Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Have "They" found a Way to... TURN ON the RAIN FACTORY? MASSIVE UPTAKE of MOISTURE in to a RAIN SYSTEM over Florida... RESEMBLES the MASSIVE, CATASTROPHIC RAINS being GENERATED in CALIFORNIA FLOODING - both originate from a SINGLE AREA, with NO discernible reason!

This below weather RADAR MAP - from June 6, 2017 - shows a MASSIVE UPTAKE IN MOISTURE from a SINGLE SPOT in the gulf of Mexico (red circle)....
...moisture that has been forming non-stop rain storms over South Florida for two weeks, but a massive rain system that does NOT seem to affect any other part of the Gulf of Mexico 
except for far north, along the  Texas, Louisiana, & Mississippi coast.  
  This amounts to a VIRTUAL GEYSER of moisture pouring in to the sky (atmosphere)! 
  We saw the same thing - WEEKS worth of MOISTURE condensing as rain and SATURATING to the point of constant, massive flooding - on the U.S. California West Coast - again, seemingly coming from A SINGLE SPOT in the Pacific Ocean just to the immediate west of the CA coastline.
ARE "they" on to something they haven't deigned to tell us about? 

wsvn.com/weather 6 June 2017
 in this case giving their   
a workout   in their   on-going "globalist" 
(JUDEO SUPREMACIST, Rotschilds, ZIO-NAZI, AIPAC, GoddamnSachs/'fed'  DHS/fema  DoJ/DoD etc
WAR to SUBJUGATE, enslave, & EXTERMINATE  us Americans -  
  before they go "HOT" and unleash their OVERT  "RED TERROR"  MASSACRES,  FOOD SEIZURES, instigated famines, nuclear 9/11s, bio-war,  and forms of 
just wonderin, 
but with all the other SUPER- high-technology
 "soft releases" they've been telling us about lately... 
4th dimensional nano-computers; AI that is already exceeding the abilities of the smartest computer-code programmers;  colonies on mars,  and thus presumably the NON-ROCKET means to get those massive payloads in to earth orbit, etc. etc. etc .  - 
...using their WELL KNOWN "HAARP"  massive microwave antenna arrays to to pump energy to space to heat a specific spot of the ocean 
(by bouncing those microwaves off of specific layers in the atmosphere)  
to energize a GEYSER of MOISTURE into the atmosphere 
seems like child's play....