Monday, July 24, 2017


     A MONSTROUS  PROPAGANDA NARRATIVE is being SHOVED DOWN OUR American THROATS - and this horrific, demonic, genocidal, anti-American, anti-humanity agenda is hiding in plain sight, in cold, cruel black & white.... EVERYWHERE you look.   
   Today, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts once again takes his pen up to outline the DIABOLICAL, TREASONOUS, monstrous war, or "jihad" to SUBVERT & DESTROY AMERICA by INFILTRATION & USURPATION,  
by INVERTING REALITY & making LIES seem like the TRUTH:  

 JEWS CONTROL  all  aspects of  AMERICA's  press/media, HOLLYWOOD cultural fantasy & image machine, academia, politics, financial system...  & GOVT. - SAYS JEWISH WRITER JOEL STEIN,  happily published it the JEWISH OWNED PAGES of the LA Times !! 

This abject, DICTATORSHIP MONOPOLY CONTROL includes  govt. domestic &  foreign policy
i.e. METASTASIZING WARS & genocidal  COLLABORATION with SAUDI  funded JIHADI TERRORIST ARMIES  waging genocide by terrorism throughout Africa, 
the Mideast... and in to EUROPE, RUSSIA, the UKRAINE... Pakistan, Afghanistan, and in to ASIA !  
  MYOPIC, DELUSIONAL, PROPAGANDIZED and TERRORIZED - speak out and you will LOSE YOUR JOB! - Americans COWER before this grim reality 


The JEWISH Reign of TERROR Here in America is HIDDEN by a Propaganda WHITEWASH of  LIES

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, 23 July 2017   
If truth has a chance it is in a different country than America.  
Masters of propaganda from its inventor, Jewish public relations expert Edward Louis James Bernays, to the Nazi Minister of Propaganda Paul Joseph Goebbels, agree that a lie can be turned into truth by constant repetition. 
The more pure the lie, the more complete the success in turning it into The Truth. Lies partly based in fact or half-truths open themselves to factual challenge. For a propagandist the best lie is a lie unfettered by even a distant relationship to truth. Such a lie can be turned into such self-evident truth that no evidence is necessary. As Nikki Haley and Hillary Clinton put it: “Evidence! We don’t need any stinking evidence. We know Russia hacked our election!
For the typical American, who doesn’t know anything, the confidence of the former Secretary of State and “rightful President of the USA” and the confidence of President Donald Trump’s own Ambassador to the United Nations are sufficient to convince them that the lie that Russia stole the US presidency for Trump is true. We all know it. Why? Because we have all heard it endlessly repeated for many months. As one acquaintance said: “If it were false, surely the media would have exposed it.” This insouciant naivete is characteristic of Western populations.
As Bernays and Goebbels knew, one good propagandist can control the opinion of the targeted group, whether it is a gender or a nation.
Initially for Benays the targeted group was American women. As a propagandist for an American tobacco company, “the father of spin” promoted female smoking as a sign of feminist independence. He called cigarettes “Torches of Freedom.” He also provided the propaganda that enabled the United Fruit Company to have the US Government overthrow the elected government of Guatemala in 1954.
Goebbels turned Germans into servants of the Third Reich, an accomplishment the neoconservatives  [JEW WAR LOBBY GENOCIDAL MASS-MURDERERS and ANTI-AMERICAN 9/11 TRAITORS!]  have yet to attain in the United States, but they are still working at it.The neoconservatives, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, and the US presstitutes have succeeded in blocking Trump from withdrawing from Syria and from normalizing relations with Russia. They have succeeded in this by using their fabrication, “Russia-gate,” to put President Trump in a box. If Trump now normalizes relations with Russia, it will be presented to the world by the presstitutes as proof that the Putin/Trump conspiracy against Western democracy is real. If Trump were to normalize relations, thereby removing “the threat” that justifies the power and profit of the military/security complex’s budget, he would likely be impeached as a traitor to the USA. Trump’s tweets would be overwhelmed by the onslaught of the presstitutes....

to DESTROY America, and to TURN 350 million Americans in to terrorized "red terror" GULAG SLAVES or murdered corpses has been outlined & exposed for years now -
 -  yet the PROPAGANDA NARRATIVE continues to GRIND ON,   
GRINDING Americans in to misery & dust, 
because the 350 million INTENDED VICTIMS of  coercion, enslavement & genocide  here in America 
can't believe the clear & present facts...  
Americans, in our gullible naivete; &  in our 
smug,  materialistic DELUSIONAL self-satisfaction, 
continue to BELIEVE that 
"our leaders" are "working in our best interests" - 
when nothing could be further from the truth,
oceans, tsunamis, tidal-waves of facts & cold reality not withstanding....

MASS-MURDEROUS,  hate, loathing, & 
genocide  against humanity 
are lurking right there in your copy of 
the "holy" Hebrew, Jewish bible -
 including by SURPRISE ATTACKS and TREACHEROUS BACK-STABBING - and the bible 
 CONDEMNS JEWS  for FAILING to KILL their neighbors when the opportunity arises!  - most famously KING SAUL, 
the FIRST KING of the Jews! - CONDEMNED by the bible's awful, evil, anti-humanity narrative 
for  for FAILING to KILL his CAPTURED PRISONERS to the very last man - a lesson that is INESCAPABLE for devoted judeo supremacist bible readers - and  for DELUSIONAL Christian and non-Jewish leaders to read this horrific passage and NOT realize that the REAL LESSON of JUDAISM is the TOTAL, ABSOLUTE, 100% EXTERMINATION of the non-Jews around them! 
bible atrocities ARE what JUDAISM IS ALL ABOUT! 
Here the "prophet" Samuel GRABS A SWORDS - and HACKS a bound, tied, & hapless prisoner TO DEATH in front of the astonished King Saul - this is the PRELUDE to SAMUEL PLACING A CURSE - "the word of God's DAMNATION" - ON TO KING SAUL - whose LINE WILL BECOME EXTINCT, he will be killed and the House of Saul UTTERLY DESTROYED.  FURTHERMORE,  SAUL has JUST DUTIFULLY *EXTERMINATED*  EVERY OTHER man, woman & child of the AMALEKITES tribe - so he is hardly a squeamish king!
Fortunately, the story is ENTIRELY FICTION - there is NO supporting archeological or contemporaneous historical evidence of the Jewish origins story from Abraham to Jacob ("israel") to Moses, Joshua, & the founding of israel - however, that  the bible DEPICTS DAVID was a ROYAL USURPER (albeit "divinely chosen & anointed) probably indicates some real  historical basis to the Saul overthrown mythical story as told by the bible.  Nonetheless, THE OVERWHELMING MESSAGE is that JEWS are "chosen," nay, COMMANDED by g-o-d to  WAGE WAR AGAINST, ENSLAVE, CONQUER... and EXTERMINATE their neighbors - whenever the opportunity arises (i.e., after Jews live in peace quietly & humbly among and next to their neighbors - UNTIL they have AMASSED the POWER to OVERTHROW & EXTERMINATE them.) 

below image 

- one of Moses' high-command Jews, Phineas, 
stalks a couple, then enters their private tent 
and MURDERS the man & wife 
by vicious SURPRISE ATTACK, 
spearing them both through the back 
while they are in bed having sex 
Why couldn't the couple be arrested, LEGALLY TRIED  by Moses' Jewish high command & council, & THEN stoned to death?  
 As Yukon Jack frequently explains, for American Christians to believe the hate-filled
 Judeo Supremacist "holy bible" is the divine word of g-o-d - - - is a SUICIDE MISSION !! 
The ROOTS of this HORRIFIC, DEMONIC, MASS-MURDEROUS,  hate, loathing, and genocide  anti-humanity propaganda narrative are lurking right there in your copy of the "holy" Hebrew, Jewish bible - which INSTRUCTS JEWS to KILL THEIR NEIGHBORS at EVERY OPPORTUNITY - including via SURPRISE ATTACKS and TREACHEROUS BACK-STABBING
(below image - one of Moses' high-command Jews, Phineas, stalks an unawares LEGALLY MARRIED COUPLE in to their tent and then SPEARS THEM BOTH while they are in bed, having Sex - the BIBLE REPORTS that BOTH MOSES  AND "g-o-d" APPROVE of this ATROCITY -  as an AFTERTHOUGHT, the bible spells out that "g-o-d LIFTED A PLAGUE that KILLED 240,000  TWO HUNDRED & FORTY THOUSANDS israelites becasue g-o-d WAS PLEASED by this murder - as the signal, or starting point, for the JEWS MASSACRING their MIDIANITE allies!  

 The STORY IS PURE FICTION - MOSES NEVER EXISTED, these stories were told, retold "oral history") and compiled HUNDREDS OF YEARS AFTER the alleged events, while the JEWS WERE LIVING AS CAPTURED HOSTAGES IN BABYLON after the Babylonian Conquest & destruction of Jerusalem 587 BC, the Moses, Israelite "exodus" and Joshua's imaginary conquest of the Canaan Valley "holy land" were ALLEGED to have occurred before 1,100 BC - over 500 years earlier.  

Jews - a subordinate culture in the imperial empires of Christian "Old World" Europe, 
 applied GENOCIDAL  JUDAISM  (much less the even worse strains of  genocidal TALMUDIC, FRANKIST/SABBATEAN Judaism)  to their host cultures by ENCOURAGING & INCITING VIOLENT REVOLUTIONS - which ACTED in the "name of the people," but usually the winning, victorious revolutionaries engaged in a WAR OF TERROR equal if not greater than the imperial, autocrat, aristocracy & nobility regimes they replaced - ESPECIALLY in the case of  "COMMUNISM" - which FLOODED RUSSIA with JEWISH REVOLUTIONARIES, bent not on "a workers paradise" but on  -  IMPOSING GENOCIDAL  JUDAISM, the extortion, enslavement, conquest, rape & mass-murder of non-Jews by connected bureaucratic,  PARTY APPARTCHIK Jews - HIDING BEHIND a "COMMUNIST" PROPAGANDA NARRATIVE as they pushed FORWARD their GENOCIDAL, JUDEO SUPREMACIST agenda.  Today, the biggest Jewish on-line magazine is called "FORWARD" - and they are still relentlessly pushing their "NON-JEWS MUST DIE!" demonic agenda...

A MONSTROUS  PROPAGANDA NARRATIVE is being SHOVED DOWN OUR American THROATS by PAID PROFESSIONAL LIARS hewing to a demonic, Satanic, degenerate, diabolical command structure & agenda:  it is  SATANIC JUDAISM,  ruled & controlled by  FRANKIST/SABATEAN i.e. "Satanic" or  "Luciferian"  "illuminati" JEW BILLIONAIRES and their hired "shabbos goyim" COLLABORATORS in HIGH CRIMES & TREASON - and, being the ruling force & ideology bent, DRIVEN to DRIVE HUMANITY in to the sewer of global mass extirpation through genocide & nuclear war,  THE MASSIVE  EVIDENCE & supporting documentation  is EVERYWHERE you look....  

LORD OF THE FLIES:  JUDAISM - Satanic "we, collectively, ARE GOD!" Judaism -
has CAPTURED, CORRUPTED, & DEGENERATED America, Europe, the entire Western world (think "tolerant," "civilized" Canada & Australia) and all of humanity... such that the MASS-MURDER of humans  IS THE DESIRED GOAL of those ruling our governments, industry, financial system, and press, media + cultural institutions discourse / "narrative."   This is straight out of the 1950s  apocalyptic novel "LORD OF THE FLIES" where  some English students survive a plane crash on a remote, tropical island, a plane crash  that kills the pilots and their instructors, i.e. all the adults are dead, and the youths - young boys & children - are left to their own devices.

 We recently sent an email to one of favorite journalist researchers, and while we got back a favorable reply, we were admonished to please keep future emails shorter.
  Unfortunately,  when discussing the DEPTH, BREADTH, and FEROCITY of the JEWISH TAKEOVER,  HIJACKING,  usurpation of America -  a single paragraph, a single article, a single book, does not suffice to cover all the various  fronts, or facets, much less conspiratorial subterfuges marking the JEWISH ONSLAUGHT AGAINST  AMERICAN  FREEDOMS,  AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY, and against humanity in its/our entirety.