Monday, July 31, 2017

PRESIDENT TRUMP allowing his new CoS to FIRE Press Sec. SCARAMUCI is a DISASTER for the Trump Presidency... & for President Trump, and for America...

President Donald Trump has a chance - a rare, magical, miraculous opportunity - to REMAKE AMERICA, 
and REMAKE America's govt. work FOR the American people - by BY-PASSING the OWNED & CONTROLLED corp. WHORE media, which along with the financial system RULES CONGRESS & the Senate  like a pack of trained, clapping seals.   The SULZBERGER JEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON Whore POST are DELIGHTED with the appointment of 4-star general Kelly as a Trump's head-cracking Chief of Staff.  Kelly is already known as a "WOG WRANGLER" - a "drug warrior" SHOVELING AMERICANS into the JEWISH CONTROLLED legal/'justice' system, in to the CHERTOFF, FEINSTEIN GULAGS that are America's PRIVATELY OWNED PRISON SYSTEM.   ALL General Kelly knows is COURTING THE FAVOR of the corp. press/media and WARMONGERING billionaires who run America's military industrial complex - the AMERICAN PEOPLE are a DISTANT  LAST in President Trump's new WH shake-up, the DEEP STATE WARMONGERS & AMERICAN HATERS have won

HORRORS!   We knew this day was coming -  back when insider speculation had President-elect Trump considering his friend, former NY mayor Rudy Guiliani for a senior position in the new cabinet - Attorney General even! 
President Trump has a self-destructive streak, ADMIRING & kow-towing to public officials who have been PRAISED by the CORP. MEDIA - for GOING ALONG with the 9/11 DECEPTIONS &  "Deep State" WARS, mass-murder, & destruction of nations KILLING MACHINE.     Guiliani is a 9/11 TRAITOR whose NY Emergency Management office was located in World Trade Center skyscrapper building 7 - the very tower that was WIRED FOR DEMOLITION with thousands of pounds of high-explosives by MOSSAD technicians - in advance of  9/11 - under the noses of the CIA,  SECRET SERVICE, U.S TREASURY Dept., and NY Emergency Management offices - which were all located in that building!   President Trump's EMBRACE of a 4-star general SIGNALS HIS EMBRACE of  9/11 TREASON & TREACHERY - AT the EXPENSE of  the FREEDOM & SOVEREIGNTY of the American people.... 


  President Trump REVERSES DIRECTION!  INSTEAD of BATTLING the "DEEP STATE" LIARS & TRAITORS who want to SABOTAGE America as the evil, SATANIC, "illuminati"  'GLOBALISTS' seek to DESTROY AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY and make the American people VIRTUAL SLAVES - as the citizens of countries like "SAUDI" Arabia CAN BE KILLED at a moment's notice by their ABSOLUTE DICTATOR autocrat despot overlords & rulers - President Trump, INSTEAD of  CONTINUING to ATTACK the "Deep State" by RUNNING FOR SUPPORT to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, now EMBRACES the enemy, in the form of hiring a FOUR-STAR GENERAL to run his presidency.   YOU DON'T GET to be a general - much less a FOUR star general - by OPPOSING the "DEEP STATE" AGENDA of  9/11 and FALSE-FLAG TERRORISM TREACHERY & TREASON!    Is General Kelly TOO STUPID to KNOW that 9/11, Boston Marathon, & Sandy Hook "school massacre" were ALL "FALSE FLAG" TERRORISM events?!   We KNOW that  GENERAL KELLY SUPPORTS the "War on Drugs" TOSSING AMERICANS IN TO the CHERTOFF/FEINSTEIN  JEW-NAZI GUALAGS  FOR LIFE... & DEATH!   We HAVEN'T HEARD  General Kelly SPEAK OUT AGAINST the USE of  HIRED TERRORIST ARMIES by the Obama admin. to  EXTERMINATE CHRISITANS in SYRIA - the centerpiece of the EVIL JEWS' INSTIGATED  "isis" TERROR WAR THERE -  IS GENERAL KELLY  an AGENT of the "DEEP STATE" -  PAID & PROMOTED & feted to  ADVANCE the "DEEP STATE"  ANTI-HUMANITY "globalist" agenda?!  
  By reversing course,  President Trump has MIRED HIMSELF IN THE SWAMP such as he may NEVER extricate himself -  the U.S. military DOES what the SOROS, ROTSCHILDS, SATANIC GLOBALISTS want them to do - MURDER MILLIONS worldwide in the name of "America's national security" - WHILE THEY, the "old world" Euro-trash... ZIO-NAZI BILLIONAIRES, SIMULTANEOUSLY  RAPE & DESTROY the AMERICAN ECONOMY   in the form of a career 4-star "deep state" APPROVED GENERAL,  PRESIDENT TRUMP has SURRENDERED his presidency to GEORGE SOROS & THE SATANIC ROTSCHILDS....

PRESIDENT TRUMP REVERSES DIRECTION: instead of BATTLING the "Deep State" FOR the American people, President Trump SELECTS a MOST  "DEEP STATE" of  CREATURES to GUIDE HIS PRESIDENCY!    THE ONLY WAY you move up in the U.S. military is by KILLING PEOPLE overseas per the DICTATES of the SOROS, ROTSCHILDS,  GODDAMN-SACHS,  "illuminati"  DEGENERATE SATANIC TRAITORS - who were also behind the 9/11 TREASON/terror attacks.  
  IS GENERAL KELLY TOO STUPID to know that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB - or is he a COWERING career military bureaucrat,   who will GO ALONG with the PREMEDITATED MASS-MURDER of  U.S. military officers & members (killed in the Pentagon CRUISE-MISSILE ATTACK that day)   not to mention nearly 3,000 American civilians KILLED BY DASTARDLY TREASON & TREACHERY - as long as his military career is showered with rewards & promotions?

Thus far the GREATEST THING about President Trump's presidency is that he has EXPOSED the ENTIRE  CORPORATE MEDIA as a RELENTLESSLY LYING  conglomerate who ALL hew to the GLOBAL WARS & ECONOMIC RAPE agenda - they ALL LIE about EVERYTHING from the price of milk & eggs that house-moms must buy for their families,  to the reason the United States government "is IN DEBT" - after handing FORTY+ TRILLION DOLLARS in "bailouts" & WAR PROFITS to the "DEEP STATE" financiers who - through 3 generations of propaganda and bureaucratic, ZIO-NAZI TERRORISM - CONTROL every level, every corner, every facet of the U.S. government - INCLUDING THE MILITARY, such that the ENTIRE MILITARY GOES ALONG with the horrific  9/11 LIES & COVER-UPS!

We agree with Mike Cernovich's comments in the below video: General Kelly,  President Trump's new White House Chief of Staff, FIRING the recently hired Anthony Scaramuci as White House Communications Director, is a DISASTER for President Trump, is a DISASTER for the Trump presidency, and is a DISASTER for Trump fans, supporters, and future Trump voters.   And the reason is far worse - far more hard-core - than "today's Generals fight YESTERDAY'S WARS" that Mike Cernovich lays out,  which does hint at the larger problem:  for GENERALS are WHOLLY OWNED SLAVES to the NEWS CYCLE - the only way you advance and move up in the military is by AVOIDING BAD PRESS and extreme controversy or scandal;  or, conversely,  THE CORPORATE whore MEDIA has the POWER to MAKE & BREAK generals - and in particular, the ONLY way you become a FOUR-STAR general is BY PLAYING BY the corp. media - which is to say "the elitists" or "internationalists" or  ZIO-NAZI IMPERIALISTS PLAYBOOK - the very people "outsider" President Trump RAN AGAINST in his 2016 presidential campaign, and the SAME PEOPLE he has been BATTLING every day since.   Like a salmon swimming up-river, President Trump has been FIGHTING THE ESTABLISHMENT TIDE for every day since he announced he was running for president.... SELECTING the MOST "INSIDER" of 4-star generals to lay out  AND DICTATE his new strategies and daily course of action is to turn-180 and SWIM WITH THE FLOW - TRY TO WIN the  corp. WHORE media APPROVAL,   which is to say TRY TO WIN the ELITISTS, "deep state" approval - HORRORS!

  To sum that horror up, "THE ONLY WAY you WIN THE 'Deep State'  + corp. WHORE media APPROVAL - is by BOMBING INNOCENT CIVILIANS on the other side of the world, while SIMULATANEOUSLY  FINANCIALLY TERRORIZING & ECONOMICALLY RAPING the AMERICAN  host people - you know....  as has been happening ever since President Reagan left office, once  Bush Sr., Bill Clinton,  Bush Jr. & Obama - ALL CREATURES of the DEEP STATE Zio-Nazi + Jesuits axis of evil - took over.

TODAY is a TERRIBLE DAY for the Trump presidency - and for America.
 "BUYERS REMORSE" is a perfect phrase that captures  the PSYCHOLOGICAL ANGST of  someone making a purchase they come to regret... not only are they DISAPPOINTED with the purchase, but the purchase proved SO  COUNTER to the buyer's EXPECTATIONS, that "buyer's remorse"  generally spells a certain degree of  DISGUST WITH ONES' SELF bordering on nausea, even;    and for larger purchases or  choices  'BUYER'S REMORSE" often entails an OPPORTUNITY SQUANDERED, a regrettable choice that puts a person on the WRONG PATH,  takes a person down a road he did not intend to go down,   and now the TIME & OPPORTUNITY that before laid out a positive vision is now CHOKED OFF with DOUBT, WASTED TIME, and expenses that can never be recovered.


    PRESIDENT TRUMP WON ELECTION 2016 by not only IGNORING the  "ESTABLISHMENT EXPERTS,"  but by TAKING HIS MESSAGE to  DISAFFECTED,  ignored, marginalized, if not DOWNTRODDEN Americans,  and  telling them that  WASHINGTON, in the form of the ENTRENCHED 8 year obama/pelosi/biden/kerry/hillary/panetta/brennan  DEMOCRATS  *WERE* the problem - along with ALL the "ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS"  Trump CRUSHED on his way to the nomination - including  JEB BUSH, ROMNEY,  RUBIO,  ____, & McCain.


"BUYER'S REMORSE" is a fantastic term that   the PSYCHOLOGICAL ANGST of  making a purchase, not only to be disappointed with the results - but DISGUSTED WITH YOURSELF for the "OPPORTUNITY COST"  of what you gave up,  the  FORSAKEN ALTERNATIVE that you could have had, but gave up.  In most cases, the "forsaken cost" is simply a financial one...   however, there is usually an implied  LOSS OF PRECIOUS TIME, your "REMORSE" would not be so bad if it could be quickly changed or reversed.   In this case,  PRESIDENT TRUMP did a FANTASTIC JOB as CANDIDATE TRUMP - with the ENTIRE  national, corporate, & world media FOCUSED on his presidential campaign - usually the corp. media hounds can DEGENERATE an American political election to  "HORSE RACE"  style of media coverage, "he said, she said",
     but in the case of OUTSIDE politico Donald Trump,  candidate Trump FORCED the media to cover many issues they would have preferred to IGNORE - and we personally were thrilled to attend a Trump campaign rally, where he CALLED OUT the  corp. "professional" PRESS &  MEDIA CORPS, with their fancy video & communications equipment, perched on an elevated platform with the best view of the stage (about 30-40 rows back, or point-blank range for even an inexpensive telephoto lens to capture every blink of the candidate or other speakers on stage.)

 and CANDIDATE TRUMP BYPASSED MUCH of the media,  going to energetic CAMPAIGN RALLIES where he POLISHED HIS campaign SPEECHES to win the most audience applause & support, and of course President Trump USED SOCIAL MEDIA to BYPASS much of the corp. media - which was bought, owned, tailored, &  fine-tuned to  ACT AS A FILTER, or  GATE-KEEPERS between politicians and the public,