Friday, July 7, 2017

AHMOSE! - Gaze on the Face of AHMOSE - the PHARAOH who WILL SAVE HUMANITY! - by EXPOSING the LIES of JUDAISM, the LIES about Jews being "the Chosen" are a SERIES of MYTHS that the Bronze-Age Hebrews STOLE from the People Around them... and Who Came Long BEFORE they ever appeared!

who SAVED EGYPT from being ruled by INFILTRATING SEMITIC FOREIGN OVERLORDS & conquerors... 

but they  up & STOLE HIS NAME for their FICTIONAL "Moses" myth-man character of Judeo "national liberation"
 as well! 

We completely understand the irony:  the SATANIC, "illuminati,"  FRANKIST/SABBATEAN JEWS have SO THOROUGHLY CORRUPTED, infiltrated, SODOMIZED, &  DEGENERATED America, Europe, & Western society that we now/must LOOK to an ANCIENT "PAGAN" conquering war king - AN AFRICAN at that! - to restore some PSYCHOLOGICAL BALANCE to our lives and self perceptions....

  WE MUST LOOK to an ancient, POLYTHEIST,  "PAGAN" African king to  RESTORE some MENTAL SANITY EQUILIBRIUM  to our self-perceptions of  OUR "modern" Americans  Christian based "Western" civilization before we can proceed in to the future WITHOUT DRAGGING  CESSPITS and CHARNAL HOUSES of  BLOODSHED, TERRORISM, DEPRAVITY, and  genocidal, SADISTIC,  SATANIC behavior and self-destruction INSANITY with us in the name of a TRIBAL g-o-d WHO DEMANDS  OCEANS of  HUMAN BLOODSHED to satisfy - and then only momentarily! - "HIS"  "divine wrath & vengeance."  

 For those who worry that this blog is "anti-Semitic," worry not:  
not only is it no fun confronting the LIES and RACIST MYTHS of somewhere between 10 & 20 million wealthy, powerful, and omnipresent JUDEO SUPREMACISTS who have infested themselves in to every corridor of power,  in to every facet of our "modern" Western society...  but to DEMOLISH the LIES  of  JUDAISM, we are also FORCED to DEMOLISH the MYTH of the  JUDEO g-o-d -  upon whom the CHRISTIAN bible is based as well!   If you think it is an enjoyable and rewarding task CONFRONTING, nay DEMOLISHING the BELIEF SYSTEMS of somewhere between 1 and 2 BILLION Christians - you can "fughet about it!" that notion!    However, SHEER SELF SURVIVAL  FORCES us to CONFRONT the DESTRUCTIVE, now DEMONIC *MYTHS* that have TAKEN CONTROL of HUMANITY:   we are living in an astounding paradox age; where science and modern food production technology can keep nearly 7 billion people fed, clothed & housed -  but the political cliques & clans that rule the most powerful nations HAVE THE POWER to KILL MILLIONS with an economic or military policy side-swipe,  for example THE NEO-CONS - former "TROTSKYITE" "liberal" JEWS embedded, infested in the REAGAN-Bush Sr. administration - GOADING SADAM HUSSEIN to INVADE IRAQ,  a war which promptly killed northwards of  ONE MILLION victims - including not only Iranian & Iraqi combatants,  but killing KURDS, Iraqi Shia civilians,  and other entrapped ethnicities as well.