Thursday, May 4, 2017

DESTROYING the Illusion: the DESTRUCTION of the Deep State + msm PARTIAL Truth Disclosures at hand?

DESTROYING the Illusion - is the COLLAPSE & DESTRUCTION of the Deep State at hand?
Is the 'msm'  "mainstream media" (or 'CMM' CONTROLLED major Media")  PARTIALLY REVEALING the truth - "Partial Truth Disclosures" to give the "elites" an "out" when the TIDAL WAVE of  TREASON, CORRUPTION, &  TREACHERY awareness finally breaks free in the awareness of  millions of clueless, duped, gullible, victimized, propagandized Americans?  

 Pizza-gate  =  THE FED !!
HALLELUJAH!  the TRUTH is breaking out through the evil clouds of  MASS-MURDER, satanic degeneration, and SABOTAGE of our economies, our culture, our national security, and our very lives:  
  That is,  CHILD-RAPE, SATANIC human "sacrifice" murder cults, and HUMAN TRAFFICKING sex-slavery networks =  THE FED - the jew "rotschilds"  illuminati "GLOBAL ELITE" BANKERS WAR on our very culture & morality!

 DEGENERATE LIARS & and filthy, stinking  TRAITORS at wikipedia PRONOUNCE "PIZZA-gate" to be  'DEBUNKED!'  - REAMS of EVIDENCE to the contrary !!  AS with DENYING that the U.S., NATO, & ISRAEL are "IN BED" with the SAUDIS, TURKEY & ISRAEL  (Kuwait, Qatar, UAE,  et al) 
to HIRE "isis" TERRORISTS to DESTROY SYRIA and hack it to pieces - "partition" Syria between Turkey, the Saudis, & Israel - as but a prelude to the EVIL JEWS  ANNEXING the entire region on to their vile, evil JEWS ONLY empire "GREATER ISRAEL"   - millions of murdered lives swept under the rug and out of history (as Jew academics & "scholars" are wont to do over past victims of Jew crimes)  -  the ATTEMPT by wikipedia to "DEBUNK" and DISMISS the  CHILD RAPE & TRAFFICKING NETWORKS  KNOWN to operate around ALL the   POWER & FINANCIAL CENTERS of the modern world...
is the "MODERN" equivalent of the CATHOLIC CHURCH INQUISITION TORTURING YOU and BURNING YOU AT THE STAKE for committing "the sin" of HERESY -  god damn the treasonous, democracy defiling propaganda liars !! 

Well, exactly as Jason Sather states at the beginning of our first video (above), those reading TheJewishWars might think that we are endlessly crying -  and endlessly "CRYING WOLF" that nuclear World War III is about to erupt and wipe out 90%+ of humanity within days -  but there are glimpses of  good news, rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds of evil and hatred which our vile Jew (and corrupted collaborator) "elites" have whipped up like the Satanic "sorcerer's apprentices" they are.  For one thing, we remember having to scramble to get back home in the late summer of 2008 to listen to an Ed Schultz newcast that we could only pick up at certain locations, even though we then had a state-of-the art broadband card.   Even back in 2008  the John McCain Rethuglican presidential campaign PROMISED an IMMEDIATE start of World War III, because Insane sell-out serial traitor McCain was PROMISING that he would INVADE IRAN - a target 3 times bigger than, and far more united than Iraq had been in the hated  Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ, CHERTOFF, ZACKHEIM et al  JEWS driven 'PNAC' orchestrated U.S. invasion of Iraq had been in March 2003.    Today we have smart-phones which can bring us the most up-to-minute real news analysis - and there has been an EXPLOSION in "Citizen Journalists," ordinary Americans from all walks of life who can cut through the LIES, DECEIT, TREACHERY, and TREASON of the corp. WHORE media and GOVERNMENT LYING  SHILLS with ease - although, unfortunately, the "DEEP STATE" and their armies of  Hollywood SATANIC shills and usg "U.S." govt. apparatchiks still CONTROL the overall narrative here in America,  such that millions of Americans have never even heard of "PIZZA-gate" or the WIDESPREAD USE of  CHILD RAPE and SATANIC "human sacrifice" networks to BLACKMAIL and control our

The evil Rotschilds, Soros, "illuminati" SATANTIC JEW'S WAR on AMERICANS  GOES OVERT: "DEEP STATE"  aka MOSSAD TERROR OPS  resort to SERIAL FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACKS & BOMBINGS after 1982 S&L CRISIS was revealed to be SERIAL N.Y. JEW financiers'  FINANCIAL FRAUD, EMBEZZLEMENT, ECONOMIC SABOTAGE attacks provokes American ire & outrage...  by WHIPPING UP  "FALSE FLAG" TERROR ATTACKS,  blamed on the usual AMERICAN ("White Supremacist") or  "Muslim terrorist" PATSIES, the "globalist" network of JEW BILLIONAIRES & their armies of flying-monkeys  govt. officials / APPARATCHIKS  turn the attention FROM JEW FINANCIAL FRAUD & ECONOMIC SABOTAGE to  "false flag" "DOMESTIC TERRORISM"  PATSIES  -

i.e. both  WACO & OKC FALSE FLAGS mass-killings  BLAMED on  AMERICANS - perpetrated by AGENTS within U.S. government UNDER MOSSAD, JEW "deep state" RULE