Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Georgian Kings (King George I, II, & III of America Revolutionary War) - a lesson on the SUBTLETIES, IRONIES, & RUTHLESSNESS of Imperial empires... & Freedoms & Liberties...

FANTASTIC BBC historical documentary on "The First Georgians:  the GERMAN Princes who became BRITISH KINGS by virtue of their blood ties to the Stewart dynasty, and by their BEING PROTESTANT....  
 While Americans are quick to condemn King George III as being the TYRANT of the American Revolution... if it hadn't been for the fantastic British military & imperial SUCCESSES under the Georgian kings... the French may well have conquered the American colonies, the "JACOBITES" might have conquered England and restored Catholicism as the ruling religion, and the American Declaration of Independence may never have been born.... in these subtleties and ironies of POWER & EMPIRE are the lessons we need to understand to guide our way forward in freedom and human liberties

BBC may be the EVIL DEMON-SPAWN PROPAGANDA WHORE  of the Satanic, Zio-Nazi Judeo supremacist  

 - pimping SLAVERY  & the GENOCIDE EXTERMINATION of  CHRISTIAN based Western Civilization under the sinister rubric of  LBGT "values" i.e. Cultural Marxism -
-   including BBC RELENTLESSLY COVERING UP the SERIAL MURDERS of BRITISH CHILDREN by - literally! - blood-drinking,  cannibalistic,  ritual kidnapping, rapes & murders of children by Satanic  Blackmail & Extortion death cults! - 
 but there was a time when BBC  had to at least PRETEND to be the LEADERS of British Culture & Western Civilization - 

from which era we have this MAGNIFICENT 3 hour video series on "The First Georgian Kings of Britain" to give us a WONDERFUL lesson in not only British history & royal history... but of the history of the rise & fall of European empires as well, 
   because of course the British lost their nascent American empire to the American Revolutionaries; and the French lost their North American & India colonies to the rapacious English who had established those (rapacious!) American colonies!
 We've watched the entire 3 hour video series in full at least two times before - and on viewing just 1 hour this Independence Day, we have been awestruck by the amount of good & detailed information - and "inside information" information at that - conveyed in the video.  

 at one time or another, declared war, attacked, or CONQUERED almost EVERY NATION ON EARTH!!
 (map nations in red) 
Including We Americans on at least 2 occasions, the American Revolution
 & War of 1812... and the British agents also aggravated & agitated
 the Southern Slave owners to stage & wage the Civil War as well.   
    The British empire since its founding in this "Georgian era" has ALWAYS been UNDER JEW ROTSCHILD, GOLDSMID, LEVY, MONTEFIORI, WARBURG, SCHIFF (et al)  JEW BILLIONAIRES financing... and now under ABJECT, 
1,000% political, social, cultural, 
and military/police-state  CONTROL 
by the Satanic Judeo Supremacist
Zio-Nazi, WWIII pimping 
"globalists" fascists

JEWISH author & World War II "holocaust" refugee

that the ROTSCHILDS  

- and thus the ENTIRE  WORLD -
more THOROUGHLY than ANY Caesar, Czar, Khan, 
Sultan,  or emperor  who came  before them...
The JEW "holocaust"   refugee &  author
DOES NOT DWELL ON - or more than mention!
the  TENS of  
so the British - and their FINANCIAL OVERLORDS,

the "multi-nationalROTSCHILDS clan 

and their judeo financial partners 
in slavery & global extortion
could build their PALATIAL MANSIONS 
& vast military enforced trade empire,
 over subjugated colonies & murdered, 

tortured, terrorized, worked-to-death slaves