Friday, May 26, 2017

Fantastic article by TMR exposes how the ENTIRE Department of "JUSTICE" is a CRIME, CORRUPTION, BLACKMAIL, & EXTORTION OPERATION, doing the Evil, Criminal, TREASONOUS, destruction of nations, mass-murder Genocide, & GLOBAL EXTORTION work of "the Globalists"... aka the WORLD DEVOURING JEWISH CRIME SYNDICATES....

Robert Mueller is merely a TYPICAL EXAMPLE of  how ENTIRE SWATHS of the late "United States" government have been... CORRUPTED, DEGENERATED, PERVERTED, & SABOTAGED, & SUBVERTED    to SERVE ONLY the interests of.... 
...the vile, TREASONOUS JEWS bent on DESTROYING America
 as the final step of their 25 centuries lusted plans for to RULE THE WORLD -
  - and not benevolently as their "be a light unto the world" bible passage suggests;  
  what JEWS consider their rightful place as RULERS of the WORLD 
 to MURDER, ANNIHILATE,  EXTERMINATE,  dispose of,  "LIQUIDATE" anyone,  anywhere on planet earth they consider to be A THREAT or even "useless mouths" -
   i.e. ALL of humanity not fit for being their slaves 

ROBERT MUELLER - the TREASONOUS  'U.S.' govt official CHARGED with COVERING UP the 9-11 MOSSAD TREASON/terror attacks as the COLLABORATING 
 FBI DIRECTOR installed days before 9/11 went down... now  RE-INSTALLED in the U.S. government to RIDE HERD on President Donald Trump, over the JEWS MADE-UP out of thin air "Russia Hacked Election 2016" farce:

A fantastic series of articles  TMR, The Millennium Report fleshes out the INSTITUTIONALIZED CRIMES &  CORRUPTION - infested & saturated throughout the ENTIRE  "U.S."  Department of JUSTICE !!!   

  We KNOW that  
#1.  JEWS in America DOMINATE the FEDERAL RESERVE and 

#2.  the GoddamnSachs ruled Wall Street financial system.... 
    WE KNOW that JEWS in America 
#3.  DOMINATE the ENTIRE  NY & Hollywood mega-media corporations & 95% of the media that Americans see and hear... 
#4.  WE KNOW that the  FOREIGNER RULED JEWISH LOBBY,  i.e. the ISRAEL lobby,  AIPAC, is the DOMINANT LOBBY in all of America
#5.   that RULES Con-gress & the Senate  like a house of  puppets & hired circus clowns...   
#6.  WE KNOW that the JEWISH "Neo-Cons" were the ARCHITECTS and DIRECTORS of the DISASTROUS  post- 9/11 wars to "TAKE OUT 7 countries in 5 years" 
#7.   and to thus sow CHAOS, MASS-MURDER MASSACRES & "ethnic cleansing" "New Armenian Genocide" style GENOCIDAL TERRORISM across the entire Mideast...
#8 and as a result to INSTALL  Saudi, Wahhabi style intolerant, brutal, mass-murderous RADICALIZED ISLAMICterrorist war-lord regimes across that fractured, bloody, balkanized Mideast...  
#9.  WE KNOW that DESPITE their half-century of  RHETORIC WHINING, WAILING! about "the holocaust" that powerful & influential Jews among themselves TALK, PLOT, SCHEME, and plant to PERPETRATE GENOCIDAL MASSACRES & "ethnic cleansings" of  other victims - by the millions - across the world, from one of the demon-spawn Rotschilds "investors" HIRING AFRICANS to KILL PYGMIES so to take control of lands traditionally set aside for those pygmies to use as a private, for profit game preserve...  the the JEWISH "Donmeh" (crypto Jews posing as Muslims in the Ottoman Empire) role in the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE of  the early 1900s...  to Winston Churchill and the British empire(UNDER Rotschild!)  using POISON GAS to bring "rebel Kurds" to HEEL after the British displaced the Ottoman Turks in the Mideast at the end of World War I and after... the ROTSCHIlDS ruled British empire selecting the MOST MASS-MURDEROUS band of TRIBAL, CLAN THUGS THEY COULD FIND - supporting them with an oil concession monopoly and arming them with the best British & European weapons of the day - which is how this  DEGENERATE in-bred band of  CRYPTO-JEWS the murderous House  of Saud came to rule in "Saudi" Arabia....

#10.  all the above ATROCITIES and in-your-face LIES, SUBVERSIONS, SABOTAGE, & crimes HIDDEN and whitewashed by JEWS in ACADEMIA, in media, in politics, in control of not only the newspapers but of the book industry press as well...


THE FINAL piece of the puzzle is now coming to light, the JEWISH infiltration, DOMINATION, SUBVERSION, and ABJECT CONTROL, the SUBJUGATION 
 of EVERY facet of the U.S. legal system, from the Supreme Court down to local dog catcher,    

   the JEWISH PERVERSION of the U.S. "Justice Department" has been WHITEWASHING CRIMES & ATROCITIES - and SCAPEGOATING INNOCENT PATSIES and thus WHIPPING UP HATE  against innocent victims - for well over a half a century now....

both books detail how the JEWISH CRIMINAL NETWOKS  - using "respected Jewish scholars, wealthy businessmen, financiers, and other "respected" Jews in the American community,  INFILTRATE & CORRUPT EVERY AGENCY of US government to BECOME CRIMINAL OPERATIONS PERPETRATING  BLACKMAIL, EXTORTION, ASSASSINATIONS and vast financial scams and government looting in order to further the Jews global wars of GENOCIDE and EXTERMINATION:  it doesn't matter whether against small, isolated populations such as Kurds, Armenians, or pitting one tribe against another in the massive "Belgian Free State Congo" genocide (ten million Africans murdered) or similar outside supported ethnic conflicts in remote Asian conflicts.... or  instigating the MASS-BLOODLETTING unleashed by the Rotschilds run British government against China in the wars following the 2 British OPIUM WARS against China...  or the Marxist "Communist" Revolution that murdered TENS of millions in Russia, the Ukraine, from Lithuania to Latvia to Poland & Yugoslavia, or against Germany.... or against FRANCE, BRITAIN and now AMERICA:  "Globalism" "Communism" and "Free Market Capitalism" are all variants of  DICTATORSHIP under JEWS via their "MONEY POWER" ability to bribed, seduce, blackmail, extort government or wealthy or influential  private officials in ALL countries across the world:

what looks like a picture of Americans and Saudi royals and other officials touching a glowing globe is actually
SATANIC "illuminati" JUDAISM hiding behind hired, bribed, bought & owned world officials...
The House of Saud are the CHOSEN PUPPET REGIME of the British empire towards the end of
World War I - the Saudis' success stems SOLELY from their access to the best weapons & Support PROVIDED BY THE BRITISH, that is,  PROVIDED BY the BRITISH GOVERNMENT under the iron-fisted rule of the ROTSCHILDS...
 The same with President Trump, his ENTIRE billions-dollars casino & real estate empire was 100% DEPENDENT on JEW FINANCING - like former President Bill Clinton DONALD TRUMP was SUCKED IN to the JEFFREY EPSTEIN  MOSSAD  "honey trap" SEXUAL BLACKMAIL operation.  BLACKMAILING AMERICAN POLITICIANS & presidents by a FOREIGN POWER - or COLLUDING WITH that foreign power to COVER UP such BLACKMAIL & EXTORTION operations - IS TREASON!!
Which describes EVERY JEWISH TEMPLE in AMERICA - a CESSPIT of TREASON engaged in and profiteering from the BLACKMAIL, EXTORTION, CORRUPTION, & SEDUCTION of our American politicians & "leaders" -
100+ years of such BLACKMAIL & EXTORTION, as explained in Allison Weir's book about the JEWISH CORRUPTION of the U.S. SUPREME COURT & entire legal system starting with the appointment of 

BRANDEIS university - the DISTILLED ESSENCE of JEWISH LIES & CORRUPTION, MASQUERADING as 'reverence for learning' & 'rigorous scholarship'  

Brandeis was established as a nonsectarian university with a founding principle of being open and welcoming to faculty, students and staff of all backgrounds and beliefs. 
At its core, Brandeis is animated by a set of values that are rooted in Jewish history and experience. The first of these is a reverence for learning. Brandeis reflects the values of the Jewish community by pursuing rigorous academic work of the highest standards. Second is an emphasis on critical thinking, including self-criticism. At Brandeis, students and faculty are encouraged to question openly and accept nothing without study, debate and reflection. Third is the Jewish ideal of making the world a better place through one’s actions and talents. 
Brandeis is committed to making its community truly inclusive by seeking students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds, cultures, religions and experiences. Indeed, ours is one of the few universities in America with inclusivity as a founding principle. At the same time, we are proud of the university’s rootedness in Jewish values. It is a source of enduring vitality for us, and it is a quality that distinguishes Brandeis from other important research universities.

"The first of these is a reverence for learning. Brandeis reflects the values of the Jewish community by pursuing rigorous academic work of the highest standards. Second is an emphasis on critical thinking, including self-criticism. At Brandeis, students and faculty are encouraged to question openly and accept nothing without study, debate and reflection. Third is the Jewish ideal of making the world a better place through one’s actions and talents."

"RIGOROUS [scholarship] of the Highest Standards"...


 JEWS in America are behind 
that CORRUPT, CORRODE, & DEGENERATE our American society:  starting with the LIES and FAILURES to examine the FALSE, fake, fraudulent, and MISLEADING ASSUMPTIONS behind 
of the JEWISH OWNED "Fed" -

the PRIVATELY OWNED,  JEWISH owned & CONTROLLED so-called "Federal Reserve"  - WE AMERICANS ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED to AUDIT the treasonous cess-pit of crimes DESTROYING our economy in serial "pump... & dump" and LOW INTEREST > HIGH INTEREST financial ATTACKS! 

-  then continuing on with CLEAR CRIMINAL CORRUPTION in the "BAILOUTS" -  and the   LIES behind not only the FALSE FLAG 9/11 terror attacks - but the SWARM of   "false flag" GOVERNMENT PERPETRATED TERRORIST ATTACKS before & after 9/11.... EVERY JEWISH owned & controlled institution of "learning" or media or public policy projection,  BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY is KNEE-DEEP in LIES... LIES that BENEFIT the JEWISH WAR ON HUMANITY by CORRUPTING, CORRODING, PERVERTING, and DESTROYING the fabric of American society, so that REMOTE JEWISH FINANCIAL OVERLORDS "globalists" can RULE AMERICA as ABJECT  "red terror" DICTATORS the way that  Rotschilds & Jacob Schiff hired hit-man LEV BRONSTEIN, aka LEO TROTSKY,  MURDERED TEN MILLION Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanians, and other hapless victims before Trotsky himself was purged in a Stalin led palace coup within the JEWISH OWNED & CONTROLLED "Communist" Party...


The RACISM & GENOCIDAL HATRED & LOATHING for  all non-Jews is clearly enunciated in the pages of the Hebrew, Jewish bible... what BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY considers to be "rigorous academic work" and   "welcoming to faculty, students and staff of all backgrounds and beliefs"  is simply a  3,000 year well honed JEWISH LIE, a  COVER-UP & whitewash  of  RELENTLESSLY GENOCIDAL  "globalist" WAR ON HUMANITY Judaism! 


  Until Bobby Kennedy became ATTORNEY GENERAL in 1961 - neither the F.B.I. nor Department of "Justice" EVER INVESTIGATED or PROSECUTED ORGANIZED CRIME in America!!!

 Was that because "there WAS NO  Organized Crime" networks in America?

 HARDLY!!  The actual reason is very grim: BECAUSE JUDAISM IS A CRIMINAL NETWORK, and EVERY  "organized crime" criminal syndicate operating here in America up until they were finally exposed starting in the 1960s WERE OPERATING UNDER the AEGIS of the JEW CRIMIAL MOB - MEYER LANSKY just one of the top "FIXERS" of  ORGANIZED CRIME IN AMERICA,  whose core objective was to EXTORT as much of  Americans' life-blood economy in to their own coffers.

   This JEWISH CRIMINAL NETWORKS are  predicated very simply on SLAVERY:  FUNDAMENTALIST JEWS believe they are ENTITLED to ENSLAVE  other people - whom they do not even consider fully human, i.e. they consider non-Jews to be SUBHUMAN! -  and  non-Fundamentalist Jews DO NOT CONFRONT their fundamentalist co-religionists... because THEY ARE IN LOCKSTEP with JUDAISM as a WAR ON HUMANITY,
...even "moderate",  secular, and non-religious Jews CONSIDER THEMSELVES PART of the JEWISH TRIBE, faith... nation.... they are WILLING to SUBSCRIBE TO, WHITEWASH, or overlook JEWISH CRIMES, because as tribal Jews they REALIZE that THEY ARE BENEFICIARIES when their fellow tribesmen LOOT, DEFRAUD, and EXTORT non-Jews