Saturday, April 7, 2018

How THE JEW MOB - the JEW MILLIONAIRES, the Mossad SPIES, the embedded Govt. Apparatchiks & "Sayanim" TRAITORS, all UNDER SATANIC ROTSCHILDS, used their Bribed & Blackmailed AMERICAN COLLABORATORS in the CIA, FBI, "Justice" Dept. & THROUGHOUT Govt. & Media to PLAN, ORCHESTRATE, PERPETRATE, & COVER-UP the ASSASSINATION of PRESIDENT KENNEDY...

fantastic several paragraphs distill reams and **oceans** of  evidence & previous reporting,  documenting how  the "hit" on President John F. Kennedy, the JFK ASSASSINATION in Dealey Plaza Dallas, Texas, in November of 1963 was... at the very top, top, top corporate, CIA, Wall Street, and anglo/american/judeo /  British, American, ZIONIST financial and Military Industrial Complex overlords  PLANNED, ORCHESTRATED, PERPETRATED.... carried out and covered up by those overlord MINIONS of the SATANIC ROTSCHILD JEWS.... who were *also*  the DOMINANT POWER behind the even bloodier, far more mass-murderous "COMMUNIST REVOLUTION" in Russia nearly 50 years earlier:  

 (preamble):  In his book, "Caveman Chemistry," college chemistry professor & author Kevin M. Dunn uses his quirky history of man's learning and mastery of chemistry over the centuries to explain  that ALL SECRETS **want** to GET OUT and become wisdom or common knowledge - even complex chemical processes, hidden by mother nature,  that defied analysis or discovery for hundreds or thousands of years. 
For example, it took scientists hundreds of years to unlock the ability to wrest aluminum metal from the oxide compounds that ferociously lock it up in natural ores - but once that SECRET was UNLOCKED it has PROLIFERATED, and we now have aluminum everywhere, including in huge airliners of  dozens of tons flying right over our heads.  Similarly, elsewhere we learned that it took mother nature BILLIONS of years of early life to unlock the recipe for animals to make, first, hard calcium shells, then later calcium bony internal structures, or for plants to make similar strong structures out of cellulose to support their growth - but once mother nature used DNA & evolution to unlock the secrets for animals to make shells & bones, and for plant to make wood to grow  tree trunks and branches, those life forms - woody plants and animals with shells or internal skeletons - took off and covered the earth.   So it is with human power and political secrets: even the deepest, darkest conspiracies and shadow governments have SECRETS that WANT TO GET OUT - especially when it is NO secret that MILLIONS of  treasonous,  back-stabbing people - who for centuries have been SPOUTING the "FREEDOM OF RELIGION!" and "FREEDOM of SPEECH!" and "HUMAN RIGHTS!" and "HUMAN DIGNITY & DEMOCRACY!"   talking points to advance their cause,  not only INTEND to RULE the WORLD as ABSOLUTE, sadistic, bloody, RULE BY TERROR DICTATORS over the enslaved, disposable, subhuman "goyim" peons...  but that this SYSTEM they DESIRE to IMPOSE on everyone else  clearly has NO respect for human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or democracy and citizen empowerment.  IT's NO SECRET!  It's  ALL SITTING OUT THERE in broad daylight, in cold cruel black & white, or in overt public statements - if you know where to look. 


  How the Jews Murdered President John F Kennedy   
 Jan. 17, 2018,  The American Chronicle History 

Having documented numerous antagonists in the murder of John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963, we consider the Jews the leading architects and financiers of the assassination. All other participants are secondary accessories to the murder.....

.....some authors such as Jim Marrs have protested Jewish involvement in the murder because the state of Israel supposedly lacked the ability to reach beyond its borders in 1963, but he misses the point entirely. The state of Israel is international and transnational – a lawless state which knows no borders. Thus it could rely upon very powerful Zionists in the United States and Canada to do its bidding. The Diaspora is the State of Israel, of which Israel is but a mere door mat.
Israel is a Rothschild colony, but the state is Rothschild aided by many courtiers who fulfill its master’s whims. Prominent Jewish names involved in the murder, both great and small, include Theodore Racoosin, Henry Crown, Louis Bloomfield, James Jesus Angleton (non-Jew), Lyndon Johnson, Abraham Zapruder, Sam Bloom, Edgar Bronfman, Julius Schweppes, Clay Shaw (non-Jew ?), Jack Ruby, Arlen Specter, Walter Rostow, Eugene Rostow, Meyer Lansky, Frank Sturgis, and more.
The primary agencies through which these Jews worked were Permindex, CIA, and Citizens Council of Dallas. Clay Shaw, the subject of Jim Garrison’s prosecution, was the homosexual board member of Permindex who operated the World Trade Mart in New Orleans, and whose defense was funded by the wealthy Jewish Stern family of New Orleans. Permindex was the topmost authority in the murder, using Caribbean locations to hold very high level planning sessions of which Shaw was a part.
CIA’s James Angleton, in addition to being head of counter-intelligence, a job at which he “failed’ miserably, was also head of the Mossad desk. Israel erected a bronze statue of him after his death in recognition of his many contributions to the Jewish/Rothschild state.
With his very powerful position in CIA, Angleton provided both the patsy, Lee Oswald, as well as the logistical and technical support of the agency in its “Executive Action” against the president. Oswald had been sent in the late 1950s to the USSR as part of the false defector program run by CIA and State Department. His highly confidential activities, unknown to most Americans even today, made him an easy option as a “communist sympathizer.”
The ambush in Dallas was completely managed at the political level by Jews who controlled the city. As Piper notes, Dallas was not ruled by Anglo oil barons, but by the Jewish aristocracy who were on the Jewish controlled Citizens Council. It was the real power behind whatever thrones in Dallas ostensibly ruled the city. Sam Bloom, David Weitzblatt, and Julius Schweppes were the power brokers of Dallas who setup the key events which guaranteed Kennedy’s death.
To gain control of Kennedy’s Dallas trip, it was declared a non-political event which took it out of the hands of the Democrat National Committee which was controlled by the President. The managers of this trip were in fact the (Jewish) Citizens Council who forcefully insisted against Kennedy advance man Jerry Bruno’s better judgment to hold the luncheon for the president at the Trade Mart rather than the Women’s Club, a move which guaranteed a ride through Dealey Plaza..... [cont'd

  you can NOT separate Judaism from "Zionism" - global DIASPORA JUDAISM is PART OF the JUDEO MOB, whether the state of Israel - ZION - exists as an independent political entity or not. 

The JUDEO MOB    knows NO borders, no boundaries, RESPECTS NO LAWS, CULTURES, political systems, or traditions:  

 they HIRE & BRIBE politicians, corporate executives, government officials, judges, juries, prosecutors, tax collectors, down to your local beat cop, church leaders, and even local, community volunteers  all across the world...  they've been SLAVE TRADERS for CENTURIES,  
which business REQUIRES  hiring MERCENARY ARMIES to INVADE & SLAUGHTER their neighbors, to massacre tens of thousands victims and round up the terrorized survivors as slaves.

  Using the above CENTURIES of experience of  JUDEO financiers and SLAVE-TRADING & CONTRABAND SMUGGLING  INFILTRATION & CORRUPTION of ALL target host countries, nations, & empires,  including ASSASSINATIONS of any and all kings, rulers, czars, princes, sultans, politicians, presidents,  "electors" or prime ministers who don't play by their rules,

PERMIDEX  corporation became the shadow
 JEW  MOBS' FRONT company from behind which 
they orchestrated "the hit" on President Kennedy...  

the murder, the killing, 
the assassination, the COUP OVERTHROW 
of  President John F. Kennedy 

in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas in November of 1963: