Saturday, April 21, 2018

BRILLIANT! Henry Makow observation: "JEWS under ORGANIZED JUDAISM have the Consciousness, the Empathy, the Compassion of a SNAKE DEVOURING A MOUSE." The mouse's final DEATH-SPASMS are "HATRED"!! Increasingly, WE - Americans, Europeans, Brit Commonwealth (i.e. 'Western Civilization') "ADOPT the SNAKE'S PERSPECTIVE... EVEN though *WE* ARE the MOUSE" !!

(note: Henry Makow, one of the very best socio/political geo/strategic observers on the scene...  precisely because he was born and raised Jewish, and he sees & writes about "the hidden hand"   that is inexorably attempting to conquer the world &  enslave the entire human race;  behind the  FALSE FLAG propaganda FACADES   of "liberalism" and "Marxism" or "Neo-Conservativism" or "neo-Liberalism" or "Communism" or  monopoly financial parasites control of the global financial system **hiding behind**  "free markets" propaganda (etc. etc. etc. etc.).... 
i.e. the ancient, if not primordial, habit of hungry nomadic travelers hoping to loot, plunder, extort, enslave, & massacre anyone they come across, especially if they have anything of value to loot & plunder,  if it is possible for the nomadic raiders to do so.... HIDING BEHIND a FACADE of PEACEFUL COOPERATION and friendly alliance, all the while  using TREACHERY, DECEIT, and BACK-STABBING DECEPTION to  slaughter those they encounter. 
It's hiding right there in plain sight, in cold cruel black & white, in the grim, horrific, blood-drenched pages of the "smite the idolaters!" i.e. EXTERMINATE! the non-jews" evil bible: )  

 google search: 1,180,000 results 
for "bible text PREY" 
As in... HUMANS as PREY...

 Love is Not the Answer -
Some of Henry Makow's best lines
by Henry Makow,  April 19, 2018
We live in a dogma-eat-dogma world.

When I went to university, we were taught to question authority. 
Today students learn [are taught, programmed, directed, propagandized] 
 to question their gender.

Feminism harnessed the political power 
of women who couldn't get a date on Saturday night.

The best way to resist temptation is to avoid it. 
Luckily, temptation avoids me.

How to offend two groups at one time: Jews -- gypsies with brains and money.

A man's religion is his day. 
(It's not what you believe; it's what you do.)

You have to be good to feel good.

Organized Jewry has all the self-consciousness of a snake devouring a mouse. The mouse's death-spasms are "hatred." Increasingly we adopt the snake's perspective, even if [as] we are the mouse. (Illuminati, p 12)
Organized Jewry (Communism) is a corrosive acid 
that seeps into the fissures of society (race, gender, class, age) 
to undermine it in the name of "social change". 
Despite this moral posture, 
the [DISPOSABLE, SLAVE, CANNON-FODDER, vermin]  goyim.

See liberalism, feminism, #MeToo, migration [mass immigration], homosexuality in this light.

Three laws of socio-dynamics. 1. We are attracted to people who have something we want. 2. We are repulsed by people who want something from us. 3. We are indifferent to people who don't fall into the above categories. I am the "Father of Socio-dynamics." I wanted to be the "Father of Hygiene" but my son refused to change his name.
Life begins with exalted expectations followed by a long and gradual decline until finally, we meet death with perfect equanimity.

As Lao Tzu:
The major cause of unhappiness is the pursuit of happiness.
We have a choice. Conversion or Diversion. We are slaves to the world inversely to our Love of God.
Empty your mind of all thoughts. What's left is the real you. 

c.2018 Henry Makow (i.e. it's not stealing if you give me credit!)