Saturday, May 13, 2017

Did FRENCH WOMEN vote Against Marie Le Pen to SPITE America, their own fathers... and themselves?! Alex Jones insights from Gavin McIness

We apologize, there have been dozens of fantastically informative videos and articles we've seen,  with dark and heavy import that we have been unable to cover in the past week - for example, another 2 exceptional Paul Craig Roberts commentaries  on how Washington D.C. under the "Neo-Cons" FALSE FLAG TERRORISTS  + GoddamnSachs/'Fed' 
economies killing ZIO-NAZI  traitors has degenerated in to pure, distilled HUMAN EVIL & self-destruction insanity 
 - but following the lighter mood of our previous 
"Naruto the selfie monkey" 
(sexually assaulted by a higher ranking male in the troupe attempting to assert rank & power  in a dispute  with  a 3rd monkey, the alpha male) 
post, we present this entertaining Alex Jones interview of  English born, French speaking Canadian political commentary/comedian host Gavin McInnes delivering some insights in to the recent French election defeat of  female, French nationalism heroine Marie Le Pen by a "chosenite" Rotschild toady economic sabotage (hell, plus NATIONAL SUICIDE!) bankster clone: 

   There are 2 important points we learned 
from this light-hearted interview:
 apparently every other woman in France 
 believes she is a modern  Cleopatra 
(the  Greco/Egyptian  femme fatale  last Pharaoh/queen of Egypt  who infamously had her own 10 year old brother / husband killed  as well as 1 or 2 other siblings  in order to win sole control of  the crown... then later killed herself after her alliance with Roman general Mark Antony was crushed by a Roman army under another Roman general,  Octavian, who would become Caesar Augustus as a result of his victory over Mark Antony and  the conquest of Egypt)
  and, as Alex Jones illustrates with a video clip of  some nutty American women here in America,  
some of these RADICAL, culturally "EMPOWERED"  WOMEN are COMPLETELY  DIVORCED FROM REALITY, they are COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED from cause & effect in the real world;  picking fights with strangers in public;    
 boarding NY subways at 3 am as if they were surrounded by bodyguards... voting against the "male patriarchy establishment" - the very CULTURE of WESTERN CIVILIZATION which EMPOWERED these aggressively BIMBO WOMEN in the first place!

  -  but the more important point was glossed over by McInness
 in just a moment of conversation:
France is ruled by ARMIES of BUREAUCRATS 
who are, of course, paid by the state, 
who, in McInness' memorable little French comedy monologue, 
regard small businesses & private companies 
as some sort of freak of nature:  
"like an albino...  so bizzare!"

 And - as everyone knows,  in a bureaucracy 
   your #1. job is to kiss-ass and win the favor of those above you - you can be the most productive clerk in an entire department, but if you boss hates you for whatever his or her personal quirks,
 they can make your work life MISERABLE for years 

 (or get you fired).

This ties in with what we have been saying for years
under the Rotschilds, et al judeo supremacist, 
Zio-Nazi  financial sabotage dynasties have become  
BRILLIANT at BRIBERY as a way of life;  
and in particular, at IDENTIFYING any 
competitive THREATS to their plots, schemes, buy-outs; 
hostile takeovers, raids, subversions, panic inciting lies,  and other means & techniques of financial conquest... 
i.e.  BRIBING, seducing, cajoling, extorting (or assassinating!) 
anyone who stands in the way of their murderous little schemes.  

Thus it is, that the ENTIRE WORLD under Rotschilds rule is a GIGANTIC BUREAUCRACY  full of apparatchiks, 
nameless, faceless, but powerful bureaucrats who can make life MISERABLE for the rank & file peons beneath them... 
  but who  live in dread under the hammer of their evil Billionaire overlords... whose entire apparatus is designed to notice a WHIFF of RESISTANCE, and to CRUSH that resistance with as much violence, malevolence,  terror, and force majeur
- or sinister, back-stabbing treachery - as possible.
the  ARROGANCE and SELF-DESTRUCTIVE  NIHILISM of French culture has been around for generations... 
for centuries even before the Judeo "Money Power" took hold of Europe after England's victory over Napoleon at the Battle of  Waterloo:

   French King Louis the XVI who in his heyday was the "Sun King" who made France in to the imperial power of Western Europe, had undoubtedly created a CULT of PERSONALITY that united France under an all powerful king...  but in doing so,  left the French state VULNERABLE when that all-powerful monarch succumbed to advancing age and diminishing faculties.     
     Louis famously created his vast Versailles palace outside of Paris to get away with the hub-bub of French urban life... 
...then insisted that all of his most powerful dukes,
 lords, & nobles join him at the palace... 
where he could keep an eye on them.
(where they wouldn't be able to plot coups and conspiracies against him!) 

  This REDUCED the FRENCH NOBILITY to being little more than the king's servants - literally,  helping dress and undress the king every morning and night became the highest ritual in the land!
  Louis had made even his highest and most powerful lords & nobles of France in to little more than SERVANTS!  the ultimate in PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE culture and behavior!
France - Louis XVI gets even the HAUGHTIEST ARISTOCRATS to BOW to his EVERY WHIM...
a display of hedonism & decadence
not even matched  under Henry VIII in England.
The more INDEPENDENT NATURE of English culture...
especially the more INDEPENDENT NATURE of British sea captains voyaging across the world's oceans
.... is probably why the much smaller England would triumph over, and have a much larger (English speaking) empire than far larger France ever attained.  This trend went  back even farther... when British YEOMAN ARCHERS proved much deadlier on the battlefields across France  than costly French knights at the battles of Crecy, Potiers, & Agincourt, (etc.),  when armies composed of English commoners defeated superior forces composed of the cream of  France's nobility mounted on costly heavy war-horses and armored in even more costly, hand-forged  steel armor.    Although the French - having learned their lessons in warfare from the 3 centuries English invasion victories - would take to modern firearms more quickly, and drive the English from France,  the British would triumph in North America, in India, and across Europe, leading up to the British led Alliance defeating Napoleon at Waterloo... ironically, ushering in the era of Rotschilds "illuminati" 

 or Satanic, Zio-Nazi Judaism that we live under today

 Louis XVI turns France's most powerful lords in to
squabbling COURTIERS - SERVANTS to his court,
fawning & maneuvering endlessly for
 a nod of approval or compliment from their monarch. 

In another scene from this magnificent 3 hr. documentary, 
we even see the highest lords & nobles of France reduced to waiting
 in stiff formality
 to attend  to the great task of...
helping to  dress & undress his majesty.
Not even the English nor Austrians were so decadent
(though their royal courts certainly tried)