Sunday, October 29, 2017

TREASON: More Information about the Kennedy Assassination reveals how former President George HW Bush, the CIA, & the WASHINGTON POST perpetrated TREASON! The "DEEP STATE" REWARDED officials like BUSH, GERALD FORD, ARLEN SPECTRE, and other later famous HACKS, for their Roles in COVERING UP the MASSIVE CONSPIRACY that was the Kennedy Assassination COUP...


This (below) video examines
 just some of the role played by   
former "Skull & Bones" then young,  
but wealthy and connected
 HIGH-LEVEL CIA OFFICIAL and future president  George H.W. Bush, along with  the CIA 
 in the massive conspiracy 
to ASSASSINATE  President Kennedy...
...along with details of the previous (by one month) 
MURDER of former Washington Post Chairman 
whose MURDER,  portrayed as a SUICIDE, 
 kept the Washington Post in the hands of  the  CIA  under his wife,    "illuminati" heir KAY  MEYER Graham.    

Note that long before Black musician JAY-Z was KIDNAPPED in to "psychological treatment" by "his handlers" during the 2016 presidential election campaign - for having the TEMERITY to SUPPORT Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for president - so too was Phillip Graham KIDNAPPED and almost certainly subjected to INTENSIVE CIA psychiatric "treatment" - MIND CONTROL including powerful hallucinogenic drug, shock treatments, etc - which created a narrative that he was "suicidal." 

   This video reveals some FANTASTIC RESEARCH,
 and reveals some great  simple observational skills, 
for example,  catching  former President
 George H.W. Bush in a public video  
chuckling, for a brief moment,  
about how it was "a DELUDED GUN-MAN" who assassinated President Kennedy... 
- the East Coast establishment  "elite" MOBSTER  THUG 
momentarily sharing his inside joke that it WASN'T a "deluded" "lone nut gunman" 
& MOB CONSPIRACY that killed 
President Kennedy in Dallas all those years earlier... 

...which gives us hope, the "illuminati" and 
RULE America are not "brilliant

- the are just EVIL,  CRIMINAL THUGS 
who have the power to SMASH & SILENCE
 anyone who exposes their LIES and
& RIGGED, TREASONOUS, national sabotage game... 
....but if you PILE TOO MANY LIES 
one atop another, you eventually have 
a house of cards ready to tumble down...

See also 
The CIA Codename for 
Killing President John F. Kennedy

Killing President John F. Kennedy 
by Christoph Messner
OPERATION ZIPPER was/is the CIA’S Code Named File for the planning of the assassination and the cover-up in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The National Archives is/was scheduled to release this information in the year 2017, unless it is further delayed.
Operation “ZIPPER” was the forced removal of JFK. This was the code name known within the agency – “this operation was implemented with the help, approval and/or knowledge of”:
1. The FBI
2. The Joint Chiefs of Staff
3. The Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson
4. The CIA.
The “ZIPPER” document reveals the names and official positions of those who directed the killers.
LBJ and Gov. Connally planned the trip to Texas 5 months prior to 11/63…
By late Feb 1963, a general outline of the plot was well set.
Chicago mob boss Sam Giancano was contacted for possible assistance.... [cont'd]