Sunday, April 22, 2018

President Trump may not be Perfect.... but he IS PERFECT at GETTING the DEEP STATE TRAITORS, i.e. the SATANIC Rotschilds (Rockefellers, et al) "illuminati" and Zio-Nazi, SATANISTS + Arab Saudi, Salafist, Wahhabi Satanists + SOROS, EU, Bilderberg, "GLOBALISTS" Satanists + the DNC, DEMOCRATS, PELOSI, FEINSTEIN, BRENNAN, BIDEN, Obama, CLINTON SATANISTS + McInsane, "Miss" Lindsey, Mueller, Chertoff, Adelson, Romney, McConnell, Ryan, Cheney, Bush, SELL OUT TRAITOR CHILD-RAPING *REPUBLICAN* SATANISTS to EXPOSE THEMSELVES!

This fantastic SGT Report interview with Harvey Slanger of HITS ALL THE RIGHT NOTES....   EXCEPT! for one "little" quibble we have, which, unfortunately, IS NOT so "little"!
  Having guided us through an EXCELLENT interview outlining the CRIMES, ATROCITIES,  high treasons, and serial crimes against humanity of "the deep state" traitors EMBEDDED, INFESTED, saturated throughout **all** levels of state, local, and FEDERAL government - courts, judges, prosecutors, legislators up to Senators & Con-gress Critters, corporate chairmen & CEOs,  generals, admirals,  and "dark ops" warlords  all PARTY TO MASSIVE CRIMES including DRUG TRAFFICKING, MONEY LAUNDERING,  SUPPORT for PROXY TERRORISTS massacring & terrorizing entire populations... and the related "human trafficking" i.e. CHILD SEX SLAVE KIDNAPPING, RAPE, TORTURE, MURDER (and even horrific blood-drinking vampire & cannibalism cults!) -    SEAN INVOKES  the bible figure NOAH and "the Great Flood" as a PARAGON of  MORAL VIRTUE,  i.e.  "god" SWEEPING AWAY the SINNERS of mankind, to
"leave only one virtuous man and his immediate family still alive."    Sean needs to read every Yukon Jack article (about the judeo/christ-ian bible as a "MIND VIRUS" that infects humanity) at,  and throw in    and he especially needs to read the bible itself,  the GENESIS chapter with the Noah's flood story.... you know, the one where NOAH CONDEMNS HIS OWN GRAND-DAUGHTERS (and grandsons) by  the line of his 3rd and youngest son Ham to LIVES OF ETERNAL SLAVERY, "servitude" -  FOR ALL ETERNITY! 
To paraphrase Yukon Jack,   for all the STURM und DRANG,  MIGHT & FURY of the bible's Noah's Ark story, for all of  the DRAMA-QUEEN  "god's"  WAR TO DROWN HUMANITY 

so to "end evil on earth"... well,  "g-o-d FAILED!" 
 But the REAL STORY is sitting there in cold black and white:  the JUDEO ELITES who WROTE UP, COMPILED THE BIBLE sometime after the Babylonian Captivity (587 B.C.) or more likely after Cyrus the Great FREED the JEWISH CAPTIVES to RETURN to Jerusalem (538 B.C.)   were SO ADDICTED TO BEING the elites WHO OWNED SLAVES... that their ENTIRE FIBER, their EVERY NOTE & CHORD of "moral virtues" REVOLVES AROUND THEM OWNING SLAVES.
Ergo... they write up the STOLEN, PLAGIARIZED  Noah's Flood story... but have NOAH CONDEMN ONE OF HIS OWN LINES of offspring to ETERNAL SLAVERY at the hands of the others!  

  BIBLICAL JUDAISM and  SATANIC (Frankist/Sabbatean coverty, crypto, degenerate) JUDAISM ARE NOT THAT FAR APART!  THEY BOTH INSIST, DEMAND, the "right" to OWN SLAVES - and not the happy, peaceful, benign form of slavery portrayed in Gone With The Wind, but the BRUTAL type of  JUDEO SLAVERY, where SLAVES ARE KILLED, BEATEN,  DISPOSED OF at whim of their "masters"!  THERE IS NO difference between a  TALMUDIC JEWISH SLAVE OWNER  CASTRATING  boy slaves for SALE TO OTTOMAN TURKS - a good percentage, over the majority would DIE of the operation -  and today's SATANIC  DEATH CULTS  SLICING and torturing children to death!