Friday, July 7, 2017

IF You are WORSHIPING YAHWEH, the ruthless tribal god of the Hebrew, Jewish bible... YOU ARE REALLY WORSHIPING ASHUR, the cruel, ruthless, genocidal, ALL-CONQUERING national WAR GOD of the ASSYRIAN EMPIRE! JEWS are to ASSYRIANS as Colonial Americans Were to BRITAIN - a REBELLIOUS, mixed-race BREAKAWAY colony!!

 Let's ease in to this long, complex, intertwined, but essential discussion as easily as possible:
BOTH Moses AND JESUS are ENTIRELY MYTHICAL, fictional, LITERARY creations  

as we can see from this screen-shot graphic, the ARCHETYPE of JESUS  PERFECTLY parallels, or MIRRORS, the combined archetype of  JOSEPH + MOSES, neither of whom was divine... but both were "CHOSEN" by "THE CREATOR of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE"! to "walk on earth IN HIS stead" - both performing MIRACLES to "SAVE" "the CHOSEN people"  - both Jesus and his two literary predecessors followed a nearly IDENTICAL literary path! 
JESUS the man-god MYTH...
BASED precisely,  EXACTLY
on the  Hebrew bible
which in turn was   based on the very ancient,  
ARCHAIC SUN-GOD(s) come to earth
as a divine mortal(s),  or sending a leader
"save" "HIS" people !!
The ASSYRIAN EMPIRE at its height: stretching from present day Iran all the way to Egypt - exactly what the INSANE JEWS CLAIM is their "god given" right to GREATER ISRAEL!  
  The notion that Hebrew, Jew Kings David or Solomon ran some GREAT EMPIRE that was THE ENVY of everyone around them is simply foolish... PREPOSTEROUS!!
The ASSYRIAN Empire was SO MUCH GREATER than the Jews EVEN CLAIM Solomon's fictional "empire" was at it's mythical height.  
YET INSANE JEWS keep trying to SMASH their FICTIONAL, MADE-UP,  MYTHICAL "chosen people" narrative down our, humanity's, collective throats. 

*PEACEFULLY* - bearing GIFTS for the Egyptians!    
The Hyksos were a "SEMITIC" people - 
i.e. originally descended from peoples of the Arabian peninsula...
via the SEMITIC EMPIRES of Akkad > ASSYRIA! 
- bearing GIFTS for the Egyptians 
& their leader, Pharaoh  
Notice the  BEARDED, SEMITIC  Hyksos 
contrasting with the dark skinned,
 beardless Egyptians,  and note their (Hyksos')  
Where have we heard that before?
Oh yeah.... JOSEPH... SON of JACOB 
(Jacob  later RENAMED "ISRAEL" !!) 
 is sent to Egypt as a KIDNAPPED SLAVE.... 
after his brothers KIDNAPPED him 
and stole his "COAT OF MANY COLORS"!! 
And Joseph's brothers 
ripped it to shreds, and poured blood on it... and, 
talking with their father, 
 for the young Joseph's disappearance!  
THAT story is WELL OVER 2,500 years old - 
 THAT is A LOT OF PRACTICE in WRITING UP "FALSE-FLAG" script/narratives !!!

MOSES *never* EXISTED as a real, 
flesh & blood living man! 
TO BELIEVE that Moses existed... you have to IGNORE ALL contemporary history of power & politics in the region, 
and believe a MADE-UP FAIRY TALE written HUNDREDS of years AFTER the alleged events of Moses' mythical, fictional life
And IF the OLD TESTAMENT 'Moses, Abraham,
 god, & 'THE CHOSEN'  story is PURE MYTH...
then SO TOO is the JESUS story -
which is 100% DEPENDENT on the HEBREW TRIBAL g-o-d, Yahweh  story  - ALSO a MYTH !!  
is based on the very ancient, archaic
     ARCHETYPE of the SUN-GOD 
walking the earth to SAVE HIS PEOPLE.
Since by this era people were sophisticated enough to 
realize that NO living man could claim to be divinely immortal...
a level of separation between god-kings & the Divine had to be created... 
so now the real, divine SUN-GOD 
uses a MESSENGER, 
or LEADER,  to guide "his" people on earth 
There is NOT ONE  SPECK of genuine historical commentary or annotation - by very literate, worldly, well traveled, and wise people who often left extensive records behind, especially the Egyptians,  Assyrians, and later Greeks and Romans  - people who never,   EVER so much as mentioned
either Moses nor Jesus.  
To BELIEVE in the MYTH of Moses 
- or the MYTH of  Jesus - 
 history and modern archeology evidence.  
 Both Moses & Jesus myths were COMPOSITES of other,
 prior,  mythic, heroic, leader god/men... 
with their bible based narratives 
HONED in the repeated retelling
 over HUNDREDS of years AFTER their alleged lives.  

The reason these ARCHETYPES are SO POWERFUL 
 that people thousands of years later could claim to have "WITNESSED," for example,  Christ's direct influence in their lives...
is because we as new-born infants, children,  and  youths
- powerful men supplying food, shelter, and protection - 
 to assure our survival & upbringing... 
Especially in times of duress, 
WE WANT to BELIEVE we have a divine, 
supreme,  FATHER-FIGURE in heaven PROTECTING and guiding us - just as our fathers and male leaders provided us PROTECTION from threats when we were very young. 

 And in the human mind,  and especially 
in stressful SOCIAL predicaments, 
 WHAT WE WANT to believe 
often becomes CONFLATED with "reality" 
- for example, see how tricks & police or  prosecutors' leading questions
 can convince witnesses to a  crime that "they saw something" 
 that a skillful defense lawyer can later PROVE those witnesses could  NEVER have seen! 

BOTH Moses AND Jesus were 
based on COMPOSITE characteristics 
of many similar, previous human heroes
 and man/god myth ARCHETYPES  -  
   the most famous being Hercules,  
despite being of human birth,  
but  including DIONYSIS  the Greek god of Wine 
and Horus, the falcon-headed Egyptian
 national protector god 
who had to fight the personification of evil on earth 
(Seth, the treacherous god who killed his brother Osiris, Horus's father) among many other examples. 


YAHWEH and MARDUKE are not "the same dude" - 
- but Yahweh is even more warlike, 
than even the hated,  loathed  and despised Ashur - 
ruthless, brutal god of the CONQUERING Assyrian empire! 

 BEFORE the BABYLONIANS CONQUERED JERUSALEM in 587 B.C..... taking Hebrew nobles, scribes, and priests back to Babylon as de facto SLAVES,  but actually as pampered hostages -  the ASSYRIANS had CONQUERED BABYLON.  IN the HISTORY of  ASSYRIA - plus the history of Egypt - we have the REAL story of the rise to historical notice of the Hebrew, Jewish tribal nation... but MOST of the Hebrew, Jewish bible is PURE FICTION,  "look-back" dreams and fantasies of IMAGINARY battles, IMAGINARY conquests, IMAGINARY tribal origins stories.... with the POLYTHEIST JEWS  STEALING the idea of a "ONE TRUE GOD" from the PHARAOH AKHEATEN who came long before the Jewish bible;  with the Hebrews STEALING the "Noah's Ark" MYTH from the SUMERIANS who came long before even the Assyrians or Babylonians...
and with the Jews STEALING the "MOSES, the national LIBERATOR" MYTH from the REAL-LIFE  Pharaoh AHMOSE - who KICKED the SEMITIC, Hyksos OVERLORDS*  OUT of  Lower (norther) Egypt (the delta) - HUNDREDS of YEARS before MOSES is even ALLEGED to have lived!    The Surviving Hyksos who fled Egypt settled in... the tribal kingdoms in the grey-area BETWEEN the EGYPTIAN & ASSYRIAN empires.   The  QUEEN of SHEBA, the MYTHICAL "richest woman in the world"  would NEVER HAVE VISITED the cow-town of  King Solomon  and given obeisance there in Jerusalem...  she would have gone straight to the REAL POWER of the era, the ASSYRIAN CAPITALS of  Ashur or Ninevah, and met the real-life Assyrian emperor.
Indeed,  "the Qeen of Sheba" is modeled on the REAL LIFE RICHEST & MOST POWERFUL women of world history to that time... QUEEN HAPSHEPSUT - who RULED EGYPT AS A PHARAOH IN HER OWN NAME, and brought Egypt to the onset of a NEW GOLDEN AGE capitalizing on the independence Pharaoh Ahmose had won a few generations earlier.

BEFORE the Hebrews were conquered by the Babylonian army (587 B.C.) - they were a POLYTHEIST tribal nation like all their neighbors!  Indeed, historical artifacts reveal that the Hebrews worshiped ASHERA, the WIFE of YAHWEH, along with her husband!   IS ASHERA the female form for ASHUR?! 
For those - fundamentalist Jews,  Christians AND Moslems
 - who deny & dispute this real-life history behind the Hebrew bible... they need to read their bibles!   To begin with, the ALLEGED  (mythical!) Jewess heroine of the Jews in Persia, ESTHER - is CLEARLY based on ISHTAR - the PAGAN goddess of the Babylonians!   

For those who STILL resist the notion that archaic Hebrews were POLYTHEIST LONG, LONG, LONG after the ALLEGED time of  Abraham & "the Conenant"  see this important passage of the bible dealing with Jacob fleeing, with his two wifes Rachel & Leah, from his father-in-law Laban:

Genesis 31 13:31  am the God of Bethel where you anointed a stone pillar, where you [JACOB] made a vow to me. Now get up, go out from this land and return to the land of your birth.’” 14 Then Rachel and Leah answered and said to him, “Is there yet a portion for us, and an inheritance in the house of our father? 15 Are we not regarded as foreigners by him, because he has sold us and completely consumed our money? 16 For all the wealth that God has taken away from our father, it belongs to us and to our sons. So now, all that God has said to you, do.” 17 Then Jacob got up and put his children and his wives on the camels. 18 And he drove all his livestock and his possessions that he had acquired, the livestock of his possession that he had acquired in Paddan-Aram, in order to go to Isaac his father, to the land of Canaan.19 Now Laban had gone to shear his sheep, and Rachel stole the idols[e] that belonged to her father. 20 And Jacob tricked[f] Laban the Aramean by not telling him that he intended to flee. 21 Then he fled with all that he had, and arose and crossed the Euphrates[g] and set his face toward the hill country of Gilead. 22 And on the third day it was told to Laban that Jacob had fled. 23 Then he took his kinsmen with him and pursued after him, a seven-day journey, and he caught up with him in the hill country of Gilead. 24 And God came to Laban the Aramean in a dream at night and said to him, “Take care[h] that you not speak with Jacob, whether good or evil.” 25 And Laban overtook Jacob. Now Jacob had pitched his tent in the hill country, and Laban and his kinsmen pitched their tents in the hill country of Gilead. 26 Then Laban said to Jacob, “What have you done that you tricked me[i] and have carried off my daughters like captives of the sword? 27 Why did you hide your intention to flee and trick me,[j] and did not tell me so that I would have sent you away with joy and song and tambourine and lyre? 28 And why did you not give me opportunity to kiss my grandsons[k] and my daughters goodbye? Now you have behaved foolishly by doing this29 It is in my power[l] to do harm to you, but the God of your father spoke to me last night saying, ‘Take care[m] from speaking with Jacob, whether good or evil.’ 30 Now, you have surely gone because you desperately longed for the house of your father, but why did you steal my gods?” 31 Then Jacob answered and said to Laban, “Because I was afraid, for I thought, ‘Lest you take your daughters from me by force.’
Did you catch verse 19... the one where 
19 Now Laban had gone to shear his sheep,
and Rachel stole the idols[e] that belonged to her father.

 And lest you think this one line is a throw-away imperfection... not only is the notion of IDOLS in JACOB's HOUSEHOLD reaffirmed in another sentence a few lines later...  but it is CLEAR that YAHWEH - the GOD OF JACOB, 
and, presumably, THE god, THE "CREATOR" of the ENTIRE Universe! - is aware that JACOB HAS STOLEN LABAN's GODS - yet YAHWEH STILL wants to PROTECT Jacob (from Laban's wrath)!    ELSEWHERE in the bible NOTHING drives Yahweh in to a RAGING, MASS-HOMICIDAL FURY than "his chosen" worshipers WORSHIPING OTHER GODS, "false idols" - but here 2,500 years of Jewish scribes have reprinted this text word for word, letter for letter, without stopping to think how this chapter undermines the ENTIRE "covenant" MYTHOS! 

  NEEDLESS to SAY...  IN LATER BIBLE CHAPTERS,  YAHWEH will MASSACRE ENTIRE SWATHS of people for  WORSHIPING "FALSE GODS" - but here he SPECIFICALLY PROTECTS JACOB... EVEN THOUGH JACOB not only HAS FALSE GODS in his tent that he is presumably praying to! - but he STOLE them from his father-in-law "the ARAMEAN" - i.e. these are FOREIGN GODS  JACOB HAS (allowed his wive to) TAKE IN HIS TENT and pray too!

  THE EXACT "sin" & CRIME for which MOSES LATER HAS THE MIDIANITES SLAUGHTERED and their virgin girls passed out as RAPE/SEX SLAVES !!!

  And not to POUND this Judeo literary HYPOCRISY into fine dust;   but "JACOB" is later in the bible renamed ISRAEL - by Yahweh in person! - it is Jacob/Israel's son JOSEPH who becomes a literary prelude to the (also mythical) MOSES - PROVIDING LEADERSHIP to the entire Jewish clan ("Israel") in Egypt,  the "good years" before the Jews EARNED THE ENMITY of Egyptians for trying to run the Egyptians out of their own land!   


  THE COMMON THEME THROUGHOUT the Hebrew, Jewish bible is JEWISH WRITERS, scribes, and priest/authors TRYING TO HAVE EVERYTHING BOTH WAYS - "god" is "ALL POWERFUL"  - but the Hebrews ARE ALWAYS IN FEAR of their neighbors....  YAHWEH will WIPE YOU OFF THE MAP if you worship "FALSE IDOLS" - except when his FAVORED ones - JACOB, later SOLOMON, and probably others - violate this SUPREME commandment!!