Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The most astounding information from this Elon Musk video of a recent conference he attended is not that human drive cars will be AS OBSOLETE as HORSE & BUGGIES in just 20 years....
...but that the TECHNOLOGY to POWER  ALL HUMAN ENERGY CONSUMPTION by HARNESSING radiant SOLAR ENERGY that hits the earth - ALONE! -  has been with us for decades - but has been SABOTAGED by "the elites" AS THEY WHIP UP  GENOCIDAL WARS & TERRORIST ARMIES to CONTROL THEIR PRECIOUS  OIL-FIELDS & PIPE-LINES....  see DICK CHENEY getting PAID OFF for  his  9/111 TREASON  by being GIVEN A BIG CUT in the ROTSCHILDS, SOROS, WARBURGS  attempt to GRAB SYRIA'S  vast OIL RESERVES - by first KILLING OFF MILLIONS of SYRIANS, and DESTROYING  SYRIA, powered by the INSANE, EVIL JEWS and their demonic "god gave us the WHOLE WORLD TO RULE - starting with "from the Nile River to the Euphrates" i.e. from Northern Africa to Iraq, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN, the UKRAINE... RUSSIA, Georgia,  EASTERN EUROPE, WESTERN EUROPE,  the USA, Canada, Australia, & ALL the WORLD !!    
yes - they really are THAT INSANE -  and, YES - EVEN AS those TREASONOUS, 9/11 perpetrating, BACKSTABBING TRAITOR PIGS  *TELL US* that  "WE MUST BE TAXED by Govt. on GODDAMN-SACHS RULED 'exchanges' to LIMIT OUR CARBON EMISSIONS" - THEY, the vile, INSANE, SATANIC PIGS! - our SABOTAGING   not only CLEAN SOLAR HERE ON PLANET EARTH - much less the GOBS of  SOLAR ENERGY that go blasting off in to space!  

ELON MUSK - the lying, treasonous, mass-murderous, insane,  SATANIC "illuminati"  'elites' MONOPOLY  on "our" GOVT, corp. WHORE press/media,  academia, FINANCIAL SYSTEM, corp. industry, and all other cultural propagators 
  CREATES a FALSE DEPENDENCE on FOSSIL FUEL energy - and STRANGLES HUMANITY these past few decades... 
as but a PRELUDE to them rolling out 
 directed by AI 'sky-net' smarter-than-humans computers 
   exterminating the whole lot of us !! 

  During the Vietnam War, the  Air Force, CIA, Army, and other U.S. military & intel agencies dropped THOUSANDS of   electronic  REMOTE SENSORS all up and down the Ho Chi Minh trail, in attempt  to spy on and locate any human traffic in the remote jungle trails - so they could be bombed by US jet fighters & stratosphere bombers.

     Today - they can simply arm these remotely dropped sensors with high-energy EMF emitters - and JUST  BLAST anyone who walks by - STARTING WITH  AMERICAN CIVILIANS who walk by the new 5-G power packs the  SATANIC billionaire TRAITORS of the   Com/Tech industry wants to PARK ON OUR SIDEWALKS!

 WE SAY -  IF these new POWER-PAKS & TRANSMITTERS ARE AS HARMLESS as the CEOs,  industry "experts,"  LAWYERS, JUDGES, PRESS-MEDIA WHORES, & other  bribed & bought off apparatchicks SAY THEY ARE -   ROUND EM ALL UP,  sit 'em on some comfortable chairs next to some of these power-paks & transmitters - and PUMP UP THE VOLUME for a spell!