Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We are DELIGHTED to see that WE are not the only ones to Notice that HILLARY CLINTON is a SOROS, ROTSCHILDS, JEW-NAZI FUNDED TERRORISTS who has MURDERED HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of innocent people in foreign countries... and She AIMS to BRING THAT TERRORISM, MASS-MURDER, DESTRUCTION of NATIONS HERE TO AMERICA....

The problem of the SATANIC  JUDEO SUPREMACIST  HIJACKING & INTENDED DESTRUCTION of America will NOT go away  by wishful thinking 
or by hoping &  praying for "the good old days" to return... 
"Hillary Clinton is not only fond of FUNDING foreign TERRORISTS[to MASSACRE & EXTERMINATE whole POPULATIONS] in Libya and Syria, in order to overthrow sovereign governments, 
but it now appears that HRC is very much involved in reDIRECTING MONEY to TERRORIST GROUPS in US  whose aim is to tear down the Trump presidency [AMERICA]." 

Hillary, Bill, and her SATANIC, PARASITE,
 humanity hating JEW MASTERS evelyn rotschild
reputed overlord of the British empire ruling City of London financial mob

"And HOW MANY CHILDREN were KILLED, and HOW MANY BABIES did we buy?!" 

Hillary -
"WILL gladly MURDER babies & children - by the TENS of THOUSANDS!" - 
for evil, Satanic  JEW + SAUDI MONEY
 & favorable Jew billionaire media moguls press/media coverage...

Hillary:  WILL MURDER  
GODDAMN-SACHS, israel JEW (+ Saudi) MONEY... 

Judeo Supremacist,  SAUDI WAHABBI style
 HEAD-CHOPPING mass-murderous, theocratic, 
 genocidal dictatorship IS HER ROLE IN LIFE - 
MURDERING & MASSACRING tens of millions whenever possible...

HILLARY is IN BED with THEOCRATIC, HEAD-CHOPPING, genocidal  Jihadi terrorists... whom she wants to BRING TO AMERICA to DESTROY AMERICA like she did to Libya & Syria

hillary - REDIRECTED $800k to ANTI-AMERICAN  Antifa TERRORISTS groups to DESTROY USA as sovereign nation 
per her SATANIC, "illuminati" Jew-Nazi masters !!