon, doomed to destruction, 
happy is the one who repays you according to what you have done to us.
9 Happy is the one who seizes your infants
and dashes them against the rocks.   

HAPPY is the Jew who KILLS YOUR BABIES! ]  

 The above bible quote may have been written 2,500 years ago, but it is taken as GOSPEL INSTRUCTION for Jews today,  as JOHN BOLTON, the Meyer/Graham WASHINGTON POST, the Sulzberger New York Slimes, and countless other endless Jewish owned  papers and writers in America and Israel  FANTASIZE and WORK TOWARDS KILLING millions MORE dead BABIES in the blood drenched "HOLY ATROCITIES" land - today!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Ben Bernanke "Financial Swindlers R Us" effect: Dollar PLUMMETS, Food Stamps & Unemployment SKYROCKET. If you see this simple correlation, you are miles ahead of the Cowardly Meyer/Graham Washington Post, Lying Sulzberger NY Slimes, and Time/Warner/cnn Israel Lobby warmongers & financial sabotage cheerleaders

the Bernanke effect: (left) the U.S. dollar CRASHES (the "back door" LOOTING of TRILLIONS of dollars of  American household wealth that working families have saved, or earn in their ever diminishing buying-power paychecks)... as Bernanke prints out TRILLIONS of fiat dollars that land in the vaults of the member/owner banks of the 'Fed Reserve' VERY PRIVATE BANKING CABAL... AS (right)  UNEMPLOYMENT and Food Stamp use  in America SKYROCKET.
  Let's face it:  The ONLY reason Ben Bernanke was assigned as Federal Reserve (very private banking cartel) Chairman in 2006 was because he was a Jewish Ivy League academic who would do what the Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan/chase banksters (the Rubinites) told him to do...
   The only reason Bernanke was reappointed by President Barack Obama in 2010, was because the entire Obama administration is SATURATED with Rubinite Goddamn-Sachs financial swindlers + Israel war lobby Neo-Cons...  
  ...and the only reason Bernanke was CONFIRMED by the U.S. Senate after his DISATROUS  first term as Fed Reserve Chairman (including Bernanke presiding over the September 2008 markets crisis/meltdown, and tens upon hundreds of billions of dollars of "BAILOUTS" extorted from taxpayers to prop up and inflate the stock prices of Bernanke's Wall Street bankster friends)   is because the Jewish PROPAGANDA MACHINE in America is so strong, that they can FORCE  FAILED, FRAUDULENT,  LARCENOUS economic policies, right down America's throats.... year after economic crisis year, after year, after year!

Well, you do  have to give them credit:
     the chronically lying and despicable "Jewish owned media" - the Sulzberger New York Slimes, the Meyer/Graham/Weymouth Washington Cowardly Post,  the cnn/Time/Warner bros. print, Hollywood, & TV empire  (etc.)  - have broadcast SO much WARMONGERING and FINANCIAL SWINDLING PROPAGANDA,    that they have now attained a full REALITY INVERSION in the minds of millions of  their clueless American paying customers:
 - THE MORE  BEN BERNANKE and the Fed + Goddamn-Sachs cabal  SABOTAGE the U.S. economy,  THE MORE these treacherous propaganda appartchiks convince the American public that Bernanke and his Fed minions are "financial geniuses" staving off WORSE catastrophe!

  You know, the way Time magazine and the Washington Post's Bob Woodward tried to cast "Helicopter Ben's" predecessor,  Alan Greenspanm  as an economic "maestro"  who "SAVED the World"   after Greenspan's CHEAP CREDIT = DEBT EXTORTION BUBBLE led to economic contraction back in 2000-2001... less than a decade after Bill Clinton led the recovery from the Bush-1 RECESSION which GREENSPAN had overseen 1988-1993!  (Timmy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma Govt. Building in April, 1995, 2 years into the Clinton economic recovery, because McVeigh had been chronically UNEMPLOYED during the RECESSION after the U.S. victory in Gulf War 1... the RECESSION that ALAN GREENSPAN PRESIDED OVER.)   

The all Jewish "Committee to DEFRAUD America" and DESTROY the American economy  of high wages, domestic industrial production, and American families' economic security is STILL going strong - 10+ years later! (Bernanke has replaced Greenspan, and Rubin now operates behind toadies like 
 little economic death squad leader Timmy Geithner, Gary Gensler, Mary Schapiro, and other Obama co. or Republican appartchiks.)

"Religious" Jews in Israel BECOMING INCREASINGLY INTOLERANT of dissent, becoming MORE RADICALIZED and BLOOD-THIRSTY (just like the Nazis in 1930s, before the wars & death camps proper started)...

  LIBERATING the American People From AIPAC -

-   The nexus of the INCREASINGLY BLOODTHIRSTY Jewish War Lobby,  both in Israel and the AIPAC Jewish war lobby which dominates American politics - is becoming increasingly self evident:
"Israel’s drift toward being an intolerant right-wing [Jewish]  religious state – discriminating against Arabs and even secular Jews – is becoming more and more obvious to people around the world, despite the determined PR work of Israel’s powerful lobby in the United States.
But some in Israel are alarmed, too, at the growing intolerance of the Likud government and its far-right allies toward internal dissent, as Lawrence Davidson notes in this guest essay":

"However you want to title it, Sternhell’s message is clear. He is very concerned about Israel’s right-wing government. He thinks the present regime is controlled by dangerous people such as Avigdor Lieberman (the present Foreign Minister) and a Knesset full of folks** who believe that the Israeli "left" are traitors." 
**  [These same Jewish 'religious' and political voices SHOUTING "TRAITOR!"  led to the MURDER/assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995.]
  also see Jewish Power is Falling Apart  by Gilad Atzmon...
Unflattering portrayals of Jewish politicians and their connection to the "American" war machine are starting to break through the "mainstream" censorship  into U.S. and European  "major" press and media coverage, including these  Carlos Latuff cartoons

Gaza as Jewish run CONCENTRATION CAMP...
Jewish politician holding murdered baby as an election prop;
center, Jewish gasoline (actually, American made PHOSPHORUS & bombs)  poured on burning Lebanese baby,
right, Gaza overrun by Nazi-esque Jewish tanks
The "BABY KILLERS" motiff seems to be WORKING for Jewish politicians, whether in Israel or America.
   Since current Jewish State Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu first became Prime Minister after his own supporters whipped up a CAMPAIGN OF HATE accusing then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of being "A TRAITOR," leading to a jewish right-wing gunman "fellow traveler" MURDERING Rabin at a public speech in 1995,  the INCREASINGLY VIRULENT rhetoric and blood-lust ENTITLEMENT of the Jewish war state now demands  that we Americans  start to examine the bible, to illustrate that  the Jewish religion is BUILT on an ENTITLEMENT mentality, that according to the bible,  Jews are ENTITLED (if not obligated) to MURDER their neighbors, to assert their self professed religious and race  "Superiority," at any time that is convenient for the 'leaders' of the radical, intolerant Jewish faith and state.

   We call it  "the Werner von Braun" syndrome:   Werner von Braun was the brilliant German rocket scientist  who built humanity's first successful large & mass produced rockets that could achieve sufficient altitude to touch the edge of space.
 Had Germany  not lost the war in 1945, it is certain that von Braun's Nazi rocket teams would have put the first  human made object into space orbit.    (The Russian-Soviet Sputnik satellite won that honor in the early 1960s, Russian/USSR  rocket science based on captured German WWII rockets.)
     But as brilliant as von Braun and his rocket engineers were, they worked for a leadership, Nazi regime, and society that PREACHED RACIAL SUPERIORITY,  a propaganda narrative that was disproven by Germany's defeat in the war,  and by Allied weapons, engineering, and scientists (particularily in  A-bombs, radar, and computing) that were superior to similar Nazi/German programs in those fields.

  Fast forward to 2011,  and Israeli Jews look around at the engineers, scientists, and wealthy financiers in their society,  and clearly many jews hold that they are SUPERIOR to the people of other nations.    The fact that the Jewish people have mastered a cultural DIASPORA where  Jews in other lands contributes massively to the financial and technological prowess of the Jewish state seems to only play to this sense of ENTITLMENT  and  self professed racial and cultural SUPERIORITY.
 The fact that BOTH American media/press AND American FINANCE are now DOMINATED by Jewish firms, and Jewish owners, are seen by Jews in Israel as "proof" of their  alleged "superiority."

   Yet the economic crisis and BAILOUTS in America prove that these financiers are NOT "geniuses,"  but have simply mastered the political art of EXTORTION,   EXTORTING American taxpayers to make up for the very PRIVATIZED  financial losses of their big banks, hedge funds, and financial corporations.
   By shouting  HYSTERICALLY the "TOO big TOO fail"  mantra at a bribed, bullied, intimidated, and extorted U.S. Congress, the GREENSPAN, BERNANKE, RUBIN, SUMMERS, BLANKFEIN  (and hired hand Hank Paulson)  Godddamn-Sachs + Fed "financial experts" have SOCIALIZED THEIR VERY PRIVATE LOSSES, at AMERICAN TAXPAYER EXPENSE.
This "modern American finance" of Greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner, Rubin, and Summers (and their Jamie Dimon,  Hank Paulson, William Daley, and Timmy Geithner,  et al,   hired hands)  is similar to the Communists sending out Commissars to SIEZE and "nationalize" the property and grain harvests  of Ukraine's  "Kulak" middle class property owning farmers,  Russian Commissars siezing their grain and shipping it to Moscow, as Ukrainians starved by the millions - an INTENTIONAL FAMINE instigated by the "culturally superior" ELITES in Moscow in the late 1920s... Stalin could never have perpetrated is "Holomodor" genocidal famine of the Ukraine, without the cooperation of a Russian "elite" apparatus

It doesn't matter whether it is on the "far left" Stalin style Communism, or far right "private property, Free Market Capitalism" of the English empire ruling an Ireland  under English occupation during the Irish famine  (with the Rothschilds the dominant, most influential bankers in London and the entire English empire for the entire 1800s) - the results are the same,  millions of people ROBBED of their economic productivity,  by "culturally superior" establishment elites, backed by guns, bayonets, and hangman's nooses.
      And there can be no doubt that,  WHACK-A-MOLE fashion,  any American Congressional or presidential leader who actually stands up to the JEWISH DOMINATED  "too big too fail" FINANCIAL EXTORTION of America, will see a veritable FLOOD of money pour in to unseat that candidate, and to paint his/her supporters as "anti-semitic" "RACISTS."

    This is the "SUPERIORITY" that Israel Jews are now exhibiting... and BECOMING MORE RADICALIZED by the day.         EVERY DAY, they are working  furiously and relentlessly, TO MAKE AN HONEST MAN of Adolf Hitler,  who of course was PARANOID that Jews were taking over Europe way back in the 1920s and 1930s.