Thursday, February 8, 2018

On the ORIGINS of EARLY CIVILIZATION and the rise of JUDAISM out of the Ancient Near East, based on the Neo-Assyrian model: PLAGIARISM, THEFT, RACISM, CONQUEST, GENOCIDE

JUDAISM is a MYTH and a LIE 
and is INHERENTLY RACIST and genocidal:  
The bible LIES !!  MOSES was  NOT the first "lawgiver"
- the law codes of EGYPT and Ur Namu
Moses was ALLEGED to have lived! 
And HAMMURABI lived HUNDREDS of years before Moses was ALLEGED to have lived.   There is REAL, HISTORICAL EVIDENCE for those people - there is NO historical evidence for a Moses like figure, outside of the bible itself!
Even though the bible CLAIMS that Moses led
600,000 Jews out of Egypt during
"the exodus"!
Jews STOLE the ideas of LAW CODES,  TEMPLE COMPLEXES,  TEMPLE HIERARCHIES and a PRIEST CLASS, and other precepts of knowledge and social development FROM THE PEOPLE WHO CAME BEFORE THEM, not only without giving those prior peoples a lick of credit - but relentlessly painting all those who came before them as CHILD SACRIFICING IDOLATERS, to be WIPED OUT at the first opportunity.   Ironic - because TODAY's JUDEO ELITES are SYNONYMOUS with CHILD SACRIFICE kidnapping, rape, & murder SATANISM
if not with CANNIBALISM! 

   as we watch JEWISH TRAITORS 
and ROD ROSENSTEIN attempt
 to create an OVERT TERROR STATE 
that can LYNCH-MOB even a sitting PRESIDENT   
 - based on nothing but a vast "deep state" compilationor   PILE OF LIES regurgitated, broadcast,  or spread like DIARRHEA by the JEWISH OWNED & CONTROLLED corp. WHORE media - 
we examine HOW LYING can be SO PERVASIVE, 
so manipulative, and, apparently, so believable...
we  examine the roots of Judaism, 
far and away the DOMINANT SOCIAL FORCE in America today,   as outlined in the bible and other sources. 

below video: No open minded, objective, fair-minded person could watch this video... and still believe that the bible's "Noah's Ark"  story was the original, much less genuine. 
   Jewish bible scribes, priests, and nobles wrote, or compiled,

 the bible by  STEALING STORIES from the people around them, or from the people who came long before them,  WITHOUT GIVING THEM a LICK of credit.

 Indeed, WRITING EVERYONE who came LONG BEFORE them right OUT of the story - or CONDEMNING all non-Jews, *all* of them, as nothing more than "idolators" to be traded with with when necessary... but to be EXTERMINATED, WIPED OUT, at the EARLIEST possible moment - is the inherent Judeo LIE... 

bible  ATROCITIES!!   
The Jews who wrote the bible GLOAT
about the MASSACRE of their PEACEFUL,
UNSUSPECTING Neighbor tribe! 
the Jews DID NOT "conquer" the "promised land"
of  YEARS AFTER the alleged battles and massacres,
when the Judeo elites were held in Captivity in Babylon
after the Babylonian army conquered and destroyed Jerusalem in 587 B.C. - a battle which the JEW BIBLE SCRIBES CLAIMED CREDIT for their OWN GOD!
"Sending punishment on Jerusalem
because of the sins of the Jews"
then WAILING about the Babylonian army conquering them!
This is the type of INTELLECTUAL STUPIDITY that RULES America - and the entire
"civilized" Western world!  

below image: 
here, the Jews who wrote, compiled the bible 
use the "VOICE OF GOD!" 
as a mechanism, or megaphone,  to command their troops 
to WIPE OUT, EXTERMINATE the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, & Jebusites....
   Americans who don't realize that THE BIBLE is a bad, atrocious MYTH...
and that JEWS CONSIDER AMERICANS, BRITISH, FRENCH, SWEDES (much less Germans and Russians!)  to be NO BETTER THAN the Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, Philistines, Canaanites, EGYPTIANS, Babylonians or Persians of the bible to BE EXTERMINATED with EXTREME PREJUDICE at the EARLIEST POSSIBLE MOMENT!
 are delusional to point of SELF-DESTRUCTIVE STUPIDITY! 

There is SO MUCH EVIDENCE to support this cold, grim reality - that JEWS ARE WAGING WAR ON HUMANITY, using AMERICANS to KILL RUSSIANS, (Syrians, Iraqis, Egyptians, Africans, South Americans, EUROPEANS, & etc.)   while FINANCIAL RAPING and POLICE-STATE TERRORIZING  (and, ultimately, EXTERMINATING) AMERICANS here at home -  
 that we can't possibly keep up!  

Samson KILLS  100 men to STEAL THEIR COATS...
David, outlaw, TRAITOR ON THE RUN from King Saul,  WIPES OUT JEWISH VILLAGES as a mercenary for the Philistine kings...
  SOLOMON HAS HIS OWN half-BROTHER dragged out of sanctuary and KILLED
 - just one of David's  siblicidal, BROTHERS-KILLING sons -
 King David is DRIVEN OUT OF JERUSALEM because the people HATE & DESPISE HIM -
 - he becomes King again only because his top general, Joab,  scolds David, takes command of the army, and defeats the rebels - and Saul  later has the general who SAVED HIS FATHER's THRONE... KILLED!

   The JEWISH OWNED corp. WHORE media screeches that "TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE RACISTS!" - EVEN AS  JEWS try to EXTERMINATE PALESTINIANS, and SYRIANS.... and ALL CHRISTIANS in the Mideast (using either the U.S. military and NATO, as in the devastation we wrought on Iraq, or by using hired terrorist armies - as the same U.S. military FUNDED & SUPPLIED to DESTROY SYRIA for the Jews.)   The Jews TELL US that WE MUST ACCEPT MASS-IMMIGRATION immigrants - even as they BAN NON-JEW immigration to racist, apartheid, segregationists Israhell.

The JEWS TELL US HOW SMART THEY ARE - and how we MUST HAND THE ENTIRE U.S. FINANCIAL SYSTEM and "national security" state OVER TO THEM..... but, WHOOPS!  9/11 happend while the JEW NEO-CONS DOMINATED, OWNED, controlled the Bush W. administration... and, despite the TRILLIONS of dollars the American people shell out for "national security,"  intel agencies, and our vast military war machine, for the entire 8 years of the evil Obama administration, the SAME JEW PROPAGANDA LIARS in the Corp. whore media & govt. KEPT TELLING US that there was NOTHING WE COULD DO to stop "ISIS" TERRORISTS from DESTROYING SYRIA - it was really the big, bad Assad government's fault that ISRAEL, NATO, the CIA, State Department, and genocidal War Department KEPT FUNDING ALL THOSE god-damned Terrorists!
    Oh - and JEWS KEEP TELLING US HOW SMART THEY ARE - but they ALL live in a DELUSIONAL WORLD of ABJECT STUPIDITY, trying to tell us that  TWO AIRLINERS, which couldn't even DEMOLISH the floors they flew in to in the NY World Trade Center twin towers - well, somehow, those TWO aircraft, LONG AFTER THEIR JET FUEL had BURNED OFF - somehow TURNED FOUR WTC compex buildings to nothing but PULVERIZED CONCRETE DUST and twisted, mangled steel in a heap on the ground!

You CAN NOT BE "smart" and claim that TWO AIRLINERS that COULD NOT EVEN DEMOLISH the FLOORS THEY FLEW IN TO in the World Trade Center twin towers (top row)  on 9/11... somehow had enough energy to turn FOUR BUILDINGS to PULVERIZED CONCRETE DUST long after the jet fuel had burned off!
PROPAGANDA LIES that create a DELUSIONAL, self-destructive STUPIDITY.
This post seeks to examine how the JUDEO CULTURE IMPULSE or "narrative" is SO STRONG, that it can turn 300 million Americans in to brain-dead, stupified, self-destructive, mindless slaves...  

 INFILTRATION & USURPATION are the tactical and strategic mechanisms of  JUDAISM -
 the people who claim to have come from a line of nomads and herders (Abraham) are now the most URBANIZED people in the world!   and they did this within the past 3,000 years by learning everyone else's secrets and best practices of settled, urban living.    Unfortunately, just as the Jews trace their lineage straight back to bronze-age pastoralist nomad Abrham,  so too their basic social structure is straight out of the bronze age, namely an INTENSIVELY HIERARCHICAL social structure with a hereditary elite - propped up,  fed, housed, clothed, and cared for  by a SLAVE LABOR force at the bottom of the hierarchy!   YOU MAY TAKE JEWS OUT of their GOAT & CAMEL HERDING routes... but you CAN'T take their desire to OWN SLAVES and live an elite life, with masses of toiling servants and slaves below them - THAT IS  JUDAISM!
     Today, with the rise of first industrialization, and now  comptuers directing ever more proficient and productive MACHINES,  the Judeo elites (and would-be elites rank & file) - of course would like to DISPOSE of the no-longer needed SERFS & SLAVES - they're so troublesome! Ghastly! more beastlike than human!  And they may rebel or revolt!    So the CORE ESSENCE of JUDAISM
DEMOCRACY is NOT a JUDEO idea, it came out of the GERMANIC TRIBES, the Angles & Saxons who conquered England,  and while the

 the SEMITIC desert nomads'  INFILTRATION of sedentary,  agricultural, civilized society  who generally speaking, HAD HIGHER TECHNOLOGY:  more productive agricultural food sources AND STORAGE allowed for higher populations, which created LEISURE TIME for other pursuits and endeavors besides all people spending all their time hunting and gathering food... which created SPECIALIZATION - some people had time to master crafts over an above stone tools making (knapping), which led to ever more specialized work and discoveries, including metalworking, carpentry, textiles for clothing, food storage, and the rise of a merchant class.  The development of settled, agricultural living demanded two critical developments:  #1. property rights and  #2. accounting. 
First it is important to remember that even in the nomadic pastoralist days - even in the hunter-gatherer days - there had to be some DIVISION of "property" or acess rights:  the sheep, goats, and cattle of the pastoralists could only stay in one area for so long before they devoured all the native vegetation, and they would have to move on.  The successful nomads would already have an idea for their next grazing area and would set out for it - but if another clan had already parked THEIR herds there, there would be no grazing left to support the flocks of the newly arrived tribes.    You can bet that this CREATED CONFLICT, and is why the bible is so respectful of the wealth of Abraham and Jacob:  they had large enough flocks, and by implication men working for them, to DEFEND their TERRITORIAL grazing rights.   EVEN NOMADS CLAIMED TERRITORIAL grazing rights!
      But with SETTLED AGRICULTURE,  the need to APPORTION PROPERTY PEACEFULLY became even more important.    Your neighbor could spend all day, week, or month clearing a piece of land by the river, digging some irrigation ditches, and planting a crop there... then you could go there the next day and say IT WAS YOUR PROPERTY!  Or you could do all the work, and your scheming neighbor could bribe some friends and family to back him up when he claimed that YOUR work and YOUR fields were HIS!   This need for PEACEFUL PROPERTY RESOLUTION became EVEN MORE IMPORTANT when you had enough agricultural SURPLUS to STORE FOOD:  food to KEEP YOUR FAMILY ALIVE through the rest of the post-harvest year,  STORED FOOD that was WEALTH - that was as good as MONEY - something very valuable, desired by everone.
  To prevent any Samon-like tough guy, or a gang of thugs from TAKING YOUR FOOD, TAKING YOUR LAND,  and leaving your family to starve,  PEOPLE NEEDED RECORD-KEEPING - accounting - and a SYSTEM of ENFORCING PROPERTY RIGHTS that was systematic and repeatable.  Craftsmen developing metal tools all day might not make the best warriors,  but THEIR property rights had to be DEFENDED against gangs of toughs coming through and taking everything they had,  if you wanted to your metal workers to improve and make ever better tools (and weapons).

  So  the rise of settled agricultural and food surplus living DEMANDED GOOD RECORDS KEEPING - who owned what fields - and DEMANDED an AUTHORITY power to settle PROPERTY DISPUTES.  THIS led to the two CRITICAL DEVELOPMENTS: WRITING as a means of record-keeping, and a SOCIAL HIERARCHY, a sort of SUPER-GANG, that could ENFORCE property rights peacefully and equitably.
Both of these functions - learning and mastering  writing,  and a peaceful social class or gang who could master writing, grain storage, dispute resolution, and wealth preservation,  but amass enough power and support to peacefully settle disputes without the disputants breaking out sticks and clubs and killing each other -  were best done in a RELIGIOUS SETTING, i.e. a TEMPLE COMPLEX.
  From what we have seen,  the temples preceeded kings and royal families, because in the early days,  writing was such a tehnical process to master,  that it took a full time job to master it.
So RELIGION arose as both a means of peacefully settling property disputes, and as a means of STORING KNOWLEDGE & learning.
       A community living in a good agricultural area had a motive to be as FAIR & EQUITABLE as possible in it's DISTRIBUTION of food and wealth  to it's craftsmen, laborers, and other specialized workers alike,  beause there is strength in numbers, and if  your community allows chaos &  conflicts to knock off a large enough portion of the population, you won't be able to defend yourself when a larger, more organized gang - the neighbors from the next village, or a large band of nomads - comes calling, wanting to grab your stored food surplus - especially if your community is so rife with strife from recent conflicts that it can't band together to repel the invaders. 

Now - along with property rights, records keeping, and peaceful dispute resolution - comes 2 more  critical developments in the rise of settled communities and "civilization" - you know have large numbers of people who NEED FOOD who are NOT DIRECTLY INVOLVED in food production - they aren't laboring in the fields, planting, tending, harvesting, clearing, or irrigating those fields - but they still need to be fed throughout the year.    This means you can't have some gang of tough guys eating everything in sight, meaning others will go hungry - now much less than later.
 This means RATIONING and PORTION CONTROL.  Now, not only do you have to provide peaceful dispute resolution between two families claiming the same field,  but you have to PROVIDE FOOD to your non-field workers EVERY DAY.    And this creates a TEMPLE COMPLEX...
 You NEED a labor force that will keep your fields cleared, planted, irrigated, and harvested, and you also need  to keep a stable environment for your carpenters,  metal workers and other craftsmen, and you also need your scribes, land surveyors, irrigation planners,   and record keepers,  all of whom need to be fed.  The larger the population, the more critical your rationing, and the more critical your records keeping.   TITHES and TAXES from the field-owning, food producing families SUPPORTS the TEMPLE HIERARCHY, which RECORDS their donations and distributes the food offerings to keep the temple staff running.  Within a short time you have a STRUCTURED, inter-dependent community with dispute-resolution AUTHORITY FIGURES at the top - which implies a HIERARCHY.   Compare and contrast this with Abraham of the bible - a typical nomadic clan sheik,  almost everyone under him is directly involved in food production, the men are shepherds (like the future king David), and the women milking the goats and preparing food - there simply wasn't enough food available to carry along specialized craftsmen metalworkers or builders and the records-keeping for property resolution simply weren't as critical.    For thousands of years before the rise of settled communities the pastoralist nomads relied on ORAL TRADITION to keep their clan or tribe united, cohesive, and focused,   but oral tradition was not enough to record tithes and taxes paid, or settle property disputes,  or allow merchants to calculate their costs and profits,  so it was settled society that created a NEED FOR WRITING - and the TEMPLE COMPLEX where scribes could spend the whole day learning writing, records-keeping, and peaceful conflict resolution - the compiling and administration of laws and regulations.   And while  in lean times nomadic clans could sell-off or kill mouths where there wasn't enough food to feed them,  in settled villages and towns the need to feed your population became even more critical, because you had to have as many hands to defend the community as possible.


but, through tribalism, racism, and tribal cohesion,   the new (infiltrating) group, over several generations, completely overwhelms the political structure and leadership (elite families, dynasties) of the original peoples.

HYKSOS MIGRATION to Egypt - a peaceful INFILTRATION by nomadic pastoralist/herders, with advanced technology -  based on the  SEMITIC INFILTRATION of SUMER a thousand years prior to that..

bible LIES !!  MOSES NOT the first 'lawgiver' - EGYPT, Ur Namu THOUSAND YEARS PRIOR to time Moses ALLEGED to have lived! axv.PNG