Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jewish War Lobby, their WashPost press/media propaganda arm, and Financial Swindlers drop the axe on U.S. government workers: "NO Goddamn-Sachs BONUSES for you, chumps!"

Ho Hum.

 The Washington Post, one of the 2 most important (along with the Sulzberger owned New York Slimes) Jewish media propaganda organizations in America
 (cnn/TIME/WARNER bros., Newsweek, the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and other Jewish owned media outlets are not nearly as influential in shaping American daily public opinion and 'news' reporting  on issues that forms 'conventional wisdom"  as the Times & Post are)
 performs its "EXECUTIONER of hapless peons" function yet again, this time dropping the executioner's axe on U.S. government workers. 

Public servants feel sting of budget rancor
 [translation:  Washington Post & DC "establishment" TAR "Public SERVANTS" with the BLAME for the" GODDAMN-SACHS, jpm, & Fed  LOOTING & sabotage "bailouts extortion" destruction of the American Economy]
By Karen Tumulty and Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, December 21, 2010
More and more, when politicians talk about government employees - whether they are federal, state or local - it is with the kind of umbrage ordinarily aimed at Wall Street financiers and convenience store bandits.
"We can no longer live in a society where the public employees are the haves and the taxpayers who foot the bill are the have-nots," Wisconsin's incoming Republican Gov. Scott Walker declared this month, as he raised the idea of stripping state workers there of collective bargaining rights... (cont'd)
 GOT THAT?!  In it's normal "passive, oh-so-objective, experts on all things government and politics" tone of voice, the Washington Post  whores "THOSE UNIONIZED govt WORKERS are LIVING OFF THE FAT OF THE LAND" radical right-wing Republican talking points.... 
with the  RUBIN/Goddamn-Sachs  enslaved "Democrat" Party falling in line with the "better to SLASH union benefits, pay, and collective bargaining  rights for government workers, than PROSECUTE LARRY SUMMERS, RAHM EMANUEL, ROBERT RUBIN, BEN BERNANKE, and Wall Street for TITANIC BAILOUTS FRAUD!"   Republican talking points. 
   And, we can't help but saying: "SERVES those peon government workers right!"
  THEY've been silent partners, if not actively complicit, to TWO DECADES of FRAUD in U.S financial markets, stolen elections, inquisition-esque prosecutions (America's SEGREGATED 'justice' system in the 'War on Drugs'),  lies-to-war, global depedations (mass-murderous, women-killing, US & Wall Street supported dictator coup in Honduras, anyone?) and, well, just plain warmongering,   for, well, nearly 20 years now. 

  IF   American government workers' unions can't find the "solid brass kahones" (as Bill Murray says in the Christmas movie "Scrooged") to STAND UP to the evil, unholy  Rubinite/emanuel/summers/schumer/feinstein/GoddamnSachs/jpm/Fed (rothschilds)  (et al, ad naseum, ad infinitum) sellouts and HIJACKING of the "Democrat" party and American government...   THEY DESERVE to get some of the same infamous,  concentration-camp "DEATH to ANYONE we declare a terrarist!"  treatment that Rubin, Summers and their toadies have dished out to millions of innocent economic (much less war) victims around the world. 

  PS:  Couldn't  help but notice: There go those Jewish editors at the Post, using their demeaning  OLD WORLD terms like "SERVANTS" (and "Czars") to describe, in this case, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT WORKERS... AMERICAN CITIZENS as no more than "servants" !! 
 Another  decade or so  of the Post's relentlessly JEWISH NEO-CON contempt for American citizens, and maybe the United States will be just another Rothschild plantation. 
The Jewish dominated Washington Post is truly THE MOST DESPICABLE,  THE MOST TREASONOUS  institution in America (more insidiously treacherous and treasonous than even the Sulzberger NY Times).. here slyly making the case that AMERICAN CITIZENS are NO MORE THAN SERVANTS.