Monday, August 7, 2017

The ONE VIDEO that PROVES - BEYOND a SHADOW of a Doubt - that the WORLD TRADE CENTERS & WTC Building 7 were ALL WIRED with TONS of HIGH EXPLOSIVES - set off in COMPUTER TIMED, SEQUENTIAL DETONATIONS that TURNED CONCRETE to PULVERIZED DUST and STEEL to perfectly spherical microscopic spheres

Anyone who watches this excellently produced video with an open mind will come to the complete, awful realization that not only was "most" of what the government & corporate press/media told us about the 9/11 "terrorist hijackings & destruction of World Trade Center towers" NOT TRUE - but EVERYTHING told to us about 9/11 by "our" government & corp. media has been ABJECT LIES and treasonous cover-ups... 

 that 9/11 was an "INSIDE JOB" - 

 - that the MASS-MURDEROUS 9/11 terror attacks were actually an "OPERATION GLADIO" style or

masquerading as  some FOREIGN "TERRORIST" group, 
but actually perpetrated by highly trained  "special forces" style teams combat, explosives, or infiltration teams - 
i.e. SPIES & special teams,  either still in active, military service, or recently "retired" and paid vast sums as private, hired mercenaries by military contractor corporations or directly from "black budges"  secret,
& other govt. agencies...

#1.  the probability that all the "NEO-CON" 
 "NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERTS" in the U.S. government, in the U.S. military civilian departments;  in the ISRAEL lobby  "national secuity" "THINK TANKS" - including the so-called "liberal" but ACTUALLY WARMONGERING BROOKINGS INSTITUTE, much less the blatantly warmongering 
AEI & infamous "PNAC"   JEWISH RULED "Project for a New 'AMERICAN' Century" -

WHAT ARE THE ODDS that - out of DOZENS of them - NOT ONE of these 
 "national security experts"  WOULD DO NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING 
NOTHING!   to PREVENT a WELL-KNOWN  "terrorist threat to America" 
in the long summer of 2001 - 
especially when PRESIDENT George W. Bush went to the JULY 2001 G8 ECONOMIC SUMMIT - and BROKE DIPLOMATIC PROTOCOL by STAYING ABOARD a WARSHIP, a U.S. aircraft carrier while attending a PEACEFUL DIPLOMATIC summit - because of the "THREAT" of  "AL QAEDA TERRORISTS HIJACKING an airliner to USE A FLYING BOMB to ATTACK the G8 presidents" !!! 

WHAT DID THESE JEW "national security experts" DO TO DETER, PREVENT - or merely WARN the AMERICAN FLYING PUBLIC about  POTENTIAL HIJACKING THREATS in the long summer of 2001 after the STOLEN ELECTION they helped "legitimize" of Nov. 2000?

Genoa G8 Summit - JULY 2001  - ITALIAN POLICE STATION anti-aircraft  missiles TO PREVENT TERRORIST HIJACKED AIRLINERS from possibly  ATTACKING world presidents assembled in Genoa for the economic summit! 
but the "BRILLIANT!"  JEW  "american" "NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERTS - EVERY LAST  back-stabbing TRAITOR RAT BASTARD of them - "just didn't notice" !!! 

SO - puppet, cocaine-snorting, election stealing, AWOL
skull & bones SATANIC   President George W. Bush 
STAYS ABOARD AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER - BREAKING DIPLOMATIC PROTOCOL - at the peaceful JULY 2001  Genoa Economic Summit because of the "THREAT" of  "TERRORIST ATTACKS" -  but the "GENIUSES" around  him BELIEVE THAT AMERICA, the USA MAINLAND, is *IMMUNE* to that "TERRORIST THREAT" - and DO NOTHING to DETER TERROR ATTACKS, Hijackings.... or  EVEN TO WARN AMERICANS  TO BE ON the look-out & psychologically prepared!! 

NOT the "Arab suicide hijackers' on the left - 
Congressional, accademia, corp. press/media 
& BIG FINANCE  TRAITORS on the right...

MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS turn 110 stories of  MASSIVELY REINFORCED CONCRETE & STEEL to PULVERIZED DUST and microscopic, molten steel spheres - 
ANYONE WHO BELIEVES that "office furnishings fires" (the OFFICIAL usg story!) 
or "ariliner jet fuel" - WHICH BURNED OFF a HALF HOUR EARLIER, without EVEN DESTROYING the STEEL & CONCRETE IMMEDIATELY AROUND the impact zone! - 
believes in  tooth-fairies & Santa Claus... 

 #2.   the INVESTIGATIONS into

The "DEEP STATE" used EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE to DETER  & PROHIBIT Dr. Steven Jones from publishing and publicizing his horrifying research: that  MICROSCOPIC IRON SPHERES had completely SATURATED the dust retrieved by civilians - NOT by the govt.! - from around ground zero of the 9/11 massive dust clouds... and those spheres could ONLY be made by SUPER-HIGH TEMPERATURE EXPLOSIVES turning the structural steel and steel "rebar" embedded in concrete to MOLTEN IRON - IMPOSSIBLE from either burning jet fuel or "office furnishings fires" as the govt. and LYING corp. media reported for a dozen years after September 2001...

In the below interview, Christopher Bollyn is the world's preeminet expert on the Israeli role in the 9/11 terrorism & massive, pre-planted explosions attacks of September 2001.. 

#3.  The AIRLINER INSIDER angle - EXPERTS and career members of the AIRLINE INDUSTRY  KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the government's   "LET'S ROLE!"  and other  alleged CELL PHONE CONVERSATIONS from passengers & flight attendants stories were SHEER FABRICATION: in the summer of 2001, airliners did not have  credit-card payable in-flight phones installed, and CELL PHONES DID NOT WORK ABOVE 1,500 feet - it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for victims to call anyone as their aircraft were flying anywhere about 3,000 feet, much less cruising altitude!

  "Rebekah Roth"  (a nom de plume used by the author to protect her private life)  was a career airline attendant who was so DISGUSTED by the military's COMPLETE LACK of TIMELY RESPONSE to the announced FOUR  HIJACKINGS on 9/11, that she retired early from the career she loved.  A year or two later, trying to write a novel about her experiences as an international airline hostess & purser, she searched on-line for a couple of Arab names for her novel... and found, to her horror, that MORE THAN EIGHT of the ALLEGED by FBI & U.S. govt. "HIJACKERS" WERE STILL ALIVE - their IDENTITIES HAD BEEN STOLEN  (by MOSSAD/cia SPIES!) and USED to "SELL" the American public on the "ARAB SUICIDE HIJACKERS THREATEN AMERICA!" story.

  THE FACT that the GOVERNMENT WOULD ALLOW these FALSE ACCUSATIONS - WRONGLY NAMED  alleged "HIJACKERS" - to STAND demonstrated to Mrs. Roth the COMPLETE FRAUD of the government's 9-11 story - and she METHODICALLY & RELENTLESSLY set out to learn the REAL FACTS of that awful day - where SHE could have easily, but for a quirk in flight scheduling, have been one of the MURDERED victims!  

  Ms. Roths' most stunning findings:  2,3, or all four of the "hijacked airliners' WERE LANDED, the CREWS & PASSENGERS REMOVED - before they were "TERMINATED" and DISPOSED OF! 
and SHE NAMES OLFUT AIR FORCE BASE as the scene where at least 2 of the  hijacked airliners were landed - probably by REMOTE, ELECTRONIC "hijacking" COMMAND USURPATION of the digital, electronic flight system - by a HUGE CONSPIRACY of  technicians - CLEARLY OPERATING WITHIN the U.S. government & MILITARY (probably  MOSSAD, ISRAELI "hackers" who had practices the routine of  ELECTRONICALLY HIJACKING the airliners for months before the TREASON/terror attacks went down.  

  The 2nd half of the above "CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT" interview with John B Wells is actually an even better introduction to Ms. Roths' earth-shattering research & findings - but this (below) interview with SGT Report is also excellent.