Friday, July 21, 2017

MEME WARS: WE CELEBRATE! the GENIUS of the AMERICANS Fighting the NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION - against the SAME INSANE, GENOCIDAL, SATANIC TYRANTS who presume they are ENTITLED to RULE the world & EXTERMINATE whole swaths of Humanity... TODAY... as were represented by the EAST INDIA TEA Co. MONOPOLY on AMERICAN COMMERCE... and TAXATION / CONFISCATION! - back in the 1770s...

And now,  we take  a little weekend break amidst 
the BATTLE AGAINST global, universal EVIL 
which threatens to engulf us at any moment, 
 to post a little sharp-edged ALL AMERICAN  political humor & levity - that in true "NINJA!" or  judo fashion, 
evil  strength & POWER AGAINST THEM !!  
MEME WARS!! - Trump portrayed as a Ninja,
Martial Arts master: he TAKES ON
the ENTIRE corporatist, LYING,
TREASONOUS, SELL-OUT "mainstream media" cabal of LYING WHORES - and then BLOODIES
EVERYONE ONE of their lying noses! 

  Below, we present our WINNER in the "MEME WARS!" CNN as thugs & bullies exposes -  BRAVO! "Funny Rednecks" episode 9! 

Our WINNER in the "MEME WARS!" against CNN
and against ALL the LYING,  EVIL, SATANIC,  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, METASTASIZING,  TERROR WARS & INSTIGATED MASS-IMMIGRATION  & ruthless TYRANNY & POLICE-STATE DICTATORSHIP  pimping MEDIA WHORES - who all hew to the EVIL INTENT of  GENOCIDAL "ethnic cleansing" & destruction of nations agenda - including those who were & are STILL ADVOCATING the  SUBJUGATION, SUBVERSION,  &  SABOTAGE of  America! - 
In these BRILLIANT  "meme wars"  President Trump 
takes on ARMIES of BAD GUYS in movie parodies,  
CNN THREATS against Americans 

below talk show spoof:  
Creator of  the original 
"Trump BODY SLAMS CNN" meme
that POTUS Trump himself RE-TWEETS his meme! 
- his parody  is   INSTANTLY FAMOUS !! 
"It's  GOING IN TO history books NATIONAL ARCHIVES!" 
And in response to THUGGISH CNN attempts   
of corp. bullying aimed at  the meme creator -  
a huge wave of other memes bashing CNN 
"start creating themselves" & flooding the internet!

"MEME WARS" video parody:  
some CNN toady "ass-clown"
IDENTIFIES the "Trump Body-Slams CNN"  meme creator - and
 THREATENS TO "dox him" 
EXPOSE HIM to the world !! 

After CNN THREATENS to 'doxthe
"TRUMP BODY-SLAMS CNN" meme creator......the ENTIRE "alt Right"  AMERICAN TRUMP SUPPORTERS internet community REVOLTS AGAINST CNN's clear & blatant THREATS & TYRANNY 
 and POURING in to the airwaves to MOCK,  CENSURE,  and BELITTLE the CNN executives,  on-air pimps, 
corporate whores & cultural toadies 
who thought they OWNED America's airwaves!


InfoWars OFFICIAL $20,000 WINNER of the Trump MEME WARS vs CNN bullies, liars, THUGS & traitors movie parody theme compliations - based on the movie "The Matrix" -  we heartily applaud & thank  Alex Jones & the INFOWARS CREW and ALL the contributors for USING REAL JUDO - USING the BIGGER, POWERFUL ENEMIES STRENGTHS AGAINST THEM! - to publicize the corporate media LIES, ATROCITIES, and TREASON pimping propaganda!

Not only have the AMERICAN FINANCIAL SYSTEM, the American corp. press/media PR system, the entire POLITICAL system,  and the LEGAL,  criminal "justice" system been HIJACKED by the LYNCH-MOB  insane, SATANIC  Judeo Supremacist "illuminati" TRAITOR JEWS (and their goose-stepping "innocent" rank & file jewish voters; and their armies of flying-monkeys "shabbos goys" hirelings, appartchiks, cultural Commissars, & media, govt, finance, & legal system collaborators) -  but today the  OVERWEENING CONTROL exerted by the JEW BILLIONAIRE "central banksters" behind "the Fed," the Bank of England," the ECB, the IFM, the World Bank, the BIS, and all other mega-banks  is nearly a VERBATIM REPEAT of the   EAST INDIA TEA COMPANY MONOPOLY on all aspects of American colonial life, culture, finance, and economy that was the REAL cause of the American Revolution.   Yes, the ACADEMICS and PUBLIC SCHOOL teachers have ALSO BEEN HIJACKED by the JEW-NAZI WAR-PIGS & FINANCIAL VAMPIRE  ECONOMIC SABOTEURS - which means the vast majority of Americans are FED USELESS, INANE, INCORRECT, and downright BAD INFORMATION about the real history of The  AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!
  TWO popular themes, or memes, about the American Revolution will have to suffice in this one short post to make our point:  "DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS" and "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION."
   The notion that the American Revolution was fought over asserting American citizen rights against "The DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS" is quite simply A FALLACY -  BAD HISTORY!  a WRONG factoid!    Because the ENGLISH CIVIL WAR had led to the PARLIAMENTARIANS (army) under Oliver Cromwell BEHEADING KING CHARLES I  for HIGH CRIMES AGAINST THE ENGLISH PEOPLE - back in 1649!   And PARLIAMENT'S SUPREMACY over the British crown (king) was AFFIRMED in the "GLORIOUS REVOLUTION"  of  1688 (when King James II  (2nd son of the beheaded king Charles I)  was OVERTHROWN, forced to abdicate  BY PARLIAMENT and exiled to the continent, a TRANSITION to MONARCHS CHOSEN BY PARLIAMENT that was finally settled with the Battle of Culloden, when James's grandson Bonnie Prince Charles' army was defeated by the grandson, the Duke of Cumberland, of the first King George, IMPORTED BY PARLIAMENT FROM GERMANY to take up the ENGLISH THRONE.

 AMERICANS in public schools - and even college history majors not specializing in English history - are KEPT IGNORANT of these titanic, dynamic WARS & POLITICAL BATTLES IN ENGLAND which PRECEDED the AMERICAN revolution - because "The Powers That Be" that RULE America today  DON'T WANT US AMERICAN PEONS  GETTING THE IDEA that WE ARE ENTITLED TO REVOLT against bad, horrific leadership !

 This is accomplished slyly & subtly - by PUTTING America's Revolutionary heroes & leaders up on a BRONZE PEDASTAL,  DEIFYING them as, well, deities above the normal.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  The AMERICAN REVOLUTION WAS ALSO A CIVIL WAR - Ben Franklin being a Rebel and "traitor to the King" while HIS OWN SON being a LOYALIST GOVERNOR of  ___ only the most famous example -  and EVERY DAY Patriots, citizens, soldiers, and working people from slaves and indentured servants to General GEORGE WASHINGTON himself  had to make GRIM DECISIONS based on that amorphous interchange between ideals and grim reality.    Many loyalists in New York PROSPERED AFTER the Revolution was over - while many Patriots lost everything in the war.


COngressman SCALISE - nearly MURDERED by a HATE-WHIPPED "liberal Democrat" BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTER gunman...

...yet the DAILY CALLER says that TRUMP SUPPORTERS are the ones who are  "DRUNK ON HATE"  and living in a delusional world of  "false perceptions" that the corp. WHORE media is NOT giving the President Trump "a fair shake" - no, they just have a two-bit actress HOLD UP a BLOODY HEAD that looks like the President has been decapitated by an ISIS executioner!

the JEFF ZUCKER and TIME-WARNER JEW BILLIONAIRES APPROVED  CNN effort to BULLY, INTIMIDATE, and SILENCE   "alt right" independent media creators - for creating a short, video SPOOF of  then private citizen DONALD TRUMP  body-slamming then WWE World Wrestling executive VINCE McMAHAN  as part of a staged wrestling entertainment performance -

CNN Staff Reeling After Personal Info Leaked

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Daily Caller
July 6, 2017
Several anchors and reporters at CNN have had their home addresses published and have received threats of rape and other violence in the wake of a story published by Andrew Kaczynski, who heads up the network’s investigative K-FILE team. Anti-network trolls are encouraging viewers to wrongly accuse CNN staffers of pedophilia and child pornography. There is also “tons of anti-Semitism.”
“Frustration” is the predominant feeling inside CNN, The Mirror has learned.
Kaczynski published a story on the 4th of July in which he appeared to threaten to publish the name of a Reddit user who parades around anonymously as “HanAssholeSolo.” HanAssholeSolo claimed to be the originator of the wrestling video tweeted by President Trump in which POTUS flattened a wrestler whose face was a CNN logo.
Trump has long accused CNN of being “fake news” and “very fake news.”
The network seems to be fulfilling Trump’s need for a public enemy. In other words, CNN fills the void for “Low energy Jeb,”  “Little Marco,” “Lyin’ Ted” and “Crooked Hillary.” In recent months, CNN has become a virtual punching bag for Trump supporters. The reason doesn’t often matter. Be it White House correspondent Jim Acosta bitching about press access or “New Day” host Chris Cuomo deleting a tweet, they’re drunk on hate and their perception that the network is not giving Trump a fair shake. They delight in clobbering the network as much and as often as possible.