Monday, May 22, 2017



For some few years now we have learned that Haiti, and some countries that were also previously French colonies in Africa - have been FORCED to PAY FRANCE tens of billions of dollars every year in royalty payments - what amount to a TITHE,  billions of dollars EXTORTED from those nations under legalistic "obligations" that are an extension of  colonialism, i.e. CONQUEST.   The French people are WILLING COLLABORATORS in this "globalist" FINANCIAL EXTORTION SCAM,  because they know that some portions of those monies are coming in to French banks - to the French financial elites -  and, presumably, some of those looted, stolen, extorted billions of dollars are  "TRICKLING DOWN" to the French economy.    But as with all extortion scams, it's a DEAL with THE DEVIL,  a mixture of  French greed, French CHAUVINISM - which is merely a polite word for    franco/christian SUPREMACY - and French FEAR,  fear that "less civilized" others might surpass franco/european "Western civilization" achievement, power, & glory,  i.e. that Africans might pose A THREAT to France civilization, culture, and national existence.

     WELL, GUESS WHAT?!   Under the Evil JACOB ROTSCHILD, et al,  SATANIC, "illuminati" CANNIBAL, child murdering Jews ruling France, Britain, & Europe (and, of course, America, Canada, Australia, & etc.) under a mass-murderous, genocidal,  demonic fist  - MASSIVE IMMIGRATION FROM Africa HAS become a very real THREAT to the chauvinistic French people's culture, economic system, national sovereignty, and national pride!
Especially with FRANCE, Britain, NATO, & the E.U. BOMBING LIBYA under the whipped-up by EVIL JEW PRESS/media  CROCODILE TEARS "responsibility to protect" FAUX, FAKE "humanitarian" CANARD,  the FRENCH PEOPLE are once more GUILTY of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and war crimes against the people of  Africa - not just Libya, but this horrific "GREATER ISRAEL"  DESTRUCTION of nations across the Mideast & Africa by the Jews' infamous  "divide & conquer" HIRED TERRORIST proxy ARMIES policies masquerading as "national security"

   Which brings us to America.... WHERE AMERICANS are JUST LIKE the FRENCH, which is to say,  JUST LIKE the AFRICAN VILLAGE WAR CHIEFS who will WAGE WAR ON THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS, butchering, murdering, raping, and massacring neighboring villages in SLAVE RAIDS to sell slaves to the Euro-trash slavers in exchange for whatever wealth & material goods the Euro-trash slavers exchange for a new crop of slaves.

 BILL STILL & SGT report are two of our all time favorite video producers - Bill Still & Pat Carmack's "The MONEY MASTERS"  1990s 3 hour video is still the best presentation describing the  PREDATORY FINANCIAL SABOTAGE operation that is the so-called "Federal Reserve" and SGT Report's every video UP-DATES  "The Money Masters" exposition of  PREDATORY FINANCIAL SABOTAGE as it regards us Americans today.

   But both SGT Report and Bill Still resolutely define themselves as Christians...  and, worse, both fail, both REFUSE to see the JEWISH HAND behind not only the "Federal Reserve" - but the JEWISH HAND RULING not only the TREASURY department, not only the PAUL WARBURG set up CFR that RULES the State Department, Con-gress, Senate, and all lesser govt. agencies... but that it is a JEWISH HAND that RULES the FBI and "Justice" Department with a MURDEROUS,  MASS-murderous,  demonic, fiendish hand, COVERING UP and WHITEWASHING  SERIAL CRIMES & ATROCITIES here in America for a century since Warburg, Jacob Schiff, Bernard Baruch, and other powerful Jew financiers bribed & cajoled the Jews' hired, puppet, Democrat politician the very RACIST, SEGREGATIONIST WOODROW WILSON
(Wilson tutored, polished, promoted, & propagandized by the billionaire NY Jews as a "progressive liberal" despite his Virginia elite in-bred segregationist racism & elitism; and INSTALLED as U.S. president by the same Jews cajoling former Republican President T.R. Roosevelt to run for a 3rd term.. in order to SABOTAGE incumbent President Taft - who, American history textbooks to the contrary, was MORE ENTHUSIASTIC about prosecuting MONOPOLY financial cartels than so-called "Trustbuster" Teddy Roosevelt was)