Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"YOU ARE WITNESSING the LARGEST MASS-TREASON EVEN in HISTORY" - although we believe that Q-Anon is a "limited hang-out" Deep State psy-op... THIS MERE HEADLINE is PROOF that REALITY as opposed to "FAKE NEWS!" satanic ZIO-NAZI INSANITY is BACK IN BUSINESS !!

for months and years we've been saying that the CRIMINAL MOBS that run, that RULE America at all levels - from BLACKMAILED cocaine snorting presidents (clinton, bush W & obama)   to  "DASTARDLY DICK" & "child -groper Biden"  VICE PRESIDENTS down to local dog-catcher & garden party - are DESTROYING AMERICA by INSIDIOUS SABOTAGE, TREACHERY,  HATE, LIES, & DECEIT FROM WITHIN.... 

"...this powerful, SECRET SHADOW govt. was in the process of SIPHONING OFF America's vast wealth TO THEIR GLOBAL MASTERS"  
sounds good to us!!!