Wednesday, May 31, 2017

EXCELLENT video CONNECTS the CRIMES of the "Global Elites" with the CRIMINAL CONDUCT of the SURVEILLANCE GRID known as "Smart" Utility meters

"It is clear now, that we will ALL have to TAKE ACTION, to get electromagnetic radiation, and INSTITUTIONALIZED ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE OUT of our lives" 

Excellent short, 10 min. video discusses how "some power' OVER and ABOVE your local (billions of dollars though it may be) power, electric utility company is INTENTIONALLY FORCING CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR on the utility (power) companies: creating not only an electromagnetic HAZARD for electricity customers, but creating a CRIMINAL & FINANCIAL HAZARD for the utility companies if ever THE TRUTH would come out about the HAZARDS they are imposing on their customers... and the CRIMINAL CONDUCT by which the censor, white-wash, cover-up, and pretend not to notice those hazards.   In South Florida, the local utility - FPL, Florida Power & Light co.  spent $24 million dollars - TWENTY FOUR MILLION DOLLARS in drafting, proposing, and creating a publicity drumbeat for a Florida Constitutional amendment that would have allowed the company to REFUSE to have to BUY SURPLUS ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION from private homes equipped with SOLAR-ELECTRIC panel grids.  Not only was this expensive ad campaign extremely DECEPTIVE & DECEITFUL in its wording - pretending to SUPPORT privately owned solar-electric power panels - but the action belies the GLOBAL NARRATIVE that  corporations are genuinely concerned with "environmental protection" and with "MINIMIZING FOSSIL FUEL consumption" -  FLP, as an agent of the GLOBALISTS  monopoly resource EXTORTION financiers - as are all other corporate power & utility companies - are NOT concerned with their customers health, they are NOT concerned with protecting the environment, and they are NOT concerned with minimizing fossil fuel consumption: the TREASONOUS "elites" or  financial power OVER & ABOVE the board members of your multi-billion dollar local power company have CORRUPTED those board members to be LIARS and to ENGAGE IN CRIMINAL CONDUCT to SUBVERT the business & government environment, and to SABOTAGE the health and welfare of their consumers.