Sunday, May 14, 2017

This MOTHERS DAY 2017 We express our Gratitude to America's Millions of good Mothers... and Reluctantly MUST point out that FEMI-NAZIS, JUDEO-BOLSHEVIK COMMUNISTS, & faux, PRETEND "liberal" CULTURAL MARXISTS are FIGHTING MILLIONS of YEARS of progress: MOTHERHOOD is about NURTURING LIFE & PROTECTING your young... NOT about INSTANT GRATIFICATION, POSITION in the SOCIAL HIERARCHY, or SEXUAL EXCESS (much less SEXUAL PERVERSIONS that PREY ON YOUR OWN YOUNG!)

This Mother's Day we gratefully point out the critical, undeniable, but often overlooked role that Mothers play... not only in raising the current generation(s) of  living Americas & people throughout the world, but the of course incredible and undeniable role mothers have played in getting the human race to where we are today... even as we reach the literal heights of human accomplishments - skyscrappers touching the clouds, manned space flight to the moon... and beyond; the potential if not prospect for FREE ENERGY for every living soul, on the scale not of ancient, locked-up fossil fuels, but tapping the energy of the universe (or at least tapping some percentage of our solar star's vast energy output that radiates in to space without even touching planet earth) -
 - we are faced with the prospects of  greedy, evil, treasonous "elites" and their armies of minions (yes... including people who would otherwise appear to be good mothers) who WANT TO BRING IT ALL CRASHING DOWN, people for whom DEVOURING THE YOUNG is a demonstration of "their greatness" - people who are so engrossed in their own wealth, power, & INSANITY that they are driving humanity towards a "NEW AGE OF DARKNESS" mass kill-off;  the closest approximation we have is the Mongol armies exterminating entire cities and kingdoms in their path, but on an even grander scale, with nuclear, chemical, & biological weapons all directed by computerized "intel" networks aimed at - EXTERMINATING as much human life ("resistance") as possible!