Friday, April 14, 2017

A (not so) brief survey of how we got here - SEX & RAPE of CHILDREN, the DEGENERATE JUDEO Double-Standard that RULES AMERICA via CRIMINAL CHILD RAPE (& murder) Networks BLACKMAILING WHOLE SWATHS of our "leaders" and top elected & appointed officials...

The bible reflects reality in the natural world, where DECEIT & DECEPTION are powerful and critical forces that determine life and death for all creatures, great & microscopic.   A virus, bacteria, or microbe will try to mimic the chemical signature of the cell or organism it is attacking, so that targeted organism won't defeat the parasite attacker with a vigorous chemical defense of its own. Every moment of every day our body's immune system is identifying cells, bacteria, and molecules in our bodies, to see if they pose a threat or not;  every moment our bodies white cells are attacking and destroying cells that have passed their prime, are otherwise damaged, or appear to be foreign and therefore hostile to the immune system cells.  When a virus tricks, deceives, HIJACKS white cells to attack even healthy cells - you have a fatal disease, unless your body's immune system corrects itself from the IMPROPERLY CODED cells (gene's) self-destruction.

   At the other end of the animal spectrum, large predators like lions and great white sharks try to BLEND IN to their backgrounds - so the prey animals don't know the predator is there until too late.   We have witnessed the magic a lioness in the wild emerging from the brush alongside a dirt road -  then magically disappearing back in to the brush not even  a dozen yards after crossing the road.  A walk down that road, night or day, could be your last mistake!  That picturesque and serene dirt road extending off for miles in both directions is not as tranquil and benign as it first seems

 So too is the bible filled with deception.  The SUNDAY SCHOOL version of the "Walls of Jericho" story can be recited by any Sunday school child student:  "G-o-d sends his 'CHOSEN' tribe's warriors and priests to besiege and attack Jericho, a doomed city whose fortress walls appear to mock the Jewish warriors surrounding it.   But g-o-d instructs his priests and warriors under "the prophet" Joshua to march around the city for 7 straight days... and on the 7th day,  G-o-d INSTRUCTS the priests to blow their horns in unison.... whereupon those great fortress walls come tumbling down as if SMASHED by some great, divine hand out of the sky.

   EARTH-SHAKING 7 minute video:  the FBI was "Wire-tapping" (video surveilling) then SPEAKER of the HOUSE - 'leader' of all of Congress!  DENNIS HASTERT as he was having SEX with UNDERAGE CHILDREN - but the FBI's top officials NEVER, EVER PROSECUTED Hastert for CHILD RAPE.   Lower ranking FBI agents came to realize that this SURVEILLANCE of top officials perpetrating CHILD RAPE & OTHER CRIMES were NEVER going to be prosecuted (Hastert got off later with a wrist-slap money-laundering conviction over the hush money he paid one of his many child victims) - the GOVERNMENT was COMPILING these videos of ON-GOING CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES  SOLELY as a means of BLACKMAILING those corrupt and degenerate officials!     Within 2 decades of the Clintons taking the White House in 1992 (if not long before)
 - YOU COULD NOT RISE to HIGH OFFICE in America - including JUDGES, PROSECUTORS, and other powerful officials in the "JUSTICE" (sic) department - UNLESS YOU HAD CRIMES in your past, "SKELETONS in YOUR CLOSET" - that the "elites" could use to BLACKMAIL you with!

 and - as "conspiracy theory" as this may appear - the reward is very clear: IF you control the ENTIRE TOP TIER of government officials in all powerful government agencies.... then you can PROSECUTE your opponents on MADE-UP CHARGES ("False Flag" prosecutions)  - and you can REWARD yourself, your friends, and your allies (collaboraors) NOT merely with MIILLIONS, not merely BILLIONS, but with TRILLIONS of dollars of  govt. spending, "BLACK OPS" budgets (slush funds!) - TRILLIONS of dollars of "defense contracts" WAR SPENDING (see JEWESS TRAITOR MILLIONAIRE  DIANNE FEINSTEIN, and JEWESS TRAITOR BILLIONAIRE PENNY PRITZKER)  - and of course you can continue to impose the MULTI-TRILLIONS dollars EXTORTION SCAM,  billions upon billions of dollars of "interest due" on "money" the (Jew!) "Fed bankers"  CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR !!

 High-level CIA: America's ELITES are SATANISTS!  -
 Alex Jones with retired CIA officer Robert David Steele, JAN. 2016 -
 LONG, LONG,LONG  before the infamous "PODESTA e-mails"  Wikileaks "dump" of  Oct. 2016!!!

 Former CIA Operative: 
Trump Is Battling Pedophile Network
(and -beyond a doubt - PRESIDENT TRUMP is  now BEING BLACKMAILED by those same "elites" JUDEO "deep state" controlled networks!! A much younger Donald Trump probably, almost certainly,  had sex - either voluntary or coerced - with girls as young as 13 or even 12, girls lured and seduced in to the "GLAM" life of New York's millionaire "elites" and in particular by the ISRAEL, Rotschilds, MOSSAD "honey trap" SEXUAL BLACKMAIL NETWORKS run by MOSSAD operative (traitor spy!)
 JEFFREY EPSTEIN - a glorified PIMP, "procurer of underage girls."

 WHAT IS HORRENDOUS for US AMERICANS  is that these rich, powerful, and fundamentalist JEWS do NOT regard sex with underage girls - and EVEN adult male sexual penetration of  pre-teenage girls and even CHILDREN as a CRIME. YET THEY WILL BLACKMAIL whole swaths of  AMERICA's elected and appointed leaders - and whole swaths of government officials in all govt. agencies - to SUBVERT America to Judeo domination. 

 DID Donald Trump 20 or more years ago realize that Jeffrey Epstein's SEXUAL INSIDERS CLUBS (networks) were  RAPING INFANTS & SMALL CHILDREN? 

 By the standards of the hard-core sexual predators of those cabals, Trump was JUST DABBLING with teenage "under-age girls" who who attracted to this soft-porn "glam" lifestyle.
  If true  (herehere, here, here, here, here,   here & here just for starters) 
We realized - back before the Republican nomination convention
 that Donald Trump had probably "partaken of the illegal fruit"
 a decade or two ago...
but the alternative to a Trump Repub. nomination &  presidential election win was 
a Hillary Clinton election win - and SHE  had PLEDGED to ATTACK  not only IRAN
but  RUSSIA as well  upon becoming president!! 
so the choice was between WORLD WAR III and the deaths of MILLIONS
 of young girls & children as the immediate consequence
or electing a possibly "COMPROMISED" candidate and going forward from there... 

 But! by the standards of  THOUSANDS of Americans NOW IN PRISON, CONVICTED of  "rape" having CONSENSUAL SEX with adult looking girls of  15, 16 and older, OUR PRESIDENT is probably and "unconvicted criminal" - but TODAY, IN INDIA,  hundreds of thousands of girls are ROUTINELY made prostitutes by age 13 - indeed, they are LOOKED DOWN ON if they have not raised their own dowry - through prostitution!
 SO AMERICA IS RULED by a CRIMINAL DOUBLE STANDARD:  wealthy & powerful Jews, and those in fundamentalist communities, can ROUTINELY HAVE SEX with CHILDREN....
...but THEY WILL BLACKMAIL OUR "leaders" for same!  We salute TM Report for addressing these questions back in 

Robert David Steele:  CHILD RAPE (pedophilia) is AN ACQUIRED TASTE among DEMOCRATS like  JOHN PODESTA... 
(Bill Clinton's WH CHIEF of STAFF,   a senior adviser to Obama; , & Hillary's CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN) 
....but CHILD RAPE & TERROR (kidnapp & murder) networks are ENDEMIC among the REPUBLICANS and GLOBAL BILLIONAIRE ELITES 

 "PIZZA-gate" is  just one slice, just one facet of the depraved, degenerate, demented "Western elite's" CRIMINAL PREOCCUPATION with RAPING CHILDREN as an "elite" entitlement - the SATANIC, "illuminati" CHILD RAPE & MURDER death cults are real - and run, RULE, OWN your nation's political "leaders" under the ROTSCHILDS TRILLIONAIRES, lesser Jew billionaires - backed up by the evil "illuminati" (= satanic!)  JEW STATE (israel) - and by ALL Jew-state supporters here in America, Christ-ian-Zionists and Zio-Nazi Jews alike:

See the rest of  Yoshimura's incredible "Pdeo-gate" investigative journalism reports here -

 these uber-powerful "DEMOCRAT" WOMEN - many of them Jewish,  Jamie Gorlick & JANET NAPOLITANO to name two -  make James Alefantis global pedo-trotting look banal & pathetic in comparison