Monday, November 13, 2017

Donald Trump SPARED from a deadly helicopter crash ONLY because he Stayed in New York to see an Insistent Roger Stone.... instead of boarding that helicopter. We Hope God didn't Spare Donald Trump's life... just so he could add Syria & Iran to the Neo-Con's "TAKE OUT 7 Countries in Five Years" HIT LIST...

Roger Stone discloses that he inadvertently saved the life of  then private real estate mogul Donald Trump.
  NY real-estate mogul Donald  Trump had planned on flying his corporate helicopter from New York city  to Atlantic City with his executives to inspect a project,   but Mr. Stone was insistent that he talk with Trump that same day to discuss the precise wording of a lobbying bill.  Trump sent the helicopter to DC to pick up Stone, then stayed at his offices to talk with Roger when he arrived in New York... while Trump's executives then boarded the helicopter as previously planned, and departed for Atlantic City... never to arrive there: the 'copter  crashed, killing all aboard, on the way.

Roger Stone INADVERTENTLY SAVED Donald Trump's Life:  then private mogul Donald Trump had planned to Fly to Atlantic City, but instead stayed in his New York office and sent his helicopter to pick up an insistent Roger Stone in D.C.   When the 'copter arrived back in New York,  Roger Stone went to talk with Donald Trump in his offices about the language of a pending bill, while the helicopter departed with Trump executives but without Mr. Trump... and crashed before it ever arrived in Atlantic City... 

  While Mr. Trump may be "great friends" with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 
 if  Mr. Trump stayed in New York for any time 
shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks... 
he was breathing the smoke &  incinerated dust 
by Netanyahu's actions
 overseeing the 9/11 terror attacks, where MOSSAD EXPLOSIVES EXPERTS placed TONS of HIGH EXPLOSIVES in not only the Twin Towers... but in NY WTC complex buildings 7 and 6 as well.    

. Christopher Bollyn reports that Netanyahu called LARRY SILVERSTEIN - owner of the towers - EVERY SINGLE DAY,  in what retrospectively appears to be a cheer-leading effort to assure the mass-murder plot proceeded unobstructed.

  Furthermore,  Mr. Roger Stone himself was VERY NEARLY KILLED by a POISONOUS  POLONIUM PELLET  fired at him, that made him sick but was not fatal, only because it glanced off his skin instead of burying into his skin. 

  Only the most connected and well paid of assassins have access to polonium poison pellet guns... which happens to be an oft reputed MOSSAD SIGNATURE assassination method.   

There comes a time in life when one has to chose between two paths:    Mr. Trump can choose to go down the path advocated by "king Bibi" Netanyahu, the man who oversaw the murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11, terrorized millions more... and orchestrated the U.S. military INVASIONS that have killed  TWO MILLION and TERRORIZED or DISPLACED TENS of millions since...

.... OR President Trump can continue "MAKING AMERICA GREAT" - which is ONLY  possible by DIVORCING America from our abusive, treacherous, murderously back-stabbing Israeli, Zio-Nazi puppet-masters (and their CENTURIES HONED  bribery, blackmail,  SEX SLAVES,  EXTORTION, and ASSASSINATIONS rackets)  -  AMERICA CAN NOT BE 'great' again  WHILE BEING a SLAVE to GENOCIDAL, SATANIC  overseas war-pigs....