Tuesday, July 4, 2017

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, AMERICA! We Again Present the "Battle of Culloden, 1745" video To Stress the many NUANCES & Subtleties Behind America's Humanity Emancipating DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE


We Again Present, as we did last year, a British 1960s film production of   "the Battle of Culloden,"  portraying the  the  British army war  against a REBEL  Scots army in  1745.  
The faces on both sides of this battle were JUST LIKE  the faces of  the Redcoats and the Patriots fighting in the American revolutionary war just over 30 years later. 
We don't think Hollywood could find actors to portray this level of emaciation,  abject misery & poverty today if they wanted to. 
 We present this video in order to stress the many NUANCES & SUBTLETIES Behind America's great, humanity emancipating 
 DECLARATION  of INDEPENDENCE of just over 30 years later in 1776 - and to point out that  
it was a CORRUPT PARLIAMENT, BRIBED by the FINANCIERS behind the BANK of ENGLAND and behind the EAST INDIA TEA COMPANY who  drove the American colonists to REVOLUTION 
- King George III was just a useful & easy SCAPEGOAT for the DESPISED POLICIES that were SABOTAGING American industry, economy, finances, and property rights -
  just EXACTLY AS the "Fed"GODDAMN-SACHS "chosen by g-o-d" FINANCIERS are TRYING TO EXTORT  we Americans in to penury,  poverty, DISPOSSESSION & despair - 

We Again Present, as we did last year, the video of a British b&w film 1960s production of  a reenactment of the 1745 Battle of Culloden  portraying the  the  British army battle and subsequent massacres against a Scots rebel army composed of mostly Highland Scots and Irish Catholic, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie to reclaim his family's claim to the British throne. 
 We again present this video  to stress the many NUANCES & SUBTLETIES  Behind America's great, humanity emancipating  DECLARATION  of INDEPENDENCE of just 30 years later.

Notice the HUGE IRONY: while IT WAS the SAME  British army, "the REDCOATS" who fought  to SUPPRESS  the Highlanders "JACOBITE" REBELLION to restore Catholic 'pretender'  James to the British throne - if there had been a Catholic, Jacobite victory at Culloden the Protestant Hanoverian king George of England  would probably have been forced to flee.  Would America have had a revolution if the preceding 30 years had been under a CATHOLIC rulting British dynasty? 
  The Declaration of Independence is quite contrary to CATHOLIC DOGMA - which asserts that the Church is the divine hand of  g-o-d on earth and that ALL humans SHOULD SUBMIT to the Church and it's approved national leaders. 

The Declaration of  Independence is very much a result of  PROTESTANT ideals of a LIMITED AUTHORITY or establishment church between worshipers and their god. 

While it is true that the Anglican Church was very similar to the Catholic Church in that the English king (instead of the Pope) was portrayed as "God's anointed ruler on earth," 
the ENGLISH CIVIL WAR & revolution 
under OLIVER CROMWELL had already established the precedent of  the RIGHT of Parliament 
 -  the body  closer to the majority of  English citizens than a single autocratic royal family 
to CONFRONT, REBEL, and oppose the King - culminating in Cromwell's victorious Parliamentarians ending  King Charles I's reign by chopping of his head in a  public execution in London in early 1649. 

 So the notion - propagated,  INDOCRTINATED, and INSTILLED in American students that the American Revolution was fought over  emancipation from tyrannical rulers enthroned under "DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS" is not at all correct: the British Parliament had already asserted -  by EXECUTING King Charles in 1649;  and by the "GLORIOUS REVOLUTION" of  1688 bloodlessly expelling King James II from the throne; the RIGHT of PARLIAMENT  to reign in, control, and DISPOSE OF, if need be, a recalcitrant, despotic, or  tyrannical king.  
 The Battle of Culloden had confirmed that MORE DEMOCRATIC POWER of the English, British PARLIAMENT, to*OVERTHROW*  a king gone bad way back in 1745! 

By 1776, King George may have been THE FACE of BRITISH "royal" POWER & AUTHORITY - but it was actually the BRITISH PARLIAMENT that was behind the excesses and outrages that ignited  the American Colonials  in to revolt! 

 In particular the FINANCIERS and IMPERIALISTS behind the EAST INDIA TEA COMPANY trying to IMPOSE a MONOPOLY to CRUSH American colonial INDUSTRY, SHPPING  companies.... and RUTHLESS EXTORTION through the Bank of England's CONTROL of the AMERICAN COLONIAL MONEY SUPPLY, cruelly and artificially insisting that Americans must pay their taxes to the crown in hard specie - gold and silver - which were rare if not non-existent in America, meaning Americans had to purchase coins from the Royal Mint at ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED PRICES to pay their taxes - a back-breaking,  business & industry destroying burden, 
a "royal" but PARLIAMENT AFFIRMED MONOPOLY to CRUSH American business, industry, and  private ownership under a royal, imperial boot-heel very similar, in effect in the colonies, to the ancient and despised system of FEUDALISM. 

Many historians over the generations have noted that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,  Patrick Henry, John Hancock and other leading REVOLUTIONARIES came from wealthy & privileged backgrounds - but the BRITISH IMPERIAL FINANCIERS,  lurking in the background BEHIND the public face of King George III,  were indeed trying to assert the power to ROB those American elites of their wealth & property, by MONOPOLY EXTORTION by the PRIVATE East India Tea Company - just exactly as  GODDAMN-SACH, "the Fed" and "the GLOBALISTS"  aka the "GREATER ISRAEL" "DIVINE RIGHT of those 'CHOSEN' by  G-O-D"  JEWISH WAR LOBBY are EXERTING MONOPOLY EXTORTION & SABOTAGE over the ENTIRE AMERICAN ECONOMY, political system, and cultural (press/media propaganda) system today! 


This video is also a wonderful example of  bias, or propaganda,  embedded in a film production, 
   because everything the narrator denigrates  the Scots Highlanders rebel army for being - little more than an army of serfs - near slaves! - living  under a brutal, feudal land owning system; a  MONOPOLY power,  TAX EXTORTION  and servitude system -  was also true of the British soldiers - much less Royal Navy sailors, 
    who could be KIDNAPPED, or "impressed" and dragged in to virtual SLAVERY aboard Royal Navy warships - where a word from the Captain could have any sailor flogged, keel-hauled, or otherwise tortured to death!
 "IMPRESSMENT was very much one of the leading causes of the American Revolution - American colonials did not like being treated as slaves!

are VERY MUCH trying to REIMPOSE their evil pretensions of  "DIVINE RIGHT"  to WHIP UP Saudi recruited TERRORIST ARMIES to KILL CHRISTIANS across the world - 
where our HIJACKED by FOREIGN TRAITORS "U.S." government officials ARE COLLABORATORS   
with these SATANIC & CRUEL "globalists" who are  TRYING TO IMPOSE a genocidal MASS-MURDEROUS, humanity loathign  "RED TERROR"  dictatorship upon us Americans !!