Friday, May 12, 2017

GREAT NEWS America! We Have DECODED the ROOTS of DEGENERATE, SADISTIC, genocidal, "defile everything we touch" SATANIC HATE & "illuminati" DEATH-CULT Judaism's HIJACKING of Humanity & the World.... and not only is it based on primitive, ancient behavior... but it is very clearly based on PRE-HUMAN, ANIMAL BEHAVIOR !!

Great news, America!  
We are happy to report that we have DECODED, 
behind the metastasizing,  demonic,
 SATANIC  judeo "illuminati" HIJACKING of America 
& degenerate TAKEOVER of the world...
and it is in a short, fun & easy to read article!

At an Indoesia island wildlife park a MONKEY  named 'Naruto' steals a camera from a visiting photographer... then inadvertently  takes a 'selfie' portrait of himself  that later  goes "viral" across the human, internet world.
 But the National Geographic writer explains that this monkey's fame & celebrity in the human world is not worth much in his own monkey society, 
for   when another male in the troupe was
robbed of a fig by the troupe's alpha male,
 rather than risk a fight with the alpha male, 
the other monkey approached then mounted 
(sexually assaulted)  Naruto, 
(the monkey made famous by the 'selfie' portrait)
 as a DISPLAY of POWER to relieve anxiety... 
by bullying a weaker member of the troupe! 

Naruto's inquisitive smile certainly  looks more human...
than the insane, evil, demonic, degenerate "elites" who rape, mutilate,
murder, & devour children to prove their  "illuminati" "greatness"!! 
 “That’s him,” said primatologist Antje Engelhardt, of England’s Liverpool John Moores University. She pointed to a beagle-size macaque sitting hunched over, scratching himself.      At that moment a male named Alex approached Naruto from behind AND MOUNTED HIM.    “Did you see that?” Engelhardt chuckled, explaining that Alex was getting himself out of a fix. Charlie, the group’s top-ranked, or alpha, male, had just grabbed a fig Alex was about to eat. “RATHER THAN RISK A FIGHT  with Charlie,” Engelhardt said, “Alex TURNED HIS FRUSTRATION in to A SHOW OF POWER over AL LESSER  animal.”

THAT is what "SATANISM," 
degenerate murder  cults, hereditary power, 
"secret societies"  & INSANE "elites" are all about!  

They  are NOT  "for the good of humanity"  
much less "for national security"
(as  if the GODDAMNED TRAITORS at  GODDAMN-SACHS, at the CIA,  & in evil jewess Senator Dianne Feinstein's Senate Intel Committee FUNDING entire ARMIES of  "isis" TERRORISTS has anything to do with OUR, AMERICAN "national security"!)  
as they constantly  drum out of our
relentlessly LYING corp. WHORE media  propaganda machine...       
...the ONLY thing the treasonous,  murderous "elites" here in America & the world are concerned with... 
is MAINTAINING their own fleeting 
(on a human, much less geological time scale)

or CRASHING economies, 
or  TELLING US how BRILLIANT they are financially...
   aren't they "smart," "clever" and wonderful?! 
EVERYTHING   they do 
is JUST A SHOW OF FORCE! order to cow, INTIMIDATE, TERRORIZE, disjoint, fracture, and DESTROY our American civil society, 

our "domestic tranquility"   are all under  
by  TREASONOUS "elites" in high places 
who DESERVE to HANG for high crimes & treason!  
 We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of ...

  We decades ago stopped subscribing to National Geographic magazine, despite it's luscious photography and intriguing stories,  because just about every one of their articles ends in a "there's little that can be done to preserve this vanishing world" motif - "little can be done" because,
we figured out decades ago,   the people ruling society had "higher priorities" than hiring people to protect those beautiful, scarce, and vanishing natural treasures!

   Instead of spending billions of dollars  hiring local peoples to fight pollution, hiring locals to save critical habits, or  hiring armies of locals to clean up our many industrialized era human messes (including that gigantic mass of plastics pollution swirling in the Pacific Ocean) 
   we all wash our hands in impotent anxiety... WHILE we spend TRILLIONS of dollars researching, building, deploying, & maintaining weapons of mass-destruction,

    and supplying and supporting the armies that will act as bait to egg on the coming nuclear WWIII. 

  Oh.. and over & above BUILDING WEAPONS 
and TRAINING & SUPPLYING ARMIES to deploy them...

over & above all is the FINANCIAL CLASS.  
And the moment you learn (or realize) that the PRIVATE "federal reserve" banking cartel has USURPED the American people's duly elected government's right to create & distribute our money supply... you realize that INSTEAD of FIGHTING POLLUTION and saving precious & scarce natural habitat.... WE MUST ALWAYS PAY the BANKSTERS, FIRST!
 For These Monkeys, It’s a Fight for Survival
 On their Indonesian island, crested black macaques
are hunted for meat, kept as pets, and threatened by a shrinking habitat.
Can they be saved?
 (image) A crested black macaque hangs out beachside in a nature reserve on Sulawesi.
In studying these intriguing monkeys, known locally as yaki,
scientists are learning how their social structure illuminates human behavior.
 And - now the horrific capstone - it is only within the past 6 months that we have learned that "SATANISM"
really is, really are running the "elite" institutions and corridors of power in our society.... 

 and they really are COLLECTIVELY INSANE,
 putting the hedonistic pursuit of  SELFISH "profit"  & pursuit of POWER
 over the health and vitality of their own natural world!  

   We apologize to all those who have been researching, writing, and WARNING about the SATANIC "illuminati" elites for all these decades -   as much as we realized that the "federal reserve" is a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY that perpetrates SERIAL FINANCIAL CRIMES and uses ECONOMIC SABOTAGE as a means to accumulate wealth & power among the bankster elites 
(who are Jewish, or subordinates to the Jews who run the whole criminal operation) 

 - we still resisted the  SATANIC, "illuminati"  stories as being fanciful "conspiracy theories" that affected only a few delusional misfits and Jeffrey Dahmer outcasts here &  there...
 ...when, it turns out, THE ONLY WAY to move up in Hollywood media or  N.Y. & D.C. government positions or mega-corp. positions  is to ALLOW YOURSELF to be BLACKMAILED  by these degenerate, treasonous SATANIC SCUM who HOLD THE KEYS to POWER of  EVERY institution in America!!

We relentlessly read and hear that "our elites" are "CONCERNED about the survival of humanity";  that they are "CONCERNED with the ENVIRONMENT";  and that they are "CONCERNED with HUMAN RIGHTS and the betterment of humanity."  NO  THEY'RE NOT!

   The rapacious, predatory,  and insanely greedy & entitled "elites" are CONCERNED with ONE THING, and one thing only:  preserving their elite & ENTITLED place in the human pecking order, at all costs!

 Like spoiled children, not only will they thrown things down and break them if they can't have their way... but they are in positions of such great power that they will DRAG the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE DOWN with them if they can't have their way,  which in particular means  they would rather bring on nuclear World War III  than be EXPOSED for the past HIGH CRIMES, atrocities, and serial TREASONS against whichever host nation or society they happen to be living in at the moment!

   For years, we've understood that "the mystery cults" and polytheistic (and monotheistic) "pagan" religions had several important functions:  in the centuries before the written word, primitive "witch doctors," shamans, healers, druids, and other people who specialized in wisdom and learning natural secrets at the edge of life
(not just in the metaphysical sense of trying to contact deceased past ancestors to bring good luck on a hunt, or to intercede against some natural calamity such as a disease or catastrophic climate change;  but in real ways as well, e.g. plants or minerals which could be poisons... but taken in small amounts, could be healing medicines)
were REPOSITORIES of  KNOWLEDGE and INFORMATION,  usually "oral tradition"  word of mouth passed from one generation to another.  Even with the advent of the written word some 5,000 years ago,  you still needed institutions that could teach scribes to read and write... and some repositories to store all their accumulated texts & knowledge.

  BUT THERE WAS A PRICE TO PAY for all this research, accumulation, and storage of knowledge in that
#1.  it is costly to feed, clothe, and house people who, because they are busy reading, writing, & researching are not able to engage in direct food production; invariably a WARRIOR CASTE, led by a HIGH PRIEST or RULING class, CONTROLS the food production (wealth) PRODUCED by OTHERS;   (this is the origins of  male patriarchy based cultures; when CONTROL of resources - through militarized FORCE & POWER -  becomes more important than harnessing nature's fertility to produce  those resources in the first place) and,

#2.  as wisdom & knowledge are accumulated in close proximity to the ACCUMULATION of  WEALTH (in early settled societies, WEALTH was measured by STORED FOOD)  & POWER...  

 ...well, the moment you have POWERFUL INDIVIDUALS  *controlling*  the accumulated SURPLUS (wealth) and KNOWLEDGE of a given society or culture... 
 then  you are going to get basic human frailties, weaknesses, and follies involved, including of course JEALOUSY, GREED, lust, envy, insecurity,  weakness, bullying, favoritism, organized hate (lynch-mobs), brutal competition, and, as always in the natural world, a fight for life and death over scarce resources when times get tough.  
Thus the accumulation of knowledge and the accumulation of wealth are tightly intertwined, although, ironically, as settled cultures and stored food supplies increased the survival prospects and lifespan of those who had access to a steady food supply,  the possibilities of  catastrophic kill offs of ever larger populations from disease, famine, or war also increased as well.

 The written word was originally developed to RECORD BASIC COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS such as the payment of some grains to the local temple complex for the annual tithe (originally, written words were simple pictures, pictographs,   almost universally involving drawings of  various birds;  or of a stalk loaded with wheat seeds to represent grains, or of human body parts including mouths, feet, heads, & etc.)
 but soon enough  the aggregate success of those commercial transactions created enough SURPLUS WEALTH to create the first TEMPLE COMPLEXES....
staffed and administered by PRIESTS, high-priests, and their administrative staffs.  As various settlements grew to ever larger cities, cooperation &  competition between these cities grew ever more complex... and organized violence became a norm for settling conflicts between land or water rights of intensively competitive city-state kingdoms.


 Real Cases. Real people. Judge Schumer? Comedian Amy Schumer visited the set of “Judge Judy” this week, in what she called a “dream day.” The comedian and her sister, writer Kim Caramele, took a break from the press tour for their new movie “Snatched” (starring Schumer and Goldie Hawn) to try out life from Judge Judy Sheindlin’s perspective. The SHARP ABILITY to RIDICULE has made both Schumer and the Judge beloved cultural figures. [and HOWARD STERN - among many other Jew media whores -  entire 'shtick'  is RIDICULING people.] Read more:
Judge Judy and Amy Schumer - "beloved"
for their ability to RIDICULE & everyone...
HOW ABOUT someone pouring some RIDICULE & SCORN on  JEWS for TELLING US they believe in
"freedom of religion" here in America
WHILE FORCING us, making us spend TRILLIONS of dollars "defending" the FIVE MILLION LOUSY STINKING JEWS
 in Israhell,
who keep whipping up WARS & TERRORISM to DESTROY NATIONS and EXTERMINATE PEOPLE all over the planet, you filthy, stinking, anti-American WHORES?! 
     SMEAR,  HATE & DESPISE others 
as a means to DEGRADE THEIR POSITION in society... 
and to thus ENHANCE the position of the criticizer & ridiculer...
 i.e.  JUDAISM is built on  building  yourself up, 
all hiding behind the g-o-d word 
(or it's modern incantation "national security")   

Judaism is ALL THE MORE INSIDIOUS,  because they APPROACH EVERY people and EVERY society in the world as friends and allies...   but by the time they are done,  Jews FULLY INTEND to DESTROY their former friends, business partners, allies, and neighbors, they fully intend to DISPLACE any and all peoples they EVER come in to contact with,  with a cabal of JEWS ONLY - you know, like the 3 witty Jewesses pictured above,  fountains of "wisdom" pouring scorn - AND JUDEO HATE - on others.