Saturday, May 20, 2017

How UBS & NESTLE - front companies owned by evil, ROTSCHILD genocidal 'GLOBALISTS" Jew-Nazis - EXTORT, ENSLAVE, and MURDER their Way across the world. NESTLE MURDERS poor children & infants by MONOPOLIZING water... UBS HAS COMPLETELY CORRUPTED the ENTIRE "U.S." government, Congress, & "JUSTICE" department to be COLLABORATORS in HIGH CRIMES & VAST CORRUPTION !!

we just did a huge, ever-expanding post on the obscenely ignorant & corrupt
California Congresswoman MAXINE WATERS - 
NY,  & "U.S." government in D.C. 
- so we are completely out of brain-power to finish this post - but here  in 2 fantastically informative videos the story of how MONSANTO, the despised American mega-corporation shoving toxic GMOs and poisonous environmental poisons down our throats 
are merely playing by the already well-established 
 NESTLE corporation's BRIBERY,  THEFT, all encompasing CORRUPTION, and RESOURCE extraction MONOPOLY EXTORTION genocidal, mass-murderous PLAY-BOOK... 
 and as well a 2nd excellent videon the WARBURG owned "UBS,  Union Swiss Bank"   
OWNS the ENTIRE  "U.S." "justice" Department like a  CHILD SEX SLAVE PROSTITUTE in some ISRAEL, SAUDI... HOLLYWOOD... or D.C. DUNGEON

NESTLE & UBS - How JEW VAMPIRE financier owned mega-corporations are EXTORTING & MURDERING their way across entire EXTORTED,  ENSLAVED, & often exterminated swaths  humanity

THE MOST EVIL corporation in the world,
 the EVIL, SATANIC JEW ROTSCHILDS' model  for the infamous  COURTROOM & CON-GRESS BRIBING  genocidal GANGSTERS of Monsanto...