Thursday, May 11, 2017


Where to even start in this post? 
There are so many reams of evidence laying out, detailing, &  documenting that the entire U.S. government is nothing but a CRIMINAL, MASS-MURDER terror  & EXTORTION racket operating under JUDEO CONTROL here in America...  that the entire usg "U.S." govt. has been HIJACKED & DEVOURED  under JEWISH BILLIONAIRE "money power" CONTROL here in America...  BACKED by RANK & FILE JEWS in EVERY TEMPLE (much less Jewish religious schools)  here in America... that attempting to cram just a fraction of this evidence in to a coherent and legible (much less concise) post is all but impossible!  

And, even worse! because the entire jews-only state of Israel 
was founded by "illuminati" king-pins the Rotschilds & allied
(and arguably subservient)  Jew mega-wealthy & connected Jew financial dynasties 
(Warburgs, Schiffs, Oppenheimers, Goldmans, Stearns, Sachs, etc etc. etc..)  

not only is the INSANELY RELENTLESS GREED  of inherited wealth & power DRIVING not only typical  financial crimes style embezzlement, corruption,  blackmail, & slush-funds extortion scams;  but the INSANELY RELENTLESS GREED & HATE of these demonic Jewish mega-wealthy SATANIC "illuminati" criminal mobs in high places are DRIVING   typically 
Judeo-supremacist style  ENGINEERED FAMINES, WARS, & GENOCIDES (Armenian Genocide, "Red Terror" purges, mass-deportations, gulag death camps & genocidal "ethnic cleansing" in the former COMMUNISM rule "Soviet Union,"  the "Belgian Free State Congo" that killed 10 million Africans under Rotschild puppet Belgian King Leopold II; the East Timor genocide; and of course the evil Jews' wars on Palestinians  & subsequent 'PNAC' or :Neo-Cons"  jews' wars on the entire Mideast,)
but a SATANIC, "luciferian" or  "illuminati" DRIVE to  DEFILE, DEGENERATE, corrupt, corrode, desecrate, degrade, dishonor, and pollute EVERYTHING they touch is, 
incredibly, driving humanity straight  
in to the vortex insanity
of  global nuclear World War III 

and a "new age of darkness
bio-war and "nbc(nuclear, bio, & chemical weapons)

Well, we will start by going back to the well of  ALEX JONES discussion of the INSTITUTIONALIZATION of  CHILD RAPE kidnapping, murder, & extortion cults across America (Europe, and the world) - 

  NO LONGER just an ultra-rich, ultra- elite ENTITLEMENT for the RULING CLASS and hereditary wealthy royals, bankers, financiers, & etc....  
     but, ironically, the one thing these evil, vile, ruling-class DEGENERATES have "democratized" is  SATANIC RAPE, abuse & MURDER of  CHILDREN...  
   in metastasizing CHILD RAPE "culture" that the "elites" use to BLACKMAIL governments (and private individuals & corporations) 
 to HAND OVER TRILLIONS of dollars $$ - 
for ENGINEERED WARS and for the financial forms of  warfare,  ENGINEERED FINANCIAL ATTACKS & ECONOMIC SABOTAGE "contractions".
 When the "elites" & hyper-wealthy ALREADY CONTROL over HALF of the world's wealth in just a few handfuls of connected families...
 and when they want to "LEVERAGE" that HORRIFIC wealth &  POWER they control to gain for themselves EVEN MORE wealth & power... 
(by virtue of a sell-out, whore media COVERING UP their HIGH CRIMES & ATROCITIES

...well, when "the elites" WANT to CONTROL EVEN MORE than they already have.... that means they MUST TAKE WHAT LITTLE  ordinary people have... 
   and that means WHOLESALE  DESTRUCTION of MILLIONS of lives; ROBBING people of not only the means to clothe, house, and sustain their families... but ROBBING them of the ability to FEED themselves & afford critical medical care...  
  you know, the way the  BANKERS ENGINEERED the "BAILOUTS" crisis of 2008...  driving millions of people in ICELAND, CYPRUS, GREECE... and TENS of MILLIONS of people in  SPAIN, ITALY, FRANCE, Britain, and even here in AMERICA to abject POVERTY, DESPAIR, SUICIDES, and generational helplessness...

"Do you understand how amazing it is, HOW SCARED the GLOBALISTS ARE of  PEOPLE IN our   military.... that are some of the strongest, most focused, under pressure people, tested hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times  apiece, in the military, in intelligence, and everywhere....
 and that they, and that.... oh, oh, oh, here's the big key, Trump tweeted years ago that he would love to see "pedohpiles" EXECUTED,   he's well aware of it in New York and [elsewhere],  and that the fact that  [the entitlement to rape children] is the elites'  caviar of caviar, ALL of THEIR SELFISHNESS & EVIL, and Trump really is going after them.
 We're talking ten times the pedophile arrests, conservatively, that we saw under Obama.
 His police, military, and patriot groups, they now  know they've got at least some coverage if there is a full fight....
  So I'm just here to declare, InfoWars won't win the war, YOU will win the war.  Craig Sawyer won't win the war, YOU will win the war.   AND THIS WHOLE HOUSE OF CARDS IS COMING DOWN,  and it's BASED on GREED, on PEDOPHILIA, it's based on HATE, on SATANISM,

because whether you believe in the devil or not, these groups are almost all in to it
 [devil worship... aka DEFILING EVERYTHING they TOUCH as a means of  SUBVERSION and UNDERMINING SOCIETY, in the way that criminal, organized financial "short selling" attacks will try to SABOTAGE a target company, by  spreading bad rumors, lies, and coordinated financial attacks on a company as a means to drive that company's stock price down, or trigger a PANIC run on a competitor's bank] 
because it's about FOCUSING, and BEING SELFISH, and HURTING INNOCENT THINGS, and getting off on the fact that they have the will to do it

[beung cruel, callous, sadistic, not only "Satanic" in a generic sort of  "defile everything we touch" way - but to actually AIM to DEFILE & DESTROY SOCIETY, from the top down or bottom up - even though it would ultimately RUIN their own lives,  Evelyn & Jacob Rotschild and all the other  degenerate billionaires will NOT be able to jet-set from one palatial mansion (complete with child-raping dungeons) or elitist event to another IF THEY TRIGGER World War III that nukes their precious high-real-estate-values big cities and turns the entire bio-sphere into a radioactive contaminated hell-hole] 
And they really have jumped the megalodone of sharks here, because behind the scenes, the military on all of these high-risk raids they're doing, on heavily armed compounds all over the United States,
  and they found ISLAMICS ARE INVOLVED.
Obviously in Islam there's a lot of pedophilia, there's SEX SLAVERY,  HAREMS also have children,
SAUDI ARABIA basically has LEGALIZED PEDOPHILIA,  you just can't have sex with kids when you are a kid... it's WHEN YOU ARE AN ADULT YOU CAN. It's when you're an adult you [men] can't have sex with other men,  it's ONLY [allowed] with KIDS.  That's like, I mean it's the sickest crap...  I mean, it's admitted in the Koran, which was written in Arabia....
 It was like a camel raiding, slaving group [ancient, desert, nomadic warfare style, clan based social system], and they took over Mecca, and they grabbed Christianity & Judaism and  kind of rode those...

[textual, written, codified religions to establish  their own new clan based system as the legitimate, codified system, and "elite" that, as all other elites in all other parts of the world,  seeks to perpetuate itself,  but based on an ideology explicitly based  of conquest by religion, conquest by the sword - a "modern" Arab based version of  genocidal bronze-age tribal "exterminate thy neighbors" Judaism,  but with the slight modification that Islam SEEKS CONVERTS, whereas Judaism seeks to portray EVERYONE NOT  Jewish as "unpure," i.e. as filthy, to be discarded, disposed of,  DESTROYED with extreme prejudice...   ISLAM simply takes the JUDEO CODIFICATION of GENOCIDAL WAR against all other races, faiths, & neighbors, but modifies it slightly to include the  proselytizing, or recruiting, or converting of  new adherents... which makes it a much more numerous if not widespread religion that Judaism... which is precisely why JEWS IN AMERICA TODAY are ALLIED with ISLAMIC RADICALS - especially regarding the LEGITIMIZING of CHILD RAPE - as a means to BATTER DOWN WESTERN CIVILIZATION and it's precepts of Christian mercy and equality under "judgement" - because in Judaism, JEWS ARE ALLOWED to OWN SLAVES, SLAVES HAVE NO RIGHTS,  to to establish OVERT JUDEO SUPREMACY - not just the cover,  "Rotschilds, Goddamn-Sachs, AIPAC, and Jew Senators control the world behind back-doors" rule, but OVERT, IN YOUR FACE, BOW-DOWN to you JEWISH MASTERS Judeo Supremacism... obviously,   "The Powers That Be" (jews!)  MUST OVERTHROW & DEMOLISH any and all Western notions of the Rights of Man and the age of Enlightenment precepts authority should be based on logic, reason, and humanity, NOT a SUBSERVIENCE to the dogma spouted by RELIGIOUS ELITES through their HEARSAY evidence of the "REVEALED WORD of god" - but faith and love in Humanity through the ideal that we humans are of inherent value, that merely by being born human we DESERVE CERTAIN RIGHTS & PROTECTIONS, a certain DIGNITY of the human spirit... that is DENIED for non-Jews in Judaism, and DENIED for non-Muslims in radical Islam, just as it was DENIED for non-Christians at the height of the Inquisition...
What is astounding, amazing today is how the "MONEY POWER" - the TRILLIONS of dollars of SLUSH-FUND BRIBES money controlled by huge "foundations, " "charities," and especially in the Jewish financial houses coordinated by the Jew war state and it's many "American" terrorist  front groups including AIPAC, ADL, and SPLC  - have convinced armies of  former "liberal" and "progressive" Democratic voters and "liberal activist" pseudo-intellectuals that this ANCIENT, RADICAL RIGHT-WING, "divine-right by REVEALED WORD of  g-o-d" agenda espoused by the Jews and their RADICAL ISLAM (Saudi Wahhabi) partners in crimes (along with the insanely corrupt Catholic and Christian Zionist Protestant churches as well), CHILD RAPING, SEX SLAVERY, HUMAN TRAFFICKING,   "Cultural Marxism" CENSORSHIP of  CRITICISM of  vast slush-funds bribing our leaders (and controlling our corp. media) agenda is somehow "liberal," "progressive,"  or ("small-d") democratic - much less that RAPING CHILDREN and funneling tens of thousands of KIDNAPPED children (and war orphans) in to SEX SLAVERY gulags is somehow "HUMANITARIAN" - you know, the way SUSAN RICE, VALERIE JARRET,

...the point is, the purest form of Islam is these Wahhabists,
 and it's JUST PEDOPHILIA** writ large.
**[PEDO-SADISM, the RAPE & ENSLAVEMENT of CHILDREN as a means of ASSERTING the SUPERIORITY of the ruling class 'elites']
LOOK WHAT America (and Europe.. under Israel!) "national security" experts have wrought since we started using the CIA & U.S. military to ORGANIZE JIHADI ARMIES to attack Communist Russia in the late 1970s!    While we don't apologize for a moment that "Soviet" Communism was a force of murderous repression established, NOT to benefit "the workers of the world" but to the sole benefit of the "COMMUNIST ELITES" -  it must be pointed out that under Communism women could attend colleges and achieve positions of power in the bureaucracy... while under RADICAL ISLAM that is now the ruling ideology in the former republics in the south of the former "Soviet Union"  CHILD SEX SLAVERY is now a NORM - and this agenda is being pimped, pushed, & promoted by EVEN "Liberals," "Progressives"... and FEMINISTS! here in America, as a means to attempt to DESTROY Western Civilization, which they have been INDOCTRINATED by the insidious Jewish owned & controlled corp. press, media & academia to believe that (Western Civilization and all its assumptions of human rights & equality before god) are somehow nothing more than synonymous with WHITE MALE PATRIARCHY - the very system - ARAB, MUSLIM, or JEWISH MALE PATRIARCHY - behind the EXPLOSION in CHILD SEX SLAVERY & human trafficking over the past few decades! 

Essence magazine 
 & DESTRUCTION of AMERICAN INDUSTRY, small farms,  the MIDDLE CLASS, truly affordableHEALTH CARE,
in LIBYA, SYRIA, SUDAN, SOMALIA & etc. under 8 horrific years of  Obama co. 

We don't for a moment argue that
and their "NEO-CONS" israeli/mossad jew masters 

who  murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11
are any less worse... 
but that does not forgive THESE WOMEN
to euro/israel/'american' racist

and their hired Saudi (et al) Arab despot dictators 
proxy terrorist armies recruiting allies