Wednesday, September 13, 2017

FINALLY! The GRIM TRUTH is coming out in all it's grim simplicity: the Bush, Clinton, Bush/Cheney, Obama Regimes WERE DESIGNED by their Soros, Rotschilds, AIPAC, GoddamnSachs "Globalist" Masters, TO DESTROY AMERICA

"the DESTRUCTION of America 
-  of the treasonous "Neo-Con" (Rethuglican) *and* "neo-liberal" (Demorat) bribed, seduced, corrupted, degenerated, & BLACKMAILED "elites" - "elites"  EXTORTED by a FOREIGN power, the Satanic "illuminati" old-world judeo billionaire financial dynasties - who all work IN UNISION, COORDINATED to DEFRAUD, EXTORT, DESTROY... & ultimately to EXTERMINATE their rivals and "useless mouths" disposable slaves. 

  we hated some of  our 1999-2002 era political science courses, the ones that advocated DECEIT, DECEPTION, LIES, & TREACHERY: for example, 
 using "VALENCE ISSUES" - meaningless "We Support the Troops!" slogans 

while actually  STABBING the TROOPS in the BACK -

   for example, ordering US soldiers, Marines, & other troops to enter buildings in Iraq, in Afghanistan, wherever else the US mass-murder war machine is killing people - 
 that have just been BLASTED, bombed, & shelled by U.S. 'DU'  DEPLETED URANIUM ammunition. 

    No one in their right mind would want to enter a building that has just been blasted by DU shells - you INHALE the TOXIC PARTICLES, which not only SEAR your lungs from the high heat,
 but eternally toxic particles  become absorbed & embedded in your lung tissues... for LIFE! 

Yet the MEDIA WHORE,  LYING govt. officials, "NGO" billionaire funded PROPAGANDA corporations, and USELESS IDIOTS in the public
 keep shouting mantras like "WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS!" 
in order to CRUSH any sane, reasoned, rational, or genuinely patriotic
 OPPOSITION to their mass, delusional, mass-murderous LIES & INSANITY...  


...the secret to the "money" that POWERS & ENABLES this TSUNAMI of TREASON & PROPAGANDA LIES   is  the LEVERAGE  billionaires can exert with just a few millions (or billions) in money they actually lay out:   BRIBE, or BLACKMAIL a few key SENATORS & Congress-critters to... vote for MULTI-BILLION appropriations.... and  then you 
- your corporate underlings in the defense, finance, big pharma, big agra, 
energy, construction, auto, & other vital industrial giants -
 now have TENS of  billions MORE dollars to  BRIBE, EXTORT, and CRUSH the opposition to your bought & owned legislators & govt. officials.  ISRAEL - the JEWS ONLY STATE - is the text-book example - and the PROOF that JEWS control this system.  EVERY DOLLAR that goes to the JEWS ONLY STATE - either GOVT. LARGESSE outright, or TAX-FREE  donations - ENABLES the NEXT TRANCHE of  ISRAEL OVER Amerika  BULLYING, BRIBERY, & EXTORTION, 
such that AMERICANS ARE TOO STUPID & PROPGANDIZED to notice that THE DESTRUCTION OF SYRIA  (Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, & etc.) IS AN ISRAEL designed, "BY JEWS, FOR JEWS,  USING Americans"  global Zio-Nazi policy every bit as horrific as the Nazi invasion of Russia... 

13 Bloodlines of the illuminati - by Fritz Springmeir, 1995

SECRETS of the "Federal Reserve" 
- illuminati,  bloodline families mentioned!  by legendary 'Fed' scholar EUSTACE MULLINS - 
 days, weeks, & months researching "the Fed' in the Library of Congress BEFORE such research was derided as "conspiracy theory" - a REAL LIFE CONSPIRACY that RULES - and too often RUINS our lives!