Sunday, April 15, 2018

We REPEAT: the ENTIRE United States govt, Military high command, Treasury & Financial system, billion-dollar intel agencies, State Dept, War Dept., Con-gress, Senate, White House, "justice" dept. & "law enforcement" - THEY ARE **ALL** SHAMELESS, LYING, TRAITOROUS, MURDEROUS WHORES for the SATANIC ROTSCHILDS in LONDON... who have TURNED the BRITISH GOVT., as well, in to DEPRAVED SADISTIC PIGS who TURN A BLIND EYE to the SYSTEMATIC RAPES, TORTURES, MURDERS, & CANNIBALISM of YOUNG BRITISH CHILDREN by HUGE SATANIC DEATH CULTS that extend to the PM's office, Parliament... and the ROYAL FAMILY

The DONALD TRUMP presidency & White House.... 
the Con-gress and Senate, and **all** govt. agencies
including especially the "justice" dept., "law enforcement" (sic)
and the U.S. military High Command


 SATANIC JEW LIARS & genocidal mass-murderers:
"The US is and always has been a Hessianized mercenary force for this City of London-based Rothschild-led banking cartel. We have accrued a $24 trillion debt, a bad reputation and thousands of dead (largely poor, brown, or black) young US soldiers protecting these scumbags."
Crown Bulldog Attacks Syria 
by DEAN HENDERSON 04/14/2018 | 5 Comments  
“Do you want to bomb this country back to the stone age? A country which was one of the most developed in the Middle East just a few years ago. We notice the United States refuses to help rebuild the areas where fighting has ended.”     
This statement this morning from Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia sums up the main reason why the US, UK & France launched a new round of air strikes on Syria last night.
 [The RUSSIANS DON'T UNDERSTAND any better than the STUPID AMERICANS, Brits, or cowering French, Germans, Ukrainians, Europeans etc! THE JEWS WANT TO **WIPE OUT** SYRIA - to the LAST MAN, WOMAN, & CHILD! just like the Hebrew, Jewish bible **claims**   the JEWS WIPED OUT, BUTCHERED  JERICHO to the last man, woman and child! [it's all fiction - it  never happened, historically an IMAGINARY military victory]AND THE JEWS **HATE** CHRISTIANS **MORE** than they HATE MUSLIMS!! 
the POGROMS in RUSSIA, the medieval taxes and abuses, the mobs hunting down and scapegoating Jews for the Black Death and of course the "holocaust" - WHICH THEY BLAME ON **all** Christians, collectively! EVEN AS the JEWS are WAILING, WHINING that the Jews were INNOCENT of the crimes alleged by the Nazis "you should never punish a people collectively for the sins of a few" - THEIR ENTIRE RELIGIOUS BEING is AIMED & DEDICATED to WIPING OUT PEOPLES they declare, they determine.... they LABEL to be "a threat" to them! 
so EVERYONE **should be** "a threat" to them!]     
claims the EVIL JEWS at the Jerusalem Post" 
"a country which no longer exists"
they GLOATED... prematurely
STUPID, ignoramus, sell-out, cowering  Amerikans need to wake up and realize:

it will be THE END of the AMERICAN REPUBLIC.
the JEWS WHO ALREADY RUN, who RULE America with a
will DISPENSE with the FICTION that America is a DEMOCRACY... 
and just switch over to an OVERTLY GENOCIDAL, AMERICANS KILLING OCCUPATION regime... as they ALREADY ARE in conquered & occupied PALESTINE, 
and as they INTEND TO DO in CONQUERED SYRIA....  **and** in EUROPE, 
Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Iraq.... AND HERE in the CONQUERED, LOBOTOMIZED, 
stupid, cowardly USA !! 

....Conveniently, the airstrikes occurred just before a team of investigators from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was due to reach Douma to determine whether the alleged sarin gas attack had taken place.
Caught in another lie – this one again yet again just as Syrian and Russian forces had routed Crown-sponsored terrorists in Eastern Ghouta – the psychopaths chose to unleash over 100 missile strikes, mostly at heavily-populated Damascus.
In addition, the missile strikes allow the bankers’ Jihadi mercenaries to regroup after being pounded by Syrian, Russian and Turkish airstrikes for months.
According to Russian military sources, Syrian forces intercepted 71 out of the 103 missiles launched. But their lie was temporarily contained and more Syrian infrastructure was destroyed.
Now let’s talk about the bigger lie.
Yesterday, for the first time, a Russian general pierced this lie on RT when he stated that there was proof that the UK was behind the well-orchestrated and completely staged “gas attacks” in D0uma.
Yes, you read that right, he said the UK. Not the US, not Israel, not Saudi Arabia, but the UK. Those of you familiar with my writing know that I am constantly pointing my finger at the City of London for the lies, deception, and wars which dominate the headlines of their propaganda rags.
The lies are so constant that it is difficult for most people to sort out. But it seems the Russians are beginning to understand this biggest lie of all – that somehow the US-UK “special relationship” features the US as senior partner.
It’s just the opposite. The Crown-controlled City of London calls the shots.
Even the anti-war left’s constant portrayal of Tony Blair as a poodle of George Bush was a well-placed lie. Bush was, in fact, playing the usual role of any US President- a well-compensated bulldog protecting his Freemason higher-ups in the Crown and their City of London banking lair.
The pattern is always the same.
The Crown’s MI6 creates the pretext – whether tales of yellowcake uranium in Iraq which led to the US invasion, the Skripal “poisoning” in Salisbury ( or the White Helmet ( claims of sarin gas in Syria.
Once the Crown’s pretext is executed (often using Israeli Mossad cutouts), their US bulldog is set upon the target – always a socialist like Assad, who has spent his life exposing this biggest lie. The last thing the Crown wants to see is a good relationship between the US and Russia. This would knock out their lucrative arms, oil and drug trades and relegate the UK to expendable status. 
The US is and always has been a Hessianized mercenary force for this City of London-based Rothschild-led banking cartel. We have accrued a $24 trillion debt, a bad reputation and thousands of dead (largely poor, brown, or black) young US soldiers protecting these scumbags. 
It’s high time the whole world fully comprehends this biggest of lies. 
[the JUDEO LYNCH-MOB of GENOCIDAL PSYCHOPATH LIARS:  they HIRE TERRORISTS to MURDER, BUTCHER, TORTURE, and "ethnically cleanse" peoples... then SHED CROCODILE TEARS as an EXCUSE to use the U.S. military & NATO to DESTROY, CONQUER the SURVIVORS... so they can be WIPED OUT in depth! So the JEWS - whether Israelis next door to Syria, or the JEWS in UKRAINE - PROFITING from MURDERING  from WIPING OUT the locals!  Christians, Druze, Kurds, Shia, Allawites, etc. in Syria, or  ethnic Russian speaking Ukrainians hunted down & exterminated by Ukrianian HIT TEAMS under JEWISH, ISRAEL LED MOSSAD commanders & spies!  This is the equivalent of  your corrupt neighbors calling their pals in the CRIMINAL MOB RUN POLICE or sheriff's department  to RAID YOUR HOUSE for drug trafficking, , "find" DRUGS THEY PLACE THERE.... HAUL YOU OFF to PRISON FOR LIFE under CORRUPT JUDGES & PROSECUTORS, and then give your house and ALL your property, assets, and possessions to the criminal psychopath neighbor who is rewarded for turning you in!] 
Until we do, there will be constant pretexts and lies leading to yet more debt, death and destruction. When we do, it all ends and American Revolutionaries who fought these bastards 250 years ago can rest easier in the knowledge that victory has been truly achieved.  
Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.w 

Syria:  courageous, embattled, nation protecting PRESIDENT ASSAD explains that WHENEVER THE SYRIAN ARMY is ABOUT TO WIPE OUT the TERRORISTS... the USA, BRITS, NATO, & West [UNDER JEWS!] INTERVENE