Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Jason Goodman & Hagman Report Interviews with AI Developer & ABEL DANGER member DAVID HAWKINS reveals the Satanic MGM, Metro, GOLDWYN, MAYER Las VEGAS MASSACRE Connections: YES, "SATANIC MGM" & their "COMP'D SUITES" = EVIL SEXUAL DEVIANT KILL ROOMS & global BLACKMAIL ops TIED to NM ROTSCHLDS et al !!!

it is fitting that today - the day after Halloween, the night when WE KNOW that dozens if not hundreds of CHILDREN have been BRUTALLY  MURDERED in Satanic "sacrifice" rituals across the country - that we catch videos discussing the TOP, TOP, TOP criminal - AND the top, top, top  GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYNDICATES  involved in the grim, grisly, treasonous, horrific underworld of  child slavery, sex slavery,  & Satanic blackmail / murder cults... we say a silent prayer for those children killed last night, and for all the children kidnapped, abducted, raped, & murdered by "the powers that be" who rule America, Europe, and the world with a degenerate, entitled, relentlessly treasonous, mass-murderous bloody fist

wow, wow, wow, wow 
- Jason Goodman & Hagman Report's spectacular information  now CLOSES the CIRCLE from last yearshorrifying "pizza-gate" aka  "pedophilia" 
 including not only BIG NAMES 
 and other billionaire moguls owed casinos,
 but direct links extending right to N.M. ROTSCHILDS  & co. -    THE WEALTHIEST &  most powerful GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATES PREY ON and MURDER CHILDREN - and THEY HAVE a distinctly  JUDEO aura to them:  
for the BLACKMAIL of POWERFUL officials throughout all levels of govt... all across the world

 below photo montage: the Stephen Paddock story CONFIRMS the horrifying speculation we learned from "Pizza-gate" last year,  that "ELITE" controlled CHILD SEX SLAVERY, kidnapping, and murder rings are USED as an EXTORTION TOOL - to BLACKMAIL not only high-rollers as fantastically expensive casinos, but BLACKMAIL & CONTROL our Congress-critters, Senators, JUDGES, generals, and ALL LEVELS of govt. & private officials... 
All that blood - on JAMES ALEFANTIS'  
is NOT a one-time Halloween 2015 aberation:  
 all across the world,
 as the currency of their evil trade. 
The FBI, CIA, and of course all the other BLACKMAILED govt. officials - in Con-gress, in the courts, in the Senate, throughout the "JUSTICE" Dept., State Dept., War Dept., Treasury, and ALL other govt. agencies - at the TOP LEVELS, they are ALL of them
 COMPLICIT, they are COLLABORATORS in this horrific
  underground SLAVERY, degenerate SATANIC SEX  & MURDER, 
and deeply entrenched  BLACKMAIL operations...

Wow. Wow. Wow.   Over the past year since the Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton campaign manager JOHN PODESTA's none-too subtly CODED e-mails, "CHEESE PIZZA" for "CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, "  "hot dogs" for young boys,  "cheese" for young girls, and "sauce" for orgies or blood involved in raping and/or killing young children,  we have come to research the grim, horrific underworld of  CHILD SEX SLAVERY... and the SATANIC MURDER CULTS which run the child sex slavery rings.    As grisly, awful, outrageous, and INSANE as it may seem that SATANIC CULTS are not only alive and prospering - but that they may CONTROL our ENTIRE POLITICAL system! - may be,  you realize that the grisly work of KIDNAPPING CHILDREN *demands* a CULT mentality - NOT EVEN the MAFIA (for which kidnapping of wealthy individuals is a "legitimate" criminal tactic) would brag about KIDNAPPING CHILDREN!    BUT THERE IT IS: at the TOP, TOP layers of  ORGANIZED CRIME... at the HORRIFYING INTERSECTION of BIG organized CRIME and BIG MONEY - are these MASSIVE  CHILD KIDNAPPING, SEX SLAVERY.... MURDER, EXTORTION, and SATANIC HUMAN SACRIFICE rings!  

  Terrifically informative Jason Goodman interview with  guest David Hawking about *alleged*  Las Vegas massacre gunman Stephen Paddock's role in the Vegas casino industry:  

he was a "junket promoter" 
 luring gambling high-rollers in to 
 "Comped" casino deals, free stays at high-dollar suites...  

where they would be intensively TARGETED 
for BLACKMAIL & EXTORTION operations,
 using SEX SLAVES (under-age prostitutes) 
- or MURDERED bodies! as the means to WIN LIFETIME BLACKMAIL powers over the now compromised victims. 

  Now obviously,  if any of these stories are true -
 these operations  COULD NOT RUN WITHOUT  knowledge & approval of  CASINO MANAGEMENT...  
IF true, then these Casinos  are CESSPITS of  MURDER & BLACKMAIL 
who should be put in Super-Max prisons to the end of their lives... 

Terrifically informative Jason Goodman, 
"Crowd-Source THE TRUTH" interview with  AbelDanger.org member and AI, Artificial Intelligence and now Forensic Economics researcher David Hawkins.

Hawking discusses what he calls 
- expensive junkets for high-rollers to "COMPED
 i.e. given free stays in high-dollar Casino suites
 at their fanciest, most expensive resorts, 
including MGM Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, and MGM Macau,

 and how STEPHEN PADDOCK's job 
was to lure other high-rollers in to these 
"Comp'd"  junket deals - where the high-rollers would be "COMPROMISED,"  
TARGETED by VERY INTENSIVE and HIGH-TECHNOLOGY BLACK-MAIL OPERATIONS involving either videotaping the targets in COMPROMISING SEX POSITIONS - generally speaking, with children - or,
 if the victim can not be seduced 
in to such situations, then they are DRUGGED,  
and also filmed as they wake up naked in bed, 
with either children or dead bodies!    

So far, this is,  we now know 
(having been HORRIFYINGLY  forced to learn about 
 all this horrible stuff over the past year since "Pizza-gate")  

 for the  degenerate, SATANIC BLACKMAIL MOBS:  

target incoming freshmen Congressmen in Washington D.C. 
- or aspiring judges, military officers, other ambitious government officials, or soon-to-be powerful officials in private corporations, foundation managers, NGOs,  or any financial heavy-hitters - 

 if they can't be LURED in to SEX with minors, they are DRUGGED and wake up with children or dead bodies in their beds.  

But David Hawkins explains a new, even more horrifying angle to the now well honed, well polished date-rape druggings & 

    using state-of-the-art VIDEO EDITING & MANIPULATION techniques,  the BLACKMAILERS no longer need to actually get you in bed with naked children or dead bodies !   They can simply videotape the the dead bodies in bed in those high-dollar Casino suites,  and then MERGE those videos with YOU, the target, after you have been videotaped staying in that same suite - you get a BLACKMAIL  letter or e-mail with a very, very convincing photograph of you in bed with a dead body,  
that you never actually experienced!  

Here's how AbleDanger.org explains it, in a brief description accompanying their description of  the Hagman Report interviewing the same David Hawkins:  

The Hagman Report With David Hawkins  
  Brief 123 by Field McConnell (United States Marine Corps whistle-blower and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger (AD)) 
on the formerly Vancouver-based Starnet Communications’ apparent use of the late Stephen Paddock, a former IRS and Defense Contract Audit Agency auditor, 
to develop UK outsourcer SERCO‘s  'DEMON' 
FACE-RECOGNITION SOFTWARE  to track oath-bound [BLACKMAILED!]  sexually-deviant or pedophile clients through “pig farm junket” rooms in elite hotels and casinos in some 60 countries. McConnell claims that the Greek Life associates of Wilbur Ross (Kappa Beta Phi), Serco‘s former investment banker at N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd., hired the late Gen. Alexander Haig’s CAI Private Equity Group to promote "PIG-FARM JUNKET ROOMS" with the late Brig. Gen. James E. Ritchie (Sigma Chi), a member of Bohemian Grove and former Executive V-P of Corporate Development at Mirage Resorts.    McConnell claims that Serco and CAI investors used Demon software on the federal bridge certification authority network to silence [BLACKMAIL!]  witnesses to the murder of Stephen Paddock preceding an 8(a) digital fires attack from pig-farm junket rooms in the MGM Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino and on October 1, 2017.--------------------------------------------


 MURDERED BODIES videotapped previously in that suite,  with the video of the unsuspecting BLACKMAIL TARGET staying in the same suit:  now they have videos that look like the TARGET WAS IN BED with the BODIES - even though he or she never was!  

David Hawkins discusses his career in AI, Artificial Intelligence research....

and speculates that STEPHEN PADDOCK  
 - the  MGM (Mandalay Bay) casino guest and reputed gamblerwho ALLEGEDLY MACHINE-GUNNED the country music concert at about 10 pm October 1st in Las Vegas, killing over 50 and wounding hundreds more - 
 was in the business of  luring high-rolling guests in to "COMPED" SUITES at the Mandalay Bay and other MGM casinos -  he was LURIG HIGH-DOLLAR guests IN TO BLACKMAIL OPERATIONS which would compromise them for the rest of their lives - not a good way to make friends.... or secure longevity! 

 Paddock AND THE CASINOS were involved in a
where high-rollers are either LURED 
- for example, with children  - 
or they are DRUGGED, and then videotaped waking up either with naked children in bed... or with DEAD BODIES in their bed!

Either way, they are BLACKMAILED FOR LIFE.   

Even more horrifying, today the blackmailers don't even need to drug their targeted victims anymore:  
 simply by luring their victim in to one of the high-dollar "Comped" suites, the BLACKMAILERS can use  CGI, 
 virtual, frame-by-frame video editing and manipulation, 
to videotape the suspect while in his comped room - 
and then DIGITALLY SUPERIMPOSE the  targeted persons video, on to the already made videos of dead bodies in that hotel suite... PRESTO!  They have MANUFACTURED "evidence" of a CRIME - that the TARGETED PERSON NEVER took part in,  not even waking up drugged in bed with such a sinister set-up! 

Mr. Hawkins also has some other informative details:

  With America's  "RICO"  laws giving teeth to prosecutors ability to investigate and prosecute MASSIVE, tightly organized,  murderously ruthless and vindictive CRIMINAL MOBS,  America became TOO HOT for the biggest mobsters....

so they simply packed up & moved 
across the border TO CANADA,  
(and, presumably to Ontario, seat of the Canadian govt.) - 
according to Mr. David Hawkins: 

"CANADA is now the HUB for INTERNATIONAL money-laundering, DRUG TRAFFICKING, and GAMBLING..."

"Monstreal or Quebec is, to me, a GANGSTER STATE, and is the basis, along with Vancover, for  [the terrorist attacks on] 9/11 in New York."
We have long known that  CANADA 
(and Australia, and New Zealand, along with the mother country Great Britain)  


 it is run by SATANIC, DEGENERATE,
 RACIST, GENOCIDAL  ZIO-NAZI Judeo Supremacists.... 

who have spent the past 2,500 years ACCUSING EVERYONE ELSE of  perpetrating EXACTLY WHAT IT IS that THEY AIM TO DO: SLAUGHTER,  MASSACRE, enslave, extort, and EXTERMINATE ALL THEIR NEIGHBORS.  Just like it tells them in their demented Hebrew, "holy" bible.  

  You may not want to believe this grim ideology,  this racist theology is DRIVING AMERICA & CANADA 
(and the world to ruination)  -

  but you can not deny that IF these CRIMINAL MOBS EXIST -  then they demand levels  of  RUTHLESS, PSYCHOPATHIC INDIFFERENCE to MASS-MURDER and the KILLINGS of CHILDREN as to make the most depraved small-time mass-murderers & serial killers -Son of Sam, Dan Rolling, Ted Bundy, and even the fictional Hannibal Lectur  turn green with envy....